Invincible Marketer Review

Are you eager to generate income online through affiliate marketing?

The Invincible Marketer seems like a comprehensive affiliate marketing program designed to help individuals generate income online.

After conducting extensive research over the course of a few days, I present to you a comprehensive and honest review of Invincible Marketer.

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Aaron’s course, including:

  • The Price
  • How It Works
  • The Pros and Cons
  • And more…

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Let’s get started with a general overview of Invincible Marketer:

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Invincible Marketer. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Invincible Marketer Review – Summary

Invincible Marketer is an online course that teaches how to make money online using affiliate marketing.

The entire course is divided into 17 modules that consist of both theoretical and practical parts.

The theoretical part mostly consists of video training, totaling more than 30 hours. Each module also includes an assignment for students to apply the knowledge they have learned.

Every student has access to a private Facebook group with over 1,400 members, where they can discuss issues and ask questions. Aaron, the creator of Invincible Marketer, also actively engages in the group.

The price for Invincible Marketer is less than $70 per month. However, there may be additional costs for extra tools.

If a person is unsatisfied with the training and has followed the guidelines outlined in the Invincible Marketer refund policy, they can request a refund within 30 days and get their money back.

Overall, this course provides valuable training with great information that I can recommend

What Is the Invincible Marketer?

Invincible Marketer Review

Invincible Marketer is a digital course that teaches how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Somewhere on his website, there is a claim stating that this is “the #1 affiliate marketing training program in the world.” Personally, I’m not fond of such statements, but I see it as a form of his own advertising.

Start Today! - Invincible Marketer

The course comprises over 15 modules, primarily consisting of video training where the platform owner explains the entire process of building an online business.

In addition to covering mindset training, it focuses on teaching the proper methods for affiliate marketing.

While I will explore the platform further, I want to emphasize that this is a legitimate training program that offers valuable information to both beginners and more advanced marketers.

As you may already know, Aaron Chen is the creator of Invincible Marketer. Now, let’s delve deeper into Aaron’s background.

Who Is Behind the Invincible Marketer?

Invincible Marketer Review

The person behind the product is Aaron Chen. He is an internet marketer from Malaysia, and his business address is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It’s not uncommon for many successful marketers to face challenges in the beginning, and I’m sure you’re familiar with such stories. Aaron appears to be no exception.

A Glimpse into Aaron Chen’s Background

He didn’t immediately start earning thousands of dollars per week right from the beginning. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Back in 2009, Aaron embarked on his journey to create his own online business.

He dabbled in various ventures, including:

  • Affiliate Marketing on platforms like ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and JVZoo,
  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) opportunities,
  • GPT websites,
  • And even tried his hand at dropshipping.

Unfortunately, none of these endeavors yielded the desired results

Over the course of about 8 to 9 years, Aaron invested approximately $90,000, a combination of his hard-earned and saved money, but still found himself unable to turn a profit.

However, Aaron didn’t give up. He recognized that there was something about the internet that held potential.

It wasn’t until 2016 that he experienced a breakthrough. Aaron discovered the formula for effectively connecting a specific product with the right audience who had a genuine interest in that product.

In essence, there are various methods to connect a product or service with a targeted group of people, but Aaron had cracked the code on doing it the right way.

And the results started to show.

Now, it’s important to note that success didn’t happen overnight, contrary to what some fake gurus may claim. It was a gradual process.

Aaron began generating sales on a weekly basis, which eventually progressed to sales every few days, and ultimately, multiple sales per day.

To make a long story short, in April 2019, Aaron reached a pivotal milestone.
He was able to leave behind his corporate job, as he was already earning three times as much through his online business compared to his previous 9-to-5 employment.

Aaron’s journey is a testament to the fact that perseverance and finding the right approach can lead to substantial success in the online realm.

The Invincible Marketer course, born out of Aaron’s own experiences and triumphs, aims to share these valuable insights with aspiring affiliate marketers.

