Is Click Wealth System a Scam?

Hello and welcome to my site. 

Have you seen this product called Click Wealth System on Clickbank and you are wondering whether it is a legit one or not? 

I have been doing digital product research for more than 2 years and in this review, I am about to offer my opinion about this product. 

You are going to learn how it works, how much it really costs, what are the pros and cons and so on. 

Is Click Wealth System a Scam?
Let’s find out. 

Please note that I am not a member or an affiliate of Click Wealth System. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Click Wealth System
Price to Join:
$9 to $398
Recommended: Not really

Click Wealth System Review – Quick Summary

Click Wealth System is a ClickBank product that is supposed to help you to make money online, the easy way. The advertised price is just $9 so it sounds like a pretty good deal. 

The problem is that after purchasing the $9 product you see only a welcome video and the entire training is one PDF file. This is not enough to start generating consistent income. 

That is why you are told to get the upgrade and the total price is several hundred dollars. 

Unfortunately, the method they teach how you are supposed to earn money is outdated. You are “taught” how to purchase Solo Ads and it means you will be basically spamming people with ClickBank products they don’t need. 

I don’t recommend the Click Wealth System. 

Affiliate marketing is a bit more complex but can be lucrative at the same time. And It can be fun. 
(But no worries with a proper education anyone can learn that).

A real affiliate marketer connects people (traffic coming to your website) with products and services. 
He or She does not sell anything, does not gamble in the stock market, and does not need to recruit anyone. 

Generally speaking, Affiliate Marketing is a billion-dollar business, and if you learn it the right way you can make 4, 5, or even 6 figures per month. 

What is Click Wealth System?

Click Wealth System is a ClickBank product that is supposed to “change your life”.  That is at least what we see in the introduction video.

Is Click Wealth System a scam

The good thing is you are not promised to become a millionaire. So there is a bit of truth.

So what it is? 

Click Wealth System is a cloud-based affiliate marketing software that helps you to generate affiliate commissions. 

This software is going to build a pre-made affiliate marketing website with an opt-in page.
Then it will pick up ClickBank products and these will be sent via email to specific people. 

The idea is that these people will then click on those emails and using the links will purchase the products. 

Where do you get these emails? 

It is called Solo Ads. 
Solo Ads is part of paid advertising where you purchase let’s say 100 email addresses from a company (or vendor) and you send your offers to these emails. 

I am sure you have seen such ads in your email box. 
They may look like this: 

Is Click Wealth System a scam

Looks familiar?
Have you ever clicked on them? 

I mean some of them might be interested, but lots of them are not related to my interests, whatsoever. 

Founder of Click Wealth System

According to the sales page, the founder of Click Wealthy System is Mathew Tang.

There is not much information about this individual. Based on the introduction video, he used to be an accountant but did not like his job so he decided to start with internet marketing and he became an online multi-millionaire. 

Well, this story might or might not be true. 

The fact is that there is no information on the website about who runs the company. 

I have found about 10 Mathew Tangs on Linkedin, but none of them is related to this system. 

To me, this is already a red flag. 
When someone is selling a digital product it would be polite to reveal his or her identity. 

For example, John Crestani (selling the Super Affiliate System) or Roby Blanchard, selling the Commission Hero
I am not a big fan of these guys, but they at least are able to stand up for their products. 

What else do we know about Click Wealth System?

The website was registered in March 2020.
So as of this writing, it is 1 year old. 

Is Click Wealth System a scam

According to, the traffic to that website skyrocketed only in January 2021. 

That is actually why I decided to take a look at this system since a lot of people might be interested in what is this course all about. 

Is Click Wealth System a scam

Most of the traffic is coming from the

  • United States (34%)
  • India (9.45%)
  • The United Kingdom (3.5%)
  • Canada and South Africa

Who Is It For?

Affiliate marketing is a great method how to start generating money online. 

Click Wealth System is supposed to be for beginners without prior experience. 
However, the method that is taught within this system is outdated and does not work in 99.9% of cases. 

With that being said I don’t recommend spending money on Click Wealth System.

In case you already did, there is a way how to get your money back. 
Just follow this link, directly to Clickbank support where you have instructions on how to get a refund. 

How Does It Work?

I believe you realize that there is not much material you can buy for $9. 

Is Click Wealth System a scam

I mean for the $9 you get access to the member’s area with a welcome video and a PDF file. 

We have already covered briefly how the Click Wealth System works at the beginning.

Let’s say that you have purchased this product and now you are ready to make some money using this system. 

The first thing you must do is to purchase the Solo Ads from vendors.

