Is Commission Hero a Scam?

This is a good question, and I am glad you do your research on the Commission Hero.

I stumbled upon this product on the ClickBank back in 2019 and decided to do a thorough review of the Commission Hero.

Since then I keep an eye on it and as of today’s writing, I want to do an update of this ClickBank product.

If you already reviewed some of the ClickBank products, you know that most of them are really misleading and offer little to zero value.

Does Commission Hero belong to the same category?
Or, Is Commission Hero a scam?

Let’s go over this system, to find out whether the claims about making $1,000 a day are to be trusted.

In this Commission Hero Review, we are going to explain what is this system all about, how can you make money, what are its Pros and Cons, what is the price for it, and if it is worth the investment.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Commission Hero.

This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Commission Hero Review

Name: Robby Blanchard
Price: Advertised Price $997
Owners: Robby Blanchard

What is Commission Hero?

what is commission hero

Commission Hero is a digital product teaching, how to make thousands of dollars a day with a simple 3-step system.

You are going to learn how to promote other ClickBank products and offer them to people by running targeted Facebook Ads.

But can you make $1,000 a day as per the Commission Hero sales page?

Well, in theory, it is possible.
There are lots of products on ClickBank and many of them pay 50% commission, some of them even 70% commission.
So you only need to:

  1. Find these products
  2. Find people who are interested in them
  3. If they make a purchase, you get the commission.

The more people you find, the higher your earnings.

And this is exactly what this course offers.

But can anyone make $1,000 per day using the methods taught by the Commission Hero course?

Apparently yes.
This is at least what you are told by the owner.

Let’s start with the owner of the product.

Who Is Behind the Commission Hero?

Is Commission Hero a Scam

His name is Robby Blanchard and he is a real person, unlike many other ClickBank products I have reviewed (for example Digital Income System).

This is always a good sign when there is a real person behind the digital product. You have no idea how many digital systems or “courses” are out there that don’t even have proper contact information.

But I digress.

So who is Robby?

He is a certified personal trainer with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science and he also holds an MBA from Fitchburg State University, in Massachusetts. Robby owns a CrossFit Reach in Acton, MA.

How did he get into digital marketing?

Robby started by running Facebook ads and promoting his Gym.
He also found out about ClickBank and decided to create his own fitness course.

Is Commission Hero a Scam

This course has been doing pretty well and as you can see it is still available (as of this writing, July 28th, 2020).
That brought him to affiliate marketing and decided to try that as well.

Based on his experience in 2019 he creates the Commission Hero.

Inside this course, Robby wants to show you what is the fastest way to make money online with ClickBank and Facebook and how you can start earning 6 figures in the next months.

He shows you the screenshots from his ClickBank account.
To give you an idea, these screenshots are from mid of April 2019 where his balance says something over $1,7M.

He also claims to be the #1 affiliate in ClickBank.
There was actually a way how to find out who is the #1 affiliate.

ClickBank’s website has undergone some changes and currently, the leaderboard is not available.
In the past though, it was possible to find a leaderboard that looked like this:

Is Commission Hero Legit

What he teaches, is how to do, especially with Facebook. He explains that there are billions of people on Facebook so it is a great marketplace, which is true.

Another good thing about running ads on Facebook is that you can literally create laser-targeted ads.

Is Commission Hero a Scam

Yes, but making a profit from Facebook ads might be difficult for beginners.
I used to run Facebook ads as well. I did not make a dime.

Then I took some courses (there were for free though) to learn how to do it properly. I have spent more than $2,000 on Ads with very few results.

Running successful Facebook ads requires experience and of course some extra budget.
But regardless of your budget, you want to start with a small amount, let’s say $10 a day.

So you are starting to see some traffic on your website. But you have no conversion.
This means nobody buys the product you promote.

What you need to do is to tweak your campaign a bit and run it again with an additional budget.

You may repeat this process over and over again until you start to generate income. That means, that you need an extra budget, probably a few hundred or maybe even $1,000 for a few months.

