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Are Solo Ads Worth It?

The original article on Solo Ads was written in Spring 2019.

Since then, numerous online courses have emerged in the “make money online” niche, promising financial independence and thousands of dollars per week.

Examples include 12 Minute Affiliate and Perpetual Income 365.
These courses claim to provide great leads, or Solo Ads, at a higher cost with a supposedly high return on investment.

But are Solo Ads truly worth it?

In this article, I’ll explore Solo Ads, including what they are, where to find them, the pros and cons, and ultimately determine their real value.

What Are Solo Ads?

Are Solo Ads Worth it

Solo Ads are a convenient way to promote your offer through email.

The best part?
You don’t need your own email list. Instead, you find a vendor with a substantial number of subscribers and pay them to send your offer to their list.

In theory, these subscribers click on your offer, and when they make a purchase, you earn money. It’s a straightforward advertising method, which is why it’s popular among new internet marketers.

You have two payment options with Solo Ads:

  • Paying for the number of clicks your offer receives.
  • Paying for the number of prospects or emails.

Essentially, Solo Ads serve as an alternative to Google Ads or Facebook Ads, but with the advantage of directly reaching potential buyers in their email inboxes.

It sounds like a great promotional strategy, doesn’t it? However, let’s take a step back and examine if it’s too good to be true.

Where to Buy The Solo Ads?

If you search for “Solo Ads” on Google or any other search engine, you’ll find ads on websites like Fiverr or Udimi, among others.

However, the challenge lies in distinguishing between legitimate and shady vendors, especially for newcomers. Many of these vendors sell low-quality Solo Ads, making it difficult to find trustworthy ones.

Are Solo Ads Worth It

I’ll provide some tips shortly for you, but first, let’s talk about who uses Solo Ads.

Solo Ads are frequently utilized in online courses that teach people how to make money online, as mentioned earlier in this article.
Specifically, they are often part of upsells in these courses. It’s common for misleading courses to have multiple upsells, such as Embassy, which claims to be a cloud-based app generating autopilot revenue and has seven upsells.

There are numerous misleading courses and platforms offering Solo Ads.

The unfortunate reality is that the majority of the traffic they provide is fake. These clicks are generated by bots, so it’s important to be cautious when encountering courses that promise effortless earnings of $400 per day on “autopilot.”

In essence, Solo Ads are a lucrative business model for those who sell them, without a doubt.

Tips on Finding  Solo Ads

When it comes to choosing Solo Ads vendors, you have various options, ranging from individual sellers (not recommended) to reputable platforms like Udimi.

“Udimi is the best marketplace to find quality solo ads providers.”

But Really?

While Udimi is often touted as the best marketplace for finding quality Solo Ads providers, it’s important to approach it with caution.
You still need to consider certain aspects before selecting a vendor on Udimi.

Make sure to conduct thorough research, especially when it comes to Udimi sellers.

Are Solo Ads Worth It

Take the time to go through the vendor list and explore the options that interest you. Click on each vendor to access more information. Scroll down to find customer reviews and reactions.

Before making any purchase, it’s essential to contact the vendor directly. Ask them about how they build their email lists. By assessing their responses and communication style, you can get an idea of who is trustworthy and who may not be.

However, personally, I do not recommend this form of advertising. Even on Udimi, there are numerous vendors selling fake traffic, which can result in wasting hundreds of dollars. It’s a waste of both time and money.

Issues with Solo Ads

Let’s sum up the main issues:

  • It is not easy to find quality leads that convert.
    Therefore do not go blindly to buy solo ads, even though on a supposedly reputable platform such as Udimi.
    What happens, is that you can be provided with fake email address clicks, and/or sign-ups are done by bots.
  • Solo Ads vendors might also hire people (for a few bucks) to respond to your offers/emails and sign up.
    For you, it means that your clicks are “burned up” and thus your “invested” money. 
  • With the questionable quality of leads, you might end up scamming people.  Your offer can easily be sent out to persons who have no interest in it. 
    The thing is that there is a huge business going on, meaning selling and buying email addresses…

Imagine receiving an email from a source or company you previously signed up with.

