How to Become a More Effective Blogger?

You have probably your own website (or a blog) and you are wondering how to be more effective.  Or, you are just about to create your own blog and looking for some ways of how to improve efficiency. I get it. We all sometimes get to the point where we don’t feel like working. That … Read more

How To Start A Blog In 2021 and Make Money?

There are many ways how to earn money online but here are 3 main categories. Working online as an employee for a company Being a freelancer, meaning working on a small project for other companies, or being as a writer, or video creator Owning a blog or website, driving traffic to that website, and monetizing … Read more

Are Solo Ads Worth It?

Hello and welcome to my site. The original article (on this website) about the Solo Ads was written in the Spring of 2019. Since then I have noticed that there have been many online courses in the make money online niche, teaching how to generate income and how to become financially independent. Many of them … Read more