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Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?

Hello and Welcome to the 12 Minute Affiliate Review.

Or you have somehow stumbled upon this program and you are wondering what is this all about.

12 Minute Affiliate is a ClickBank product and it is one of the most popular ones in the E-business section for some time already.

Does it mean that the course is valuable?
Or, is 12 Minute Affiliate a scam

There are many different reviews and sometimes it is not easy to determine whether Devon, as the creator of 12 Minute affiliate, has really something to offer or he makes just strong claims.

Could it be?
Let’s go through this system to learn more.
We are about to find out:

  • What you get,
  • Who is Devon Brown
  • How much does it cost I mean the real price),
  • What are the Pros and Cons, and most importantly
  • Whether you should buy 12 Minute Affiliate or not.

Since I reviewed this system back in July 2020, I keep an eye on it and do my best to keep this review updated.

So if Devon would implement something new in his 12 Minute Affiliate, you are aware of it.

But so far, nothing significant has happened.

Therefore I still consider the platform where I have signed up back in 2017 as a better alternative.

But let’s dive into the 12 Minute Affiliate Review.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate for 12 Minute Affiliate.

This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

12 Minute Affiliate Overview

Name: 12 Minute Affiliate (12MA)
Website: www.12minuteaffiliate.com
Price: Advertised Price $9.95 + $47/month + Cost for additional software/tools
Owners: Devon Brown

Who Is Devon Brown?

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam

Devon has been working as an internet marketer since 2007.

He is also very interested in personal development and claims to help others “uncover the layers of the potential inside you”.

Well, that’s cool.

He is also a very active guy and it is possible that you have seen him at a conference, right on the stage.

Devon is very energetic and for some even a funny guy, in a good way.

The level of energy he possesses is enormous and it is quite obvious from his videos.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam

Nevertheless, Dan Brown is a real person and that is always a good sign when it comes to any digital products promising you to make money online.

Just a Side Note:
If you ever come across a product promising you to make money and there is no clear information about who runs it, be aware that it might be a scam.

There are many such products, for example, Viral Market or AZ Formula.
Make sure to stay away from it.

So Devon is a real person.
According to the description on Twitter, he is very active in other fields as well.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam

Usually, when there is a proven identity of a product owner, the chances are high that the product is not a scam.

It does not necessarily mean that the product is good though.

But, let’s investigate a bit further to have a complete picture.

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate?

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam

12 Minute Affiliate is a ClickBank product teaching how to make money with affiliate marketing.

It was launched in 2018, and it still has been around.
Again a good sign.

Actually what this system claims is that it simplifies the entire process of making commissions with affiliate marketing.

But does it?

Well, if you spend some time on his sales page you soon find out that he uses some strong claims.

Devon in his sales video compares his course to something easy like ordering a pizza.

  • Go Online (or pick up the phone)
  • Select the pizza you want
  • Tell me where to deliver the pizza and relax

So he explains that instead of pizza you “order website visitors”.

Apparently, these visitors are delivered to an automated system “that does all the selling for you”.

is 12 minute affiliate a scam?

Honestly, at this point, I already lost interest in it.

Is this another push-button system generating revenue on autopilot?

Sounds too good to be true?

Of course, it does – the sales video is supposed to attract as many viewers as possible.

But briefly here is what is this 12-minute affiliate about:

This system will help you to create your opt-in page where you have your affiliate links.

After that, it sends out a bunch of emails with different offers.

When people click on this email and purchase you get a commission.

Sounds pretty good, right?
Well – not so fast.

Who do you send the email/offer to?

Here is the catch:
You will have to buy a so-called traffic package(s) and depending on your budget you may spend from $192 to $3,840!

Another tricky part is that you don’t know who are these people who receive your offer.

Are they interested in the offer you have for them? Are they real people – they could be easily some bots or fake email addresses.

I am not saying that all of the traffic (people who open the email) is fake.

Maybe you will receive some clicks and maybe someone will purchase the item, but my point is that you don’t control this traffic.

When it comes to any offer online you want to make sure that it is relevant.

If a person Google “Is 4Life a Scam” and they click on any of the websites on the 1st page of google – that is called relevant traffic.

