Hello and welcome to my website. RecordCast is an online program to record your computer screen and webcam without the need to install programs. Quick Overview Name: RecordCast Website: Price to Join: $0 Recommended: Yes If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool to create video tutorials, product demos, online courses, flipped class materials, or record some live … Read more

Forex Signals Review

Hello and welcome to the Forex Signals Review.  I have been reviewing hundreds of products and many of them are about trading. Unfortunately, the majority of these companies are shady and it is not recommended to invest with them.  With that being said, it is also difficult to find a company that is a real … Read more

What is a Funnel in Marketing?

Hello and welcome to my site. When I started to build a website I came across one term that was not quite clear to me.  The term was the Funnel.  As I was acquiring more knowledge about internet marketing (to be more specific, affiliate marketing) I began to understand what is this term means, how … Read more

Commission Hotshot Review

Welcome to my website.  You are probably doing some research about the product called Commission Hotshot and want to know whether it is a legit opportunity or just another misleading product.  Is this going to help you to make a consistent income?  In the following Commission Hotshot review you are about to learn how it … Read more

Passive Income From Home

There are many misconceptions about passive income, especially when it comes to making money online. One has to understand that no automation tool generates money on autopilot. The entire process is in principle the same as in the offline world. To earn money, you have to have some sort of source out there that generates … Read more