Profit Link Review

Hello and welcome to the Profit Link Review.

In the following article, you are going to learn what is this product all about, and how it works and in a few minutes you will know the answer to the question:

Can I make money with Profit Link?

First of all, this is a WarriorPlus product.

If you are not familiar with Warrior plus you can check the following article.

The bottom line is that the majority of Warriroplus products are misleading and of low quality.

There is also a WarriorPlus Facebook group, and I have posted my opinion about several products… well my posts were removed.

So at least, here on my own website, I can reveal the objective truth about these products. this time the one called Profit Link.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Profit Link. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

What is the Profit Link?

Profit Link Review

Profit Link is a WarriorPlus product launched in September 2021.

The website was registered on September 18th, 2021. 

Profit Link Review

It is a product promising you to make $213 per day in passive income using “Legal Loophole”.

Now based on my experience I already know that this is pretty hyped up and it doesn’t have anything to do with reality.

Who is Behind the Profit Link?

The profit Link creator is a person called Brendan Mace. 

Profit Link Review

He comes from British Columbia and did study Sociology.

After that he started with niche websites, promoting Amazon products as an affiliate marketer.

You are familiar with how affiliate marketing works, right?
Essentially affiliate marketer informs people about a specific product or service. he or she connects vendors and potential buyers.

If buyers don’t know what product to purchase (within a specific niche), they go ahead and do some research.

Most likely they stumble on a website that reveals objective information about the product or service. Based on the information buyers are able to make a decision and purchase the specific product or service.

Become Affiliate Marketer

Imagine having a website with thousands of such visitors. Can you relate to that?
Do you see yourself as a person who helps people and on top of it earns 4, or even 5 figures?

It is perfectly possible to become such an affiliate marketer. Sure some specific skills need to be mastered.
The good news is, it is not rocket science.

These days it is very easy to create a website and with a proper guide, anyone can become a successful affiliate marketer.

Who is Behind the Profit Link?

Brendan discovered that the best way to make money online is to sell digital courses.
So he started to promote his new courses on websites like Muncheye, JVZoo, or already mentioned WarriorPlus.

Until now he has created about 50 products.
Are you wondering how is it possible to create so many products?

Well, it is easy. Most of them are just re-hashed. Meaning he uses the same baseline for more products.
He changes the name, color, or the sales page and that is a new launch.

In almost every single product he claims that you don’t risk anything since he offers a money-back guarantee.
Profit Link is not an exception:

Profit Link

But here is the truth.
Research shows that there are many complaints about not getting the money back. Also, people complain that no one replies to their emails… so in reality, they did not get their money back.

That is a shame.

Actually, it doesn’t surprise me.
I have the same experience with one of Jamie’s Lewis‘product, called Forget About Broke.
But that’s a different story.

Let’s check what Profit Link has to offer.

What is Inside the Profit Link Dashboard?

Right after purchasing the product you have to deal with the upsells. 

If you manage to skip them you then have access to the Dashboard.

Profit Link Review

Inside the dashboard, you can create a Store. Basically, you are going to choose a specific Amazon product and create a page with an affiliate link that goes directly to Amazon. 

If someone sees this link, clicks on it, and makes a purchase, you get a commission. 

Now, let me save you some time;

It doesn’t make sense to go more deeply into what is inside since we are about to find out that this entire process with Profit Link doesn’t work. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, the price is $12.59.

Profit Link Review

They use this marketing strategy called scarcity, where they claim that you should hurry up since the price increases every 60 minutes.

Well, it might be true from a mathematical point of view, but in reality, it has increased by 4 cents, since the launch (that was 2021 – 09 – 2020).

So let’s assume that the basic product costs $13.
It is not a lot of money but considering that his entire tool is useless, it would be like throwing 13 bucks out of the window.

How Much Does It Really Cost?

I believe you are already familiar with some WarriorPlus products.

All of them have these so-called “Upgrades”, also called OTOs (One-Time-Offers).
These are nothing else than upsells, that I have already mentioned above. 

Upsells are great for product creators like Brendan Mace.
This is a perfect way how to take advantage of the customers and charge them even more.

