Is Super Affiliate System a Scam?

If you happen to land on this page let me inform you that there is a new version of Super Affiliate System.

It is called the Pro ersion and it was launched in June 2020.

The following review concerns the predecessor and might not be up to date.

To learn more about the Super Affilaite System Pro, please follow the link.

I am sure you have already heard about this product called Super Affiliate System 2.0. The creator is John Crestani.
He is a successful internet marketer, and the Super Affiliate System 2.0 is his latest product. (I believe soon he is about to launch version 3.0).

The first time I have stumbled upon John’s Program was in December 2016. At that time the platform was called Internet Jetset. This was a low-ticket product for $47 + several upsells.
Later he decided to create a premium product -Super Affiliate System- where a client finds everything he needs to run a successful business online.

In this review, we will be looking at the Super Affiliate System 2.0 (SAS), how the platform looks like, what the price is, are there any hidden costs, bonuses, etc.

I have reviewed already the SAS – it was back in December 2018 and since some things have changed I decided to double-check that so you can have a fresh opinion about John’s product.

Many people are concerned about whether SAS is a scam or not.
So, Is Super Affiliate System a Scam?

Right off the bat, I can tell you that his product is not a scam.
It is an online business training for $997. It is a lot of money but we are going to check why it costs almost a thousand bucks.

Please note, the following post might contain affiliate links. That means if you click on them and purchase the product, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Product Name: Super Affiliate System
The owner: John Crestani
Price:  $997 No Upsells

What is the Super Affiliate System 2.0 About?

The SAS is a complete affiliate marketing training system that teaches people how to create profitable affiliate campaigns.

As you see the price tag, this is a high-ticket program. According to John, his students usually make that amount of money within a few weeks or a couple of months.

How is it possible to get the revenue so fast?
It is mostly through the ads (or pay per click).

The SAS shows people how to create engaging ads not only on Facebook but also on Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, etc.
You may say, but running ads cost additional money.
That is correct.
A person who becomes a student of this platform will get a bonus – $895 of free ad credits. What is the catch?

Well, there is something – a person who wants to get this credit must spend $75 on advertising. At the end – it is still a good deal I believe.

To put it in perspective here is a little overview of what a student will learn:

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam1) Ad – As already mentioned, a student is provided with $895 ad credit. This is free money and it is a great way how to test whether the ads work or they need a bit of tweaking.
Let me break it down for you.

Different Ad Networks offer different credits. In some, you have to spend some money first to get the credit.
Here is an overview of how much you need to spend to get the credit:

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam
You have to spend $75 to get the $895 ad credit. So to be fair this is a “just” $820 credit. But it is something to consider.

2) Presell Page – This is a downloadable presell page template.  That means that a student gets a “ready-to-go” website. No programming necessary.

3) Offer – The student is guided to the best affiliate networks as well as he gets access to high-ticket affiliate offers that produce recurring revenues.

This training teaches proven tactics and methods on how to make money online. With that being said the students will have developed skills that will help them in different online projects, whether they end up working for themselves or their customers.

What is also important is the proper mindset.
This system focuses on mindset exercises such as:

  • goal-setting exercises
  • visualization exercises
  • assistance to reduce the “shiny object syndrome”
  • and many more

Since this is primarily oriented for newbies it is important to have support.
John and his team maintain a strong engagement with their students by sending emails, texts, notifications, so no one will feel left alone.

  • Shows how to create ads and how to target the right audience + credit for Ads
  • The course is legit and gives you thorough information regarding affiliate marketing
  • Good for Beginners, who want to see quick results (with paid traffic one can see a lot of visitors, but they might not be that relevant. It is a double-edged sword)

  • Does not offer a free trial
  • Does not provide you with hosting
  • Price Tag $997 (although you get around $820 worth of ad credit)

Who Is It For?

Who can benefit from the SAS?
Many digital products offer a “solution” on how to become rich and how you can quit your 9-5 job, but only a few of them provide the customer with real value.

Now even these products which do have value are not perfect for everybody. To have a full picture of SAS, John offers a free webinar where you learn what is this all about. The entire webinar takes 90 minutes, so take your time to watch it.

