Copy My Email System Review

Today we are going to have a look at one product called Copy My Email System. This one is listed as the most popular one on a website called ClickBetter.
If you have not heard about ClickBetter, it is basically very similar to ClickBank (it is an affiliate marketing program).

According to my experience with the ClickBetter marketplace, there are way more low-quality products than at the ClickBank.
In fact, many digital products have been removed from ClickBank due to the high refund rate. These products then re-appear in ClickBetter.

Does it mean that even the Copy My Email System is that bad? With no real value for the potential customer?
We are going to take find out more about the Copy My Email System (CMES); Who is behind the product, what is the price to join, and most importantly whether there is a chance to make some money.
Let’s dive into the Copy My Email System Review.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of the Copy My Email System. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Copy My Email System Overview

Product Name: Copy My Email System (CMES) – [Instant Email Biz is the same thing]
Price to Join: $27 + Upsells
Creator: Bobby (does not say the full name)
Rating: 1/10
Do I recommend it? No!

Copy My Email System Summary

This system should teach you how to make more than $400 a day just by sending emails from home. The idea is to partner up with a creator of CMES, called Bobby. He shares his vast email list with you and you will start making money when someone opens up the email and click on the link.

The problem is that experienced marketers do not share their email lists as it takes a lot of effort to build one.

There are many red flags that show that this system is not worthy of your time and money. It just does not work.
First of all, the person who says is behind the CMES is in fact just a Fiverr actor.
It is claimed that the system is for free, but it is not.

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Copy My Email System Review

In the sales video, we are told that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. It is free to join and all we have to do is to partner up with this guy named “Bobby”.
We will get to Bobby in the next section.
But just to mention what he says – apparently, 95% of his success is coming from email marketing and he already made millions and millions of dollars.

He came up with this system some time ago and his list still grows.
Currently, he is not able to handle millions of emails by himself.

Apparently, the email autoresponder companies do not want to extend the number of emails for him and therefore he needs more partners (like you) so these partners can send Bobby’s emails.

It says it is 100% free.
He says this over and over again, but we will find out that it is not for free. In fact, there are a couple of upsells as well.

Copy My Email System Review

The sales pitch continues in the manner that it is supposed to be an easy way how to make money and it is for complete beginners.

Here is how it works:

  • Activate your system by signing up
  • After your system is activated you will log into the members’ area
  • Click on the “Send Your Email” -> this will send an email to your list
  • Every time someone clicks on a link in one of your emails – you get paid (whether the sale is made or not)
    It is called Cost per Click Advertising

Oh, and you don’t have to build that email list. It is done for you.

It all sounds just too easy, doesn’t it?
We are going to find out that the reality is different.

First of all, the guy on that screen is not a person behind the CMES. He is just a hired actor.
Second, this system does not allow you to send any email without paying the $27, first.

But let’s start from the beginning.
Who is this Bobby guy?

Who Is Behind?

This product is apparently created by a guy named Bobby. He does not say his surname, so the real identity is questionable.

The person in the sales video says that he has been working online for 19 years.

He says he went through the dot com bubble, and also at a time when everyone was afraid to buy stuff from the internet he was still making money.
Then he continues with a list of cars he drove and this is his favorite car.

Copy My Email System Review

His backyard looks like a golf resort…, says Bobby.
If this is the person behind the CMES, working online since 2001, how come he used to be as an actor on Fiverr?
What happened to this person’s business working online since 2001 and then about 10 years later he decided to create videos for others?

Copy My Email System Review

What makes sense is that this person appearing on a sales video is not the real person behind the Copy My Email System.

He is just an actor you can hire to create a promotional video for you. There are hundreds of actors like these on Fiverr.
Don’t get me wrong, these people have legit jobs. But unfortunately, the real people behind products like CMES use such actors to create sales videos and in this case it is very misleading.

And it is not uncommon especially when it comes to digital products listed on ClickBetter. The majority of them do use the hired actors (such as Cash Formula, or AZ Code).

If you looking for a legit system, how to make money online, please make sure that there is a real person behind it. Otherwise, the chance is big that it is just another scam.

The Claims vs Facts

There are many red flags about the CMES, but let’s take a look at some of the big ones:

1) Earn $100 in 10 minutes

This is a very unrealistic claim. Bobby or whoever is behind this system wants us to believe that is possible to start earning money right away.
The thing is that it does not work this way.

It is possible only on a theoretical level.
Let’s say you sign up with Amazon Affiliate Program. You get your link and you will send an email to your friend with this affiliate link. When he purchased the product you get the commission.

Now let’s put ourselves in your friend’s shoes.
We receive an email from a totally strange name, we never heard of. How would you feel?

I know I would be suspicious and most likely I would be afraid of clicking on that link. It is safe to mark that email as spam and delete it.

That is why earning $100 in 10 minutes is almost impossible for a complete newbie.

Here is another piece of information that does not make sense.
It is said that the payments are done via

Copy My Email System Review

If you search for it, you see that this domain is for sale.

Copy My Email System Review

How come the affiliate company dealing with my commission does not have a website?

2) Free Account

During the sales video, Bobby (or the Fiverr actor) mentioned several times that you don’t have to pay for this product and you can “put your wallet in the other room”.
The thing is though, once you are inside the members’ area and you get to the “Make your first $100 Now” tab, you see that there is about an 11-minute long video, and below check what you are asked for.