Here is a screenshot from a comment that one of my readers left.
That was concerning a different product, but Profit Link belongs to the same category:


Upsell Structure

And here is the entire upsells structure, with downsells:

Profit Link $12.58

Premium Edition Special – Profit Link $27.00

Done For You – Profit Link $197.00
– Downsell for $97.00

Unlimited Leads – Profit Link $197.00
– Downsell for $97.00

Unlimited Traffic – Profit Link $197.00
– Downsell for $97.00

License Rights to EVERYTHING $167.00
– Downsell for $67.00

Premium Edition – Profit Link $47.00

And these upsell pop up right after purchasing the Basic product. So if someone is not careful and misses the downsell, he or she can be easily charged more than $800!

This is a rip-off.

Any Issues with the Profit Link?

You bet.

Free Traffic? – What Traffic?

First of all – the most important thing when it comes to affiliate marketing is traffic.

Trafic your site, or the number of views your YT channels get if you have a YT channel.

So let’s take a look t the Profit Link and the types of traffic you are supposed to get:

Profit Link Review

To be honest, I don’t really understand the statement.

How can be “traffic” included?

Traffic is the people who actually visit certain pages.

By “traffic included” – does it mean that they have 1,000 people ready to click on the page you create within Profit Link?

Of course not. That’s nonsense.

What they mean by that is the Social Media Traffic:

So you can share your affiliate links on social media.

Here is a personal question:

How many followers do you have?

  • on FB
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter?

Thousand? or even 200,000?

In the latter case, good – you probably are going to make some sales.
Oh, BTW, if you have that amount of followers, you most likely don’t read this review.

With that being said, a very small percentage of your follower is actually going to click on the offer you share with them.
That means – no traffic and thus no sales.

One Note:
Here is a kicker.

By now we know that with no followers on Social Media, there won’t be any sales.

Profit Link is not going to help you to build a list of followers, that’s for sure.

So what is this product good for?

Actually, there is absolutely no point in purchasing the Profit Link.

In case you already have followers, you can just go ahead and share the Amazon affiliate link right on your Facebook page or Instagram.

Fake Testimonials

It is quite common that these products use fake testimonials.

And it is easy to prove that this is just a re-hashed old product.

Take a look at these “testimonials” where people apparently made money. 
The screenshot below is taken from a different Branden’s product called Loop Hole2: 

Profit Link Review

And compare it with the Profit Link testimonials:

Profit Link Review

Did you spot the difference?

Sure the background color is different.
Other than that it is the same sales page.

And Brendan keeps creating these kinds of products on a monthly basis…over and over again.

Or do you believe that exactly the same people made exactly the same commissions from both products?

Well, it is just not possible.

And this Red Flag alone is for me a No-No.

Is It Possible to Make Money with Amazon?

Sure it is.

Just don’t use the Profit Link tool.

The best way how to start earning with Amazon (or any other Affiliate Program) is to create a website (a simple blog) or a Youtube channel.

Then choose your niche or in other words the type of product you are interested in.

And then, create reviews of these products.

In principle, this is a great way how to make a full-time income online.
In fact, I know people making thousands of dollars per month, just from Amazon.

But please realize that it needs some time and effort.

If you want to know more about this method, please let me know in the comment section below.

What I like about Profit Link

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What I don’t like

  • Misleading Sales Page
  • Unrealistic Earning Claims
  • Useless Tool
  • Fake Testimonials


You are probably asking yourself, isn’t the Profit Link a scam?

Well, sometimes it is not easy to make a conclusion about whether some product is a scam or not.

In the Profit Link case, there offers a money-back guarantee, so I can’t label this as an outright scam.

Yes, it is extremely misleading and the sales page is hyped up. Considering the low quality of the product and the number of upsells, I can only advise you not to join the Profit Link.

Don’t waste time with it.

If you really want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, do some more research.
I can also offer you an alternative that you might take a look at.

You can sign up by using your email and right away you have access to me as your mentor and the first 10 lessons.

If you don’t like it, you are free to check other platforms.

Thank You for Reading

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      First of all, you want to become an Amazon Associate.

      Then you can choose any product you want and promote it.

      Below is a link to a simple guideline showing how to join the Amazon Associate Program, step-by-step.

      That post also includes how to grab your affiliate link. So you can use that link anywhere you want.

      The important thing is to get the right people to click on that link.
      In other words your audience.

      In theory, if you have thousands of followers on Facebook, that are interested in a certain niche, you can post the link on Facebook. When someone clicks on that link and purchases the product on Amazon, you get a commission.

      This is a simple explanation, and it takes some effort to make a consistent income online.
      Also, it is recommended to join ore affiliate programs (Walmart, Target, eBay, ShareASale…)

      If you want to do this kind of business, I would recommend checking some courses on Affiliate Marketing.
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