In meanwhile I am going to briefly tell you who is this for:

  • This is a system where a newbie can learn a lot. That means people who are still employees and want to learn about an alternative
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn more about ways to make an income online – especially using paid advertising
  • Anyone looking for another stream of income

The advantage of working online is that one can work from any place on earth with an internet connection. That is also said in the webinar. John also claims that there are no technical skills required, but in my opinion, some basic skills are necessary.
I would not recommend this system to a person who only uses a computer for emailing and chatting.

What is also important is the proper mindset. So if anyone wants this to work for him/her, he/she needs to be:

  • Dedicated
  • Committed
  • Focused

I can support these thoughts from my own experience as I was struggling with almost all of these aspects above. You can imagine that not being able to be focused and concentrated on your goal, leads you to nowhere.
And I mean this in every walk of life – not just related to the SAS.

There are some other aspects you need to consider before joining John’s platform.

  • You should keep in mind that you probably will need more than the $895 on ads. Most likely a couple more hundreds or even an additional thousand bucks.
  • There is additional software recommended, with an additional cost of about $80 to $100 a month. This is optional though.

There are many successful students of the SAS. I won’t go over the success stories. John does mention them in the webinar.

Now, let’s take a look inside the platform.

Program Training – Platform and Tools

Let me show you how the members’ area looks like. Here I share with you a couple of screenshots;
This is a welcome page and you see on your left-hand side the training overview.

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam

On the right-hand side, you see the clickable buttons which will get you to whatever module you want to go.

There is a 6 weeks course with some additional weeks – basically here is the overview of the entire program.

1. Week

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam

The first thing the student will go over is goal setting.
It makes sense since this is the most important thing to realize and not only in the business. Then you will go over the site setup.
If you set up everything according to training, especially the Facebook ads, you should see clicks coming to your site and potentially some money as well.

2. Week

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam

This week is about skills and doing research. You will choose a niche a do also a little bit of networking.

3. Week

3rd week continues with the mindset skills.
You will be introduced to one of John’s students who is a great copywriter.

4. Week

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam

This week will be about everything ad network-related.
Particularly in Week 4, the student will learn about more advanced Facebook ads strategy, Google Adwords including Gmail ads.

5. Week

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam

This is a continuation of Week 4. It includes different native ad networks.

6. Week

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam

6th week will be about scaling campaigns and outsourcing campaigns. The student will be presented with some case studies of amounts of monies that John has made in affiliate marketing.

As you see, it is a 6-week course.
On top of them, there are an additional 6 weeks – so you get these 12 weeks as I mentioned earlier. Under each course, one has access to specific training.

You have a bunch of resources, Targeting Data, Ad Swipes, Presell Page Templates, and also weekly webinars where John looks at student’s screens, helps to create ads, shows them what they do right or wrong.

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam

This system is for people who want to see results within a few weeks and yet they do have a budget. They don’t mind spending money on ads.
Yes, you are provided with some credit, but once you see some results (even just traffic or some “movement” that something is going on) you will be paying for more and more ads. It eventually generates revenue, but in my opinion, this system is not for everybody.

If you are the kind of person, that is patient and does not mind working consistently for a few months, then I believe you prefer an alternative I am about to mention below.

Super Affiliate System Support

Each student has access to a dedicated support page.

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam

One can either search for the answer within the page or there is an option to submit a new request.

Besides that, there is a new forum available to each member with dedicated subjects. The most active is the SAS discussion, which is divided according to the Weeks (just like the course, see above).


For $997 you can get the system with ready campaigns, weekly live webinars, and the ads credit.

On top of that, let me share with you some bonuses John has to offer.

  • there is an opportunity for fast action takers to get in touch with John by phone (I believe this one is limited to 5 people only)
  • Ready to launch pre-built affiliate campaigns in health niches (targeting data, presell pages, ads to copy and paste)
  • 60+ hours “Follow Alongs” of campaign buildouts (access to the entire archive of affiliate campaigns recordings from 2013 to 2017)
  • Free traffic course

Price Structure

Unlike the previous John’s product, there are no upsells within the SAS. I believe John has realized that offering a one-time fee course is more efficient and I agree.
I believe for many potential students the price of almost $1,000 is out of reach.

