Ultron Foundation Review

In the booming landscape of blockchain ventures, caution is the compass for potential investors.
Amidst the myriad opportunities, specificity is key.

Enter Ultron Foundation – a player in this dynamic field.
This review aims to distill the promises, pitfalls, and essentials, offering a concise guide for those treading the blockchain path.

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Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Ultron Foundation.
This review is based on my research and online information in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Ultron Foundation Summary

Name: Ultron Foundation
Website: www.Ultron.Foundation
Price to Join: N/A
Recommended: Not Really

Ultron Foundation promises a blockchain revolution with high returns from staking.

Yet, doubts arise due to transparency concerns and recruitment-centric practices resembling a pyramid scheme.

Potential securities offering issues further raise caution. Investors should carefully weigh promises against potential risks before diving into Ultron Foundation.

I would advise caution when contemplating involvement with the Ultron Foundation.

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What is the Ultron Foundation?

Ultron Foundation HomePage

Ultron Foundation positions itself as a revolutionary blockchain platform focused on speed, security, and scalability.

It claims to address the limitations of older technologies, offering faster transaction processing compared to platforms like Ethereum.

Ultron introduces a native coin, ULX, allowing users access to decentralized asset management services and the option to stake their coins.

However, skepticism arises due to a lack of transparent ownership details and connections to a UK shell company.

The platform’s business model involves users investing in ULTRON tokens with promises of daily returns over five years.
The MLM component allows affiliates to earn commissions through recruitment.

Concerns are raised about the absence of retailable products and the potential classification of Ultron as a securities offering.

Overall, caution is advised, emphasizing the need for thorough research before engaging with the Ultron Foundation.

Ultron Foundation Website Information

I approach the examination of any platform with a healthy dose of skepticism. Scrutinizing specific facts and data about the website can unearth crucial information, ultimately influencing the final verdict on whether the platform is dubious or trustworthy

Ultron Foundation - Organic Traffic

Concerning website traffic, there is an observable trend indicating a sustained increase in interest.

Notably, organic traffic, despite experiencing fluctuations, exhibits a progressive rise.

According to data from similar.com, the preponderance of visitors emanates from direct sources or referrals.

Ultron Foundation - Other Traffic

Ultron Foundation Website Registration Date

The website registration was in February 2022.

Ultron Foundation - Registration Date

In my experience, knowing the date of platform registration is a very important factor.

Quite often, similar platforms claim on their website how long they have been around, contradicting the facts.

Who is Behind the Ultron Foundation?

At the helm of Ultron Foundation stands Shukhrat Shadibekov, serving as the Chief Executive Officer.

Shukhrat Shadibekov

With a background as a Blockchain Leader and developer, he also holds the position of CEO and founder at Cyber Bee.

This provides a glimpse into the leadership driving Ultron’s endeavors in the blockchain space.

How to Make Money with Ultron Foundation

Investing in Ultron Foundation is facilitated through the affiliated company MaVie Global, positioned as a “global affiliate marketing agency” and operating from the domain “mavie.global.”

(It’s noteworthy to distinguish this entity from Ma Vie International Club.)

According to a user testimonial, MaVie has been positively recognized for exceeding expectations in quality and experience, particularly praising their agency work and impressive back office.

Behind MaVie is Michal Prazenica, adding a notable figure to its leadership.

Notably, since February 9th, 2022, Ultron has made strategic changes, transitioning from euros to tether, introducing additional investment tiers, and revising the MLM ranks.

These alterations impact the dynamics of how individuals can participate and potentially profit within the Ultron Foundation ecosystem.

Let me share an overview of how one can potentially make money with Ultron Foundation, focusing on its compensation plan:

Ultron Foundation Compensation Plan

Investment TiersULTRON Tokens Price (in USDT)Discount on TokensPromised Daily Returns
Basic100 USDT5%0.2% for the first year
Light300 USDT8%0.1% for the second year
Light Plus500 USDT10%0.05% for the third year
Standard1500 USDT12%0.025% for the fourth year
Standard Plus5000 USDT15%0.0125% for the fifth year

Additional Details

  • ULTRON tokens are purchased with USDT.
  • The more you invest, the higher the discount on the tokens.
  • Promised daily returns decrease over the five years.

MLM Side

  • Affiliates earn a 10% commission on token packages purchased by recruits.
  • Residual commissions are paid via a binary structure, with caps based on rank.
  • Matching Bonus, Recruitment Bonus, Global Bonus Pools, Top Performer Bonus Pools, Hodl Pool Bonus, and Rank Achievement Bonus offer additional earning opportunities.

Concerns About Ultron’s Legitimacy

Lack of Retailable Products

Ultron raises eyebrows with a noticeable absence of tangible products for retail. The focus on recruitment rather than product sales rings alarm bells, echoing characteristics of a potential pyramid scheme.

Securities Offering Without Registration

The investment model of Ultron involves promises of daily returns over an extended period, resembling a securities offering.