Presently, Aaron Chen imparts his invaluable knowledge to his students through the Invincible Marketer course, utilizing the same proven formula that brought him success.

Diverging from the practices of many self-proclaimed “gurus,” Aaron refrains from making empty promises regarding the potential results his students can achieve.

His approach is grounded in honesty and practicality, ensuring that individuals receive realistic expectations and valuable guidance on their journey to becoming successful affiliate marketers.

Indeed, to gain a better understanding of Aaron’s realistic approach, one can simply watch his video where he discusses the secret to living a more fulfilling lifestyle.

This video provides valuable insights into Aaron’s mindset and underscores his commitment to offering practical advice that resonates with individuals seeking genuine success in their online endeavors.

Youtube Channel(s)

As you may have observed, the video above is sourced from Aaron’s YouTube channel.

In fact, Aaron maintains two YouTube channels, to the best of my knowledge:

  • Aaron Chen
  • Internet Marketing Reviews

These channels serve as valuable resources for individuals interested in delving deeper into Aaron’s expertise and gaining further insights into the realm of Internet marketing.

Aaron Chen Youtube Channel:

Invincible Marketer Review

The older YouTube channel, known as “Aaron Chen” with nearly 30K subscribers, was created in May 2006. It currently boasts 730+ uploads and has accumulated approximately 6.4 million views.

This channel serves as a significant platform through which Aaron shares his knowledge and insights with his dedicated audience.

2nd Channel – Internet Marketing Reviews

Invincible Marketer Review

The newer YouTube channel was created in April 2018 and has already amassed an impressive collection of over 820 uploads, accumulating more than 7.6 million views.

Notably, this channel now surpasses the original one in terms of subscribers, with almost 35K dedicated subscribers. On average, the subscriber count grows by approximately 100 new subscribers each week.

By exploring the videos on these channels, you’ll discover a wealth of valuable tips and information that can enhance your knowledge and skills in the realm of affiliate marketing and internet entrepreneurship.

The Invincible Marketer Website: Key Information and Insights


When exploring digital platforms that promise to teach you how to make money, it’s crucial to verify their claims and avoid falling for scams.
One way to do this is by checking the website’s establishment date.
Surprisingly, many misleading platforms falsely claim to have been around longer than they actually have.

It’s important to be cautious and minimize the risk of falling for scams, right? That’s why it’s crucial to take a closer look at the Invincible Marketer website and do some fact-checking.

To ensure your peace of mind, I encourage you to independently verify the information provided on the website. Start by checking the website’s creation date. This will give you an idea of how long it has been around.

Go to the website and put the name of the website to check the registration date. - Domain Names & Identity for Everyone

The website was registered in July 2019.


While exploring the website, no issues were found, which is a positive aspect.

You can also explore the website’s traffic trends over time. This will help you gauge its popularity and whether it has gained traction among users.

Invincible Marketer - Website Organic Traffic

Please note that the indicated amount of traffic on the website refers to organic traffic, which means it comes from search engines. However, the organic traffic is relatively low.

Additionally, take a look at the visitor demographics to understand who is engaging with the website.

Organic traffic by country

However, it is important to mention that the majority of the website’s traffic comes from YouTube channels, which serve as the primary source of leads for Aaron.

Therefore, while the website may not receive significant organic traffic, it is still a legitimate platform with no indications of misleading or scams.

I use Ahrefs as my tool of choice. However, please note that Ahrefs is a paid tool, which might make it more challenging for beginners to access and check this type of information.

Who Is Invincible Marketer For?

Invincible Marketer is primarily designed for beginners who are seeking a comprehensive and valuable course in the realm of affiliate marketing.
It serves as an ideal solution for individuals who have grown tired of endlessly searching for courses that fail to deliver true value, as is often the case on platforms like WarriorPlus.

However, it’s important to note that even those who have already embarked on their affiliate marketing journey can find significant value in the Invincible Marketer program.