Or Learn from the Professional

Is Commission Hero a Scam

According to Robby though, with Commission Hero, you learn 3 following secrets:

  1. How to find the best and highest-paying offers to make the most money possible
  2. How to use your Facebook account to run ads for other people’s products on ClickBank for a big commission
  3. How to use a 3-step method that psychologically forces people to buy your offers.

Running ads on Facebook without proper knowledge can be tricky

I remember I did spend well over $2,000 on Facebook Ads back in 2015.
In fact, the “investment” of $1,000 for such a course might have saved me some money.

Is Commission Hero Legit?

Yes, Commission Hero is a legit course.

What bothers me a bit though is the price that can go over thousands of bucks (if you add the costs for the ads). But we will get to that shortly.

He also has a lot of testimonials on this site, that seem to be legit.

Is Commission Hero a Scam

According to the screenshots, one can say that there are people earning from a couple of bucks per week to several thousand.

Is Commission Hero a Scam

Here is another screenshot showing gross sales per week:
(still very impressive)

Is Commission Hero a Scam

And one more here:

Is Commission Hero a Scam

One thing needs to be clarified though.
These figures show the revenue. It is not the actual net income.

With that being said, it is hard to estimate how much these people pay for the ads. My guess is that at least half of the figures you see on these screenshots are for the ads.

But still, wouldn’t you pay $1,000 for ads and get $2,000 in return?

That would be a good return on investment.

Who Is Commission Hero For?

Commission Hero is for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business, or even for people who are interested in online marketing, and do have some experience but don’t know how to run ads.

According to the free webinar, this is also for aspiring marketers who:

  • don’t have an email list
  • don’t have their own product
  • don’t have a website

In my opinion, you do need a website, and 90% of successful internet marketers say so. (I have heard also Frank Kern saying that website is the first thing you need to have.

Whether you like him or not, the website is your business headquarters; especially if you plan to create a sustainable business online).

The thing is, that with Commission Hero (CH) you are taught how to do it without a website. As Robby says, you only need a Facebook and ClickBank account.

BTW, If you are interested in how to set sign up for a ClickBank account you can watch the video below.

So apparently, this Commission Hero works for anyone, whether you are tired of working the 9-5 or you already have an online business.
For people who want to have freedom and are willing to work from anywhere and anytime, this course might be exactly the right product.

I like that Robby also points out some restrictions, saying that it is actually not for everybody.
And he is also very specific saying that it is not for people who:

  • Want to get rich quick
  • Don’t want to work hard or put in the effort
  • Give up at the slightest sign of resistance

Fair enough.
Everyone who wants to build a sustainable business has to realize that “get rich quick” simply does not work.

Let’s check what you get once you purchase the course.

Modules You Get + List of Bonuses

Is Commission Hero a Scam

You are offered at least 5 official modules and on top of it, you get also bonuses.
Here is a brief description of what are these all about:

Module 1 – Choosing Your Offers

The Entire Commission Hero System – You will learn how to pick the right ClickBank offers to make a profit right away.
The clickBank product gives a commission of about 75%.

You will learn, how to get the commission 90-100% without any learning curve.

Module 2 – Creating Your Images

The Image is the most important part of this system – you will be shown how Robby uses to design all of his million-dollar images that cost $5.

On top of it, he will show you how to know which images will be working and which ones won’t, so you save a ton of time and frustration

Module 3 – Setting up your Landing Pages

Here, he’ll show you what you need to have on your landing page so it is both Facebook compliant and yet it apparently converts like crazy really well (Robby uses the word “crazy”. I personally do not like such exaggerations).

Also, you will learn how to create article landing pages and quiz landing pages that force the viewer to purchase (I personally don’t like to force anybody either).
On top of it, he will teach you how to get split test variations that will get you higher conversions and sales.

Module 4 – Running your Facebook Ads

Inside there will be easy-to-follow Facebook ad tutorials, so you wouldn’t feel blind while creating them. You will learn the right way to set your ads, so you get the profit fast and how to scale it up to super-profits.

