Speechelo Review. Is This a Legit Software?

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On this website, you are going to find a lot of digital product reviews, mostly related to the make-money-online niche.

However, this time I have decided to do something a little bit different. I have found a new product on the Clickbank site that does not teach how to make money online (at least not directly).

It is a tool that can help you to create voiceovers.
So in case you are looking for a specific voiceover tool, this article concerns thorough and unbiased information.

In the following Speechelo Review you are going to learn how it works, what are the pros and cons and how much does it cost.

Please note, the following post might contain affiliate links. That means if you click on them and purchase the product, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.
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Quick Overview

Name: Speechelo
Website: www.speechelo-offer.com
Price to Join:
Recommended: Yes. It can help people who need voice-overs

Speechelo Summary

Speeechelo is a tool that is supposed to be the most natural-sounding text-to-speech software on the market.
This statement might be a bit overstated, but the truth is that the voiceovers are pretty darn good.

Read the full review where you can listen to different languages that Speechelo has to offer.

However, if you type your own text, the quality might be slightly worse, but overall I can recommend this product.

It is perfect for those who think their voice is awkward or are just shy and are afraid to talk to the mic.

I personally earn money as an affiliate marketer and currently, I consider using Youtube as an additional source of traffic.
Since I don’t feel comfortable using my own voice I find Speechelo as a useful tool.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is text-to-speech software that can transform any text into speech.

Speechelo Review

According to the introduction video, Speechelo uses sophisticated AI, so their voices are able to read in a natural-sounding way.

It is easy to use and in 3 clicks you can have your text converted into an mp3 file.
The price for this product seems to be reasonable as well.

Speechelo offers a lot of different voices and languages (from English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish Japanese, Russian French, and many more).

Besides a lot of languages, you can add breathing or pause so the final version is very similar to the human voice.

Apparently, 98% of people hearing a voiceover generated with this product can’t tell it’s not a real human voice.

What Else Do We Know About Speechelo?

This is a relatively new product.
Their website was registered only in May of 2020.

Speechelo Review

The traffic to their website is already quite significant and in January it got more than 300,000 visits.

Speechelo Review

Most of the traffic is coming from the USA, about 27%.
Then it is

  • UK 5.3%
  • India 5.2%
  • Germany 4.7%
  • Malaysia 4.2%

Please note that these data are valid for today’s date and it changes over time.

As of doing an update in January 2022, we see that the traffic drops a bit but in November it still had almost 250K visits.

Speechelo Review

Most of the traffic comes from the USA (more than 20%), followed by:

  • India 14%
  • Brazil 5.5%
  • Turkey and Ecuador (both 3.5%)

This slightly proves that Speechelo is a good product since the amount of traffic to the website is still quite significant.

Who Is It For?

Speechelo is for those who create videos, or people who just need a voiceover concerning their products or services.

Whether you want to make money with affiliate marketing by posting videos on YouTube, or you want to make educational videos, this tool is worth trying.

I have tried to create a video review about one product, but I did not like my voice and the way I spoke.
It is probably due to lack of experience and therefore using a voiceover like Speechelo offers is a good choice.

Are you in a similar position?
I believe you find Speechelo useful and the best part is that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay for it.
But more about the price in a bit.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above your little project can be done in 3 clicks.

  • 1st Click – Paste text you want to convert
  • 2nd Click – Choose the language and voice (Female, Male, Kids)
  • 3rd Click – Click on the button “Generate” and your voiceover is ready.

And it really is that easy.

Just briefly let’s go over these different fields within the Speechelo Dashboard.

Add script or copy and paste it from another source.

Speechelo Review

You need to have a lot of punctuation so the software can understand what you want it to say.

Once you have read your text (double-check) you can preview the Audio.

You can adjust the voice by selecting between Normal Tone, Friendly tone, or Serious tone.

  • Emphasize Words

You can select a word that needs to be emphasized and just click the “Emphasize Words” button.

  • Add Pause

After hitting the Add Pause button, you have an option to select how long the Pause should last (from 0.2 seconds to 4 seconds).

  • Adjust Speech

You can adjust the volume, speaking rate, and pitch.

You will see that it adds some code before and after the word.

As you see at the very Right-hand side, you see other voices and you can choose whatever suits your needs the best (male, female, or kid)

Speechelo Review

Once you are ready with your input, choose the “Generate Voice Over” and at the bottom of the line, you can play it and decide what to do with it (download it or delete it).

Speechelo Review

You can even select more of the recorded voiceovers and merge them together in one mp3 file.

What I find as a drawback is that the basic version offer only 4 voices.

If you want to have more voices and more languages, you need to pay a little bit extra.
Before we go to the pricing structure you can watch and listen to different languages:

What do you think about the quality of the voice?
Please drop a line or two in the comment section below, so more readers can learn about this tool.

How Much Does It Cost?

The regular price is $100, but here is the link where you can get the product for $47.
(That’s the affiliate link, meaning, if you click on it and purchase the Speechelo, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.)

I am not sure whether it is a temporary discount or just a marketing trick.
In anyways, this is a one-time payment.