Invincible Marketer - Who is it for

Consider this: while it is possible to find various resources and information for free on the internet, the sheer volume of available content can be overwhelming.
This is where Invincible Marketer comes into play.

Drawing from personal experience, I once believed that I could simply learn how to create a website and figure out the rest on my own.
However, I quickly realized that this approach was naive.

In the year 2023, numerous tools and platforms exist that can expedite the process of earning money online. So, why not take advantage of them?

It’s important to recognize that quality training often comes at a cost, but the investment is worthwhile as it saves valuable time and eliminates the need to navigate the complexities of affiliate marketing independently.

Whether you are a beginner seeking a solid foundation or an affiliate marketer looking to enhance your existing knowledge and skills, Invincible Marketer offers a comprehensive training program that can propel your online business forward.

How Much Is Invincible Marketer?

Invincible Marketer Review

The cost of the Invincible Marketer program is $67 per month.

However, it’s important to note that there are additional expenses you need to consider:

  1. Page Builder: You will need to allocate approximately $150 to cover the costs associated with a reliable page builder tool.
  2. Email Marketing Service Provider: A budget for an email marketing service provider is also necessary to effectively manage your email campaigns and engage with your audience.

Is that all?
Unfortunately, no.

Lifetime Coaching – Upgrade

There is an optional upsell or upgrade called Lifetime Coaching, which provides additional benefits.

This upgrade costs $430 upfront or can be split into three payments of $145, depending on your preferred payment plan. By opting for the Lifetime Coaching bundle, you gain access to exclusive features such as:

  • Bi-weekly live Q&A sessions with Aaron,
  • Advanced marketing strategies,
  • Invincible Markteter affiliate program (you have the ability to resell the Invincible Marketer program)

Video Authority Mastery – The 2nd Upgrade

Furthermore, there is a second upsell available called Video Authority Mastery.

This optional upgrade, priced at $497, provides comprehensive training on leveraging the power of YouTube to increase your video views and ultimately boost your commissions.

Lifetime Membership

By opting for the monthly subscription, you have the flexibility to switch to a lifetime membership at a later stage.

For a one-time payment of $430, the lifetime membership grants you perpetual access to the Invincible Marketer course, future updates, and exclusive membership in the private group. This eliminates the need for any monthly recurring expenses.

How Does Invincible Marketer Work?

Invincible Marketer Review

The Invincible Marketer training is divided into 17 engaging modules, presented mainly through video tutorials.

Aaron Chen takes a deep dive into various topics, sharing valuable insights and providing you with actionable steps to follow.
It’s important to remember that not every module covers every aspect perfectly, but hey, perfection is hard to come by in any training program, right?

Just embrace the valuable knowledge and take action on what resonates with you.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these modules, which consist of a total of 63 insightful lessons.

Throughout this review, I’ll share my thoughts and impressions on specific modules, offering friendly commentary to help you get a better grasp of their content and significance.

Invincible Marketer Review

Session 1

This is an initial lesson with a welcome video and a part where you take the survey.

You also set up your goals here, which is important to somehow realize where are you and where you want to go.

Session 2

2nd Session is about mindset.
It also contains a lesson on “must-have” tools.

Session 3

In the 3rd session, students are getting into the nitty-gritty of the course. They learn what is affiliate marketing and how to choose the right product.

At the same time, what is a bad product, and how to avoid it?
But most importantly how to pick a good product that is profitable.

Session 4

In the previous session as well as here you go through your Goal cards. Because it is essential to set the proper, realistic goals.

It is explained that online business is a long-term game. You might have already heard that it is a marathon and not a sprint.

Session 5

You are shown how to be resourceful and part of this session is also an interview with Dan Khan.

Dan gives a lot of tips and tricks on how to properly approach internet marketing and specifically affiliate marketing.

Session 6

Again the 6th session contains a bit of a lesson on mindset, this time it is about The Strangest Secret.

