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Tradixis Review

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Tradixis is a new platform registered in October 2023.

I anticipate hype surrounding this platform, attracting many individuals with the allure of quick money.

By now, your inner alarm should be going off, considering I deliberately used the term ‘make quick money.’
Always remember, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Tradixis has garnered a reputation for potentially being a scam.

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Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Tradixis.
This review is based on my research and online information in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Tradixis Overview

Name: Tradixis Capital
Website: tradixis.net
Price to Join: Free to Join. Minimum to invest $50.
Recommended: No!

Tradixis positions itself as a cutting-edge platform in cryptocurrency trading and investment.
The promise of daily returns at 1.5% though, raises skepticism, especially considering the platform’s recent registration in October 2023 and warnings from national banks, hinting at potential scam concerns.

Further, red flags include the absence of organic traffic to the Tradixis platform and the presence of a potentially fake certificate.

These elements collectively erode trustworthiness, leading to the recommendation to exercise extreme caution and refrain from investing in Tradixis.

What Is Tradixis?

Tradixis Review

Tradixis Capital claims to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading, emphasizing decentralized exchange methods and unique trading pools for investors of all levels.

They promise transparency, security, and high returns, positioning themselves as a beacon in the digital finance realm.

It’s crucial to take a closer look at these claims, though.

There are some warning signs linked to Tradixis Capital that deserve a good dose of scrutiny and thought before jumping onto the platform.

Tradixis Website Information

I always approach platform research with skepticism.

It means checking certain facts about the website.
This helps reveal important information that can sway the final result.

This way, we can determine whether the platform is doubtful or not.

Tradixis Organic Traffic

Tradixis, registered in October 2023, lacks the establishment that often accompanies reliable platforms.

A glance at its website reveals concerning factors:

  1. Low Domain Authority: Tradixis scores a mere 1.9 on domain authority according to Ahrefs, paling in comparison to well-established platforms that often exceed 50 or even 70.
  2. Absent Organic Traffic: Both SEMrush and Ahrefs indicate a complete absence of organic traffic, a stark departure from the visibility expected of a reputable and widely-used platform.

These indicators underscore potential credibility issues with Tradixis

Who Is Behind The Tradixis?

Tradixis Team

On Tradixis’ website, four individuals are highlighted as main founders, yet verifying their identities remains elusive.

Despite claims, no supporting information is found, even on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

Adding to the suspicion, the team descriptions on Tradixis are identical to those on two other platforms, Arbitranix and Passive24.site, both registered shortly after Tradixis.

This raises red flags, suggesting someone may be hedging their bets by creating multiple platforms.

Caution is advised – while one may be legitimate, the shared information and close registrations warrant careful scrutiny.

Adding more weight to these concerns is the well-established platform, BehindMLM, which has independently concluded that the real ownership of the Tradixis platform remains a mystery.

Tradixis’ Certificate of Registration

Tradixis certificate

Tradixis asserts possession of a Certificate of Registration of a Company.

A closer examination of the provided PDF raises serious concerns.

While the text appears clear and professionally laid out, the graphic elements surrounding the logo tell a different story.
The blurry and unclear nature of these elements strongly suggests a poorly fabricated document.

This discrepancy serves as a red flag, urging potential investors to approach Tradixis with heightened caution and skepticism.

Or Is it possible that the Australian Securities issue a certificate with such poor graphics?

What Are The Tradixis Products?

There are no products.

The only way to make money seems to be through recruiting others.

How To Make Money With Tradixis?

The idea behind Tradixis is that you invest, and if the company trades successfully, you make money.
Sounds straightforward, right?

Trading PackageDaily ReturnDurationMinimum DepositMaximum Deposit
Rapid Return1%15 days$5000N/A
Balanced Boost1.2%25 days$1000N/A
Max Growth1.5%30 days$50$10,000

But here’s the catch – Tradixis promises a whopping 1.5% return every day. Now, that’s a bit hard to swallow.