Copy My Email System Review

You need to pay $27 in order to have it activated.
On top of it, you have an option to “upgrade” your account.
Copy My Email System Review

With this $77 upsell you should get double clicks per day.
There is another hidden fee or upsell, for an additional $197. This upsell or “upgrade” (how they call it)  is supposed to add 5,000 subscribers to your account.

Let’s sum it up:
Considering that we have been promised that Copy My Email System is for free, we might end up paying $27 + $77 + $197.
Total $301!

3) Bobby’s Full Email List

Bobby in the sales video claims that he can’t handle that number of emails by himself and apparently the email providers refuse to extend the list.
I find this very dubious.
Most of the reputable email list providers are able to create a custom plan when the number of contacts is larger than 200,000.

The other thing regarding the email list – it takes an effort to build it up.
I don’t mean the technical aspect of it. But it is important to create a good relationship between the marketer and the potential customer. And this requires time and communication.
It is like a date. You don’t get married after the 2nd date (in most cases, right:) )

So no the question is, why would someone sell such a list.
There are several reasons why would a marketer sell his email list:

  1. The quality of the list is very poor ( for example email addresses are harvested from the web. In other words, people who did not choose to be on that list). There are companies that focus on harvesting emails. For example Referral Pay, or Viral Market. I am sure there are many others as well.
  2. The marketer himself (in this case Bobby) got into trouble with the email provider (He was sending too much spam, which was recognized by the autoresponder company and he got banned)
  3. The email list is already bought by another party (and thus other people use the exact same list)

I can go on, but I believe you get the point.

4) Email To Be Sold To 3rd Party

This is a common practice along with other ClickBetter products.

1st they try to get you to buy their course. The front-end price is pretty low so many people would buy that. But not many people realize that their email address is sold to 3rd party.

A couple of hours after I revealed my email to the CMES I received an offer from a totally different system I have never heard of.

Here is the screenshot of the email with 2 links:

Copy My Email System Review

The first link says to log into my account, but in fact, it asks me to make the purchase for $27.
The second link is even more deceptive.
It says, “Go Here To Get Started For Free”, the truth is, this is an offer to buy a different product for $37.

Another red flag is that this is not the only system pretending to give you a free email list.
If you pay close attention, you see that sometimes you don’t know whether you are inside of the Copy My Email List or a different product called Instant Email Empire.

Copy My Email System Review

Actually, Instant Email Empire is the same product, it just has a different name.

What I like

  • Money-back guarantee (Make sure to ask for the refund via ClickBetter official support page)

What I don’t like

  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Fake Owner
  • It says it is for free (several times) but at the end, you still have to pay
  • You don’t build up your own list (You have no idea who these people are, they don’t know you so there is no relationship and that means emails you send out most likely will be marked as spam.

How About An Alternative?

By now we have covered enough red flags to finally realize the CMES is just not a good system to make money with.

I know that you are searching for ways on how to make money online.Copy My Email System Review
This becomes a new way of how to generate an income. There are more and more people who want to go on this path. Unfortunately, there are more and more scam sites or at least misleading systems just like the CMES.

It has been already more than 2 years ago when I was also looking for platforms online, tutorials on how to build a website, and how to make my first dollar online.
Long story short, I had to realize that there is not an easy way when it comes to making money online.
The more I learned about internet marketing, the more I realized that it actually takes effort, patience and one must have a good mentor as well or some kind of educational platform.

The one I have joined teaches actually everything that is needed – building a website, content creation, how to write the content, how to rank on the 1st page of google ( and other search engines as well).
I personally love the video training tutorials – there are more than 300 of them covering different topics. This platform is great for beginners and also for intermediate marketers.

There are more than 300,000 active members and many of them run a full-time business online. (MAny of them manage more than 2 websites by outsourcing the work). It is not uncommon to have a 4 or 5 digit income per month.

Here’s is a link where you can have a look at how the educational platform looks like.
Having said that, now let’s compare the CMES and WA:

Final Verdict

I agree that email marketing is one of the most effective ways on how to make money online. But it is important to realize that in order to build an email list one must provide value first.
It takes a lot of work to build up such a list. And only after you have built up a relationship with your prospectors, it can truly be an effective way to generate income.
But there must be a real value for people in your email list, otherwise, they begin to unsubscribe.

I would like to ask you a question.

Let’s say you receive an email from a person you have never heard of. In this email, you see a link, and you are asked to click on that link and buy some products.
My question is:
– What is the probability that you would make a purchase from this person?

My guess is, that the probability is pretty close to zero.

The reason is that you don’t know the person who sent you the email. Why would you buy from him/her? You see it as spam, right?

My point is that even if you have a  list with 1,000 emails, you can’t just spam these people.

And the entire idea of CMES is to use the mail list and keep sending them some offers. This simply does not work. Let alone the fact the in most countries, spamming is illegal.

You maybe have check other reviews about the CMES as well, and some of the reviewers call the Copy My Email System a scam. Well, it is pretty close to that also in my opinion.
However, a person can still ask for a refund (the best way is via the official ClickBetter support) so the only thing he or she would waste is time.
And time is precious, so why waste another day?

If you have any questions about the CMES, let me know in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

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