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Is Authority Hacker Legit?

When I came across the Authority Hacker course, I was thoroughly impressed and formed the opinion that it’s a great course.

I attended their webinar to explore their offerings. After spending several days conducting research, I’ve compiled the following comprehensive review of Authority Hacker.

Is it truly as good as it seems? Is Authority Hacker a legitimate program?

And, of course, how much does it actually cost?

I’m certain you’ve encountered various reviews about Authority Hacker already, yet you’re still uncertain whether investing in it is a wise decision.

Well, I’ll do my utmost to maintain objectivity. My aim is to provide a well-rounded picture of this course, highlighting both its positives and negatives.

However, the most pivotal question remains: => What is its potential for earnings?

Broadly speaking, within the realm of Internet marketing, the potential for earnings is significant. But does Authority Hacker truly deliver as the platform that will guide you toward achieving your aspirations?

Let’s delve right into that.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of the Authority Hacker.

This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Authority Hacker
Website: www.authorityhacker.com
Price to Join: 
Recommended: Yes (the real investment is more than an initial price, though)

Authority Hacker Review – Summary

This is a high-ticket course that teaches how to build an authority niche site with monetization potential. The course is well-established, and the individuals behind Authority Hacker boast extensive experience.

Their website offers a wealth of valuable content for free, suggesting that Gael and Mark genuinely deliver value to their audience.

However, I do find the course rather expensive, particularly when factoring in potential additional costs that could even double the initial price.

Apart from that, I can certainly recommend Authority Hacker to intermediate marketers.

What Is Authority Hacker?

Is Authority Hacker Legit

This course focuses on teaching the process of creating an authority site that ranks well on various search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The primary objective of such a site is to generate revenue through various monetization methods, and this course provides guidance on building such a site.

A free webinar is available for participation, lasting around 2 hours, which offers a comprehensive overview of their teachings.
The knowledge they share should empower you to develop a website capable of earning a four-figure monthly income, even on a modest budget.

While I agree that the potential to generate a four-figure monthly income exists, I’m somewhat skeptical about the claim of achieving this with a “minimum budget.” However, this perception can vary greatly.

For some individuals, an investment of $1,997 might not be significant, while for others, a monthly expense of $50 could be substantial.

In the forthcoming review, I’ll delve into the specific expenses involved, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your circumstances.

They Provide Value

Unlike most online courses, Authority Hacker has also its own blog where that offers a lot of valuable information.

Is Authority Hacker Legit

That is the proper way how to do marketing.
This means, that you as a potential customer must be better off just by consuming their free stuff.

Authority Hacker Pro and The Authority Site System 3.0

Normally they offer 2 courses for 2 different prices.

Is Authority Hacker Legit

In this review, we are going to focus on the Authority Site System 3.0, since the Authority Hacker Pro (the more expensive one) is currently closed.

It is possible to leave an email address and you will be notified about the upcoming course.

Who Is Behind the Authority Hacker?

There are two guys behind the Authority Hackerk, Gael Breton and Mark Webster.

Is Authority Hacker Legit

Who is Gael Breton?

Gael is originally from France and he is one of the co-founders of Authority Hacker. 

He is an online entrepreneur, building websites since 2009. But he also loves food as probably 95% of French people do :).  
Gael owns a dog and he loves to travel. 

There is a bit more information about him, directly on Authority Hacker Page. 

Here is a screenshot of his bio: 

Is Authority Hacker Legit

Who is Mark Webster?

This Mark is not a Welsh darts player. 

Is Authority Hacker Legit

Mark, the co-founder of Authority Hackers comes from Scotland and he teaches about 50% of the lessons in the course. 

The other half teaches Gael. 

There is nothing wrong with these individuals (meaning they are not scammers or anything like that), so the information on their page is considered legitimate. 

Therefore, I have made my job easier and provided you with the screenshot from their page, again. 

Is Authority Hacker Legit

When it comes to generating online income, they claim to help more than 2,500 members. 

What is Inside of the Authority Hacker Course?

Let’s go briefly over the webinar. 

