Gold Opinions Review

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I came across a popular product on Clickbank called Gold Opinions.

It claims to offer a way to earn money by sharing your opinions through surveys.
The website,, has been around since May 2015, which gives it some credibility.

In this review, I will assess whether Gold Opinions can actually help you make money.

Gold Opinions – Summary

Name: Gold Opinions
Price: Advertised Price $1 for 7 days as a trial, then $27
Owners: Not Known

Gold Opinions claims to offer a way to earn money by taking surveys and sharing your opinions.

However, the product lacks transparency and credibility, with unrealistic income claims and fake testimonials.
It serves as a middleman between survey takers and companies but offers little value beyond providing a pre-compiled list of survey opportunities.

Overall, it is not recommended to purchase this product as there are better alternatives available.

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What Is Gold Opinions Review?

Gold Opinions Review

Gold Opinions claims that you can earn money by sharing your opinions through surveys. Companies want honest feedback to improve their products, so they issue these surveys.

Gold Opinions Review

Gold Opinions acts as a middleman between survey takers and companies, claiming to be connected with high-paying corporations.

However, I find this statement unrealistic and misleading, especially considering their “Promo for a very limited time only” offering a 7-day trial of Premium Membership for just $1.

Gold Opinions Review

If they are dishonest about one thing, it raises doubts about their credibility in other areas.

Who is the Gold Opinion For?

Gold Opinions is suitable for anyone, including beginners, who want to work from home.

It does not require any prior experience, unlike affiliate marketing which involves building a website and generating traffic.

Taking surveys does not require specific skills, making it accessible to anyone interested in earning money online.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that earning a 4-figure income per month, ranging from $500 to $5,000, is unlikely to be attainable.

What is inside of the Gold Opinions?

Gold Opinions does not provide any real training or platform.

Once you join, you will be given a list of links to sign up for surveys.
After completing the surveys, you will be paid directly by the respective companies.

The main value offered by Gold Opinions is the convenience of having a pre-compiled list of companies, saving you some time in searching for survey opportunities.

However, beyond that, there is no substantial training or educational resources provided.

Is there a Support?

Gold Opinions Review

Support options provided by Gold Opinions include:

  • Password/account recovery assistance
  • Membership cancellation support
  • A form to submit any issues or inquiries
  • A recommended method for cancellation through Clickbank

It is worth noting that a separate page for refunds may not be necessary, as it could be handled through the email address mentioned in the second option.

Gold Opinions Price Structure

Gold Opinions Review

Gold Opinions offers a trial membership for $1, which lasts for 7 days.

After the trial period, the regular membership fee is $27.

Please note that the trial membership cannot be refunded, so once you join, you will lose the $1 fee.

Is the Gold Opinions worth it?

In my opinion, Gold Opinions may not be worth the investment.

The product lacks a real platform or training, serving primarily as a middleman for survey companies without providing substantial value.

The income claims are unrealistic, and the testimonials appear to be fabricated.

Additionally, you can easily find paid surveys on your own without the need to pay for a membership.

Therefore, it may be more beneficial to explore other opportunities that offer more comprehensive training and the potential for sustainable income.

The Pros and Cons

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Trial for $1 (7 days)
  • n/a

  • Fake Scarcity
  • Income claims are not realistic
  • The unknown person behind the product
  • Fake Testimonials


Gold Opinions may not be the most worthwhile investment.

While it claims to offer opportunities to earn money by taking surveys, the lack of a real platform, unrealistic income claims, and fabricated testimonials raise doubts about its credibility.

Additionally, you can find paid surveys on your own without the need for a membership.

It is advisable to explore alternative avenues that provide comprehensive training and greater potential for sustainable income.

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