How to Become Amazon Affiliate – Quick Guideline on How to Join Amazon Associate Program

We all know that Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace on the planet. One of the reasons why Amazon is the largest one is that they have an affiliate program, where pretty much everyone can join and become an amazon affiliate.

You are basically becoming a partner with amazon and whatever you sell, you get the commission as an affiliate marketer.

Why is it a good idea to become a partner with Amazon?

Do you know anybody who buys at Amazon? Or maybe you already bought something as well.
Did you know that more than 75% of Americans buy something at amazon at least once per month?
You don’t have to be a US citizen to become an Amazon Associate.

The beauty of the internet is, that you don’t have to live at US soil either – I am sure you all know that 🙂

So let’s break down how to become an amazon affiliate

How to Become the Amazon Affiliate

Becoming a partner with Amazon is a very easy process.  The best thing is that Amazon allows almost everybody to sign up with their affiliate program. They call it Amazon Associates and to get an account is free.

Here is the link where you can join the Amazon Associate Program, just follow the instructions, and in 10-15 minutes you should have your account ready.

There are some restrictions I would like to inform you about. They are not related directly but it is good to know about them.

1. US phone number for verification

In the process of setting the account up, you are asked to identify your verification. That is done by phone number. In my experience, it does not work with European phone numbers.

Here is a workaround.
You can, for example, download an application called textPlus (
You can check the video below, how to get the number (video had no sound)

I am sure there are other options as well, but I just used the textPlus (more than a year ago).

2) Three qualified sales within 6 months

Let’s say you have your account set up already. Please keep in mind that in case you will not make at least 3 qualified sales within the next 6 months, your account will be automatically closed. Amazon will notify you in advance, though.

Again, nothing to worry about. You can still create a new account. This time make sure you will make some sales :). Not because of Amazon rules, but because you want to make some extra money, right.

3) States not eligible to join the Amazon Affiliate Program

Within the US there are some states which are excluded from joining the Amazon Affiliate program. As far as I was able to find out, it is due to the tax law in these specific states.

Here is the list:
Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont

There is a workaround as well. Maybe more of them.

I am not that familiar with IT stuff, that much, but you can read this article and I am sure you will find out more.
You can also ask your relatives living in other states to create an account for you.

Choose Your Niche – Amazon Will Help You

I assume that you have already selected your niche. If don’t worry.

This video will help you to understand what niche is. It has a little more than 17 minutes. It is part of the training at Wealthy Affiliate platform, where you can sign up for FREE.
Just a little note – there is a little pop-up window asking you for your email. If you are not interested just close the window and continue to watch the video.

Say, you have chosen your niche. Now you know what kind of product you will be selling, or rather doing reviews about. You know how to do keyword research, so you have a list of your keywords.

How to Choose Best Keyword For Your Website

If you would like to have a specific keyword tool recommended, then I suggest you use the Jaaxy.
You can also check the Google Keyword Planner, which is totally free.

Oh and more important thing I would like to highlight as well. You want to check the Amazon Affiliate Commission structure since there are certain products where the commission is higher and in some products it is 1% only.

become amazon affiliate

With the commission structure please also check the price for a product. It is probably not a good idea to sell a $25 product with a 1% commission.

What is suggested – go for a reasonable price, like something around $100 with a commission of 4% or higher? As an example – Home Improvement might be a good choice.

Also, you want to sell what is already selling – some bestsellers. Go check  the product in best sellers Amazon site right here:

You can go to your chosen niche and check that it is the best seller there.


Amazon is a great place, where one can search for any kind of item. There are tons and tons of products you can choose from. Imagine how many people go to Amazon daily with one intention -> To Make a Purchase. There are an estimated 2,2 Billion visitors per month.

Do you see the potential of becoming an Amazon Affiliate? Of course, in order to become a successful affiliate marketer, you have to work hard. It does not happen in a few days. But once you are willing to put in an effort, you can easily start to see the result within 4-8 months.

Nothing is perfect though. Right?
What can be considered as a downside is the 24 hrs cookie (meaning, whatever visitor purchases within 24 hours after clicking on your affiliate link – you get a commission).

On the other hand, they are the best with upsells. So once a visitor is directed from your site to Amazon and he purchases something else than he originally planned, it is a good chance that he will buy other stuff too and thus you get a commission from that other stuff as well.

There many people earning a full-time income from amazon commissions. With a still increasing number of people on the internet and stuff being sold (not only on Amazon) you still have a great chance to earn some money as a secondary income, or the heck with it – to earn $4,000 – 5,000 a month!

Do you have already experience with Amazon? Would you like to become Amazon Affiliate? Please leave me a comment so we can discuss it a bit.

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  1. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. This is an eye opener article, am a newbie in affiliates marketing industry but I have been working on creating my personal blogsite. Becoming an amazon affiliates will be of great advantage to my income and this is another passive income for me. 