How Does the 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

According to the sales pages here are the basic steps:

  1. Step – Log in and purchase the product. The starter price is less than $10. You have 14 days to decide whether you want to go on with the training or not. In case you want to continue you are charged the full price.
  2. Step – Follow the Check List inside the members’ area.
  3. Step – Order some “Done-For-You traffic” according to your budget.

Apparently, the 12 Minute Affiliate system is associated with a number of Affiliate Networks, so the process of making more sales should be easier.

The affiliate networks they are associated with are:

Here are some reasons why you should grab this 12 minutes affiliate system (Acc. to Devon).

  • It is easy for beginners.
  • You can profit daily
  • Creates multiple streams of income
  • Easy to Set-up
  • Work from anywhere
  • Perfect side business
  • Done-For-You email follow-ups
  • You don’t have to create your product or website.

I disagree with some of these points – let’s take for example the last one about the website.

To start an online business the best and safest way is to create your website.

Lots of people are still scared of building up a website.
Believe me, it is a process that takes up to 1 minute.

Here is a short video showing how easy it is to build a website (done within the WA platform).

The website is something like your headquarters, your business.

So back to the 12 Minutes Affiliate.

They explain why this system is the easiest way to succeed online and here are their reasons:

1) Done-For-You Funnels

This system includes affiliate funnels in the hottest and most profitable niches (weight loss, making money online, and personal development).

2) Done-For-You Emails

You will be getting months’ worth of written done-for-you, follow-up messages, so you don’t have to hire copywriters.

3) 12-Minute Setup

Copy/paste easy instructions. It is said that even the newest marketer can set up this system quickly and it is possible (for some) to have it done within 12 minutes.

4) E-Z Funnel Wizard

You can create your custom affiliate funnel without any coding. This can be done in 5 minutes.

5) Private Community

You are offered to be part of the Private Facebook Community.

6) Done-For-You Traffic

As it is correctly stated, traffic is the “life-blood” of the online business.

I am not sure how easy it gets traffic for you. You are told that their easy traffic solution allows you to get targeted niche traffic in minutes, but this is based on your budget.

So I assume, this must be either paid traffic or Solo Ads.

7) Bonuses

You are offered 3 Bonuses. We describe them in the Price structure section

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

Above you can see the screenshots of the sub-products you can get.
I was wondering based on what they come up with these numbers?

In my opinion, these values are just made up to make you think that you are basically “saving” your money.

Having looked at that stuff above, they make it look like it is an easy process – a piece of cake.

Sure, the sign-up process is pretty easy, but the earning part is a different story, and that is not revealed to you.

But I must highlight, that they do mention that this is not a “Get-Rich-Quick” scheme. You are told that your success will be based on your consistency.

This you should keep in mind when you are just starting with your business online (and offline as well).

Who Is 12 Minute Affiliate For?

I believe this particular product is addressed for newbies.

Anyone who comes to an online business thinks that there must be some easy way how to earn money quickly. It is the internet with about 4 billion users, so there must be a quick solution, right?

Let me get one thing straight.

This is just a misconception many people fall for (including myself – I used to think that way as well).

As already mentioned earlier, there is no “push-button-system” that will generate revenue. There is no such program that works on autopilot.

Well, let’s see what the guys behind the 12-minute affiliate say.

This product is apparently perfect for people who:

  • Wants to make money online but does not have their product or service
  • Do not want to write content, or create sales funnels
  • Want to earn a commission without dealing with customer support
  • Are trying to make money online without previous success
  • Want to earn potentially daily commission online

I like the example they have on their website.

You can either learn everything on your own, which is just too much work and time, or you can buy the so-called “done-for-you” system.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

I know it is tempting to pay for the system and let others do the job.

But once you pay for their system you are not building your own.

In other words, you have to use their own system, under the 12 Minute Affiliate hosting.
You are tight with them and if something goes wrong with the 12 Minute Affiliate, your site goes down as well.

12 Minute Affiliate Tools & Training

Here is what the 12-Minute Affiliate dashboard looks like.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam

The first thing you need to do is, you are asked to do is to go through the 6-step checklist:

1) Create an affiliate account

Here you can create your ClickBank account so whenever you promote CB products you will use this unique link.

You can create your CB link also just by clicking on the Sign Up for a ClickBank Account website.