Besides that, you will understand what are domains, Clickfunnels, and ClickMagic domains.

Session 7

This session contains lessons on:

  • Don’t be cheap
  • Capture page overview
  • Create your capture page
  • Email marketing strategy (build your email list)

Session 8

A little bit of the mindset lesson, this time it is about the Broke and Poor Mindset.

Right after that, Aaron talks about traffic.
As you know, traffic is the most important element when it comes to business online.

It is the same in the offline business world as well.

Traffic means potential customers.
Without that, there are no customers whatsoever.

Session 9

There are 4 lessons in this session:

  • Focus on Building
  • Delayed Gratification (you don’t want to get ahead of yourself and celebrate too early)
  • Value series review and
  • Value series build-out

Session 10

Besides the morning routine lesson, there is a practical lesson on how to edit the sales funnel.

And as a part of this session, you can also watch Melvin San Miguel’s Interview.

Invincible Marketer Review

Session 11

Next, there are lessons on communication, how to set up your private email, and also:

  • how to integrate your email
  • how to add emails to the autoresponder

Session 12

The 12th session contains 6 lessons:

  • 10 Values review
  • Condensing time-frames
  • Funnel review
  • Final test
  • Split testing
  • Getting traffic

Session 13

The first lesson in this session concerns a video about obstacles and how to crush them.

Then you are shown how to take action.
The other 2 lessons are on:

  • Unlimited traffic masterclass
  • Master your traffic

Session 14

Are you really committed?

Besides this question, in the 14th session, you learn what is an authority site and what it takes to build such a site.

The first step towards building the authority site is your first post.

Session 15

We all have excuses, no matter what right?
But how to eliminate them?

It is explained at the beginning of session 15.

Then you are taught how to create your bonuses, the bonus page, and how to deliver the bonus(es).

Session 16

And even before the end of the course, you go through the lesson about fear, more specifically fear of failure.

If you are familiar with Napoleon Hill‘s book Think and Grow Rich Book (or even there is a movie, I have written a review about Think and Grow Rich movie) you know that fear of failure is one of the 6 basic fears:

  • Fear of Poverty
  • Fear of Old Age
  • Fear of Criticism
  • Fear of Loss of love 
  • Fear of Ill health
  • Fear of Death

The practical part of Session #16 contains lessons on

  • How to manage new customers and their list
  • How to build your Facebook group

Session 17

The last session is about attitude and where to focus your time.

Also, you check whether or not you have made your 1st sale already.

Let me not forget to mention that each session has homework assignments.
That definitely helps students to take action.

Invincible Marketer Facebook Private Group

Invincible Marketer Review

Every member that purchased the product has access to the Facebook Private Group.

As of this writing, it has 1,400 members and still growing.

Despite the community, Aaron is active in the group as well.

What Do I Like About Invincible Marketer?


1) Great For Beginners

Invincible Marketer is made in a way that even a total newbie can understand how affiliate marketing works and how to generate income with it.

For each module, there is an assignment, so every student applies the theoretical knowledge in reality. This makes the whole learning process much faster.

2) Legitimate Owner

You may be wondering, why this should be a Pro.

The thing is there are so many scams and misleading products out there, that checking who is behind the platform is essential.

In many cases, there is no clear information about who runs the product. And in some cases even though the owner is known, it doesn’t always mean he is legit.

(Let me just mention Jamie Lewis or Branson Tay).

I have been following Aaron Chen for a couple of years, I know what he has been through what kind of strategy he uses, and what he teaches.

He doesn’t inflate the numbers when it comes to the potential results of his students.

Therefore I can honestly say, that Aaron is legit and he engages with his students, which is great.

3) Support

Support is essential when it comes to educational platforms.

Aaron is part of the Facebook group, answering possible questions and he engages with his audience which is great.

No matter how well-structured training might be, there will be always some issues (even minor ones).

What I don’t like about Invincible Marketer


1) Upsells

This is just my personal opinion, but I am not a fan of upsells.

