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Jamie Lewis Marketing

It took me a while until I decided to write this short post about Jamie Lewis.
I stumbled upon Jamie’s product in 2019 when I reviewed his product called Profit365.

It was a ClickBank product and in my opinion, it was too hyped up.

Since then, without doing any proper research on Jamie Lewis and his marketing, I did come across more of his product and they all look alike.

Let me tell you right off the bat, that I don’t like the way he presents his courses.
It is very close to deceptive marketing.

Now does it mean he is a scammer?

Who Is Jamie Lewis?

Jamie Lewis Marketing

Jamie is a course creator and internet marketer.
He actually has created many courses, mostly in the make money online niche.

He is quite famous for creating persuasive sales pages/videos and a lot of people find it interesting.
Also, his courses belong to the category “get-rich-quick-scheme”, that’s why personally I am not a fan of his.

The get-rich-quick schemes, barely work and the odds that one can make money with that are extremely small.
The only way how to make money with his products is to start to promote them and become Jamie’s partner.

But that’s not how internet marketing should work.

Jamies Social Media Presence

Let’s take a look at social media.
Guru like Jamie should have a lot of followers.

Jamie Lewis Youtube Channel

Jamie Lewis Marketing

He has youtube channel since 2009 and as of this writing, it has less than 700,000 views.

Considering that there are 174 videos, it is not a lot of views.

Jamie Lews Facebook

Jamie Lewis Marketing

It seems that people like him on Facebook. I mean 4,000 followers is not a low number.
But considering how long he has been around, he could have a lot more followers.

Despite the fact that I am not Jamie’s fan, I must admit that after watching his videos, there is something about his guy.
I think I understand why people follow him.

BTW, does he have a website?
Yes, Let’s check it out very briefly.

Jamie Lewis Website

Have you seen his website?

Jamie Lewis Marketing

Well, I believe the one jamielewis.com is the one.
What makes me doubt?

First of all his site is not secured. I mean it is just an old HTTP. And I assume such a guru would now know HTTPS is a Must.

From the image below, we see that he registered his website back in 2011.
Didn’t he have time to make the site secure?

Jamie Lewis Marketing

What is also interesting, his domain authority is low.

He is not very active on Social media and doesn’t update his website either.

Let’s take a look at some of Jamie’s Products

Jamie’s Courses (Some of Them)


Profit365 is a digital product that teaches affiliate marketing using paid advertising. It focuses on Solo Ads and that is the main problem.

Solo Ads are not worth it, because one can spend hundreds of dollars and the only feedback he gets is from bots.

Besides, there is no real training within the platform, and the videos inside the dashboard are outdated.
Actually, they were outdated in 2019.

Profit Injector

This used to be a ClickBank product, but in October 2019 it was removed from ClickBank.
The most probable reason – too many requests for a refund.

So it was then available on JVZoo, but the “quality” of this course hadn’t changed.

Without going into details, this product is not available anymore, and that includes its website as well.

Forget About Broke

Only recently (as of this writing) I did find this product on WarriorPlus.

I didn’t expect a lot, but honestly, I thought his product got better so I bought the basic course.

Without any further ado, it did not change a bit.

Still hyped up a sales page, with unrealistic claims, promising to get rich quickly.

That’s nonsense.

On top of it, I asked for a refund and still have not received my money.
WarriorPlus is not responsible for the refund so one has to rely on the Vendor.

I did, and we have exchanged several emails saying that there is still some kind of problem.
Bottom line is, do not waste time with the “Forget About Broke” product either.

In case you want to learn more, check the article.


I am still wondering how come this person can make money the way he does, and still get away with it.

There are also many reviews about this guy that are not flattering.

Now, I would like to hear from you – is this guy a scammer?

Or you really did learn something that has helped you with your financial situation?
What’s your experience?

I really would like to know other people’s opinions.

The thing is that it seems a pretty easy concept, to promise people something, charge them and get away with the money.

Is Jamie a Scammer?

Well, pretty close in my opinion.

It is safe to say that there is a huge gap between the claims on his sales page and the actual product he offers.

So, let’s keep this an open discussion so other readers will get an objective overview of Jamie Lewis.

16 thoughts on “Jamie Lewis Marketing”

  1. I’ve been following Jamie for about a year now. I’ve spent several thousand dollars and haven’t made a dime… Yet!

    I don’t think I’ve been ripped off. He did build me a site (which got hacked and whacked and then disappeared). I haven’t bugged him about it yet because I’ve been busy with other things BUT, I will see if he fixes this or not

  2. Dear Mike: Thank you muchly for posting this review. I re-found Jamie (originally introduced to me years ago by a solid Internet Marketer) in my Kindle Library and just for grins opened a book he wrote in 2015. Wow. Even then it was out of touch with reality and is filled with unreadable charts. His analogies for setting up an Internet biz are excellent, but definitely not practical or fulfilling as they are presented because there are too many blanks. As a matter of fact, each of his books contains good info, but too much is glossed over with patter with little actionable how-to instruction.

    I bought, fortunately for very little, Machine Gun Marketing, Online Goldmine, and The Ultimate Rule Book.

  3. Can anyone please tell me if there is any chance of getting my large amount of cash I paid him to build me a website? after trying everything under the sun the only thing I get back is,we don’t give a refund on those type of offers? I bought a few programs from him and did like them.I’m thinking the only shot to get my $ back is to drive an hour in a half to his house and shake it out of him? How ofter is the vender in the same state you life in? lol Anyone that could help me out on how to get my money back so I don’t end up in prison for life would be very helpfull for myself and him.

