How to Start Your Own Online Business From Home?

Have you been trying to find a way how to start your own online business from home?
I bet you have.

Do you think you can build a sustainable online business by yourself only?

I think it is possible but it is always better to have a buddy or some kind of guidance, whether as a course or person who can teach you stuff.

One thing you need for sure – you do need a website.

If you ever have seen a course where they tell you that you can start to earn money without a website – stay alert because they most likely are not telling the truth.

These days it is very easy to build a website. You go on YouTube and there are like 1,000’s of tutorials on how to build a website.

What I find not very easy is to decide which direction to go.

  • Do I want to help local businesses with their SEO?
  • Do I want to write a blog and monetize the traffic?
  • Do I want to become a YouTuber?
  • Do I want to write content for another person or company

… there are so many ways how to run an online business.

If you are not decided yet, I will offer you my insights about an easy way to start an online business from home.

It took me 4 years to decide which direction I want to go to.
But eventually, I have figured out what is the easiest way to start an online business and you are going to learn about the method as well.

In the process I have touched many platforms online – I have paid for some, some of them were too expensive for me, some of them were lousy products, but fortunately, I found what fits me the best.

I am sure this is going to help you as well.

How Did I Start?

I am going to show you how I started. I admit that your time is precious, therefore if you would like to skip my personal path you can skip this section, and go directly to the section where I reveal the information about the method I have been using since 2017.

How to Start Your Own Online Business From Home

I started as a guy who was unemployed at that time. I know it might sound a bit cheesy, but the truth is that right around that time I came in contact with internet marketing.

Also, this is not a story of a guy who touched rock bottom. I used to have a good job in Southern Germany (Bayern).
That means that after I left the position (actually I was laid off after almost 4 years, because of the low workload) I was getting unemployment support or benefits for another 12 months. So actually that was a pretty good income for doing nothing.

But I knew that the benefit was not going to last forever. So I have arranged a small meeting with a friend of mine He was at that time a director of a local business.

He asked me to help them to go a little bit global.
Basically, I needed a website and let people from other countries know about this particular service this company offers.

Promoting Local Business

How to Start Your Own Online Business From Home

At that time (late 2014) I paid a company to build a website for me. I didn’t know anything about SEO, promoting a website, running campaigns, building content – nothing.

I have been watching YouTube videos and some free courses on how to create a Facebook Ad. I learned how to create create a Google campaign.
Technically it wasn’t that difficult.

But it took me a while to realize my campaign should be laser targeted.
Too late, I already “burned” a couple of hundred.

Leaving that path aside, I slowly came to the realization that internet marketing is a still good path.
At least for me, since I love traveling and this is one of the main reasons why I decided to start an online business.

Coming to Online Business

In my chase for more information, I stumbled upon many courses. Mostly high-ticket courses from Jeff Walker or Frank Kern. I did not want to spend $1,500 on a course.

So I went to ClickBank and I was checking some courses. I think in 90% of the products I could not stand the hype sales videos.

I kept searching and I decided to sign up for John Crestani’s course Internet Jetset. Today I think the course is updated and it is called Supper Affiliate System 2.0. I did a review of this one the other day.

I was not very happy with the platform. I mean John certainly has the knowledge and the means to deliver the value.
But on that platform. there were upsells which I hate.

Besides some of the material inside the platform was a bit difficult to comprehend, especially for a beginner like I was.

How to Start Your Own Online Business From Home

Did I Find What I Was Looking for?

In the winter of 2017, I stumbled upon a website that directs me to Wealthy Affiliate. I  did not want to sign up since I only wanted to know how to build a simple website.

My idea was simple

  • Learn how to create a website
  • Find product at ClickBank
  • Drive traffic to that product and make a commission from selling the product
Easy Way to Start Online Business

You can say I had a simple and very straightforward plan. (BTW many products at ClickBank try to sell such an idea and claim that this system can generate thousands of dollars a week for you.)

The main problem was actually getting the traffic. A month went by and I had no idea how to drive free traffic.

Therefore I realize that I need some guidance.

I remembered the Wealthy Affiliate site and decided to give it a try.

I also realize this was going to need some investment.
On the other hand, I knew that If I have to pay for the course I have to also study and apply what I learn, so my investment will be paid off.

Based on my previous experience with similar online products, I was very suspicious after signing up. I said to myself if I find one upsell or an additional fee… I am out of there.