2) Get your autoresponder

If you click on the arrow on the right, you will get to the video tutorial on how to set up your autoresponder.

Please note that many autoresponders are paid services.
They currently use the AWeber.
For example, here you can check the AWeber pricing (additional cost).

3) Set up your autoresponder

  • pretty self-explanatory.

4) Activate your 12 MA funnels

Use your Unique ID from AWeber for each niche when you set up an autoresponder.
By clicking on the “ACTIVATE” button you activate all of the funnels for a particular niche.
Again, here you also find a video on how to do it.

5) Done For You Setup

  • optional.

6) Get done-for-you traffic

You can buy traffic here. I have already mentioned here, that the traffic will be generated by Solo Ads.

The quality of traffic might be really low. I mean there are many examples when people bought thousands of clicks and no conversion whatsoever.

Solo Ads is a pay-per-click kind of advertising, so if you don’t know how to get the click, you may waste lots of money.

Can we rely on 12-minute affiliates that will find quality traffic for each member who bought this system?

On the left-hand side, you have the navigation menu as per the screenshot:

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

The menu on the Left-Hand side continues with the Step-By-Step section

Here are simple steps for succeeding with this 12-minute affiliate.

You will find the 11 Steps here, including the link.
You are asked to order the traffic as frequently as possible.

Also, you find there a link to a Facebook private group, which you can join as a member.

As I was originally creating this content (on Friday, June 28th, 2019), I saw 268 members.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

On October 1st, 2019 there were 803 members inside the Inner Circle of the 12 Minute Affiliate system.

So it has been growing and as of today’s update April 2022, there are more than 5,200 members.

In further steps, you are advised to check the “Custom Funnel Builder”, which should allow you to build niche-specific opt-in pages and bridge pages on demand.

Then you can get 1-on-1 coaching (which are 3 private 1-hour sessions).

You have a real person to walk you through the things you are not familiar with yet.

And finally – you should be patient. You never know when someone will be ready to buy what you are selling.

I agree with that last sentence, but to me, it is even harder when you have no control over your traffic.
You buy some “traffic package” but it can easily be just some bots clicking on your links…

You have a link to the support site and also a telephone number.

As the 3rd button on the left-hand side menu, you find “Get Coaching”

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

Please note that this coaching is not included in the price.

This is an extra $297 for a 3x 1-hour coaching session.

In one menu below, you can upgrade your account:

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

These upgrades have additional costs (upsells).

Then when you go to Done For You Traffic – you can buy traffic there, as mentioned before – Solo Ads, since you can buy clicks, not leads or opt-ins.

They cannot guarantee sales.

They claim though, that the traffic is real. You have an option to buy this traffic as often as you want.

Other Traffic Methods

If you have no budget for paid traffic you can get this course on how to get free traffic.

It is an E-Book called 16 Ways to get free traffic to your website

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

You find a webinar that is pre-recorded so you can watch it afterward as well

Email Swipes there are email swipes for each niche

  • Make money online
  • Weight Loss, and
  • Personal Development

The 12-Minute Affiliate Integrations

Here you find documentation on how to integrate 12 MA with other services:

  • How to add external tracking code to your funnels
  • How to set up additional autoresponders such as MailChimp and GetResponse

Under the Personal Development Library, you find PDF or MP3 files regarding personal development, such as “Finding the perfect harmony between life and work”, or “Making the right Decision at the right time”.

There are 20 books (including audio) that you can use.

The last one is Top Affiliate Products

  • Here are current recommended products you can promote and get a commission if someone purchases them. For each product, you see the commission you can get, which is 50%


At the very bottom of the menu, you see a FAQ, where you can go and check the questions and answers before you contact support.

As we have already gone through the structure we have touched on the possibility of contacting the support.

If you have any sort of issue, you can call the number or just raise your ticket by clicking on the link.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

For any other enquirers, you can become a member of the private Facebook group.

There are more than 5,000 members, including the owner, so I am sure you will get your question answered.

12-Minute Affiliate Price Structure – Watch out for Upsells!

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam

By now you realize that the advertised price is only a small percentage of what you are about to pay for 12 Minute Affiliate.

If you decide to promote this program as an affiliate marketer, you might earn almost $250!

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Here is the Price Structure:

There is a trial for $9.95.