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam

But some people do purchase the SAS since they see the price tag as an investment.
Also, there is a lot of work behind the system. I mean John certainly outsources the work to get the best possible result. That cost him money too.
This is not a PDF file only, right.

I must point out though that John uses this marketing trick, called scarcity. The thing is that the price of this product is $997 and it will be the same tomorrow and in a week as well. (Otherwise, I will inform you 🙂 )

The entire platform is quite complex with lots of materials. There are few people constantly working in the background of that platform so the price is (maybe) justified.

And of course, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
If the student is for whatever reason not happy with the course he can request a refund (within 30 days).
There are no questions asked.

Here is an alternative (Pay Less – Learn More)

For those who do not have a budget, there is an alternative.
It is cheaper and the training is … well, you can compare it by yourself;
The platform is designed for beginners and intermediate marketers who enjoy working online. In my opinion, it is a top-notch educational platform for a very reasonable price.
The cost is $359 per year. They also have an alternative to paying monthly or once per 6 months.

As you see the price of this platform called Wealthy Affiliate is about 1/3 of the price you would pay Super Affiliate System.
You also have an option to start for FREE.
This is called a starter membership and you can test it out for the entire week. No Credit Card Required!

After the 7 days trial period is over, you can still keep your starter account (which is for free).

If you decide to go for Premium you can leverage the full potential of this platform, you will be part of the most helpful community. There are more than 300K members from all over the world. Many of them are long-time members so they are considered as best internet marketers.
In my review, I have also listed some successful stories, you can go through.

Super Affiliate System at a Glance

Product Name: Super Affiliate System
The owner: John Crestani
Price:  $997

Overall Recommendation:
is john crestani scam

As I have reviewed the current Platform, I must say it got better than it was back in 2017. That means that John constantly improves his course, which is great. Also, he has more to offer than most of the products you can find in this field of Digital Marketing.

Check the Webinar by Clicking at the image below:

super affiliate system review

Final Thoughts About Super Affiliate System

I believe that John is good at what he does. He offers thorough training which lasts 12 weeks (including the bonuses). You can learn a lot in that time. Would you be able to run your own business after the training is finished? Well maybe. It also depends on the niche you are going to choose.

The main focus of the SAS is the paid ads. If you do it right you can see some results soon, within a few days or weeks.

On the other hand, if you prefer to learn how to get free traffic and you don’t mind waiting for results a bit longer then this alternative might be the solution for you.

I would like to ask you to check both reviews and then ask yourself a question –  which is one is better for me?
Let me know your answer in the comment section below.

Also if you have any other questions, or if something was not clear enough for you, let me know below.
I will be more than happy to give you feedback, hopefully within 24 hours 🙂

Cheers, Mike

40 thoughts on “Is Super Affiliate System a Scam?”

  1. Hi Mike, Thanks for the awesome post. I was doing a little research on John Crestani and I ended up here. Thanks for explaining the program in depth. His program is a little pricey for me though and once large amounts of cash are required I always tend to back off. However, I feel WA is very open and honest and I love the idea of being part of a pay-it-forward community that always has your back. The training is amazing too. Take care!

    • Hello Jean – thanks a lot for your comment. 

      Yes, I have been following John Crestani for a while, and actually, I bought his course back in 2016. 
      He had a different price structure back then so I paid $47 (I believe) – after signing up I was hit with upsells and I left. 

      Then he changed the price structure probably realizing that it is better to be straight right from the beginning. 
      At that time, almost $1,000 was out of budget, so I also steered toward the WA. 
      I decided to do a review of his new high ticket program – to inform people what is that all about. 

      I believe for people who want to have faster results (using paid advertisement) and have a budget, Super Affiliate System is a good system to go. 

      Appreciate your comment
      And wishing you all the best

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    • Raj Kori

      This is exactly how Affiliate Marketing does NOT Work.

