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MetaMax Review

MetaMax has been gaining attention as a new player in the online investment and affiliate marketing space.

Promising high returns and an innovative approach, it’s crucial to dig deeper into what MetaMax really offers.

This review aims to uncover the facts and provide a comprehensive overview of the platform.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of NovaTech FX.
This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

What is MetaMax?

MetaMax claims to be a cutting-edge platform founded by Rocky Mountain Science and Technology, Inc., aiming to lead the industry with Web3.0 new media technology.

According to their website, MetaMax offers one-stop promotion and sales services to media companies, enabling users to earn income by completing tasks and investing in their financial products.


Despite these claims, there are significant red flags that suggest MetaMax may not be as legitimate as it appears.

The platform’s vague descriptions, reliance on AI-generated personas, and lack of transparency about its operations and leadership raise serious concerns about its authenticity.

Who is Behind MetaMax?

MetaMax lists Olivia Jenkins as its founder and CEO, but investigations reveal that this persona is represented by an AI-generated image, indicating that Olivia Jenkins is not a real person.

Additionally, the physical address provided on their website is a rented virtual office space, further obscuring the true operators behind the platform.

How is it Possible to Make Money with MetaMax?

MetaMax promotes several ways to earn income:

Complete Tasks

Register as a member, receive tasks, complete them, and earn commissions. Tasks include activities like watching videos and rating them.

Video Reviews

Earn by watching videos and providing ratings.

Sharing Platform

Earn by sharing content on the MetaMax platform.

Financial Investment Products

Purchase investment products for fixed income returns.


These income streams heavily rely on recruitment and new member investments, characteristic of a Ponzi scheme.

The substantial returns promised are unsustainable without continuous new investments, raising doubts about the legitimacy of these earnings.

What are the Red Flags?

Sign-up only through referral

Limits transparency and indicates a potential pyramid scheme.

No genuine feedback

Lack of independent reviews suggests controlled or manipulated information.

AI-generated founder image

Indicates deceptive practices and lack of real leadership.

Newly registered domains

Suggests a lack of credibility and history.

Unverified physical address

The given address is a rented virtual office space, not an actual headquarters.

Security concerns

The requirement to install unsafe apps and use VPNs poses significant risks to personal data security.

Suspicious testimonials

Positive comments on social media appear to come from fake accounts with no other history.

MetaMax Pros and Cons


  • Easy registration process
  • Potential for high returns (if legitimate)
  • Variety of claimed income streams


  • High risk of being a scam
  • Lack of transparency about leadership and operations
  • Heavy reliance on recruitment for earnings
  • New and unestablished platform
  • Numerous red flags indicating potential fraud
  • Security risks associated with required apps and VPNs

More is explained in the video below:


MetaMax presents itself as a lucrative opportunity with various ways to earn income, but the reality suggests otherwise.

The numerous red flags, from an AI-generated founder to a reliance on recruitment, indicate that MetaMax may be a scam.

Potential investors should exercise extreme caution and consider more established, transparent alternatives.

Always perform thorough research and due diligence before investing in any platform.
If you have experience with MetaMax, share your story to help others make informed decisions.

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