On the other hand, there are basically only 2 upsells, and none of them jeopardize the core training, so to speak.

So I am sure a lot of people don’t mind the Invincible Marketer price structure.

2) Too Much Training on Mindset

For some people, this section of training (which is quite significant) might boring.
Or unnecessary.
Other minds find it even useless since they already made up their mind to follow through and take action, no matter what. (BTW Congrats on the proper mindset!)

There is much stuff free on personal development, but I think Aaron’s intention is good and he realizes that with a proper mindset, you can start earning consistent income much quicker than he did.


Invincible Marketer Review

Invincible Marketer is a great training where students can learn how to have a consistent online income using affiliate marketing.

Aaron is a well-experienced marketer and a great coach.

Of course, not all students succeed in the online business, but in the majority of cases, it is not the fault of the coach and/or tools.

Aaron realizes that many people do not succeed because they have a tendency to quit before seeing results.
That’s why he focuses a lot on mindset in his course.

Some might like it some not, but it is possible to skip that section or just quickly move forward to the affiliate marketing training.

Invincible Marketer covers a lot and I believe it is great for beginners and advanced marketers as well.

Prices-wise, you should be prepared to invest a bit more than the advertised $67 per month.

It is possible to quit the subscription at any time, so it is not that you would lose $1,000s.

Do you have any questions regarding the Invincible Marketer?

Or would you like to know about affiliate marketing?
Please let me know in the comment section below.

I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank You For Reading,

Invincible Marketer FAQs

Invincible Marketer Review

1) Is Invincible Marketer legit?

Invincible Marketer is a legitimate affiliate marketing course.

The creator of the course, Aaron Chen, is a legit guy with lots of years of experience. His students do have results.

2) Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, it is.

There is a 30-day full refund policy that begins on the date of your purchase.

This doesn’t cover new products that are still in the development phase.

Now regarding the 30-day refund policy, there are some requirements.

You have to:

  • complete all the sessions
  • get involved with the community
  • build out your capture page and value series

In case you can provide evidence of your activity (as described above) you will get a refund within the 30-day period.

3) Can you get rich with Affiliate Marketing

Invincible Marketer Review

This is a very common question and the answer is yes, you can.

But will you?
That’s a different story.

See, even though Affiliate Marketing is probably the simplest online business model, it doesn’t mean it is easy.

First of all, it all starts with choosing a proper niche.

In case you have expertise in a specific topic, you are passionate about it, and you are ahead of others already.
See, choosing a niche is one of the most important things that comes before creating a website.

Then it is about consistency and proper SEO skills, and depending on these factors you can start making 4 figures in 10 to 14 months.

There are people making 5 figures per month, and I mean net profit (not in sales). Once you know how to drive traffic to your website, you can have more than one source of income.

My point is that this is a scalable business and in the long run, you can get rich.

4) Is There an Alternative to the Invincible Marketer?

For less than $70 per month, there are not many alternatives, especially if you take the thoroughness of the training.

However, if we have to count the additional cost (for page builder, email marketing service, hosting, and other tools) I believe there might be one educational platform, called Wealthy Affiliate, that competes with Invincible Marketer.

(In my other post, I have provided a selection of success stories from members of Wealthy Affiliate, allowing you to compare and determine which program suits you best.)

I don’t mean to confuse, you but I am sure you have done a long way until you stumbled upon a legitimate platform teaching affiliate marketing the proper way.

So invest a bit more time into it, and read the review of the alternative mentioned above as well. Then sleep on it and decide.

To help you a bit, the platform I have in mind offers a free trial (no credit card needed).

10 thoughts on “Invincible Marketer Review”

  1. Hi,

    Great review and I would ask a question. If the student is working the best he can, daily about 3-4 hours doing everything Aaron is teaching, when the student can see the first income, the first’s results?
    For one,two or three months?
    Thank you

    • Hi,

      As you know, The Invincible Marketer is all about guiding you to generate income by harnessing the power of YouTube videos, capturing this audience through email lists, and converting these leads into profits using affiliate marketing.