In the world of finance, a red flag should go up when you encounter promises of quick riches. It’s a universal truth: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Tradixis Affiliate Program (?)

Tradixis Affiliate - Terms and Conditions

Tradixis offers a way to make money through its affiliate program, but a major concern arises when looking at its poorly made Terms and Conditions.

Unlike legit cryptocurrency affiliate programs with clear rules, Tradixis seems to fall short.

The confusion and lack of professionalism in their documentation raise doubts about Tradixis’ transparency and legitimacy.

In the world of trustworthy investments, clear terms and conditions are essential.

How to Contact Tradixis?

Tradixis No feedback

This has proven to be challenging.
I did try to contact them via email but received no feedback.

They don’t even have an automatic responder that could say something like ‘Thank you for your message.’

It has been more than 10 days, and I have not received any feedback.

Compared to other affiliate programs in the same niche, it is something unheard of. Legitimate platforms have their affiliate manager who keeps in touch with you and is ready to answer your queries.

With Tradixis – no communication whatsoever.

Tradixis Review: Scam Warning! Revealing Red Flags

Tradixis Red Flags

Communication Blackout

Attempts to contact Tradixis via email have gone unanswered for ten days, raising concerns about their responsiveness.

Fake Certificate

The provided Certificate of Registration appears dubious, with inconsistencies such as blurry graphics, suggesting potential fraudulent documentation.

No Tangible Products

Tradixis lacks clear information or evidence of tangible products or services, a common red flag in investment platforms.

Poorly Crafted Terms and Conditions

The inadequacy of Tradixis’ terms and conditions contrasts with legitimate platforms, potentially indicating a lack of transparency and professionalism.

Replication of Platforms

The creation of similar platforms, such as Arbitranix and Passive24.site, arouses suspicion, hinting at a potential strategy to maximize outcomes.

Bank of Russia Warning

Sing of financal pyramid

The Bank of Russia‘s warning about Tradixis exhibiting “signs of a financial pyramid” adds a substantial layer of caution for potential investors.

Tradixis Reviews

There are no reviews on user-generated content sites, like Trustpilot. That might be because the platform is still new as of this publishing.


Domain AuthorityLow
Organic TrafficAlmost None
Other TrafficReferral Mostly / Direct
Registration DateOctober 2023
Who is BehindNot Clear (Possibly Figures are Made Up)
Contact & FeedbackNo Response to Easy Question
ProductsNo Marketable Products

Tradixis, registered in October 2023, has sparked excitement for quick profits, but multiple red flags raise concerns.

The founders’ identities are elusive, team descriptions are replicated across platforms, and the Certificate of Registration exhibits graphic inconsistencies, indicating potential fabrication.

The platform lacks tangible products, relying on recruitment for earnings.

Warnings from BehindMLM reinforce suspicions, suggesting Tradixis may be a scam.

In conclusion, extreme caution is advised, and prospective investors should consider the numerous red flags before engaging with Tradixis.

About the Author

Mike is an affiliate marketing analyst, content creator, and the founder of SetAffiliateBusiness.com.

Consistently producing in-depth and insightful articles. 📚💻


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  1. Absolutely,

    Tradixis indeed raises numerous red flags, making it difficult for me to recommend it to anyone.
    I’m pleased that you found the article helpful.

    Hopefully, the information about these red flags will reach more people and aid them in recognizing similar scammy platforms in the future.

    Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hello! your review  raises significant red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. The promise of quick and substantial returns, combined with a lack of transparency regarding the founders’ identities and questionable documentation, suggests potential scam concerns. The absence of organic traffic, low domain authority, and the replication of team descriptions across multiple platforms further erode the platform’s credibility. Your  extreme caution, and it is advisable to avoid engaging  until all these red flags are thoroughly addressed and clarified. Always prioritize transparency, authenticity, and well-established platforms for any investment ventures. Well done!


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