Is Entre Institute a Scam?

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Welcome to the Entre Institute Review.

If you’re eager to explore ways of generating a consistent online income, you’ve likely come across the Entre Institute website and are curious about what it offers.

You might be wondering, ‘Can I really make money with this online course?’

It’s great that you’re doing your research first. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to scams, which can be incredibly frustrating.

The best way to protect yourself from such schemes is to conduct thorough research upfront.

If you’re seeking an answer to the question, ‘Is Entre Institute a scam?’ – you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about the Entre Institute.

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Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Entre Institute. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Entre Institute Review – Summary

Name: Entre Institute
Price to Join:
Starts at $39 up to $29.997
Recommended: Not really

Entre Institute is an educational platform that specializes in teaching different ways to earn money online, including affiliate marketing and establishing your own digital marketing agency.

With their guidance, you can generate income through affiliate sales while also earning advertising revenue.

It’s important to note that to access the entire program, you may need to continuously upgrade your basic membership.

The burning question for many is, ‘What’s the cost?’ The answer: quite a bit.

While the initial price is $39, it’s often just the beginning. Deceptive marketing and a sales funnel can lead you to spend several thousands of dollars.

The value of the training likely doesn’t justify such costs, as it’s typically worth no more than a couple of hundred dollars.

Finding a platform that offers valuable training without draining your wallet can be challenging. After years of research, I discovered one that’s changed my life – I’m now a full-time internet marketer.

However, it’s essential to note that this business model might not suit everyone. That’s why the first 5 lessons are free, requiring only your email address to get started with the training.

What is Entre Institute?

Entre Institute serves as an online training platform, offering instruction in online marketing and e-commerce.
However, this educational platform comes with a wide range of pricing options, from a few dollars to tens of thousands.

Is Entre Institute a Scam

Let’s delve into the details.

Despite its billing as a training platform, Entre Institute doesn’t provide extensive materials on building an online business.
Instead, its focus leans heavily on motivation, which isn’t necessarily a drawback.

However, this emphasis on motivation may leave newcomers feeling lost.

The course teaches three methods to kickstart your online business:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: A legitimate and relatively straightforward business model compared to others.
  2. Digital Marketing Agency: Involves helping local businesses promote their products and services online, with compensation for your efforts.
  3. Creating Your E-book Course

These business models are legitimate and effective.
However, the key question is whether Entre Institute offers guidance on the necessary actionable steps, to start earning online.

The training is divided into several bundles or packages, with the initial ones primarily offering theoretical content in Jeff’s videos – content often available for free on YouTube. To access substantial training, you may need to invest several thousand dollars.

These ‘packages’ essentially function as a sales funnel, with Entre Institute Advisors pressuring prospects. Unfortunately, many members report inadequate support from these advisors.

Their primary objective appears to be convincing you to purchase more expensive offerings.

Who is the Founder of Entre Institute?

The founder of Entre Institute is Jeff Lerner, a multifaceted entrepreneur, author, speaker, and even a musician.

Is Entre Institute a Scam

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff hails from Houston, TX, where he pursued his education and, according to his resume, moonlighted as a piano player during evenings.

Notably, he played in the homes of CEOs and business owners, showcasing his musical talent.
However, his professional life took a different turn when he found himself deeply in debt, exceeding $400,000.

Remarkably, Jeff managed to pay off this substantial debt in approximately 18 months – a significant achievement.

Following this, he ventured into the world of digital marketing and went on to establish several companies, including Entre Institute, 7 Mile Digital, and Xurli, a digital marketing agency.

How did Jeff Lerner make his money?

In terms of monetary success, Jeff has proven himself as a skilled internet marketer who knows how to generate income.

However, it’s worth noting that Jeff Lerner has a checkered history, having launched several courses that have been criticized as scams.

While it’s essential not to jump to conclusions, a brief investigation suggests that Jeff has been labeled a serial scammer in the past. Consequently, a degree of skepticism is advisable when evaluating the claims on his website.

“Community Support, Specialized Knowledge, and Personal Development helping You take your business and your life to the Next Level…”

Jeff’s previous courses or programs follow a similar pattern – he takes the old one, injects some fresh content, tweaks the name, and presto, a new course is born.

It’s a successful business model that appears to work well for Jeff and his team, and soon, we’ll explore just how much these courses cost.

On a brighter note, Jeff has maintained his own YouTube channel since 2011, boasting more than 1.1K videos and about 90,000 subscribers.

If you haven’t already, you can peruse his videos to form your own opinion.

What Is Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth

Jeff Lerner Net Worth

While various sources on the web have estimated Jeff Lerner’s net worth to range from $4 million to $50 million, our research suggests that these figures may not accurately represent his financial situation.

Our analysis, excluding the value of his businesses, places his net worth at approximately $15 million in 2023.

