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About Mike

About Mike

Hey there;
Mike here a founder of SetAffiliateBusiness.com.

I have been interested in Internet marketing since 2014. But it wasn’t until late 2017 that finally found one specific educational platform, called Wealthy Affiliate, that teaches what it takes to make money online.

In 2018 I founded this website and decided to share my experience with others. I want people to understand that it is not easy to make money online. In other words, there is no magic formula.

You are aware that there are many scams out there, misleading digital platforms claiming that you can make $100 a day in a short period of time.
Well, these claims are nonsense.

That’s why you find a lot of reviews of specific products, where you can learn how these scammers work, and what are the red flags so you won’t fall into these scammy products.

Also, I would like to explain that it takes effort and time to make a sustainable income online. Assuming that you are consistent and follow some rules.

In my internet marketing experience, I did fail several times, due to several reasons. But I learned how to move on. Also, I gained a lot of experience, especially when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to rank well on Google with a new website.

Since the summer of 2022, I also worked as an SEO analyst for a SaaS company.

To not bother you with all the details, the purpose of this blog is to show you what works, what does not, and what action you can take in order to start making money online.

It is a generic term, so to be specific I can show you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Little Bit About Me

I am Mike – a regular guy coming from middle Europe. A country that has borders with Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria.
Can you guess the country? 🙂

Anyways, I have tried quite a lot of jobs from construction working in different countries, in McDonald’s as a cook, through selling sponge bobs in Universal Studios, to a mechanical engineer in Germany and France – for Airbus.

I love traveling. I had a good job where I used to have 30 days of paid vacation. That allowed me to visit the USA twice.
Well, not just visit. In 2009 I and my friends did a round trip in the RV. In 5 weeks we did the “loop”, visiting more than 20 states. It was an awesome trip.

USA Trip 2009

In 2011, we made a 2nd trip to the US, but his time was only West Coast.
And by regular car – actually, I fell in love with Ford Flex.
Great car for long trips, comfortable and very spacious.

Other than the US, I did trips to South East Asia as well. I visited Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and of course Bangkok- Thailand.

And because of my work in France, I did several trips to Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Costa Brava), more than 10 times to Andorra, and also

  • France (Paris Lyon, Marseilles, Nice, Carcassonne, Bordeaux, etc),
  • UK London,
  • Ireland Dublin, Belfast

In the summer I love to go to Italy, which includes Sicily as well where I love the countryside. And Food of course :).

It was all great .. but only for 30 days a year or so.

I used to have a great time, but even though the work was OK I always wanted to do something where I have a better influence.
Also, I met a lot of great people.

In the aviation industry, you meet people from all over the world.
But you meet them and then leave them.

It used to happen more and more regularly, that I had to change places due to different projects.

So there was some inner voice telling me that this is not the right way to earn money and that I must change my attitude and find other ways how to generate income.

The corporate world simply has not been my cup of tea. Slowly but surely I came to decide that real freedom lies in the status of being independent.

And yes I do love traveling but I want to go where I want and when I want and not because of some kind of project that I have to be part of.

So after reading some books, watching YouTube videos, searching the internet, and checking some online courses I came to the decision that Internet Marketing seems to be something I am looking for.

The main idea behind this internet marketing thing is the vast amount of people connected to the internet.
So when you build your business online – you never close and you don’t have to be in the office all the time.  In fact, you don’t even need an office.

Having a business with a market where more than 3 billion people go daily – is the right place.

How Did I start with offline/Online business?

I started using the internet for a business in 2014.

I was asked to sell a service for one local company offering an outdoor activity. The targeted groups were to be people from Europe.

I have “invested” in google ads and later in the 1st half of 2015, I started to run Ads on Facebook as well.

I spent several thousand Euros on Ads on Google, and FB Ads – learning how to sell using free YouTube tutorials, and following marketers.

It took more than $2,000 out of my pocket on FB Ads and more than twice on Google Ads.

I was shooting blindly for 2 years or so till the first group made a purchase.

My Facebook Ads.

I was so happy. It did not cover the money I invested though.

Fortunately, they liked our service and they come back 4 months later.
I got almost break even.
But did not earn a cent as a profit. I was forced to find a 9-5 job, again just to make living and pay the bills.

Also, this specific business was not something that I have 100% influence on.

Besides, you have only certain hours when you operate, and people have to travel to your place … So I knew it may not last for very long.

Not to mention that you are in partnership and it can happen that the partner will want to go another way.

Therefore I was constantly looking for some kind of online education or platform where I would be guided by experienced guys.

Because these days find so many scams out there offering thousands of bucks in a day. And it does not work like that.

Don’t get me wrong, some courses are fine some are worse.
What I also do not like is, for example, they teach you the stuff in the right way, but you have to pay something like $50 months (plus TAX) and you get only basic knowledge.