I paid for 1st month…checked the platform – no hidden fees, no upsells – Great:)

Affiliate Marketing – An Easy Way to Start Online Business

In my opinion, the best way to start an online business is through Affiliate Marketing.

You do not need any product, you do not need to deal with the customer, you don’t have to contact suppliers…

All you have to do is to write an objective review of a product within a niche you have chosen.
In other words, affiliate marketer connects people ready to buy with vendors who want to sell their services/products.

The easiest is to go to Amazon Associates sites and become a partner with Amazon.

Briefly – How it works:

Go to and check the category.

Choose what you are interested in the most.
Build a website where you will review the products. Choose a keyword and create content.
You will then get traffic by using these simple SEO steps.

Within a few months, you should be able to see some traffic and also sales.

Yes, a few months. But think about it as having any other business;
How long does it take to open the restaurant? How much money do you need for opening a restaurant?

Affiliate marketing needs only time and effort.

You may be asking…

Is Starting An Online Business Still Worth It In 2023?

How to Start Your Own Online Business From Home

Regardless of your past, there is a still pretty good chance that you will succeed in the online world.

Do you know that as of this writing, there are more than 5.6 billion searches per day on Google?
(That doesn’t include the smaller search engines, Bing/Yahoo, Duckduckgo….)

But there are less than 400 million websites that are active.

What does it mean?

That there is a pretty good chance that by picking a proper niche you can have a consistent income within 6 months!

As I said, it doesn’t matter what you have been doing in the past.
With a little bit of effort, most people can learn basic SEO skills. In other words, they can learn how to get to the 1st page of Google.

Believe me, with proper tools and training it is not so difficult.

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate Educational Training

A short note:
The following section can be viewed as a shameless plug, but I feel confident about the educational training platform I am about to show.
I am confident that anyone can build a successful online business from home.
Using the method this platform teaches, you can turn the knowledge into a consistent income online.

There is tons of stuff to go through in very systematic order, including step-by-step training with video tutorials, tasks, live chat with other members, great support, and weekly webinars.

I would compare it to the university style of education, where you decided what pace fits for you.

There is this 1st training with 5 courses. This course consists of 10 lessons.

“It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This getting started the course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.”

Wealthy Affiliate Level 1

My idea of starting an easy business online was confirmed right on this platform. The easiest way is to start with affiliate marketing.


There are many online courses, platforms, and products where you can learn a lot of stuff. There are also lousy products and it seems to me that the majority of e-products in this make-money-online niche are just low quality.

But if you looking for a piece of free information regarding SEO, the online business you can visit Neil Patel. site.

Another very useful website is

How to Start Your Own Online Business From Home

I have covered what is, in my opinion, to start a business online.

You are aware of the fact that there are already plenty of blogs and websites and ways how to make money online. It is extremely difficult to start at this time on your own.

Therefore, I believe that proper education is essential (especially if you are just starting out with internet marketing). The more you learn about websites, SEO, and promoting, the more you can offer and the more you will earn.
There is no shortcut to success.

If you want to learn how to create a website and how to get to the 1st page of Google with this website, go and check the platform I mentioned earlier:

You don’t need to spend a dime to get started.

Please feel free to ask any questions about Internet marketing or how to start an online business.

Or If you feel stuck in the process, I think I really can help you there as well.

Remember that the number of people on the internet is raising and this is a great time for you to start an online business.

Thank you for reading

2 thoughts on “How to Start Your Own Online Business From Home?”

  1. Hello, I’m pleased you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate as a reliable platform for learning how to establish an online business from home.
    I was struggling to find ways to work from home at the beginning of this year as well, but I was scared that many of them would be scams or disappointing.
    Then I came across wealthy affiliate, which is teaching me how to run a profitable online business from the comfort of my own home. I really enjoy working from home:)

    I completely agree with you that wealthy affiliates may be compared to a university-style of education, where you can choose your own pace. Of course, there is no such thing as a quick fix for success.
    In my opinion, if I persist with wealthy affiliates, I will reap the benefits.

    Thank you very much.

    • You are welcome. 

      Yes, there is not such a thing as getting rich quick scheme. 
      As you mentioning, Wealthy Affiliate is a great educational platform teaching what works in the long term. 

      Thank you for your comment
      Wishing you all the best 


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