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How To Write Compelling Content for businesses?

Writing compelling content is necessary for businesses as it helps in attracting/retaining customers or prospects.

It not only helps in building brand awareness but also results in increased conversion rates since compelling content will encourage the readers to take some kind of action, such as making a purchase, etc. 

Due to these benefits, you will often see many businesses trying their best to come up with engaging content. However, not all of them become successful, because they do not follow the right approach. 

In this article, I am going to discuss a step-by-step guide about how you can write compelling content that will give a boost to your business. 

How To Write Compelling Content – Steps

Below are the steps that you have to follow to write compelling content for your business. 

1. Get Familiar With the Targeted Audience

Writing compelling content

You should understand the audience you are going to target through the content. This will involve understanding: 

  • Who they are (such as their gender, profession, age, region, etc.).
  • What are their preferences/needs? 
  • What are their pain points? 

When the content is according to the needs of the audience, they will most likely feel attached to it, resulting in maximum user engagement and sales as well. 

There are numerous ways through which you can get an understanding of the targeted audience. One way is performing thorough market research to identify what customers are looking for or what kind of problems they are facing. 

Another way is by analyzing the competitors to determine who they are commonly selling and the type of content they are creating. 

2. Find A Topic

Writing compelling content

You have to find a relevant topic on which you will create content. For instance, if your brand/business is selling skin care products for both men and women, then the topics you can go with: 

The Best Skincare Products That Men & Women Should Use

Tip: You can also create separate topics for men and women.  

Moreover, you can easily identify numerous trending or hot topics about “Skincare products” with the help of online tools like Google Trends and/or its alternatives.

This research tool provides a trending graph of the given keyword/topic so that you can decide whether it is appropriate or not.  

However, keep in mind that you should choose a topic in which you can adjust the products/services that your business is offering. 

3. Create Attractive Headlines

Writing compelling content

To write compelling content, you have to create attractive-to-read headlines. Headlines are the first thing that the potential customer will see. This means these will act as a decider whether the user will open your content or not. 

That’s why you should keep the headline of your content as attractive as possible. For this, you have to make use of appealing-to-read words and phrases. But make sure the headline meaning remains untouched. 

For example, if you are topic is “The Best Skincare Products That Men & Women Should Use,” then you can make it attractive by using persuasive words.

“Unleash Your Beauty – Best Skincare Products for Men & Women”

By making headlines attractive, you can encourage the readers to take an interest in your content and start reading it – which is one of the main objectives of compelling content. 

4. Write Content In A Storytelling Tone

Writing compelling content

This step will decide whether you will be successful in writing compelling content or not. Storytelling tone refers to the use of narrative techniques to deliver or promote the products/services that a business is offering. 

And do you know? The primary purpose of compelling content is to grab the user’s attention and keep them sticking to your content for a longer time. By adopting a storytelling tone, you can achieve both, and make your content compelling. 

To write content in a storytelling tone, you have to provide information in the form of a story. For this, you have to provide examples, conflicts, solutions, etc. Along with this, you also have to add a touch of entertainment to the content, while also weaving your business into it. 

When the content is written in a storytelling tone, it will give the readers a feeling that you are talking to them one-on-one. Due to this, they will be more likely to spend more time reading it which will further increase the chances of making a purchase (the main goal of writing compelling content).     

5. Follow A Good-Looking Layout/Format

Writing compelling content

Format/layout of content can also make it attractive or good-looking. So, you have to follow a format that not only attracts the reader’s attention but also makes it easier for them to skim the given information. 

To do this, you need to do multiple things that I have listed below: 

  • Make use of headings/subheadings to divide the content (try to write them engagingly).
  • Use bullets/numbering to discuss important information.
  • Write short sentences (not more than 25 words) and paragraphs (not more than 3-4 lines). 
  • Add graphs, tables, and charts to the content. 

Using all these in your content will make its overall layout or format good-looking and increase the chances of readers staying for a longer time on your content. 

Note: A good content layout (like the one discussed above) will also make it easier for search engines like Google to crawl the content easily and rank it quickly in the required category.   

6. Add Visuals

Writing compelling content

Visuals are pictures, videos, infographics, charts, demos, etc. These are considered more effective at grabbing user’s attention as compared to plain text.

Apart from this, these will also help you in efficiently breaking up the content pattern, allowing the readers to explore it for a longer period.

The more time readers spend on your content, it results in reduced bounce rate of the content and the site as well. Due to this, the website of your business will experience a higher ranking in SERPs. 

Additionally, visuals can also help you to easily convey complex ideas or information to readers in a simple way.  

Alert: Do not add pictures/videos that are already published by someone else, this will result in copyright claims, and you may have to face a lawsuit. 

7. Don’t Forget to Add the Executive Summary

Writing compelling content

When you post business content, the intended readers can be corporate members.

And for corporate readers, there must be an executive summary at the start of the content. Though an executive summary is given at the start of the content, it’s a part of the content that is generated at the last.

Once you have written the business content, try to give an overview of the content so that executive members can read and get an idea of what’s inside the content.

Creating a summary is not an easy task especially when it’s business content.
To ease the job, you can get help from an online summary generator.

These are the online tools equipped with Artificial Intelligence. These tools analyze the input and extract the main points to generate the executive summary in just a few seconds.

Crafting a summary manually can be time-consuming and requires effort. Using the smart tool for the job is a smart idea.

Final Words

Compelling content is highly useful in attracting and retaining potential customers.

However, writing this kind of is not a simple task, it requires following the right steps.
In this article, I have discussed a detailed guide that will help businesses write compelling content. 

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