    Thanks for the informative post, it’s highly resourceful. Best regards 

    • I am glad you find the article helpful. Becoming an Amazon Affiliate Marketer is definitely a huge benefit. Wishing you lots of success on your next journey:) 

  2. Nice article there on how to become Amazon affiliate program. I must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to write this article. Am still new to affiliate marketing, but looking at how well you explain Amazon affiliate program. I see that there is many revenue to generate from this and no doubt about it

    • Thank you for your comment. Amazon definitely is worth of trying when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. Glad you liked the post. 

  3. Hi. Thank you for sharing this information about becoming a partner with Amazon. 

    I have been signed up for 7 months now. I am pleased you mentioned the sales you need to make or your account gets closed.

     I had no idea about this and 5 months into the process of trying to sell products through amazon, I received an email from them explaining this to me. Scary when you are new to this type of thing. You think you have done something wrong but just to know it’s there rules and policy’s and nothing to do with my mistake was a big relief.  

    Soon after I receive that email, I made 6 sales through my website though amazon links. My firsts commissions. Happy days. So it definitely works for anyone reading this who is thinking about joining the amazon partner program.

    I found your review well written and the information was clear and easy to understand. 

    Thank you for sharing it.

    Take care m

    • I remember when I first signed up for the Amazon Associates I did not know about that 6 month period either. And I hear about that feeling – same here 🙂

      I am happy for your sales Matthew, great job. 

  4. I appreciate this simple and easy-to-understand post. I have heard of Amazon affiliate but I have never heard it so simple. I have been an affiliate marketer for three years, but I’ve not considered selling on Amazon. Amazon restrictions are quite high, well it put all marketers on their toes. I promote web hosting packages which are not available on Amazon. I’m working on a new niche that would allow me to promote natural herbal supplements. 

    • Hi Tolu, 

      I believe now you have a great chance to become an amazon affiliate. There must be lots of products related to the natural herbal supplements. 

      Wishing you lots of success, cheers

  5. The Amazon affiliate program, also called “Amazon Associates” can be an easy way to monetize your website or blog. Simply sign up, receive immediate approval, and place Amazon affiliate links on your site today. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your links, you get the commission — it’s that simple.
    Truth be told, getting accepted as an amazon affiliate is like having the US Green card ,reason been that Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace on the planet.
    affiliate program is pretty much easier to join , and everyone can apply and can become amazon affiliate.To becoming an amazon affiliate is becoming a partner with amazon and what ever you sell, you get the commission.its so simple and for any one looking to making their first dollar on the internet,amazon affiliate is the best platform to start from.

    75% of Americans buy something at amazon at least once per month and you don’t have to necessarily become an american citizen before you can become an amazon affiliate.
    On a final note,I will commend a well done job on the part of the writer for making this article so simple that even a 12 years old who reads it will know how to navigate his way to becoming an amazon affiliate

  6. When I first opened an associate account with Amazon I ended up when making any sales within the given time and so my account got closed. Few years later when I tried to open another account with them it was a lot of work and I was just not able to do it.

    Luckily I made use of textplus but I was only able to access it with a vpn installed in my phone. By doing this I later was ble to overcome the problem of signing up with Amazon affiliate program.

    • Jay, I had also hard time to go through the application process when I first joined the Amazon Associates Program. And the verification number was a roadblock for me as well. So I was determined to find a way 🙂  To me the text plus worked out just fine. 

      Happy you are with Amazon again 🙂

      Best of Luck 

  7. Amazing and informative post in here. When talking about become Amazon Affiliate, it is a great chance of earning big online and it’s legit. This is one of my aim since but there are some limited at my side here. Yes, Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace on the planet, and basically becoming a partner with amazon and what ever you sell, you get the commission. I really find this post helpful sincerely. One of my greatest challenge is getting a US number because am not in US. Please where can I get that online, even if I will buy?

    • I also like that with Amazon, almost every one is accepted to join their program.

      As for the US prone number – please get back to my post, there is a Heading –  “1. US phone number for verification”  where you find a link to the “TextPlus” App and also an YouTube video how to get it done.

      I have mentioned only this method – you can even check YouTube, I am sure there are other ways too. I just found this user friendly from my perspective.

      Let me know if you need further help.

  8. Hi, Mike, thank you for sharing become an Amazon Affiliate. When a person fails to make 3 sales in 6 months, Amazon closes their account. I would have to create a new Amazon account, or do I just ask Amazon to reinstate my old account?
    Do you have to open a new account for every website you want to add Amazon links on?

    • Hi LeNard Simmons,

      Amazon had closed my account as well. So I had to create a new one. But it goes much faster, since you already gone through the process already 🙂

      You can have 1 amazon account only. You go to Amazon, choose the product you want to promote – grab the link and you can use this link whenever you wish. It means on your websites, social sites, emails..

      Hope it helps, Mike


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