      Within the first 2 months, you should start to see some traction. This means that if you create videos and have about 20 to 30 videos on your YouTube channel, you should notice an increase in the number of subscribers as well as the amount of views.

      In terms of sales, I would say that 3 months is realistic.
      However, it also depends on the niche you choose.

      Hope that helps,

    • Think about how did you find this very article…

      did you search for something?
      Did Google spit out some results?

      Well, be the guy who creates such results.

      Just learn what I have learned.
      (Feel free to ask more questions)

  2. This is not the first time I come across Aaron Chen and his program Invincible Marketer.
    But with so many programs being released on a regular basis, it is hard to keep up with them all and whether they legitimate or not. 

    This time, I decided to do more thorough research about the Invincible Marketer.
    I am glad I did – it is good to see that Invincible Marketer is a legitimate training program .

    At a monthly cost of $67, plus an additional cost of about $150 per month, many beginners will not have the budget for it. I am a fan of upsells, so how realistic is it to make money with the program without buying the upsells? Thank you. 

    • Yeah, that’s right there are so many platforms and courses that it is necessary to do proper research. Just like you did. 

      It is possible to start making money even without the upsells. 
      The $150 for the page builder and email marketing service provider – you don’t actually need it. 

      Page builder – with certain themes, like Generate Press theme, it is easy to build a simple and good-looking website. 
      There are many tutorials concerning Generate PRess theme on Youtube, that are very helpful. 

      As for the email autoresponder – some companies offer their service for free up to a certain number of subscribers. 
      For example, Aweber – is a free service for Up to 500 email subscribers. 

      Hope that helps,

      • Dear Mr.Mudesi, l have read your review, and l might say, you have convinced and enlightened me a lot about this online affiliate marketing business. What beats my mind is. should one involve himself in this business, how soon will he start earning income to offset the cost incurred; ie. the initial fee, and the monthly payment one should pay? Please, if l could be briefed about this question. l will be most grateful. Thanks. Patrick Anochie.

        • Hello Patrick.

          Thanks a lot for your comment. Glad you find the article helpful.

          Now to your questions:
          How soon can one start earning an income on a regular basis?

          It really depends, but let’s assume that the person wants to drive organic traffic.
          That means that it takes some time for Google (and other search engines) to recognize the new website. That is the reason why it may take 4 to 6 months until there is some traction.
          Also, it is important to add, that the person must keep creating content on a regular basis.

          If done right, it is possible to start earning low 4 figures per month within a year.
          2nd the year the earnings can double, or even triple.
          On the other hand, if there is not enough content, the website makes zero.

          Regarding the initial fee or monthly payment – well the costs are quite reasonable.
          The most affordable and valuable course cost about $50 per month and on top of it, you want to pay for the hosting of your website. That is about $20 per year.

          So as you see, it is not expensive, but what cost the most – is the time and effort.

          Hope that helps,
          in case you have further questions let me know,

      • The best would be to have a youtube channel or a website/blog and drive traffic to it.

        How to get the traffic?
        You have to come up with content first. Content that people search for. Satisfied their needs (answer their questions and help them) and your traffic will grow.
        Then you write a post about Invincible marketers and put an affiliate link in the content.

        If someone buys, you get a commission.

        In case you have thousands of followers on Instagram (or any other social media platforms) that are close to this niche (make money online industry) you can create a post with an affiliate link in it.

        when it comes to the affiliate link – Aaron needs proof that you have enough traffic.
        I personally asked him about that and he only accepts channels/blogs/affiliate marketers with quite a lot of traffic.

        In case you don’t have any platform, I suggest starting with a simple blog (website).
        Or create a youtube channel, with videos related to the make-money-online industry. Once you get enough views (a couple of thousands) you can get in touch with Aaron.

        hope that helps


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