You can always join their webinar, it is pre-recorded, so regardless of the time and your location, you can either watch the replay from yesterday or a “new” webinar that starts in a few minutes. 

Is Authority Hacker Legit

They all are the same and I have double-checked it by checking the chat area. 

Is Authority Hacker Legit

The left one (blurry one) is the one I have recorded back in September 2021 and the screenshot on your right-hand side is taken today (on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021). 
(I have put both screenshots into one). 

And I would like to point out that there is nothing wrong with the pre-recorded webinars. 
Just want to let you know that it doesn’t matter which one you choose, in case you decide to watch it. 

This originally was intended to be a paid training but Gale and Mark decided to make it available for free. 
Not sure whether it is just a marketing trick, but these kinds of webinars are for free, so people can watch them entirely.
In the end, they asked to purchase it.

So let’s start with what they teach:

There are 3 main ways how to make money online with a website. 

1) Advertising

You have to have a lot of content, and thus traffic to make decent money. 

We are talking about 1,000 visitors per day (at least), so a good amount of people would click on the ads that are displayed on your website. 

These ads are often quite annoying, but you see that many websites (including mine) continue to display them, so they must be profitable. 

2) Affiliate marketing

I believe you are familiar with how affiliate marketing works. 

An affiliate marketer has a website about a certain niche and he or she informed readers about certain products (or services). 
People go visit this website and after consuming the content they are able to make a purchase decision. They click on the affiliate link and are directed to the vendor’s website. 

They make a purchase, and they are happy. 

The vendor is happy, since he sold some stuff, thanks to the affiliate marketer, who gets a commission. 

So affiliate marketers, connect potential buyers and vendors. 

In order to make a full-time income, you don’t need that much traffic. Ideally, you have selected a specific niche so people visiting your website are familiar with the content, they just are not sure what specific product/service to buy.

Of course, the more traffic your site gets, the bigger revenue it generates. 

3) Selling stuff

Let’s say you have some tool, software, or maybe a course that you want to sell. 
This is a very lucrative business, and that’s why even the guys behind Authority Hacker sell their course. 

Once your course is created, the margin is huge. So you have room to offer a commission to your affiliate – to the people that for example use the 2nd method above. 

And of course, all three categories above can be simultaneously used as well (or just 2 of them). 
That would be actually the best approach.                              

Who Is Authority Hacker For?

This course appears to be an excellent choice for beginners or individuals who are just entering the field of affiliate marketing.

However, I’d advise caution with such a sweeping statement. Nonetheless, the course’s proponents assert that it’s particularly suitable for:

  1. Those aiming to leave their jobs or freelance engagements.
  2. Individuals who have faced setbacks in internet marketing.
  3. People who have experienced moderate success but aspire to amplify their achievements.

The catch, however, is that Authority Hacker is most beneficial for those who already possess functioning websites and some level of experience. The training can frequently become overwhelming, leading newcomers to easily feel disoriented.

I speak from experience, as individuals starting out often have an array of inquiries, and Authority Hacker isn’t designed to address all these queries suited for beginners.

What Is the Price of Authority Hacker?

Is Authority Hacker Legit

It’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Personally, I find it frustrating when I’m on the verge of investing $900 in a course, only to realize a few weeks later that I need to allocate an additional $300, and potentially even more, for other expenses.

Additional Costs?

This is probably the biggest issue I have with Authority Hacker. 

Is Authority Hacker Legit

They don’t reveal at the beginning that there will be additional costs. 
And these are not minor ones. 

But the good thing is that you can join these platforms for free. Usually, they offer something like 7-day free trials. 
You have to reveal your credit card information, though. 

So if you are not careful and ask for a cancellation, they start to charge you. 

It is possible to get some of these tools, cheaper. I show the most “popular pricing” (according to the websites). 

What Do Others Think?

Have you checked the Trustpilot site?

Is Authority Hacker Legit

That is actually a good source of information.
It is possible to get a nice overview of a specific company/website/course. 

What I find strange is that there are no reviews until recently.

