Is Notion Cash a Scam?

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You may have seen this product on Facebook or another social platform. It looks like you can earn fast money, and you may have seen also some great reviews.

But is it true or just hype?

Let’s find out more about this system.

Notion Cash promising you to earn easy money by inviting your friends to join this system. Is this really going to work, or is there something fishy about the Notion Cash?

I have already reviewed similar websites like this, so I am a bit concerned about whether this works or not. They did not have good ratings at all.

How about the Notion Cash?
Is Notion Cash a Scam?

We are going to cover, how this system works. We will check whether their testimonials and income proofs are real. At the end of this post, you will know whether this opportunity is right for you or not.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Notion Cash. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendation and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Notion Cash Overview

Product Name: Notion Cash
Price to Join: $0
Creator: N/A
Rating: 0/10
Do I recommend it? No! This is a Scam

Notion Cash Summary

Product Name: Notion Cash
Price to Join: $0
Creator: N/A
Rating: 0/10
Do I recommend it? No! This is a Scam

Notion Cash is a system promising you to make money online by inviting your friends to join the Notion Cash. Additionally, by completing some Tasks, you can make an extra $30 for each task.

Here is the problem:
Nobody gets ever paid.

All the claims about making money with Notion Cash are lies. They use fake payment proofs, fake testimonials.
This system is part of the network scam and they go after your data such as name, telephone number, email, Cash App, or even PayPal account.

Stay Away from this scam.

If you want to know how to how o generate revenue online I suggest checking the link below.

What is Notion Cash

Notion Cash is a website where you can earn by completing some tasks and presenting ratings. Apparently these tasks are requested by their sponsors to use the app or to complete the survey.
According to their claims, you should earn $15 for each referral and $30 for the task you complete.

Everyone who lands on the website is promised to get a $25 sign up bonus:

is Notion Cash a Scam

These four steps and you can start earning (at least what they claim)

  1. Sign Up to start receiving tasks. Share your referral code with your friends
  2. Choose a Task
  3. Complete a Task – Install the app and complete the task. Earn up to $50 per task. For every person, you invite you to earn $15 if he/she joins
  4. Get Paid – Apparently, they have many options (PayPal, Check, mailed checks, etc)

Sounds pretty easy, right?
Right – everything that sounds too easy, does not work.

We are going to find out the major red flags of this system.

The website was registered in March of 2019. Since then they have done some updates on the website.

For example, they have to change the testimonials. They don’t use Fiverr actors like before. Currently, they just have some stock images (or downloaded profile picture from Pinterest), but we will get to that later.

But the main purpose of this system remains unchanged – to harvest your personal information.

We have seen the real testimonials at the “sister’s” website, saying that when a member was about to fill out one of the tasks, he was asked for his telephone number or credit card information.
You can read the entire Influencer Cash review here.

Let me also show you a report from BBB regarding the Notion Cash:

is Notion Cash a Scam

Here, you can read the entire report.

Who Is Behind the Notion Cash

When you do the product review and you just can’t find a person or a verified company behind the product it is never a good sign. These days people want to be known. That means that you have a bigger chance to find a misleading product with a real owner, than a legitimate product with the unknown creator of the founder.

That being said, a shady product promising you easy money with the unknown owner means only one thing. The probability that it is a scam is at least 99.9%.

We can only check the date when the website was created and a country of registration.

is Notion Cash a Scam

This information alone does not necessarily mean that it is a scam. But how the system works, the claims, webpage layout, and registration country strongly suggests that Notion Cash is part of the network scam along with products like Clout Bucks, Paid leaf, Influencer Cash, Referral Pay, Viral Market, and Rain Money as well.

In my opinion, they all belong to the same owner, whether it is a company or a person; most likely a group of people working constantly on improving these scam sites.

One of the newest scams that have been launched in April 2020 is called CasGem.
You will see the same patterns in all of these systems. There is no doubt that some people are behind thee scams.

The Claims vs Facts

In this section, we are going to check the false claim they make, including the fake testimonials. We cover only some of the red flags, to show you that you ought to stay away from this system. (We are not going to over all of the red flags I have found out – just for the sake of time).

1. Payment Proofs are Fake

Right at the Notion Cash home page, you can check the payment proofs.
Allegedly these are screenshots from members who made money referring people and completing the tasks.

is Notion Cash a Scam

Just focus on the dates, you immediately see that these just can’t be real proofs, concerning the Notion Cash.
Remember, Notion Cash has been founded on the 12th of March 2019!

is Notion Cash a Scam

… here is another:

is Notion Cash a Scam

Just let me repeat myself, Nobody ever gets paid.
It is impossible to cash out.
Similarly to the other websites ( Paid leaf, Influencer Cash, Referral Pay, Viral Market), once you reach a threshold that you could withdraw your money, you are accused from using fake clicks and your account is afterward closed.

2. Fake Testimonial – They made an improvement

We know that this website or system has been around since March 2019. Since then they have made some changes and updates in the design of the website and also they got rid of the fake testimonials. For example, this guy recorded a video for the Notion Cash.