The concern arises from the lack of registration with financial regulators, casting doubt on the legitimacy of Ultron’s operations.

Pyramid Recruitment and MLM Structure

MLM Matrix

Ultron’s compensation plan heavily leans on recruitment, a classic trait of pyramid schemes.

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structure emphasizes earnings through affiliate recruitment, a practice that often raises ethical and legal questions.

Potential Exit Scam and Future Challenges

With mentions of a potential exit scam, Ultron’s legitimacy is further questioned.

Ultron’s unclear ownership and operations raise doubts about its future stability.
Investors should be cautious and thoroughly research before getting involved.

Ultron Foundation Red Flags

Here’s the list of Red Flags I gathered;

Lack of Transparent Ownership

  • Obscure Company Details: No clear information is provided about the individuals or entities behind Ultron Foundation and Givvo.
  • UK Shell Company: Givvo is represented as being run through the UK shell company Prizer22 LTD, raising concerns given the relatively lax regulations in the UK regarding MLM and potential securities fraud.

Association with UK Shell Company and MLM Red Flags

  • Red Flags in UK Operations: Incorporating in the UK is considered a red flag due to its affordability and lack of active regulation by financial authorities. The absence of FCA regulation on MLM-related securities fraud adds to the skepticism.
  • Social Media Management from Slovakia and Slovenia: Givvo’s official Facebook page is managed from Slovakia and Slovenia, aligning with the company’s e-commerce operations in euros.

Connections to Previous Schemes and Individuals

  • Tobias Sukenik and Michal Prazenica: Both individuals, associated with Ultron and Givvo, have previous ties to TBF International, a CBD MLM company, and were linked to the BeReal Estate Ponzi scheme in 2018.
  • Dubai Operations: Sukenik and Prazenica are based in Dubai, a jurisdiction known for limited extradition treaties and lack of regulation on MLM-related securities fraud, raising concerns about the legitimacy of their operations.

Business Operations in Dubai, Slovakia, and Slovenia

  • MLM Scam Capital: Dubai is referred to as the MLM scam capital of the world, suggesting a potential safe haven for scammers due to limited regulations.
  • Geographical Spread: Ultron and Givvo’s operations span multiple locations, including Dubai, Slovakia, and Slovenia, making it challenging to scrutinize and regulate their activities effectively.

Ultron Foundation Reviews

Ultron Foundation Reviews Trustpilot

I went through the reviews on Trustpilot and gathered the real user experiences.

Below is a summary of both positive and negative experiences.

Ultron Foundation Pros


Comprehensive Information and Transparency

  • Users appreciate the availability of essential documents like whitepapers, smart contracts, and tokenomics on Ultron Foundation’s main page. This transparency contributes to a positive user experience.

Previous Positive Experiences

  • Some users have had consistently positive experiences with Ultron Foundation, expressing confidence in the company’s reliability and execution of their stated goals.

Ease of Use

  • Ultron emphasizes fast payment processing, positioning itself as a solution for real-world applications like payments and storing financial data.

Free courses often cover the basics, providing newcomers with the essential know

Ultron Foundation Cons


Fraud Allegations and Lack of Withdrawals

  • Several users report negative experiences, alleging fraud and expressing frustration over the inability to withdraw funds as promised.
    Issues include blocked communications on social media, lack of support, and accusations of a potential rug pull.

Staking Hub Issues and Autostaking Problems

  • Users raise concerns about issues related to staking hubs, including difficulties in withdrawing coins due to an apparent autostaking feature that cannot be turned off.
    Lack of customer support on the website and limited information about these issues contribute to user dissatisfaction.

Associations with Previous Scams

  • A significant concern is raised about the project’s associations with individuals who were reportedly involved in previous cryptocurrency scams, such as Onecoin and Dagcoin.
    This association raises suspicions about the credibility of the Ultron Foundation.


Ultron Foundation presents a mixed bag of promises and red flags.

While it boasts high-yield returns and a vision for revolutionizing decentralized finance, concerns about its legitimacy loom large.

The lack of transparency, reliance on recruitment, and potential securities offering without registration raise serious questions.

Investors should tread cautiously, conduct thorough due diligence, and consider alternative, more transparent investment options.

The combination of ambitious goals and notable risks makes Ultron a venture that demands careful consideration before any involvement.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the heads about the Ultron Foundation. My red flags were raised as soon as you mentioned there was lack of transparent ownership details and that they have connections to a UK shell company. Crypto is exploding everywhere, but along with it, a lot of junk crypto currencies and even some outright scams. I’ll be adding Ultron to the “no” bucket for now. 

    • Yes, it is crucial to check the facts, especially when it comes to platforms that offer investment services.

      Fortunately, it is not so difficult to double-check some information, and if the platform is not transparent about its founders or operators, it’s best to steer clear.

      Absolutely, crypto is everywhere, and therefore one must be careful. Thanks a lot for your comment, Ben.


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