Module 5 – How to Scale-up

Once you find a winning ad, you want to scale it up – how to go from spending zero to thousands a day “in less than 30 days”. You will learn how to get more Ad Accounts to scale it up even faster.

Bonus #1 – Commission Heros Facebook Group

You get access to the private Facebook Group where you get support from the other members.

Bonus #2 – Million Dollar Image Swipe File

Robby shares with you 20 images that made him millions of dollars. The magic is that they are proven to work and they are an inspiration for you to create more similar images.

Bonus #3 – Million Dollard Ninja Tactics

He shares with you strategies that he used to become the top affiliate on ClickBank:

  • scaling tactics
  • credit card tricks
  • how to have more ad accounts
  • how to increase sales by 25%

To sum it up, let’s take a look at the screenshot from the webinar:

Is Commission Hero a Scam

He offers other bonuses as well, you can find out about them in the webinar.

Actually, let me share them with you:

  1. Live training – you can look over Robby’s shoulder and see how  he does things
  2. “Rolodex” – get access to products that you would never think that you can promote, and apparently you make great money
  3. Ad Account Training – he shows you how to have plenty of ad accounts, ready to go
  4. Lifetime Updates – you won’t miss any updates (Facebook is constantly changing, so you are up to date)
Is Commission Hero a Scam


You are getting full support from anyone who is in the Commission Hero Group. Besides newbies, you will find many advanced marketers inside this group. Everyone in this group supports each other.

They do have also a Facebook page where you are literally asked to be active and ask questions.
Just type Commission Hero in Facebook Search Bar and you will easily find the group, as per the screenshot below:

Is Commission Hero Legit

Commission Hero Price Structure

This is a high ticket training, meaning that you have to be prepared to pay something about $1,000 for the course.

Besides the price of the course, you have to be prepared to pay for the ads as well.
This is not a hidden fee.

It is actually mentioned in the FAQ section of the Commission Hero site, and you should be prepared to pay about $15 per day for the ads.

Is Commission Hero a Scam

When it comes to the price of the course, you can pay either a one-time payment, which is $997.00 or you can choose a two-payment option.

Is Commission Hero a Scam

As you probably noticed, the 2nd payment should be done within 30 days.
(In case you decide on the 2nd option, you end up paying $197 more for the same course).

Also with Commission Hero, you get many bonuses worth several thousand of dollars.
That should make you think, that you actually saving money, I guess.

Is Commission Hero Legit

Possible Issues with Facebook Ads

Facebook is a huge market. Whenever you run ads on Facebook you have also the option to run the same ad on Instagram as well.

The thing is, it is easy to create an ad on Facebook. You can even set your ad to be pretty laser-targeted. Most people will give you some likes, they may share your post… But you want them to buy the product. You want to make a profit in order to create a new ad.

My point is that creating a profitable Facebook ad is pretty difficult and it requires experience and budget. I would say it was still easier to run efficient ads on Facebook back in 2017.

In 2018 the costs per ad increased since more and more people do such ads, let alone in 2023.

Is Commission Hero a Scam

But Robby seems like a guy who knows what to do and he is ready to help every person who is serious about building the business online.
His goal is to create a long-term income business by using affiliate marketing.

Every student is provided with support, help, and coaching so everyone should achieve his/her goal as soon as there is enough effort.

But that will require some time.
I would say if you really want this to make you some extra bucks you most likely will need to hustle, especially in the first months or maybe even more.

How About a Free Traffic to Your Website

Paying for traffic is a fast way how to get visitors to your website. That means you pay (either FB, Google Bing, etc.) for clicks to your offer.
Now how do you know that these people will end up buying the product?

Is Commission Hero Legit

You can’t predict that, so it is all about testing. And it costs money.

Do you prefer free/organic traffic?
There is a method, of how you can get free traffic to your website.
That means that people go to Google, looking for an answer and they land on your website.

