1K A Day Fast Track Review

I spotted a new item in the Top 10 popular products on ClickBank.

It is called a 1K a Day Fast Track.

I take it as you have stumbled upon this product as well, probably on a ClickBank too, and you are wondering whether it is worth investing in this system.

I am glad you do your due diligence since it is a high-ticket product with a price tag of close to $1,000.
But is this going to be the final price for 1K a Day Fast Track (1KaDFT)?

Are there any additional fees?

We are going to look at this product deeper; who is behind it, whether it is a real person, how much money can you make with this system, and by the end of this review, you will be able to decide whether to invest in it or not.

Let’s do the 1K a Day Fast Track review together.

Disclaimer Please note I am not a member or an affiliate for 1K a Day Fast Track.

This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

1K a Day Fast Track Overview

Product Name: 1K a Day Fast Track
Price to Join: $997
Creator: Merlin Holmes
Do I recommend it?
Yes and No. Keep Reading.

1K a Day Fast Track Review – Summary

Merlin Holmes, the founder of 1K a Day Fast Track, offers a comprehensive 6-week training course on affiliate marketing. The focus of the course is promoting ClickBank products through effective email marketing strategies.

As a potential student, you will learn how to set up a captivating 2-page website featuring online polls to pique visitors’ curiosity.
By enticing visitors to leave their email addresses in exchange for more information, you can effectively build an email list and promote various products to them.

However, it’s important to note that this system may not be suitable for beginners, despite claims suggesting otherwise. It’s worth mentioning that to start generating income, the primary focus is on promoting 1K a Day Fast Track, where Merlin offers a generous 50% commission.

It’s important to recognize that driving substantial traffic is essential for promoting any product effectively. Merlin’s approach doesn’t revolve around Google Ads or Facebook Ads; instead, he teaches how to leverage Revcontent as a marketing channel.

Learn how to create and monetize your own website:

What Is The 1K a Day Fast Track?

This is a 6-week course teaching you affiliate marketing.

To be more specific, Merlin focuses mostly on email marketing ad the evergreen method on how to make money online.

Merlin is the name of a person who has developed this system called 1K a Day Fast Track. We will get back to Merlin later on.

He promises that he is going to teach you how he makes more than $14,000 in sales and commissions every day.
You are invited to join his free “live” webinar, where he explains his method.

1K a Day Fast Track Review
1K a Day Fast Track Review

This is supposed to be a live web class, but the truth is, it is just recorded and replayed.
I think nothing wrong with that, but everyone should be informed that the webinar is not live.

The webinar lasts more than 2 hours and if you don’t have time to watch it let me break it down for you.

Well, first of all, I would like to point out that the entire webinar could have been done in 40 minutes.
This is not the first time that I have attended a webinar that took needlessly long.

For example, Vick Strizheus’s webinar, the creator of the 4 Percent Challenge, takes more than 3 hours. And in my opinion, that is too long.

A person can’t be focused for 3 straight hours.

But I digress.

The webinar starts with Merlin’s story about how he started, how he got into internet marketing, and in about 40 minutes he gets to the point – his method of how he generates the income.

According to the information in the webinar, there are 3 big secrets to making thousands per day with simple emails (that is at least how Merlin calls these 3 steps):

  1. Secret #1 – Easy List Building. How to build a large email list without creating content or product
  2. Secret #2 – Get Paid. How to get paid to build the email list and then get paid for years after?
  3. Secret #3 – Hidden Traffic Goldmines. How to get 500 to 1,000+ subscribers per day without paying ads on Facebook and/or Google

In my experience, there is no secret when it comes to building up an email list. Email Marketing is, of course, a great way how to generate income, but the only way how to do it is by providing value to your visitor.

Merlin wants you to believe that

  • He provides you with the Ads – You just copy and paste them. Now Image that hundreds of people do the same. There are the same ads everywhere. It does not make sense.
  • Then, you have this 2-page website with an online poll. Apparently, visitors coming to the page will answer the polls and leave their email (regardless of how they answer you still get their email)
  • After that, they land on a thank you page
  • Then they are redirected to the sales page.
  • If they make a purchase – you get paid.