You have 14 days before you are charged the full price of $47 per month.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

This is just a front-end price and right at this point, one has no idea how much more he might end up paying.

The easiest way how to get complete information regarding the price structure is to go to the affiliate page of the 12 Minute Affiliate product.

You see the calculated commission, so the potential affiliate must have an overview of the pricing and commission as well.

I enclose the screenshot of that page so you can get an overview.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam

The $47 is just a price to get you into the system.

Then the user is advised to pay for the upgrades and “One-Time-Offers” and he can easily end up spending several hundreds of dollars.

With this upsell structure one can easily spend hundreds of dollars. And there is no extra value for the customer.

Let’s sum it up:

  1. Pay $9.95 just to get the 14-day trial
  2. Pay an additional $39.00 – that is the 1st upsell
  3. Pay $69.00 – this is the 2nd upsell
  4. To maintain the membership you have to pay $47.00 per month
  5. If you want to promote 3 niches, you have to pay $97.00 per month
  6. Lifetime access to 1 Niche costs you $397.00
  7. Lifetime access to 3 Niches costs you $797.00

On top of that, you pay for the ads you run on Facebook and or Google (maybe Bing, Pinterest, and so on.)

As a side note:
Most social media platforms do not allow you to run ads within the MMO niche (Make Money Online).

To me, that entire funnel that Devon and his fellas within the 12 Minute Affiliate have prepared for you is just a rip-off.

As far as I am concerned there is undoubtedly a cheaper platform with better training.

What Do Other People Thin About 12-Minute Affiliate?

I have checked the TrustPilot, which is one of the best review websites.
To my surprise, there are only 3 reviews.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

2 of them look like the ads and the one is probably genuine.

This is the genuine one (in my opinion). That person lost $2,000 on something that doesn’t work.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

I mean, not always is the tool responsible for the failure, but there are other red flags within the 12 Minute Affiliate system.

Based on the research I have done, I don’t recommend it.

Traffic to 12-Minute Affiliate Website

This is another interesting fact.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

According to the website smilarweb.com, the number of visitors dropped dramatically over the last several months.

Does it mean, that people start to recognize that 12 Minute Affiliate is not what it claims it is?


Because if students would get results, I am sure the traffic would remain the same or would go even up.

12-Minute Affiliate FAQs

1) Is the 12 Minute Affiliate System Legit

12 Minute Affiliate seems like a legit platform teaching how to make money online.

However, it works more for Devon Brown, the founder of the 12-minute affiliate than for his students.
Overall, 12 Minute Affiliate is a misleading online platform that is advertised as a cheap and quick method of how to make money online.

The truth is that it is necessary to spend several hundreds of dollars and yet the knowledge you gain is not enough to make a consistent income online.

2) How Much is the 12-Minute Affiliate?

Be prepared to pay several hundreds of dollars for 12 Minute Affiliate.

Yes, the trial costs less than $10, but here applies the saying “you get what you pay for”; which is not much.

Then you are asked to pay at least $47 per month or $97 per month (if you want to be active in 3 niches, which I don’t recommend).

On top of it you need to pay for the add-ons:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google and Bing Ads
  • Email Autoresponder

This is another proof that 12 Minute Affiliate is a misleading product.

First, you are told to pay $9.95 and promised to get access to a system that generates money for you on autopilot (as easy as ordering a pizza)

At the end of the day, you might be charged several hundred of dollars.

3) How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate business model that is pretty simple.

You as affiliate marketers create content for your audience in a specific field of interest.
Your audience consumes your content, they choose the service or product your content is about and they are sent to the merchant’s website.
When they make a purchase you get a commission.

Sounds simple, right?

That is why a lot of gurus sell courses on Affiliate Marketing since they make it look like easy money. The truth is that it is a simple model, not an easy one.

And therefore it requires a lot more effort and time to get the real result.

The results depend on the niche, but with proper education, it is possible to start earning full-time within 8 months (in some ices even faster).

On the other hand, niches like Make Money Online Niche can be even 15 to 24 months.

My Final Opinion of 12-Minute Affiliate

There is a lot of material you can go through. I do not like the fact that they recommend buying the traffic using Solo Ads.

Even though they say that the traffic is real, it is still questionable.

You can waste a lot of money before making any sale.