Isn’t that cool?
Yes – but, this method has its drawbacks as well. It requires both, effort and time.

Depending on your niche, your website can get solid traffic within 5 or 6 months. In about another 5 to 7 months, you can get about 1,000 visitors per day. At this point, you are certainly ready to monetize that traffic.

This is a great method if you have time, but no budget.

Sometimes it takes about a year of consistent effort until you get enough traffic:

Is Commission Hero a Scam

If you have a budget and want to try to get results, then you can go ahead and pay for the traffic.
That is what Commission Hero teaches you.

If you want to learn what exactly it takes to get free traffic, there is a great educational platform that teaches that.
Feel free to review that and then decide which platform you prefer.

Commission Hero at a Glance

Name: Robby Blanchard
Price: Advertised Price $997
Owners: Robby Blanchard

The Good & the Bad

  • Robby is a real person (Considering other CB products this is a Pro)
  • Educational material on how to run FB Ads + Bonuses
  • Money-Back Guarantee*

  • Additional costs required for FB Ads
  • Learning curve
  • * There is a drawback to the refund – You can request a full refund after 12 months, not before

My Final Opinion of Commission Hero

Commission Hero is a High Ticket Product, maybe not everyone can afford it. But in my opinion, you also get valuable information, and if you follow the training you can earn the money back in a reasonable time.

You must also consider the additional cost for Facebook Ads, which are at least a couple of hundred (in case you have not run them yet)

Actually, you can decide for yourself. Go check his Free webinar and make your own decision.

Let me know if you have any questions.
I’d be more than happy to answer them.

Cheers, Mike 🙂

30 thoughts on “Is Commission Hero a Scam?”

  1. Thank you for this extremely helpful review.  If it wasn’t for reviews like yours, I likely would never get to find out whether these sorts of courses are worthwhile.  I tend to dismiss anything with nonsense words in the title (like a hero, for example).  If I can find a review that objectively lets me know the pros can the cons and offers a reasonable perspective on the overall value, only then can I proceed.

    The only thing holding me back is the price tag.  I now know the course is not a scam and that it does come with a money-back guarantee (after a very long waiting period).  In your opinion, how long might it take to make some meaningful progress?  If I can realistically expect to be making money after several weeks or maybe even a month or two, I might just decide to invest in this course.

    • Glad you find the review helpful. 

      I hear you, and a few years ago I was also sick and tired of all the nonsense people were promoting, and actually, there are many reviews that just claim how great one product is. 
      Not a single word about Cons. 

      And every course, training, or platform has some cons and my task is to show them both. If the Pros prevail then the product is worth considering. 

      You are right, Commission Hero is a high ticket course. 
      But since it teaches how to get to your audience with the paid ads, the chances that you make a sale within a month is are pretty high. 

      The question is whether you will make a profit. That might take a bit longer because everyone needs to adjust something here and there but I assume that with consistent effort one can be profitable within 5 to 7 months. 

      (Maybe even earlier, if he or she has some previous experience). 

      Hope that helps;

      If you have further questions let me know,

  2. Thank you for such a great article with many tips to understand this scheme for affiliate businesses. Indeed, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the featured question, as the answer may vary depending on your individual circumstances. However, according to your article, Commission Hero is not a scam – it is a legitimate way to make money through affiliate marketing. However, I still vote up for Wealthy Affiliates. Again thank you for sharing. 

    • Gald you find it helpful.

      Commission Hero is a legitimate ClickBank product. However one must realize that it requires a budget. It is not just the cost of the product but the additional cost for the ads.
      But on the other hand, it is possible to see quick results. And that’s what Robby teaches.

      Thank you for your comment

  3. Thank you for your post. It is informative and educational. I see the ads of Commission Hero for a while now, but never know the true content.