      My first intention was to delete your comment. The reason I believe is obvious.
      You have stuffed your comment with your affiliate links – promoting John’s product (Super Affiliate System)

      I have decided not to delete the comment – but instead of your “hoplink” I have added the “[link deleted]”.

      Your technique might have been working 15 years ago, but not in 2020.

      If you really want to make money as affiliate marketer, you better start with your own website, and not taking advantage of others people work.
      wishing you a great weekend

  3. Thank you for the review.

    I was curious about the John Crestani’s course but was not sure whether to invest in it or not. 

    it seems like a lot of money for a 1 – time course. Almost $1,000 bucks for 6 weeks training seems a lot to me, even though I might have a budget for it. 

    I am gonna double-check the alternative you have mentioned. 
    That seems like a good bang for the buck.

    • Glad you like it. 

      John knows what he does. I am sure it works for him, but I have tried his course and to me, it was a bit overwhelming.

      Besides 6 weeks may give you a good overview of what is going on in the online world, but personally I would not pay for his course if I were a beginner. 

      And now, I know how to drive the free traffic to my website, so I pay for the ads only as a test to see how it works. I use the credits that google or FB offers as well, so I am glad I did not pay for Super Affiliate System $997. 

      If you have any questions regarding the alternative, let me know. 
      I will be more than happy to answer your questions,


  4. I have never heard of super affiliate system before but it seems like a good program to join. I am currently belong with Wealthy Affiliate and they are super friendly to a newbie like myself. Do you think Wealthy Affiliate and Super Affiliate System have the same material? Will I learn new material from Super Affiliate System? I do not mind investing on an education that can benefit me in the future but just do not want to pay for the service that I already have. Thank you in advance and thanks for the review 🙂

    • Hello and thank you for your comment. 

      Super Affiliate System is one of a few programs out there that are legit. 

      It is expensive also comparing to the Wealthy Affiliate. Another drawback I see, John does not really have a deep training on how to get the organic traffic. 

      WA teaches the evergreen process, despite the google algorithm change and without additional cost for advertising. 
      I would say, learn how to drive the organic traffic first, and after you see results, you can leverage that with paid promotion. 

      But still, the Super Affiliate System is overpriced. 
      The reason why people buying this system is a big commission John offers (50%). 

      It certainly does not have thorough training as Wealthy Affiliate offers. Technically it is not possible. There are way more people working in the background of WA than the super affiliate system, let alone the age. 

      Unfortunately, there is no way how to test out the Super Affiliate System. The only way how to check it is to watch Johns’s webinar. 
      Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership for 7 days with full access to the 1st level training. 

      hope it helps
      cheers, Mike

  5. Hello Mike,
    I really like the report you made on the Super Affiliate System site, very complete. 

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a long time and I feel very good working on this platform.
    Earning money as an affiliate began for me to function this year. 

    I will continue to be a member of a company that over time I consider a leader specialized in affiliate marketing. 

    Thank you!

    • Glad you like it, Claudio. 

      Good for you, Wishing you a lot of power. 

      If you need anything let me know
      Cheers, Mike

  6. I have watched a few of John Crestani’s videos and I agree he chuns out really helpful stuff. His course sounds a little over the top for what we are accustomed to. But I guess the value is tremendous. That $895 free ad credit is really worth it. If the $75 I spend to earn it will still benefit me, the I do not see why this should be a problem. I will be checking out his free webinar. Thank you for going deep into how the Super Affiliate System works. 

    • I am glad my post helps. 
      definitely  – if someone wants to learn how to run the paid ads, John’s course is a way to go. 

      I remember a couple of years ago his system was not that good as it is now. 
      That is a good sign that he keeps improving his system. 

      He knows the most important thing is to deliver value to the customer. 

  7. Hi there. The Super Affiliate System would be worth the money if someone can lay hold of it; I know it is expensive but the as credit makes the cost painless. I like the idea of it being as credits because the core part of the training is advertisement. There is no greater asset than this, that one (especially a digital marketer) should be properly trained on how to set up engaging and converting advertisements.