You open the email and see a link, enticing you with a VIP membership or some other offer. You might expect an update or relevant information from that company. However, when you click the link, it takes you to a completely different company offering something unrelated.

This situation is disheartening because it means that someone has sold your email address to a third party. Soon enough, your inbox will be flooded with spam emails.

Are Solo Ads Worth It - Inbox flooded sith spams

It’s important to be aware that there are numerous scams out there, particularly data harvesting schemes disguised as Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites. These scams attempt to deceive individuals into providing their personal information under false pretenses.

Stay vigilant and cautious when interacting with such emails and websites to protect your personal data and avoid falling victim to these scams.

Here is a real-life example where people were buying solo ads, but they did not get any results.

Are Solo Ads Worth It

Here is the link to the forum you can check.

There are several main and common issues associated with Solo Ads.

Let me sum up some of the most prominent ones.

Low-Quality Traffic

One of the significant challenges is the quality of the traffic generated through Solo Ads. Since you’re relying on someone else’s email list, there’s a risk of receiving low-quality or uninterested leads. Some vendors may sell fake or bot-generated clicks, which can result in a wasted advertising budget.

Lack of Targeting

With Solo Ads, you often have limited control over the targeting of your ads. You rely on the vendor’s subscriber list, which may not align perfectly with your target audience. As a result, you may end up reaching people who have little interest in your offer, leading to low conversion rates.

Difficulty in Assessing Vendor Quality

It can be challenging to distinguish reputable and reliable vendors from those who provide low-quality traffic. While platforms like Udimi offer customer reviews and ratings, there is still a risk of encountering vendors who overpromise but underdeliver.

Limited Campaign Control

When using Solo Ads, you have limited control over the campaign process. You rely on the vendor to handle the email sending and tracking of clicks and conversions. This lack of control can make it harder to optimize and adjust your campaign in real-time.


Solo Ads can be relatively expensive, especially if you’re aiming for high-quality traffic. Costs may vary depending on the vendor and the number of clicks or prospects you’re purchasing. It’s important to carefully evaluate the potential return on investment (ROI) before investing a significant amount in Solo Ads.

Are Solo Ads Worth It?

Based on the information discussed above, I personally believe that Solo Ads are not worth it.

There are risks involved, such as the potential for Google penalization if you engage in buying links.

Are Solo Ads Worth It

This can negatively impact your website’s search engine rankings or even result in removal from Google’s search results.

While this may be an extreme case, it’s important to consider these risks.
However, I respect that you may have a different opinion.

If you believe Solo Ads are worth it, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

That being said, if you proceed with Solo Ads, it’s crucial to be cautious, knowledgeable, and have a budget in place. Start with a small investment and assess the results. If you see positive outcomes, you can gradually increase your advertising efforts.

Solo Ads can be worthwhile in industries where Google AdWords is prohibitively expensive. If the targeted keywords in your niche require high costs per click, such as $5, then trying out Solo Ads, which typically range from $0.40 to $0.80 per click, may be a viable alternative.

Consider these factors and make an informed decision based on your specific circumstances.

But let’s summarize the main Pros and Cons. 

Pros of Solo Ads

Access to Potential Customers

Solo Ads provide an opportunity to reach a new audience without the need for your own email list.

Quick and Easy Advertising

It’s a straightforward form of advertising where you pay a vendor to send your offer to their subscribers.

Alternative to Expensive Advertising Platforms

Solo Ads can be a more affordable option compared to platforms like Google AdWords, especially in niches with high keyword costs.

Potential for High ROI

If the Solo Ads generate quality traffic and conversions, they can result in a positive return on investment.

Cons of Solo Ads

Risk of Low-Quality Traffic

There’s a possibility of receiving low-quality or uninterested leads, leading to low conversion rates.

Limited Control over Targeting

You rely on the vendor’s email list, which may not precisely align with your target audience.