    • Hey, I understand your furious you might be (you are).

      Unfortunately, Jamie is a borderline scammer. Meaning when he sells his products, he sells them as top-notch, the absolute best one you can get.
      The truth is that these products are outdated, hyped up … they just don’t work.

      It is also difficult to get the money back – if it would be easy, Jamie would be bankrupt.. and on his way to find a 9-5.

      Not sure how did you purchase these products:
      If it was through WarriorPlus, you can contact them (but again the chances are slim).

      If it was through ClickBank, you might get it back, but I am afraid Jamie doesn’t sell his products via ClickBank anymore.

      It is really funny that you live close to him. However, I personally can’t recommend paying him such a visit.
      Although it could be done in a very polite way I believe.

      Again I am sorry you have been scammed. Never trust these hyped-up products. They never work.

      In order to make a consistent income online, one must apply some knowledge, effort, and it takes a bit of time as well.
      If you have further questions let me know


      • I agree with you Mike, I was through quick-rich-scheme a lot and every time cought up without money only gathering the costs for parner webiste and several ugrade packages instead until i became smart and something flash through my mind telling me that there is not easy money you need to fire your chair and put a lot of efforts to succeed

        • Hi Alex,

          That’s exactly right!
          Let’s hope that more and more people realize that and won’t be falling for such scams as Jamie Lewis keeps creating (and many others as well).

          Thanks a lot for your comment;
          Have a great rest of the weekend!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on Jamie Lewis, I personally have heard of the guy before, but wanted to double-check. 

    The information I have found about Jamie… Well, I guess it says something about his “fame” or social media presence. 

    I have found that a lot of the big talkers in the “money-making” promotional business seem to do a lot of “fake it before you make it.” I kind of wonder and doubt if he really is making any money at all, especially with so few views on YouTube. Like, how does 174 videos over a decade not get to a million views?? Definitely seems like a scam artist type to me. 

    • Hi, 

      You are absolutely right. 

      A person with years and years of experience in internet marketing must have millions of views on YouTube. 

      But the biggest issue I find with Jamie – he keeps creating pretty much the same product over and over again… with the same results. 
      Meaning, the customers are disappointed and Jamie makes money. 

      This is not ethical at all.

      Anyways, thanks a lot for your comment
      Appreciate it


  5. I actually bought his Profit 365 course, and I can comfortably say that it was one of the dumbest decisions I’ve made in my so-called “internet marketing” career.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ve spent hundreds on other courses as well, but at least they provided me with some value and not some BS content like what you’ll find in Jamies’ systems.

    This guy is not legit, and I urge every single one of you to stay away as far as possible from him.

    What a joke.

    • You are absolutely right. 

      Now looking back, I am sure you see it as a learning experience. 

      But unfortunately, there are still people that trust Jamie – especially newbies. 
      Hopefully, more people will do research and find out about his misleading and scammy products. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment

  6. If you go back far enough, you will see that Jamie Lewis originally was into adult videos. He brags about learning how to stay under the radar with these types of videos. If you listen to his weekly teaching sessions, you will see his wife tell him to tell the complete story to their audience. Jamie specially stays at the 30,00 foot view so he does not need to tell everything!
    On a different topic, he tells his audience NOT to ever ask for a refund from him. He does not do refunds. I never made a penny with any program with Jamie Lewis. From what I saw a few years ago his programs are typically way overpriced (In the $1,000 range). Good luck at getting any money back as any money has already been spent or “hidden” somewhere.

  7. Before you buy ANYTHING FROM JAMIE LEWIS read this post about my experience with Jamie Lewis!!

    I bought a hyped money making system on Warrior Plus and when I encountered problems, Warrior Plus should have their platform setup to help people that do not get any support from the vendor instead of telling you they do not offer support and that you have to contact the vendor.

    I think Warrior Plus should really change their business model and offer support for people!

    So here’s recent story…

    I totally fell for this like a dumb sheep and bought Jamie Lewis’s Zombie Commissions hyped-up money-making opportunity with all upsells for $508 about 25 days ago and I have received ZERO SUPPORT on those areas in my member dashboard that don’t even work for me!

    I have 3 different emails I found on him that I have been emailing him for over 3 weeks now with no support help at all and I have asked for a full refund and I am being ignored!

    I filed a dispute with my bank and I have to wait to see if Jamie Lewis will comply with giving me a refund.

    I posted 3 reviews on TrustPilot and 1 review on Ripoff Report sites explaining my experience with Jamie Lewis and hopefully people will see those when researching on whether to buy his hyped-up sales pitches and get-fast-money claims!


    • You are absolutely right – Warriorplus should provide the support. Just like Clickbank does.

      As for your story – I am sorry you have lost more than $500.
      That really hurts.

      Truly believe that you will get your money back.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      I am sure that will help other people.

  8. Thank you for the review and the exposure of Jamie Lewis marketing. It is not nice to see other people spending money for a course that isn’t going to help them in the end. Especially when you pay a hefty price. After reading your review, there is too many red flags. I usually say the first red flag is when someone overcharges you for a course. It clearly shows they want to gain a lot of money through you. So do not sign up with them. Another red flag is when you cannot experience a small trial of a course or something before giving full commitment. Thus, my opinion stay safe before committing to courses and do research by reading reviews like this. 

    • Glad you find the review helpful. 

      That’s right – there are many red flags and that applies to all Jamie’s courses. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment


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