    • Yeah, the idea of getting the credits is fine. But I think if one digs a bit deeper he can get it as well without purchasing the super affiliate system. Like I already got the credit from Google and Facebook.
      But on the other hand, I did not try the other companies. 

      On the other hand, I had no coach to teach me how to properly set the ads and John is an experienced marketer with has had success with advertising, so he knows what he is doing. 

  8. Thank you for this in-depth review of the Super Affiliate System.

    Although I’m really interested in learning more regarding advertising in general, I’m not sure I can swallow this nearly $1000 price tag.  I’m on the fence really.

    I do like the ad credit portion but still…

    I think I’m going to give your alternative options a try first.

    Thank you,


    • I hear you – it is safer to try that alternative. You have nothing to lose and still have an entire week to check out the training platform. 

      People are reluctant when it comes to online training courses. 

      And I don’t blame them – they are cautious about using their credit card. 
      Therefore, founders (Kyle and Carson) made that platform accessible to everyone. 

  9. Even though this is not a scam, as you mentionned, it is very costly! I believe it would be great to sign up once you already have built a website on line that generates traffic and income. Then Super Affiliate system could be a good investment to learn more about ads. Thank you for your review, it is always nice to discover new systems and programs available.

    • I am also of the opinion that it is better to learn how to drive free traffic. And once you get results you can leverage that by the ads.
      What I find good about SAS is that each student is provided with the ad credit, so he or she can test it out. 
      Whether the credit will be enough to see some results is a different question and it depends on the proper setting of the ad. 

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment
      I appreciate it. 

  10. Bonjour

    Merci à tous pour vos commentaires.
    J’ai 2 questions
    Pensez vous qu’il est possible de vivre de l affiliation ? Pour être plus précis faire entre 1000€et 1500€ par mois
    Si certains en vivent combien de temps avez vous mis merci ?
    Au plaisir de vous lire

    • Bonjour,

      If it is possible to live as affiliate marketer?
      The answer is YES. But you have to think about it as a real Business. That means, you have to put your effort into it. First step would be to create your own website (very easy these days). Then you have to create a content and learn how to drive traffic to your website. These are real people “visiting your store”
      The advantage of an online business (at least for me) is that I can work anytime and anywhere – as soon as there is an internet connection 🙂

      If you work let’s say 6-8 hours a day on your website, you should be able to see profit within 6-8 months (it is not always that linear, so it is a rough assumption)
      It may sounds like a long time, but another advantage in building your online business is that you don’t need that much investment at the beginning. You only need time.
      The question might be – How do I start? Well, even with the internet it is not that easy, since you have so many fake courses out there and “gurus” promising a quick cash. It does not work like that.

      If you are interested, what does it take to start your own online business, I would recommend you to check out one Educational Online Platform where is a step-by-step training from the beginning. There are many members, and many of them are very successful. With Affiliate marketing they earn $3,000-$4,000 a months. Some of them even more.

      Once you learn how to create a website, how to drive traffic you will become independent. What I mean by that, that you can do such service for local business, or you can build a website, drive traffic, monetize that traffic and then sell that website with profit.
      To be perfectly honest with you, I know that it sounds great to generate traffic and monetize it.
      Truth is, that in order to get there, you really need to work… But good news is that it does not have to be a work you don’t like. You can choose a niche you like the most and build a website around it. (Think about what you love the most? – fishing, biking, cooking… whatever you choose, make sure you like that subject so this way the process of building your website becomes your passion, your real “computer game” you love)
      So If you would like to see what does it take “from inside”, you can check this Wealthy Affiliate Platform where I am member as well. The joining is for free (you only need your email) and first week you can look around and decide whether you like it or not. We can chat inside if you like and I can be your guide.
      After these 7 days, your account will be still active, but many features of that platform will remain locked. Here comes the small investment I was talking about but we can talk about that later.
      Here I am adding a link for you, if you are interested.