The disadvantage is that you won’t have access to all languages and different voices.
In other to have full access you will have to “upgrade” in other words to pay a bit more.

Speechelo Review

The Pro Upgrade costs additionally $47 and this is paid quarterly.

I don’t like these upsells, but that’s just me, mostly due to my experience with many ClickBank products.
Most of the time these upsell costs at least twice as much as the advertised price and there is no real value.

But when it comes to the Speechelo Upgrade here is what you get:

  • More than 60 voices (instead of 30 with regular price)
  • You can create longer voiceovers u to 2,800 characters (instead of 700 with regular price)
  • You also get access to 40 music tracks that you can use as a background in your videos.

Is there more?

Yes, and this is also an interesting part.
With the Pro version, you also purchase a commercial license. Meaning that you can sell the voiceovers within the Speechelo to other people without sharing the profit.

Where to sell these voiceovers?
Create your account at Fiverr and you can offer the voiceovers over there.

Ano one more upsell the Tube-Add on for $37 (One Time Offer)

What does it do?

You can take any Youtube video voiceover (simply by using the YouTube link), use that voiceover, and based on that make a brand new voiceover using the Speechelo voices.

That includes the translation, so for example you can take the English video and have it translated into French.

The upsells within the Speechelo are really worth it in my opinion.
But it depends on what you need it for.

In any case, this is a ClickBank product and you do have a 60-day money-back guarantee. From my personal experience, I can tell, that there are no issues regarding the refunds.

Before We Wrap Up

In my opinion, the AI voices can’t compete with a real person, and depending on your needs, it may be worth considering hiring an actor for a few bucks on Fiverr.

However, I must say that the voices that Speechelo offers are quite good.

I am not an expert in linguistics, but I can speak a bit of Polish, Russian and also I speak German (and a bit of Italian).
When I was listening to the voices in other languages (other than English), it was obvious that for example Polish was done by Artificial Intelligence.

On the other hand, the German version is quite good.
(It may be due to the sound of the German language itself).

If you want and/or need Voice Over Software, Speechelo is a good option.

And there is no risk at your side;
My point is that Speechelo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

So in case, you decide to purchase this product, and for some reason, you don’t like the result you can ask for a refund. No questions asked.
(You can even keep the voiceover you have created).


1) Does Speechelo work in different languages, other than English as well?

Yes, it does.
Speechelo werks also in Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Welsh.

2) Are there any free updates?

Yes, there are.
Whenever there is a new update, you will be upgraded automatically.

3) Is this Cloud-Based software?

Everything is hosted on their (Speechelo) servers, so yes.

This is a cloud-based solution, that can be used on your PC, Apple, or smartphone.

What I like about Speechelo

  • 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Very easy to navigate through
  • The quality of voiceovers is quite good

What I don’t like about Speechelo

  • Sounds are limited for the basic price
  • 700 words per voiceover (You can then create more voiceovers to overcome this limitation).

Some Thoughts at the End

The AI has developed over the recent years, and I remember watching some video on Youtube where it was pretty obvious that the voiceover is artificial.  I am sure you remember that voice as well.

Well, with Speechelo it is difficult to say that this is not a human voice.
I mean, it is still not perfect but I am sure there will be a lot of satisfied customers.

If you have questions about Speechelo or would like to learn more about the mentioned affiliate marketing, please let me know in the comment section below.
I will be happy to provide you with feedback, hopefully within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading

8 thoughts on “Speechelo Review. Is This a Legit Software?”

  1. This seems like a really cool concept but it is more or less similar to Grammarly or am I wrong. I feel like it would have come in handy when I was still in high school and I had to give a speech in front of a whole class. I will be sure to share this article around. 

    • Hello,

      Actually, Grammarly is a different tool.
      For example, I use it only as a free version and its purpose is to correct the grammar.

      Speechelo is a voiceover software – so you type your text, and it will say what you have written.
      As you have seen, it recognizes more than 20 languages, so it is pretty useful.

      Hope it is clear:)

      thanks for your comment

  2. Thank you for your review on Speechelo, I came across this the other day and I just have to look into so here I am at your review page. I can see that Speechelo can be useful if I have a youtube video or do the video presentation. I have to say that it is very affordable as well. I am going to check it out, thanks again!

  3. Great post and always refreshing to see a review of products other than just money making online – I can see lots of ways Speechelo can be used and wondered how this was done from watching training videos where this method seems to be popular.  had a quick look round the rest of your site and there are some really handy pointers so will be back for sure. 

    • Thanks a lot, Dan for your comment. 

      While doing the research about money-making online products, one gets tired of all those schemes and misleading products. 
      So it is refreshing for the content writer as well 🙂 

      Wishing you all the best 


  4. I hate the way my voice sounds, and would love to be able to include voice overs with my travel videos. It’s one of the reason’s i’ve been avoiding getting into podcasting. but this is something that might actually work that isn’t going to require a marketing budget the size of googles. This might be just what I was looking for. Thanks.

    • You are welcome. 

      I am glad that you have found a solution for your videos. 

      Wishing you all the best 


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