I know him as an actor on a website called Fiverr.
He also did some testimonials for a very similar system called Paid Leaf. You can check also very different products, called Spring Profit (this a former ClickBank product, but it has been removed from there as well, due to the high refund rate).

is Notion Cash a Scam

This guy has done a lot of testimonials. It is nothing against him. He is just an actor, so he is paid what to say.
But the owners of Notion Cash are the ones who are guilty – asking people (in this case paid actors) to make false statements.

With the update of the Notion Cash, they don’t use Fiver Actors anymore.
They have a few testimonials on their main webpage like this one below:

is Notion Cash a Scam

When you search for that picture, you will find out that the girl is not Ashley Pizalle, but Ashley Benson as per screenshot below:

is Notion Cash a Scam

I personally doubt that this lady would need to make a couple of dollars completing some online Tasks. Therefore it is safe to say, they the creators of Notion Cash did not spent much time with the update.

Although, I must point out that they have included some video testimonials, with random individuals.

This seems like a super nice guy, but I really think that he did not make a dime from Notion Cash. (otherwise, he would post it on his own YouTube channel)

And here is also an official Alert from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) warning consumers from potential scammers.

is Notion Cash a Scam

You can also read the entire document at the BBB site as well.

3. Fake Company Address

According to the BBB report, there is nobody available on that address. As a result of this BBB report, the creators of the Notion Cash have removed the address completely, so there is just a contact page.

is Notion Cash a Scam

Notion Cash LLC is not listed in the NYC Dept of State’s business entity database.

4. Clone of other Scam

Notion Cash is a clone of another system called ShareToEarn. Or is it other way around? 

The bottom line is that both of them are from the same creators. 
These two systems have the same incentive, same pattern and they are both data harvesting scams. 

They even look pretty similar.

People behind these sites keep creating new scams and as far as I know, there are at least 30 of them.
Here is a link where you can check them out.

What I like

  • There is literally nothing I like about this scam.
    The fact you can access the system for free? Well, it only appears to be free. Your email address may be flooded with spams and questionable offers.
    If that is the case, you need time to clean your inbox and unsubscribe from emails you have not signed up for.

What I don’t like

  • First of all, The Notion Cash is a scam. That says it all. To break it down a bite let’s sum up:
  • Fake testimonials
  • Fake income proof
  • Nobody gets paid a dime

How About An Alternative?

To earn easy money seems to be a good motivation for why people keep falling for such scams.
We have found out that this is not the proper way how to make a dollar online.

The question you may ask is:
Is there a legit way how to make money online?
Well, there is.

But it is not a get-rich-quick scheme nor MLM.

In principle, the procedure of making money online works pretty much the same as any other brick and mortar business. You provide your visitors (potential customers) with a value/service and they pay you for it.

Your store is your website. That is the first thing you need to have when thinking about online business.

Instead of people visiting the store, you have people visiting your website. That is called traffic.
Now how are you going to get people to your website?

The simple way to put it: you want your website to be visible on the 1st page of Google, right?
There basically 2 ways:

1) Paid traffic – You pay to Google to show your website on a 1st page.

is Notion Cash a Scam

This is usually the easiest way how to be visible.
But it is not recommended for beginners.

2) Organic traffic – You get free traffic. Your website naturally shows up in the search engine result page.

is Notion Cash a Scam

Usually, this takes a bit longer to be visible on the first page. It takes a bit of effort, but it is easier when you know how to do that (there are some tips and tricks that helps to rank well)

There are many courses teaching you how to create a website, how to monetize the website, and so on. But in my experience, this is my personal favorite one – It teaches what really works and that is the beauty of it.

I know that there are people expecting to generate income without any work. I am afraid that the majority of people are like this. That is why there are a lot of scams and fake gurus ready to take advantage of these people.
These people pay for courses (sometimes more than $1,000) and end up with nothing – just hope.

I would like to show you a platform where they teach how to get free traffic. The training is thorough and once you master the organic traffic, you will learn also how to create a paid search campaign.

It does not make much sense to compare just reviewed Notion Cash, with my personal recommendation, but just for a fun, let’s take a look at both systems:

Final Verdict

What do you think about the Notion Cash?
-> Isn’t it ridiculous? Unrealistic income claims, fake testimonials, and fake income proofs.

The real testimonials reveal the truth, that this system does not pay the members, at all. The only person who makes money is the owner or founder of this scam.
Stay away from Notion Cash as far as possible.

People who signed up and felt for it might have their data at risk.

What is also very probable, they sell your personal data to a 3rd party. That includes your email at least. If you happened to sign up, using your regular email and password, check your email as there might be more spams than usual.
Hopefully, this is not happening to you, but just to be sure, change your password (if you have used the same while signing up to Notion Cash)

In case you have questions, comments or thoughts you want to share, please use the comment section below.
This topic is quite important, and it is necessary to spread out the info regarding these scams, so people would not fall for them.

Thank you for reading,

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