If you are willing to go deeper into the training there are upsells involved which cost in many cases much more than the initial fee of 50 bucks.

I wanted to find some free online affiliate marketing courses.

Eventually, I did find such a Platform and I am more than happy that the training I follow.

I am constantly learning and one of the learning parts is also to apply the knowledge and also to teach others, fewer experienced members.

Have you been struggling?

TV, radio, magazines, especially the internet with social media – there is just so much noise out there, where one can be lost and nothing solid comes out of that.

This can go on and on for your entire life.

I fell into that trap as well and realized that in many cases I just wasted my time.

There is a good chance that some people do realize the same thing and thus, they come to the point where they feel like bringing some value to others.

You can build on that you can learn something and with the help of either this site or another, you can become more valuable to your loved ones and of course to society as well.

The Purpose of this Website?

As you know by now, I was struggling to make my 1st dollar online as well.
And I have checked tons of digital courses, online training, and whatnot… only to learn that there are so many scams and misleading products.

I dare to say that 90% of all the courses I have stumbled upon were (have been) misleading.

Extremely misleading and I decided to create this website where everyone can read unbiased reviews of such digital products.

I also want to people know that it takes time and effort to make a consistent income online.
There is no such thing as get-rich-quickly.

If you take nothing from this short article please remember:

Do research first, check and double-check the specific products and only then use your credit card.
Stay Away From Scams! Do Your Due Diligence and Do Your Own Research.

…But Most importantly

It is actually possible to build a website and start creating content for free.

There is a lot of information out there available for you that once you add it all up, you can drive free traffic and make revenue within 4 or 6 months (depending on a niche).

I know how important is to find valuable information out there, that is for free.
So my main goal is to provide my audience with such information regarding:

  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Keyword Research
  • Organic Traffic
  • Basic SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing Courses
  • and more

I hope you find a lot of useful information on this website.

Feel free to contact me, I will make sure you provide you with feedback within 24 hours.

All the best,


38 thoughts on “About Mike”

  1. Hi Michal. I’ve just read your very interesting ‘About me’ and I can guess your country without looking at a map, but first, can you guess the right answer to my question? I am British, but have I ever been to your country?
    Yes or no? What do you think?

    The correct answer is Yes AND no. How can that be? Can you guess? You probably can.
    You probably don’t need a clue, but here are a few anyway. I’m a lot older than you. I’m a fan of Vaclav Havel (I wish more politicians were as visionary as he was).
    I remember just two sentences in a language very similar to yours, from a camping holiday in what was your country but no longer is. “Kde je jidelna?” and “sest pivo prosim.” In 1967 I went camping with 6 friends (hence the seven beers) in Pilsen, Prague and Brno, but we didn’t get to Bratislava. So I’ve been to Czechoslovakia (which was your country – or your parents’ country) but not to Slovakia, which is now your country. Of course it was a different world then, but I’ll never forget how friendly and helpful the people were. Your country splitting into two so peaceably was an almost unique example in the world of how aspirations of identity can be resolved without conflict or animosity. It’s sad and ironic that the very opposite is happening to your neighbours in the East.
    Best Wishes. Mike

    • Hey Mike,

      When I was reading the “correct answer is Yes AND no” I knew it was back then, in Czechoslovakia. 🙂

      While I was traveling throughout the world not many people knew about splitting Czechoslovakia in 1993; but those who knew, all had agreed that it was very peaceful and I am actually proud to be from this region.

      Do you know what is funny?
      Czechs and Slovaks are nicer to each other after splitting than it was before.

      It is a strange paradox since so many people disagreed with the splitting – but at the same time, I can tell that we like each other much more than before.

      It’s like a friendly, painless, and quick divorce between a couple that actually still remains very good friends.

      And I love going there for a beer and food. To me, the Pilsner Urquell is the best beer ever, and had a chance to visit the Pilsner brewery twice 🙂

      Well, I am glad you still remember one of the most important phrases in Czech 🙂
      And just for fun, here is how it would read in the Slovak language:

      “Kde je jedalen” and “sest piv prosim”
      (And on top of it a bit different accent), but the language is pretty similar.

      Although kids born in Czech might have some problems understanding the Slovak language, at first.
      Not so much another way around;
      In Slovakia, there are many Czech TV programs. Therefore Slovakian kids pick the Czech language much easier.

      Anyways, Thanks a lot for such a nice comment,
      I wish you all the best

  2. Mike,
    I just want to appreciates your generosity and honesty, very rare to find someone deep heart information for others, God bless and increase your life span.
    Joseph – Nigeria

  3. Hi,

    Many people are coming out of the pandemic ready to make a big change, and some of them are looking at business ownership as an option.

    I thought it might be helpful to offer an overview of the types of businesses that are the easiest to start and what steps prospective entrepreneurs should take to get moving toward their business ownership dreams.