Difficulty in Assessing Vendor Quality

It can be challenging to distinguish reliable vendors from those providing fake traffic, requiring thorough research and due diligence.

Potential Google Penalization

Buying links through Solo Ads can result in Google penalizing your website, negatively impacting search engine rankings.

In general, Solo Ads are not as effective as they used to be due to the oversaturation of the market with unreliable vendors who prioritize selling clicks over generating conversions.

If you intend to sell your offers through email, it is highly recommended to build your own email list. Take the time to understand how email marketing works, keeping in mind that it may require some patience and effort, depending on the traffic your website receives.

Key Takeaways

  1. Thoroughly research the vendor you plan to purchase from, ensuring they have a proven track record of delivering quality results.
  2. Create a clean and simple squeeze page to capture email addresses effectively.
  3. Provide something of value within your niche as an incentive for visitors to provide their email addresses, such as a free guide on “9 Keys to Ranking Well on Google.”

By following these guidelines, you can increase your chances of success with email marketing and avoid the risks associated with unreliable Solo Ads.


You may come across claims that Solo Ads are the quickest way to grow your business, offering a simple and straightforward method of promotion.

This type of advertising has been around for a while, resulting in a multitude of Solo Ads sellers and vendors available today.

When exploring Solo Ads, you will encounter various ads with enticing promises like,

  • “Get Solo Ads Traffic That Converts Into Sales” or
  • “Try Risk-Free Solo Ads Directory with a Money-Back Guarantee.”

While Solo Ads can be effective in theory, it’s important to remember that they require some experience and trial and error to find success.

Similar to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can test the waters by starting with a small budget, such as $5-10, and assess the results.

To minimize the risk of wasting your money, follow these guidelines when dealing with Solo Ads:

  1. Check the ratings and feedback of the vendor before making a purchase.
  2. Start with a small number of clicks, such as 100 or even less, to gauge the quality of the traffic.
  3. Choose a seller who has been in the market for a while, indicating their reliability and reputation.

I hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into Solo Ads. If you have any further questions or need additional information, please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find this article helpful.



Solo Ads FAQs

Are Solo Ads effective for generating leads?

Yes, Solo Ads can be effective for generating leads as they allow you to reach a targeted audience and promote your offer directly to them through email.

However, while Solo Ads can generate leads, there are risks involved. Low-quality traffic may result in low conversion rates, and targeting is limited to the vendor’s email list.

How do I choose a reliable Solo Ads vendor?

To choose a reliable Solo Ads vendor, it is important to research their reputation, check customer reviews and feedback, and inquire about their list-building methods to ensure quality leads.

What are the risks associated with Solo Ads?

One of the risks associated with Solo Ads is the potential for low-quality or fake traffic, which may result in wasted ad spend. It is crucial to carefully select vendors and monitor campaign performance.

Can Solo Ads guarantee conversions and sales?

Solo Ads can drive traffic to your offer, but conversions and sales depend on various factors like the quality of your offer, landing page, and targeting. It’s essential to optimize your funnel for better conversion rates.

Are Solo Ads suitable for all types of businesses?

Solo Ads can be beneficial for businesses in various niches, but their effectiveness may vary. It’s important to assess your target audience, competition, and budget to determine if Solo Ads align with your marketing strategy.

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  1. Solo advertisements might be your best option if you’re starting as a business or don’t want to set aside a sizable marketing budget. But keep in mind that nothing comes for free. If you have a few hundred bucks, buying some solo ads is simple, and the simplest solo advertisements should generate a respectable quantity of traffic.

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  2. It is important for beginners if you buy solo ads in Udimi is to buy from experienced sellers and only those who work in your niche. This is the only way to achieve high results on Udimi. There are also questions, you can contact support in Udimi.

  3. I would say it really depends on the product and the niche to see if solo ads are a good fit for you. They work great for some niches and aren’t your best bet in some. In general, they can be a good option if you have a fixed testing budget because you know what you’ll be paying and it can help in determining how your funnel is converting so you can adjust it scale up your campaign.


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