I mean the same applies to free traffic as well, but at least you don’t have to have a budget for building up organic traffic.
All you need is time.

Another thing that I find disturbing, is these “bridge pages” they mention inside the members’ area. In most cases, these so-called bridge pages are on the blacklist of Google and other search engines such as Bing as well.

You can’t even run Ads using a bridge page. These search engines review your ad and if they recognize the bridge page, your ad simply won’t run.

But comparing 12MA with other ClickBank products, I think this one is quite decent.

On the other hand, to get everything out of it, you may end up paying more than $800, not to mention the costs of running Solo Ads.

Another disturbing fact is, what kind of product a member of 12 MA is going to promote?

I had a quick look and it turns out that many of the programs are obsolete and they are not working in 2020.

It is a shame that Devon did not do a better job when it comes to the program selection.

Is There a Better Program? How Can You Make Money Online?

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

The simple answer is yes, there is.

And you don’t have to spend $800!
There are alternatives and the one I personally recommend has more thorough training.

You can also get started for FREE and take advantage of the training for 7 days.
What can you learn?

For example, you can become an SEO specialist, you will learn how to create and monetize the website, or other ways how to make money online.

Here is the link to the review of that platform I recommend.

With a premium membership, you can take full advantage of this system.

There are no additional fees (other than a fee for a domain – $15 per year). In fact, the price has not changed in the last 10 years.

But the training is constantly updated so you can leverage that information and become an authority with your website/online business.

As I mentioned, you can get started for Free and test it out for the entire week.

After 7 days you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t like it.

Your account will still be valid, with limited access.

If you decide to upgrade, you can do so anytime you want. Only then you will be asked for your credit card.

But at that point, you already know what you paying for.

So there is nothing to lose.

The Pros

  • They offer a trial for less than $10
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Material to learn

The Cons

  • Too many upsell with questionable value/results
  • Most likely low-quality traffic and therefore the small probability of conversion
  • With upsell becoming quite expensive (over $800)

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam

12 Minute Affiliate is not a scam.

It is not a bad product either but it is a bit pricey (and I agree that for some misleading).

Especially with the upsells structure they have I would not recommend the product.

Another thing is the way they teach how to get the traffic.
Running solo ads simply does not work without a budget.

And I mean more than a couple of hundreds per month.

If you like the idea of promoting other products and getting the commission, I have one option for you (Actually I have already mentioned above).

Because this idea of affiliate marketing is cool since you do not have to deal with suppliers, products, or customer service.

I must warn you though, that the alternative I am about to offer you, require time and effort.

But in the long run, there is no better alternative. Once you learn the basic and intermediate stuff, you will become an authority in any niche you choose.

If you have any sort of question let me know in the comment section below.

I will be more than happy to answer you back, whether it concerns the 12 Minute Affiliate or my #1 recommended platform.

Thank You For Reading,

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32 thoughts on “Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?”

  1. I have been seeing a lot of advertisements for the 12 minute affiliate program and was considering trying it. 

    It is done-for-you business models like this that set up red flags for me. I do like that it allows you to “trial” it but with all the upsells and extra things you need to purchase to make it successful is far too much and a program that I will now steer clear from. 

    If it was as easy as ordering pizza, I would say everyone would do it.

    Thanks for helping me save my money and I will definetely look into the program you recommended.


    • You are absolutely right about the  “pizza thing”. I couldn’t agree with you more. 

      Glad you find the information helpful. 

      Wishing you all the best 

  2. I believe there is a way better program. I think that this would add up depending on the goals you have set personally.  For me I prefer Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been with them for over 7 years now.  I went to premium almost right away, as the benefits were just too good not to have.  If you want to be an affiliate marketer, then give them a try.

    • That’s right. There are definitely better courses than 12 Minute Affiliate. 

      And Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform providing a lot of value. You are right about that. 

      What is really unique about the Wealthy Affiliate, is the free trial (no credit card needed) so anyone can test it out. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment

  3. The 12 Minute affiliate program sounds nice at first, and otherwise after knowing more about it. The method of making money on such a platform will definitely need traffic, with a high conversion rate. Seeing how expensive the traffic packages are, I, for one, do not think this program will be ideal for beginners, like me. Another question in mind is how effective are these traffic packages regarding the conversion rate? Thanks for this review article. With the information this article, I have been able to tell if this program is good enough for me.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. 