Now the main problem with these leads (emails that these vendors sell) is that you have no idea where the email list is coming from. 
In other words, it happens quite often that these leads are just bots. You can even see that somebody has clicked on your offers, but no one purchases the product. 
(Obviously, a bot will not pay for a product). 

Let’s be a bit more optimistic and assume that these are real people. 
Now you don’t know whether they are interested in those products or not. 

And even if they are interested, the conversion is pretty low.

As we know these emails you get in your inbox are most of the time ignored. 
And people are tired of these ads, in fact, they might have worked maybe 10 years ago, but definitely not in the 2020s.

So you as a purchaser of Click Wealth System have one last option for how to make some money – and that is to sell this very product. 

How Much Can You Earn Being the Click Wealth System Affiliate?

An affiliate can make up to $250 for one sale.
This is pretty good for a $9 product, right?

Is Click Wealth System a scam

Well, where is the catch? 

The thing is that the initial $9 is pretty much like clickbait and let’s break it down a bit.

How Much does it Cost?

We have seen that for the 9 bucks you won’t get a lot. 

The interesting part begins once are you inside the member’s area. 

There you see there is a bunch of “Upgrades” in other words, upsells that should help you to get more traffic and eventually more sales. 
Well in theory it might work like that. 

But the founder of this system (whoever that might be) is trying to convince you that the Total price (which is almost $400) is a pretty good deal. 

Is Click Wealth System a scam

He makes some hypothetical comparisons as per the table above. These figures are just inflated and made up. 
It has nothing to do with real pricing. 

On the right-hand side, he tries to convince you that for $398 you get a great deal. 
It is not. 

Is Click Wealth System a Scam?

Well, this is a good question. 

The thing is that there are people who would call it a scam, others wouldn’t.

The truth is that you get something for your money and in theory, you can even make some money.
If you find a person who will purchase this product. 

But in reality, the chances are low. 

So my conclusion is that this is a misleading product. 

I don’t recommend it. 

In the end, he wants you to promote this very same system. 
Unfortunately, this is pretty common amongst the products on Clickbank.

Take for example the 12 Minute Affiliate or Perpetual Income 365 – they are all the same. 

Founders of these products are getting you to buy the traffic for them to sell their own product. 

What do I like about Click Wealth System?

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Easy to get started and it only costs $9 (however this is just a basic module)

What I don’t about Click Wealth System?

  • Additional costs need – A lot of upsells (up to $400)
  • Solo Ads – The traffic you get has an extremely low conversion rate
  • You don’t own the pages and you can’t edit the opt-in pages

Some Thoughts at the End

It is typical. 

Someone creates a digital product that contains outdated learning material. (That is actually pretty easy to gather such material). That includes a nice video explaining how this product is going to change your life. 
The product costs only a few bucks.

Once you purchase it, you see a bunch of upsells. that you have not expected. But there is a solution to how you can get the money back. 

Become an affiliate and sell it to others. 

This is not how real internet marketing works. 
It is kind of a vicious cycle that generates money only for the creator. 

And don’t get me wrong, it is not multi-level marketing. 

This is just a guy claiming “hey, I am gonna teach you how to make money online, just make sure to sell my product and you get the cut”.
But in the end, there is no real value. 

In case you want to know how real marketing works, check the link below to learn:

  • how to create a website
  • how to get free traffic
  • how to monetize the traffic

The first 10 lessons are free and you only need your best email to sign up. 

If you have questions regarding the Click Wealth System let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading

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    • Thanks for your comment.

      If you don’t mind to share a little bit more about your experience with Click Wealth System. Since I am of the opinion that this doesn’t teach people how to actually make money online.

    • You are welcome.

      What really works is affiliate marketing. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme though.
      It would be best if you put a lot of work into it and within a year you might expect an income on a regular basis.

      If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing check the link below:


  1. Thank you for this review on the Click Wealth system. While I see nothing wrong with offering upgraded products and offers to those you are marketing to, I agree Click Wealth seems to be doing so in a sketchy way. Something as simple as a video and pdf file should be offered for free and then offers gradually increase in price from there. It is also a big red flag you could not find any solid evidence on the founder of this program. I find it interesting that you bring up John Crestani here. I do not like his attitude towards those that he is trying to “teach”, he gives off the vibe that he is a very condescending person and better than everyone else, but at least you can verify he is indeed a real person. I would not want to be a part of the Click Wealth system solely for the reason I have no idea who the person I am actually working with is. 

    • I agree. 

      I have seen many products and once there is no information about who runs it I lose interest right away. 

      Thanks for your comment
      Appreciate it


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