    You review on Commission Hero gives us a complete picture of the program. I particularly like your The Good & the Bad analyses, which is simple, clear, and to the point. I thought the program like this was likely a scam. However, your investigation indicates that they have legit business.Robby is a true business owner. There are no more upsells. The cost of FB ads is normal business cost and we could have a control over it. I am seriously looking for joining program.

    • I am glad you like the review. 

      Yes, I also like the fact that there are no more upsells however it is important to realize that one needs a budget for running the ads as well. 

      Thank you for your comment

  4. I think I have seen this platform before when I was introduced to the whole idea but I felt that it was a little too much for me so I didn’t join at all. Now it’s good to see you write something about it here and I like how you have out all this together. I don’t think it would be nice to join in. The claims of making that much a day is really outrageous to me.

    • Thank you Jay for your comment. 

      Yes, that is one of the ways how the creator of Commission Hero gets the attention. 

      I also think that he exagerates a bit, but the warning potential within affiliate marketing is really high. 

      Anyways, thanks a lot for your comment
      Wishing you all the best 

  5. Thank you for your review on commission hero. I came across this platform the other day and I just have to find out whether is it worth my time and money or not. I have to say that the program may work but the price is way too expensive for my current budget. I will check out the other platform that you suggested. 

    • I totally understand your position. 

      When one starts with online marketing it is not wise to go all in. In other words, it is better to learn some skills, test what works what not, and then invest in such high ticket courses. 

      Unless there is a budget for it, as you correctly pointed out. 

      There are people mostly entrepreneurs who don’t have time but have a budget.
      They are willing to invest thousands of dollars into a different kind of business, to increase the number of income streams. 

      well, thanks a lot for your comment 

      Appreciate it,

  6. There are lots of online businesses that are not good for you as a person, it’s best we know clearly about whatever we are trying to do online because you might end up falling for scams that are always looking like golden opportunity. I don’t think commission hero is a good one.

    • Thanks a lot for your thoughts on the Commission Hero. 

      The biggest disadvantage of the Commission Hero is the price and then the additional costs for the ads. 
      If a person wants to build a business online (having a website that generates the income) and does not have a budget for such a course it is better to learn how to drive organic traffic. 

      It takes time but eventually the effort is paid off. 

  7. Hi and thanks for your review on Commission Hero. I think you pointed out very well this is quite an expense and that’s not including your ads. I have been advertising products on Facebook for quite some time but I’m afraid that it is very difficult to make much profit. Even if you do, it will take a lot of work to claw back the $1000 you have paid up front. My gut tells me that if it was such a remarkable system then there would be a lot more people using it. Hey, I could be wrong, but even as a legit business, I think I will stay away from it. 

    • I agree. 
      It will take a lot of work and also experience to get the $1,000 back. 

      That is why this is not recommended for newbies, even though the creator of Commission Hero says so. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment, David. 

  8. Commission Hero is an interesting program that I have not reviewed as yet.  Your article is gives a good picture of the potential cost, how it works and the potential earnings. It seems to be a fairly complicated program.  I am going to check it out further.  First I am going to reread your article and not questions that you have raised for me. Then I am going to do some research on line to see if this is a program to add to my arsenal of online earning techniques.

    • Thank you for your comment. 

      Sure thing – Commission Hero is not that type of product you can buy right away. 
      Because of the price, it is always recommended to do the research first. 

      Glad you did and feel free to learn more about the Commission Hero. 

  9. Subsequent to experiencing all the subtleties, I understood how exorbitant it very well may be participating in commission saint. I don’t have questions that there is acceptable returns when connected with and there is a long way to go yet in the event that you should pay that much ,, at that point you expected salary ought to be enormous. I would require time to consider about this before locks in. thank you kindly

    • I agree.

      For most people, $1,000 for a course is a lot of money. 
      It is always wise to reconsider other options as well. 

      Commission Hero is a high ticket course and I recommend it only to someone who has a budget for that. 
      I know a lot of people do invest in courses like accountant courses or cooking classes and these often cost several hundred as well. 

      People still hesitate to invest in digital courses and I don’t blame them. It is not tangible so there is no psychological effect that I “own” something. 