    Any interest in allowing me to write this article for your website?

    Thank you,

    • hi Nicola,

      Thank you for your comment.
      In my opinion, the simplest business model is affiliate marketing.
      That’s what I have learned, and that’s what I do.

      But feel free to let me know what are your thoughts.

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  6. First I must appreciate your efforts in helping us and the world how to get empowered. I have found some rich information and decision making guiding principles within your articles. KEEP ON WITH THE GOOD WORK.

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    • Hello Richard,

      Really appreciate your comment.
      As for the Terafxtrade, I will add it to my to-do list.

      But as I see, the website was registered only in November 2020, so it is still hard to say.

      Nevertheless, I will keep an eye on it.


  7. Thank you Sir, much appreciated
    Please Im Solomon from Ghana and would like you assist me personally in online marketing on social media and others.
    Thank you

  8. Sir, I think I just saw your reviews on Beurax. Please how can I learn through you on how to earn money online? Please how can I track the group that created Beurax because we invested so much money there?

    • Hello Victoria.

      There are many ways how to earn money online.
      The way I do is called affiliate marketing.
      I run this small website and earn money from affiliate marketing (meaning offering products and services of companies that are valuable) and also I have a small profit from the advertising.

      In case you would like to learn how to build a website that can generate a consistent income in the long run I personally recommend one particular educational platform.
      You can read about the platform first – here is the link:

      Or you can click on the following link where I shortly explain what does it take to make money online with affiliate marketing:
      And you can join this platform for free.
      There is a 1-week free trial, where you will go through the first lesson.
      You then decide to pay for the training, meaning becoming a Premium Member with a plethora of educational material and access to other members,
      or you can just keep your Starter account for free.

      I am sorry to learn that you have lost a lot of money with the beurax.
      It is shame that there are so many scams out there just like the beurax.

      That is why it is important to do proper research before using a credit card.

      Stay safe and healthy
      and if you have further questions let me know

  9. I’m grateful for your advice about the MLM businesses.my question is could you please help me know some of the legit online businesses to invest in?just want to have other streams of income

    • Hello,

      You are welcome – I am glad to help.

      You just want to invest in some kind of business and do nothing right?
      Well, my friend, If I knew about such a “business” I would not need this website.

      If you have enough budget you can find a company and invest in S&P500. The return is about 8-10% yearly in the long term.

      In case you want to learn how to run an online business, just click on the #1 Recommendation in the Menu.

      I am not sure if this is helpful to you, but remember that:
      “There is no such thing as something for nothing”

      Have a great weekend


    • Hello Tyron,

      I hear you.
      I also did not know how to set up a website that can generate a consistent income. After a while finally, I did find a platform that teaches what works.
      In my case, it was a Wealthy Affiliate.
      You can join by clicking at the following link.

      You will see a message from me after signing up and then you can go through the training. I can guide you as well.

      As for Youtube, there are webinars within this platform that teaches also how to do a proper SEO for Youtube.
      Also, there are many members that do Youtube as well and they make 4 figures per month.
      You can be part of this platform and community – folks are very helpful. That was an important part for me as well.

      let me know if you have further questions

  11. Good day sir, My name is Emmanuel, having gone through your thesis, I must say I liked it and i was willing to be under your tutelage cause it is something have been looking for years. The problem now is I tried signing up for you bootcamp but your system did not allow me to sign up due to my location (Nigeria).

    I will be more than willing if something can be done cause I see this as a life changing opportunity…

    Looking forward to your amiable reply. Thanks

  12. “Hey there 🙂

    I’m Jeremy – I’ve found your blog while searching for
    some internet marketing product reviews on Google.

    I’ve been doing the same kind of product reviews in the

    Jeremy K.”

    • Hola Augusto,

      I am sorry, I can’t speak Spanish.

      Thanks to the google translator I was able to get the message 🙂
      What kind of information would you like to receive?

      If you are interested in the affiliate marketing training you can check the following link.
      The entire platform is in English, but if you understand, I believe you can create a website in Spanish as well.

      Here is the link:

      And you can create your Free Starter account.
      Have a great weekend

    • I hear you, I know how frustrating it can be. I have been reviewing many programs teaching how to start an online business, how to find ways to make money online… most of them really suck. Anyways, I would personally recommend you to check one particular educational platform.
      I am a member of this platform since November 2017 and in my opinion, it is the best training for beginners (and intermediate marketers as well).
      You can check my review about it first (simply by clicking on the link). In this review, you will learn how it works, how it looks like, what is the cost, etc.
      I think the best part is that you can get started for FREE. There is no need to use a credit card – only your email is enough.
      If you join, you won’t be alone since there is a great community of people from all over the world, ready to help (many of them have already many years of experience in digital marketing)
      I can also guide you through the platform if you want me to.
      so, take your time and let me know if you need any further information.


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