Cloud Computing VIP Review

New cryptocurrency platforms seem to pop up every day, claiming big profits in a short time.

This Cloud Computing VIP Review breaks down the reality behind these platforms, making it easy for everyone to understand the potential deceptions and what to watch out for.

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This review serves as a guide to assess online money-making platforms.

If you encounter a platform and want more information, you can either search for a review on my website or leave a comment, and I’ll aim to give feedback within 24 hours.

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Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Cloud Computing VIP.
This review is based on research and online information in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Cloud Computing VIP Summary

Name: Cloud Computing VIP
Price to Join: 0$. To invest a minimum of 1 Tether (USDT) is required
Recommended: No!

Cloud Computing VIP is a fresh player in the cryptocurrency arena, boasting significant returns through a multi-level system.

But, it raises concerns with no real products, no proof of trading, and possible Ponzi-like traits.

This brief overview emphasizes caution, urging potential investors to do their homework before jumping in.

What Is Cloud Computing VIP?

How to Work with cloudcomputing

Cloud Computing VIP positions itself as a digital currency service platform, leveraging advanced techniques such as high-frequency trading and algorithms.

The platform claims to utilize these technologies to automatically execute buy orders for digital currencies at lower prices and subsequently sell them at higher prices, aiming to generate returns for investors.

In practice, Cloud Computing VIP purports to place automated trade orders on behalf of its users, offering a return on investment (ROI).

The platform’s strategy revolves around the promise of leveraging cutting-edge trading methods to maximize profits for its participants.

In my experience, investing in platforms with less than a year of market presence is generally not advisable.

As evidenced, Cloud Computing VIP began its operations only in October 2023. Furthermore, the promise of high returns always raises suspicions.

Cloud Computing VIP Website Information

When uncertain about a platform, assessing specific factors can aid in making an informed decision.

Examining the:

  • Authority of a domain,
  • Traffic, and
  • Registration date

These provide valuable insights, offering a comprehensive overview.

The authority

Cloud Computing VIP Website Authority Checker

Given the platform’s newness, it’s understandable that the website authority remains low.

This indicates that not many websites currently reference or link to

The registration date - Website Registration Date was registered in October 2023, making the platform only a few months old as of this publication.

As we investigate further, more concerns pop up, making us cautious about investing in Cloud Computing VIP.


cloudcomputing Traffic

The absence of organic traffic, while not uncommon for a new platform, raises eyebrows.

The majority of traffic is direct and through referrals, fueling suspicions of a potential Ponzi scheme.
This pattern suggests that members primarily profit from the funds contributed by new participants

How To Sign Up To Cloud Computing VIP?

How to Sign up - cloudcomputing - Upline

Signing up with Cloud Computing VIP is a straightforward process that begins by completing a simple form.

However, there are two essential points to keep in mind:

  • To start, having an upline is crucial, highlighting the platform’s multi-level structure. This means you’ll need a connection within the system to move forward.
  • While the initial sign-up won’t cost you anything, actively participating in Cloud Computing VIP requires a minimum investment of 1 tether (USDT).

What Products Does Cloud Computing VIP Offer?

Cloud Computing VIP does not provide any marketable products or services.

Affiliates are solely allowed to promote the Cloud Computing VIP affiliate membership itself. In essence, the platform lacks tangible offerings beyond its membership

How To Make Money With Cloud Computing VIP?

MLM Matrix

At Cloud Computing VIP, affiliates engage by investing in tether (USDT) with the promise of daily passive returns.

In this model, “affiliates” earn not only through their direct “sales” or investments but also through the sales or investments made by the individuals they recruit into the network.

This creates multiple levels or tiers of compensation.

VIP TierDaily ReturnsWithdrawal RestrictionsReferral Commissions
VIP1Up to 4% for 1 USDT or moreOnce a dayLevel 1: 10%,
Level 2: 3%,
Level 3: 1%
VIP2Up to 4.9% for 3000 USDT or more with a 10 USDT feeUp to three times a dayLevel 1: 11%,
Level 2: 4%,
Level 3: 2%
VIP3Up to 5.95% for 5000 USDT or more with a 25 USDT feeNo withdrawal restrictionsLevel 1: 12%,
Level 2: 5%,
Level 3: 3%

This table outlines the different VIP tiers in Cloud Computing VIP, each offering varying daily returns, withdrawal restrictions, and referral commissions.

Cloud Computing VIP Customer support

cloudcomputing Support -T elegram

Depending on a platform like Telegram for customer support is a bit worrisome.

The thing is, Telegram lets people make accounts without giving their phone numbers, which means they can stay anonymous.

This anonymity makes it hard to track down scammers to find out who they really are, suggesting the platform might not be very open or accountable in how it works.

Cloud Computing VIP Red Flags

Lack of transparency

Absence of ownership or executive information on the website.

High returns

Promises of substantial daily returns of up to 5.95% raise concerns.

No marketable products

The platform lacks tangible products or services for affiliates to sell.

Ponzi-like structure

The compensation plan resembles a pyramid or Ponzi scheme, relying on recruitment for earnings.

Lack of proof

There’s no evidence or transparency regarding the platform’s trading activities.

Unrealistic promises

High daily returns without clear explanations or proof can be a red flag for unsustainable business practices.

Customer support through Telegram

Relying on a messaging platform like Telegram for customer support can be a red flag. It may indicate a lack of a formal support system and accountability.

Cloud Computing VIP Reviews

Currently, there are no reviews for the platform since it’s relatively new at the time of this publication, and people haven’t had the chance to leave feedback yet.

It’s worth noting though, that initial reviews might be positive, especially from early participants who could see some returns.
It’s important to recognize that these profits come from new recruits rather than actual trading activities on the platform.

If you’ve invested, I strongly recommend withdrawing your funds as soon as possible.

Similar platforms have left people unable to retrieve their investments, and it’s wise to exercise caution in this regard.


The platform deals heavily with cryptocurrencies and relies on a multi-level structure, involving an upline.

Importantly, it doesn’t offer any real products, and there’s no proof of its trading activities. All these signs strongly suggest it might be a Ponzi scheme.

When it comes to platforms where you invest, transparency is key.

Trustworthy ones provide clear information so users can make informed choices.
With Cloud Computing VIP showing red flags, potential investors must be extremely cautious.

Don’t get lured in by big promises of high returns just because you want quick cash.

Those promises often don’t hold up.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know in the comment section below.


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