Just one:

Is Authority Hacker Legit

Other forums show mixed opinions about Authority Hackers, but the majority agree that this is a legitimate platform and it can be beneficial, especially for those who already started with their own website. 

Other than that

Building an authoritative site is a good idea, but it takes a long time and effort. And if you want to compete with big brands, you need a team of copywriters.

Is it still possible to make money with a new website?

Sure it is.

But it is important to choose a specific niche.

What do I mean by that? 

Let’s say Fishing – just focus on the type of lines.
People are searching for more and more stuff, so the chances that they search for such detailed information are huge.

This way you will be able to get a good amount of relevant visitors to your site, within a couple of months. 

What Else Do You Need to Know? 

We won’t go too much into detail but here are a few little issues that I find disturbing.

Offering tools that are expensive

For example Ahrefs.
Especially at the beginning, there is no need to use his tool.

And to be honest, no beginner knows how to use it and what to use it for.
Yet, it is “recommended” by guys behind the authority hacker.


They are affiliated with those tools, meaning if you join them they get a commission.

There is nothing wrong with that, but I find it a bit tricky.

The platform that I am a member of, doesn’t promote any 3rd party tools. Everything is under one roof, so to speak.

And yes, in case you generate revenue, you can start using these tools. but guys behind my recommended platform mar do not associate with this affiliate program.

Link Building – Not a Good Idea in 2022

Their focus is to create an authoritative website. 

That should be done by creating back linings. This technique is sensitive and doesn’t work like it used to.

Many people pay for the backlinks and do some weird tricks with them. Google found out that this technique is easy to manipulate and therefore it can eventually hurt the website. 

Your site can be penalized by Google. That means, that your content is ranked lower, on a position 30 or 40 instead of 5 or 7. 

And that hurts. 
It takes a lot of effort and months until the site is back on track. 

There are proper ways how to build backlinks, and I find Brian Dean‘s website called Backlinko a great source of information regarding backlinks.


Is Authority Hacker Legit

Not just to brag about the negative, they do have also a podcast with a lot of useful information. 
It is available on their Youtube Channel as well. 

Sometimes, though, it seems that they talk bout the same stuff over and over again…
but as the saying goes, “repetition is the mother of skill”, right?

What Do I Like About Authority Hacker?

  • A lot of material is available for free (on their site, podcast…)
  • A Thorough training teaching how to build and monetize a website
  • Well established platform

What I Don’t Like About Authority Hacker?

  • It may easily get overwhelming (showing too many strategies)
  • Lack of support (issues with content creation within WordPress, I get it solved within minutes)
  • Too Expensive, and on top of it, an additional budget needed

Is Authority Hacker System Legit? 

I have reviewed many digital courses and Authority Hacker belongs to the category of my recommendations

Sure it is not perfect, but there is no such thing as a perfect platform.

It might suit some, and for some not.

Therefore I think it is fair to offer an alternative that teaches how t build an online business from scratch.
This alternative (unlike the Authority Hacker) is also perfect for beginners.

Now that you have a nice overview of the Authority Hacker, you can compare it with my personal recommendation.
Join for free, by clicking on the link at the very button.

You can go through the 1st lesson, absolutely for free.
Your starter membership doesn’t cost a dime.

The majority of training remains locked, but I am sure you will get a nice idea about the platform and the training.

In case you have questions, feel free to ask, you can use the comment section below.

Thank you for reading,

2 thoughts on “Is Authority Hacker Legit?”

  1. Hi Mike. Thank you for very interesting review. I was reading before a bit about Authority Hacker program and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your post its clear to me that this is legit site, yet I wouldn’t invest money in this training. I don’t like hidden costs, and in this case tools they are offering are really pricy, and lack of support is also concerning. I believe there are better opportunities online to learn secrets of digital business.

    • Hi, thanks a lot for your comment. 

      Yes, Authority Hacker is definitely a legit site, but the costs might be a dealbreaker. 

      So for people that are looking for a cheaper (and also better) option, I offer the alternative that is mentioned at the bottom of the article. 
      It doesn’t cost anything to join, so there is absolutely no risk. 

      If you have further questions let me know



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