Well, this is basically a regular funnel.

The only problem is that Merlin wants you to believe that more than 50% of a visitor clicking on the Ads will convert and make a sale.

Reality is different.

Let’s just take a look at the 1st point – The Ads.
The good thing is that you don’t pay google nor Facebook for the Ads, where a click can cost you from $1 to $2.

1K a Day Fast Track Review

You can get much cheaper traffic, and that should be provided by a company called RevContent.

Now, how about this – Did you know that you can use the RevContent service only when you have at least 50,000 visitors per month?
Otherwise, you just can’t use the paid traffic provided by this company.

And let me tell you, having 50K visitors per month on my website – I don’t need to pay for the traffic unless I want to leverage a certain campaign.

There is a lot of misleading information in the 1K a Day Fast Track Webinar.

Anyways, here is the schedule of the 6 weeks training course:

1st Week – 5 Day marketing masters degree + Quick $400 Commissions
2nd Week – Setting up more commission Accounts, Finding the right product, and getting everything in place.
3rd Week – Fast development and deployment of your 1st poll
4th Week – Creating an automated selling system
5th Week – Creating your 1st money-making Ads
6th Week – Panning out your future stream and secret offer sources.

Besides the training, in the webinar, it is said that 1st 15 people will get also Bonuses.

Just a note:
As we have seen this webinar runs every 15 minutes, so what is the point of this fake marketing technique?
The bottom line is that everyone gets the Bonus.

All of them:

  1. Proven Landing Page Templates
  2. Secret Thank you page cash generator script
  3. Full email templates
  4. Titan of the traffic training system
  5. Phone consultation for the first 5 (again, this is just a marketing trick, since the webinar can be replayed 4x per hour)
  6. Ad Pack, Partner support
  7. Free 2nd login for your partner
  8. Secret Package FedEx to your door.

There are 8 Bonuses one will get.

Inside the webinar, when he was talking about these bonuses, I found it very annoying to mention them at least 10x.
He introduces Bonus #1, explains what is all about, and then moves to Bonus #2.

Then he sums it up.
He mentions briefly Bonus #1 and #2.

It goes like this until he gets to the last Bonus.
This part alone took at least 30 minutes.

Who Is 1K A Day Fast Track For?

This course is intended for people who have not succeeded in the online world, but mostly for beginners. There are several groups of people who might be interested in building a business online.

For example:

  • Employees who are tired of commuting to the office and spending at least 8 hours of their day working
  • New Entrepreneurs, just getting started who are looking for a simple way to start a business with very little risk
  • Homemakers – who want to earn an extra income working from home with a little risk
  • Retirees – who want to increase their monthly income
  • Or just people, who want to earn side income working only a few hours per week.

Sounds tempting.
According to Merlin, there is no experience required to succeed with the 1K a Day Fast Track.

Let me just mention, that there is no such thing as easy extra income with a little risk. Merlin makes it sound like there is no hustle involved and a few hours per week is enough to generate an income online.

Only an experienced marketer who already outsources the work can afford to work a few hours a week. Everyone who just starts needs to put enough effort into the building business to get the ball rolling.

But, he correctly points out that his results (making $14,000 per day) are not typical. Of course, he has been doing this for 14 years, so no newbie can compare his outcome with Merlin’s.

Who Is Behind 1K A Day Fast Track?

We have already touched on who is behind the 1K a Day Fast Track.

His name is Merlin Holmes.

1K a Day Fast Track Review

There is not much information about Merlin. It seems that he was not a guy building up personal branding.

We can assume though that Merlin is a real person.
Although based on his income reports (screenshots from ClickBank) one would assume that he is supposed to be on the CB leaderboard, just like Robby Blanchard (with his Commission Hero) is.