It’s worth noting that Jeff Lerner, along with his partner Adam Whiting, retains the entirety of their earnings rather than receiving a small affiliate cut, potentially contributing to their millionaire status.

However, despite claims of immense wealth in his marketing, observations of Lerner’s upper-middle-class lifestyle, including his home, backyard, office, and car, suggest a comfortable but not extravagantly wealthy life.

These factors lead to a speculative estimate that Jeff Lerner’s net worth may be less than four million dollars.

Who is the Entre Institute for?

Who is the Entre Institute for

In theory, according to their website’s Entre Story section, Entre Institute appears to be a program suitable for individuals aspiring to become digital marketers or those seeking to establish a steady online income while adhering to their core values.

It also seems to cater to intermediate marketers aiming to enhance their skills.

However, upon closer examination of how the Entre Institute operates, it becomes evident that they employ high-pressure selling tactics.
Many find it bothersome to be consistently pursued by ‘advisors’ attempting to upsell.

Personally, I have an aversion to such persistent sales tactics, much like the feeling of being continually contacted by insurance agents pushing upgrades.

If you’re comfortable with this level of persistence from advisors and have a substantial budget of several thousand dollars to spare, then Entre Institute might align with your preferences.

But, I’ve concluded that this platform isn’t the right fit for me.

If it offered substantial value at an affordable price point, I might consider becoming an affiliate to promote the product. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

What is Inside the Platform?

Is Entre Institute a Scam

As mentioned earlier, Entre Institute offers various training programs, each with its own pricing structure. Let’s break them down one by one:

Entre Blueprint: Price – $39

This serves as the entry-level program, priced at a modest $39. It includes six videos where Jeff delves into the secrets of his success.

Entre Nation Elite: Price – $348

In contrast to the one-time fee for the Entre Blueprint, this module comes at a cost of $49 per month.

Alternatively, you can opt for an annual subscription of $348.

This package grants access to weekly webinars led by Jeff and his team, focusing on digital marketing.

However, it’s essential to note that many webinars, in my experience, tend to be somewhat uninformative, lacking in the crucial details such as setting up a website, installing plugins, or activating them – steps essential for preparing a website for search engines.

Entre Digital: Price – $1,997

Imagine a prospect who has already invested in introductory videos and webinars, totaling nearly a hundred dollars.

Now, to access comprehensive training on:

  • affiliate marketing,
  • digital consulting, and
  • eCommerce,

they’re required to shell out an additional $1,997.

This represents a significant jump in cost for what seems to be the ‘real’ knowledge. In my view, this starts to feel like a rip-off.

Entre Coaching: Price – $15,000

For $15,000 per year, participants gain access to one-on-one private coaching sessions. Coaches or advisors provide guidance on setting goals, making plans, and initiating their own online businesses.

Entre Inner Circle: Price – $29,997

This is the most expensive offering, coming in at nearly $30,000. It grants access to a year of ‘Virtual Intensives’ with Jeff and his team, featuring two live workshops and exclusive training.

While this may sound enticing, it’s essential to consider that it also comes with a hefty price tag, which may include travel expenses.

How Does the Entre Institute Work?

Now, let’s delve into the six steps comprising the initial training known as Entre Blueprint, which primarily consists of video content:

Is Entre Institute a Scam

These steps are just videos.

1) Life Transformation (3Ps)

In the first video, Jeff explores how the Entre Institute can transform your life, emphasizing what he refers to as the ‘3Ps’: Personal, Professional, and Physical development.

2) The Three Pillars of Action

Video two, titled ‘The 3 Legs of Successful Action,’ discusses the essential pillars of Community, Strategy, and Belief, which Jeff considers crucial for success.

3) Building Your Legacy

The third video revisits the concept of ‘building your legacy’ and divides it into three phases: Leverage, Growth, and Wealth.

While these topics are explored, it’s important to note that the content remains somewhat generic, and similar material can often be found freely available on platforms like YouTube.

4) The World of Affiliate Marketing

In the fourth video, Jeff introduces the concept of Affiliate Marketing, which he intriguingly dubs ‘the lazy person’s online business model.’

While this business model may not require strenuous physical labor, it certainly demands effort and dedication.

Despite its potential for success, Jeff’s video provides only a surface-level understanding of affiliate marketing, lacking the depth required to truly grasp the intricacies of this online business model.

5) eCommerce Insights

The fifth video dives into eCommerce, emphasizing the advantages of running an online store over a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

While this is valuable information, it’s worth questioning whether it justifies the associated cost.

6) Digital Consulting

In the final video, Jeff introduces the concept of Digital Consulting, the third business model. However, the content provided here remains fairly generic, offering basic information about launching a digital agency.