      Thank you for your comment

  10. hellloo Mike Bahno Mudesi, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing post with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your article, i also really want to commend your effort in bringing up these site, Hello there this is an amazing review you have got here. i am sure that the quality information in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it as it to me. I have already saved this post so I go over it very well later and also for my husband who will love the greet. Thank you very much for sharing this with me.

  11. The best thing anyone can do for him or her when it comes to new opportunities is making deep digging into what the product is about. I love the fact that the owner of this clickbank product is a real person with a known identity unlike a lot fo online businesses. This is the first time I’m reading about it, I’ll take time to check it out.

    • thanks for your comment. 

      Yes, most of the ClickBank products are pretty misleading and one can’t find who the owner or creator is.

      Fortunately, Commission Hero is a legit course with a real person behind it. 
      If you need any more information that has not been covered in the review, please let me know. 

  12. Great review! Robby Blanchard is a man who knows how to market products and Commission Hero is the proof. I love the fact that he suggests to create “open loops” when you add an image to your ad – this makes your ad more engaging, so Facebook won’t punish you increasing the cost of your ad. But of course, all this requires experience and he shares all his experience as a good mentor – even if, as you mentioned, the cost may seem a quite high.

    • Thanks a lot for your thoughts. 

      Robby is definitely a good marketer and he offers his experience to others. Of course for a price that not all are willing to accept. 

      It is also important to note that Commission Hero has been in the top 10 most popular ClickBank products for more than a year.
      So his students do have good results. 

  13. Hello Mike,

    With what you have explained here, i think it is better to really pay for my traffic to my website so i can get it engaged as soon as possible instead of trying different free means and end up waiting a long time.

    the strategy shared here is awesome and i wish more people had access to information like this. may i share?

    • It depends… 

      If you have a budget for paid traffic – by all means, go for it (assuming that you have already experience with affiliate marketing or any sort of internet marketing)

      Please – be my guest. 
      You are welcome to share the post. 

      Wishing you lot of success

  14. After going through all the details, i realized how costly it can be engaging in commission hero. i do not have doubts that there is good returns when engaged and there is a lot to learn but if you will have to pay that much , then you expected income should be large. i would need time to think about about this before engaging. thank you very much

    • Thank you for stopping by. 
      For sure such an investment needs a bit of thinking. It is absolutely normal. 

      Hight tickets courses are usually for people who do have a budget. Whether they have some savings and they want to invest in education (they don’t mind spending a couple of thousands of bucks) or for already online entrepreneurs with some experience. So they want to scale up their business. 

      For those who don’t have budget, and have time, they can learn how to drive free traffic. 
      But that is a different approach. 

  15. As you mention in your post, it’s important not to throw money at social ads (on whichever platform you prioritize) before you have the experience and the marketing budget to do it. Personally, I haven’t put more than $50 towards ads in over two years as an affiliate marketer (albeit, I’ve been working on my sites on a very part-time basis). I’m just now at a place where I’ll be able to start setting aside a regular percentage of my profit to go back to marketing efforts. It takes time, but that time is not without reward!

    • Thank you for your comment. 

      Yeah, I am also of the opinion that throwing money at the ads is not an efficient way how to make money – or how to be profitable online. 
      I learned it hard way.

      Today I know how to drive the free traffic (although, it is not completely free since you must put your time and effort into it) and I feel like trying some ads – maybe $10 per week, and let’s see what happens. 

      But being a total newbie, I don’t recommend that. 
      Sure the Commission Hero course will teach what to do and how to do it, but it is not guaranteed. But as I said, if there is an additional budget for the ads, it may be worth trying. 

      One must have the mindset that besides the price for the course which is almost 1,000 bucks he or she has to pay an additional few hundred for the advertising. 

      I am sure there are people who want to have a quick results and they are willing to invest a couple of thousands into this business. 

      Building any kind of business requires time, effort and in most cases a financial investment. 


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