      If you have more questions, let me know:)
      merci beaucoup

  11. Hi Mike,

    I was fascinated by reading your article. If I do not read this blog then I do not know the details – In recent times, there are many shots available for online revenue again and there are fears. I did not know what John Crestani Program did before, but I learned about it after reading this article. I’m very happy about this program, because I think it’s not a scam, it’s hard to believe someone online right now. I believe this program is for YouTube, because I believe many traffic is available on YouTube, so there is a lot of income opportunities to invest here. This article is very helpful for beginners. Thanks again once for awesome post I’m going to bookmark and share with my friends.

    • I do lot of reviews and it is not easy to find a legit product. It seems that many products are out there just to take advantage of the customer. They do not have any value, they do not teach anything. 

      John’s program is not bad, but it is quite expensive in my opinion. 

      Glad to help


  12. Dear Mike,

    Thanks a lot for an interesting and helpful review post.

    6 weeks overview of the product you provided is very helpful in knowing what we can expect from this course. What I noticed is, as you mentioned they mainly focus on paid ads (Youtube, Facebook, Adwords etc.,).

    Normally experts advice people to go for free traffic methods if you are just starting because while running ad campaigns you might lose a lot of money if you are not doing it properly. And if you are on a budget for sure organic traffic is the best one to focus.

    To be honest the pricing is very expensive. Being a full-time affiliate marketer I can say that, there are genuine training platforms which is a lot more cheaper than this program.

    Thanks a lot for the review it saves us time and money.

    In my experience Wealthy Affiliate is one of the very best training platform I came across online.

    Much Success!


    • Paul, you are absolutely right regarding the ads. As much as it seems like a quick way to attract traffic and monetize it, it really isn’t something for beginners. I know, it; been there. 

      And John Crestani really asks too much for his program. It is maybe the ” strategy”  that it is easier to sell $1,000 product to 10 people, than $10 product to 1,000 people…

  13. Hi, Mike! A great post! Thank you for telling us that John Crestani is not a scam. I am a freelance translator. In 2017, I was asked to translate one of his promotional videos. It was through him that I learned there was a thing called “affiliate program” on the Internet.

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.
      His program is most likely legit, but I think it is too expensive for most of the beginners.

      Maybe he will come up with better product soon.

  14. Wealthy affiliate is very easy to understand and easy to follow. Its the best piece for beginners and you can easily concentrate on your trainings. You will will have access to great and successful entrepreneurs that have great experiences and exposures to motivate you daily. There is no upsell or any kind of blind purchase before you can have access to better knowledge. You will naturally get great traffics to your site even from day one. The sky is your starting point at University of WA. Hence have decided never to be distracted with no any other programmes. There are many sites that want to copy WA but they have failed woefully. 

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I agree with you.

      Besides, the price you pay for WA is really steal.

      I mean what’s the point to “invest” couple hundreds, (I mean close to thousand bucks) to one time course which lasts 6 weeks?

      You can be a premium member at WA for $1 a day and you get:
      Weekly Live Interactive Classes
      300 Hours of Education
      Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons)
      1,000’s of Training Modules
      Classrooms (regarding e-commerce, local marketing, Facebook Ads…)
      Your Own Authority WA Blog
      High Quality Hosting
      SSL Certificates
      25 Free SiteRubix domains Sites
      25 Custom Domain Sites
      Private Messaging with other Premium Members

      and also other features.

      • Hi Mr. Mike I really like your feedback. I would like to affiliate to a platform but I am a bit skeptical about joining.

        Would you please recommend something?

        Or would drop your email of you do not mind?

        • Hello Marc,

          Are you skeptical about joining John’s Crestani Super Affiliate Platform? Well, I know it is a lot of money.
          The thing is that for every beginner there is a certain learning curve. With that being said, a person can pay almost $1,000 and still won’t see a profit in the next 4 or 8 months (considering the initial investment of $1,000).
          So, if you don’t have a budget for that, do not join.

          What you could do, you can check out the platform where I have learned how to build a website and how to drive traffic (I mean Free traffic, without paying for the ads).
          The good news is, you can test it out without using your credit card – just your email to sign up.
          You will have access to the training, but 1st Phase only. There are 10 lessons you can go through. You have access only for 7 days, after that you have 2 options:
          1) Keep your “Starter” account where the majority of the platform won’t be accessible
          2) joining the Premium Account – Where 1st month cost something about $20, and then $50 per month.