      You are right, 12 Minute Affiliate is definitely not for beginners. 
      And the conversion rate – it is hard to estimate, but members mostly promote the 12-minute affiliate program. 

      They may earn some commission, but only a few of them have positive ROI (Return on Investment). 

  4. Hi Mike. 

    I stumbled on 12 Minute Affiliate everywhere on my social media. I agree that it is not a scam but on my personal experience as a newbie to MMO niches, it is very competitive and I lack knowledge of the basic affiliate marketing; yet I jumped in deep-sea and wasted money. 

    For Wealthy Affiliate, I love the platform for its reliability of training on affiliate marketing and the best organic traffic for newbies. Thank you for your good review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Yes, 12 Minute Affiliate is promoted on Social media – I see it also all the time on Facebook. 

      It is true, this is not a scam, but something that I consider as a course that is not worth the money. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment

  5. This is not the first time that I have come across 12 Minute Affiliate,.
    And I found the review to be informative and helpful. 

    You are so right when you talk about the traffic that you have to buy and you never know how good it is and whether they are bots. Personally I think organic traffic is the best and it does seem that you will need a large budget to benefit from their Done-For-You traffic. 

    Although the program seems to be real, I do not like the many upsells or the traffic that you will continuously have to buy. 

    • You are absolutely right. 

      Organic traffic is maybe difficult to get /especially at the beginning/ but in the long run, there is no better traffic when it comes to conversion.

      And once you know what works, then go and pay for the ads, to boost what has been already working. 

      Thank you for your comment

  6. Thanks for your review on 12 minute affiliate. I have to say that the name is very catchy and this is why I am on your site reading the review. I have to say that Devon is a smooth operator. He slowly introduces all these upsells to you with out teaching you the knowledge of how to do it yourself and when you sum it all up it is expensive! I think I am going to stay away from this program and will check out your suggestion! 

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. 

      You are absolutely right. 
      It is a kind of deceptive marketing that Devon uses. I don’t like it, but it seems that he has some success with it. 
      He teaches his students how to promote his product and pays them a commission. 
      That is a vicious circle without real value. 

      Let’s see how he is doing in a few months. 

  7. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure these quality information in this post will be beneficial to anyone who come across it. I will have to check that your recommendation out; I think I like the fact that the fee per year is way cheap for me.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Thank you for your comment. 

      Glad you find it helpful. The 12-minute affiliate might seem promising, but at the end, it is just another course that does not deliver enough. 

      Regarding the alternative I mention – it is better to deal, no questions about that. 

      At least everyone can try it out for free, unlike the 12 Minute Affiliate. 

  8. Thanks, Mike for writing a detailed review about 12 Minute Affiliate. I stumbled upon this platform and become curious to join it. I like the trial system, but I honestly don’t like the upsells. It becomes too costly in the long run, which is no good since I didn’t have that much budget to start. I’ll check your recommendation instead. Thanks.

    • Glad you like the review. 

      We are on the same page when it comes to the 12 Minute Affiliate and its price structure. Yes, the upsells are annoying, but it seems that it works for the Devon Brown. 

      People probably think that the more they pay, the more they get in return. In most cases, it is not the case. 

      Thanks for your comment!

  9. I totally agree with you 12minutes affiliate is definitely not a scam but I need a lot of work to be done so as to understand it very well as not all brands are meant for everyone, so if it doesn’t work for you doesn’t make it a scam site. Thanks you for sharing this awesome article.

    • 12-minute affiliate is not an outright scam but it definitely does not live up to the hype. 

      It is pretty misleading and I personally hat the hidden fees and upsells. 
      That is why I came up with this article – I think people should know how much it will cost them before even joining the 12-minute affiliate.

  10. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your detailed review, Is 12-minute affiliate a scam?

    I had stumbled upon a 12-minute affiliate during the days when I was desperately seeking to earn money online. and I was very much excited by the claims they made and was about to sign up with them. But while researching about this program, I was fortunate enough to stumble up Wealthy Affiliate and I thank god for this till today. 