Additionally, they’ve incorporated several complimentary perks within the course, including a one-on-one consultation with a business advisor, an engaging Awesome Life Challenge, and exclusive membership in the Entre Nation Facebook community.
These bonus offerings are strategically crafted to guide you deeper into the sales journey.

Overall, while Entre Institute compiles various business model information in one place, it’s essential to remember that this is just the first step in their extensive sales funnel.

Is Entre Institute worth it?

This training program isn’t your typical step-by-step guide; it falls short when it comes to delving into the nitty-gritty of establishing an actual business.
Instead, its primary focus seems to be promoting the next, often more expensive, tier of the program.

What can be truly vexing, however, is the barrage of emails, text messages, and phone calls that members receive from so-called business advisers.

These advisers are exceptionally skilled at persuasion, and this is precisely where the Entre Institute excels – in upselling its members.

They employ a common strategy: presenting the opportunity as too good to pass up, often asserting that it’s the last chance to change one’s life.
This high-pressure sales tactic ultimately leads to the purchase of additional, often costly, products and services.

At the end of the day, the value you receive from this program appears to fall far short of the investment.

After all, you don’t need to shell out several thousand dollars to learn about affiliate marketing or create an e-book.

The High Price of Entre Institute

I must admit, I’m baffled by the exorbitant charges levied by this program.

It seems like a deliberate ploy to create the impression that it’s a surefire path to success. After all, with such a substantial ‘investment,’ and additional costs, one might assume guaranteed success is a given.

The truth, however, is that this model works well for its founder and likely for its affiliates.

But from my perspective, there’s no need to fork over tens of thousands of dollars for a course that doesn’t even offer structured, step-by-step training.
It lacks the kind of organized instruction that’s essential for anyone looking to build an online business.

While motivation certainly plays a role, it’s action that drives results.
Motivational content can be readily found on platforms like YouTube, completely free of charge.

If you have a budget to spare and feel the need for motivation, consider renowned seminars like UPW, which, I should note, can also cost several thousand dollars.

I’m even planning to attend UPW myself once travel becomes feasible again.

Before we Wrap up

Could this course be the game-changer you’ve been searching for? It’s possible, but if you don’t have a budget in the tens of thousands for this ‘training,’ I personally wouldn’t recommend jumping on board.

Affiliate marketing stands as one of the most accessible routes to begin earning money online.

While the Entre Institute is costly, it may not provide commensurate value.
Other affiliate marketing courses, on the other hand, offer greater value for significantly less investment.

It demands effort and some time, but with the right guidance (like Wealthy Affiliate provides), you can start seeing results more swiftly.

The specific training I have in mind is a step-by-step program that covers setting up a website, selecting the right plugins, creating necessary posts and pages, and more.

The icing on the cake?
The first 5 lessons are entirely free, with no need for a credit card. Feel free to explore the platform, and if you have any questions, drop them in the comment section below.

Now, let’s bring this Entre Institute review to a close by examining the Pros and Cons.

What I like about Entre Institute

  • Offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Jeff as a successful entrepreneur possesses extensive experience in Internet marketing and understands how to generate income.
  • Despite some claims, it is not a pyramid scheme.

What I don’t like about Entre Institute

  • Lack of structured training.
  • Overemphasis on motivational content (which is available for free on YouTube).
  • Utilizes high-pressure selling tactics.
  • Becomes exceedingly pricey, especially with the expensive upsells

Is Entre Institute a Scam?

In my opinion, Entre Institute falls into a gray area that borders on being a scam.

While it offers the possibility of a refund, exercising that option can be a challenge due to unhelpful customer support. Their primary focus seems to be convincing you to upgrade, not assisting with refunds.

One positive note is its affiliate program, allows you to promote the program if you choose to invest in it.

This might explain why you’ve come across mixed reviews, as some reviewers are affiliated with Entre Institute and may not reveal its drawbacks.

Personally, I’m not impressed with the quality of education provided by Entre Institute.

Additionally, their aggressive sales tactics leave much to be desired. Given the alternatives available, I wouldn’t be inclined to invest tens of thousands of dollars in such a course.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Entre Institute.
Would you consider such a substantial investment in their program? If you have any questions or comments, please share them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Hello Mike, thank you for the honest review of the Entre Institute. There are some many scams out there that is really very scary. What is upsetting to me is that there are a lot of people that are desperate and are willing to put in effort and time to find a way to make money to support themselves and their families and if  they don’t do a proper research, they end up losing money instead. Thank you for taking the time to give a detailed and comprehensive review of  the Entre Institute. I myself was lucky enough to find an amazing platform with great training and support, but I could only imagine the heartbreak if I ended up with one of the scam programs.

    • You are right. Unfortunately, people fall for such scams and products that use deceptive marketing methods.

      That’s why it is essential to do proper research. 
      Glad you like the article. 

      Wishing you all the best 


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