          Still much cheaper than $1,000 per John Crestani’s one-time course, right?

          So, here is the link if you want to learn more about the platform I recommend.
          You can join directly. After joining, you will receive a message from me and you can check the platform.

          If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to use the contact form.

          Hope it helps,
          Let me know if you have further questions.

  15. I was searching in Google to find out either is John Crestani a scam or legit and landed here. I’m very happy to find your article. You have explained well about John Crestani program. Thanks for letting us know that we have to pay additional costs, not only $47 in order to fully understand the affiliate marketing system there. So even John Crestani offers good training, then also I think I will skip it since those additional fees are too high for me. I think I will go after your recommendation. So, there is not any additional fee that I’ve to pay in Wealthy Affiliate, right?

    • I am glad to be helpful.

      John offers a product that is way more expensive than the Wealthy Affiliate. And also his platform is tiny comparing to WA.

      As for the price structure of Wealthy Affiliate you have basically 3 options – to pay it monthly, once per half year or once per year. Regardless of the payment type you are Premium Member
      $234/ Half Year

      Of course the year membership is the cheapest way -> about $1 per day.

      As a paid premium member, there is no additional fee.

      The only additional cost is, when you want to purchase a custom domain which costs $15 a year.

  16. Hi MIke, thanks for the great review about Super Affiliate System. I came across this program late last year as well but because it’s quite expensive, that’s why I decided not to go for it. I guess this program is quite good if anyone is ready to invest in paid advertisement. But for me, I still prefer to get free traffic with my current business blog. 

    • I used to think that paid advertisement was the fastest way how to get to the market and thus create an income.

      But then I have learnt that it is not that easy and it is important to learn something about internet marketing before to invest in paid advertisement.

      Paying for ads can be useful as test or trial – to check whether people engage with my post or article and how they engage.

      But I would not spend more than 10 bucks.

      You are right Florence about the free traffic. Once you learn how to get free traffic, you are at least halfway through to the success.

  17. I never joined The affiliate system by John Crestani. But I did come across it about two years ago and looked into it.

    I had been through so many scams that I felt I was upon another.I’m not saying it is a scam but when someone asks for $997, it’s most likely not something I am going to take the bait for.

    It’s been known that you have to spend money to make money and that may be the case here but I have to be very convinced that my hard earned money is a sure thing.When I found Wealthy Affiliate, it was a different story. I never once thought it was anything close to a scam and you could join for free!

    The only “upsell” was $49 a month that was well worth the price of admission with all they had to offer.I made the right choice. Wealthy Affiliate over John Cresanti any day!By the way, how many members does he have?

    • Helo Rob,

      I also do not get the price. Apparently people pay for such courses.

      Most of his strategies are based on paying ads. That is very tricky way I may say. I also used to spent hundred of dollars on FB ads with not so good results (I was involved in different business). 

      I could not find out the number of members… I think they come and they leave, so it is hard to predict.

      Thanks Rob for your engagement.


        • How long have you been a customer of John Crestani’s product?

          Since it is a Clickbank product you have a 60-day full money-back guarantee.
          Here is what the ClickBank support page says:
          “Customers can request a refund during the 60 days following a purchase.”

          You can just visit the ClickBank Support page and go to Order Support -> Contact Us -> Look Up Your Order.
          Hope that helps

          Let me know if you need anything else, or if you want you can share your experience with the Super Affiliate system with us.

  18. I am glad this this program is not a scam because today is very hard to trust someone especially on the Internet. I would like to use this platform for Youtube, I also heard that Youtube traffic is massive and it is great opportunity to use but I must earn more money to invest in this.

    • Daniel you are right that is not easy to trust to someone who offers MMO course. As for the YouTube videos, I believe that it is easier to rank than on google. So definitely there is an opportunity. I might steer that way too.

      Thanks Daniel for your comment.


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