    After having spent around 18 months at wealthy Affiliate I can definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone and everyone as even in present times |I can see so many scamsters luring people in, with unrealistic work from home scams during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    • Hey Nick,

      12 Minute Affiliate might seem like a great program that helps you to earn money – especially when one sees all the Ads of Facebook and other social platforms. 

      Unfortunately, it is just hype. 

      I asked Devon in one of his FB posts/ad whether the price of $47 per month is the final one? 
      He replied, “yes it is”  – but at that time I already knew about all the upsells. So I replied back asking what are the upsells for? How come he does not reveal the entire truth about the price structure? 

      He turned off my comments and I guess banned me from further commenting. 

      I also believe that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms one can join when it comes to affiliate marketing. 
      Ther price structure is revealed right at the beginning and there are no upsells, no hidden fees. 

      In fact, there is a Free trial-up period for 7 days – so there is literally nothing to lose. 

      thanks for your comment

  11. Hi Mike 

    I really appreciate  all your hard work and explaining all the advantages and disadvantages of  12 minute affiliate  programme.  It seems to me it is like do many programme, try to real you in with a cheap starting price and then hit you with many upsells. This is something that I  do not like. I know that  building email lists are important  but using paid ads is not a great way to do so, unless you understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. I bet you will  lose a lot of money  before you will see any back. What happens if the niche you what to do in is not supported by Clickbank?



    • I agree with you. 

      Using paid advertising should be the last thing to do. And let alone the questionable solo ads that 12 Minute Affiliate promotes. 

      You have a valid point there regarding the niche.
      Also, it happens that the product is not available on ClickBank anymore and I doubt Devon and his team keep tracking of what is valid and what not. 

      We have seen that many of the products are outdated – that means wasting money. 
      It is better to avoid the 12 Minute Affiliate. 

  12. hello and Thanks for your honest review, i am thinking of promoting the 12 minute affiliate, also i ‘m using Aweber with Clickfunnels. using this is almost like using Clickfunnels except for the traffic.most people think everything on net about making money online is either a scam or just a method to rake money in from desperate people who just want an online business.

    • Thank you for your comment. 

      You can go ahead and promote a 12-minute affiliate, but I would recommend you to be as objective as possible. 

      There is no point in hiding some details since this is a ClickBank product with 60 days money-back guarantee. 
      With that being said, if they find you within these 60 days that they were being lied to, they request their money back 

      But wishing you a lot of succcess
      Cheers, Mie

  13. There are so many red flags all over the place that anyone with simple knowledge of how these platforms work should realize that there is no value to be found in this one. WA is on a league of it’s own and so far I haven’t been able to find a similar platform that offers so much with such a low subscription fee.

    • I agree with you – too many red flags within the 12-minute affiliate.

      Besides, people probably do not realize that they need an additional budget for ads to drive the traffic. And it may be close to $1,000 if not more to see some results. 
      Paid advertising works best when someone wants to leverage what already works. 

      So, to me, the best approach is to learn how to drive free/organic traffic, have 2 or 3 sales and then apply the ads. 
      How to drive organic traffic? 
      – The best training offers the Wealthy Affiliate

      As you are saying, I also have not found any better platform than the WA.

  14. Hello Mike, They recommend buying the traffic as Solo Ads I don’t like this. You can waste a lot of money before making any sale. But comparing 12MA with other ClickBank products, I think this one is quite decent but I don’t invest my time here.

    Thanks for sharing the better platform . I joined wealthy affiliate and ask a question . It’s community is very helpful I get answer instantly. Training is also awesome for me. I see their are many video. It also have a instant support via live chat.

    I am sure it will change my life. I never find such a useful platform earlier.

    Thank you


    • I am also not a big fan of Solo Ads. 

      Besides any sort of paid traffic is not good for beginners. 
      The purpose of the paid traffic is to amplify what already works. It is never a good idea to throw money on something we don’t know. 

      I don’t recommend 12 Minute Affiliate also because of the price. As you mentioned the Wealthy Affiliate is cheaper when we compare it with a 12 Minute Affiliate” full package”. 
      (Not mentioning the quality one gets with WA) 

    • I am glad I could help.
      The owner of The 12-minute Affiliate is pushing his product through the ads.
      He says that the cost is only $47. (I doublechecked with him specifically in the FB comments)
      But we have seen the reality as per my research.
      I personally prefer online platforms with a clear price structure.


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