He is a college dropout; he did not like the idea of paying for college, getting more and more into debt. He realized that this is not a path for him.

Then he tried network marketing/MLM company, but that did not work out for him either.

Finally, he started creating simple systems to do the work for him and as a result, he made the 1st simple website.
Within 90 days this site was generating over $20,000 per month.

Today, based on the information in the webinar, Merlin runs several businesses, each generating about $300,000 a month.
He shares a screenshot of the total revenue for 1st half of 2019.

1K a Day Fast Track Review

He doesn’t reveal what kind of business are these, nor websites so we may take a look. Just a few screenshots from the ClickBank account.

1K a Day Fast Track Review

Merlin’s income claims seem to be very impressive. He looks like one of the best sellers on ClickBank. I am just wondering, how come he is not at the Leaderboard, yet?

There should be soon an update on the leaderboard, so let’s wait a bit.

1K A Day Fast Track – The Claims vs Facts

I think we have covered also the red flags above, but let me briefly sum it up:

1) A live webinar is not live

It was probably live in the middle of September, and since then it is replayed over and over again. I am not against replayed webinars, but in my opinion, Merlin should be transparent and say that it is recorded.

Or why he does not create a new webinar, let’s say once per week?

It should not be a problem for such a great marketer with 10+ years of experience.

2) Unrealistic Income Claims

A newbie can’t make $400 in his first 24 hours.
Unless he already knows how to drive traffic and he happens to sell the very same product.

3) Cheap Traffic by RevContent

Again, this is not that straightforward.

First of all, one needs to have 50K monthly visitors to buy the traffic from RevContent.

Second, even though this is cheaper than Google or Facebook; the click still costs about $0.2. To have 50 clicks (=visitors) per day on your website, you need $10 per day.
That is an additional $300 per month.

4) Fake Scarcity

We have touched on this already.

During the replayed webinar he keeps talking about the bonuses, and that only the first 5 people will get it.
It is just a fake scarcity since we know that the same webinar can be played over and over again.

Also, towards the end of the webinar, there are notifications, that this person just bought the 1K a Day Fast Track.
There are at least 25 such notifications.

We know that these might have been real, only and only when the 1st webinar was live.

What I like

  • Email Marketing is an effective way to make  money (assuming you know what you are doing)
  • 6 weeks of training providing you with some information

What I don’t like

  • The price is too high (not to mention additional costs for advertising)
  • The copy and Paste system can’t work for everyone. Imagine hundreds or thousands of people using the same ads
  • Income claims. A beginner can’t just make hundreds of dollars per day. Unless he promotes this very same product and by luck someone purchases it. (Merlin pays 50% commission)
  • Fake marketing tricks (fake scarcity, like Bonus, is available only for the first 5 persons – as we have seen this webinar is available 4x per hour = 96 times per day)
  • Additional costs for the Ads. Even though these are allegedly not expensive Google ads or FB ads, you still need an additional budget of about $300 per month to get a traffic

How About An Alternative?

I think what bothers you most is the price of this product.
Almost $1,000 just for a 6 weeks course is a lot of money.

Merlin says over and over again that it is nothing compared to what you can make, but we have seen that it is not that easy. The easiest path how to generate a few hundred per day is to start promoting his system the 1K a Day Fast Track.
But again, you need a significant amount of traffic to your website.

This system with polls probably used to work 10 years ago.

I know you are asking, but Mike is there a legit way how to build a sustainable online business?

1K a Day Fast Track Review

Yes, there is.
Just like any other business, it takes time and effort.

It is easier today with the internet to establish a brand or a business, but no one earns 4 digits in his 1st 2 months. It is undoubtedly easier than 40 or 50 years ago. Starbucks’ idea was turned down 47 times. Look where is Starbucks today.

With the internet, you can be successful faster. For example, it took 1,000 days for Airbnb to establish a brand as we know it today.
In 2017 (9 years after the foundation) the revenue was $2.6 billion.

I am not saying that you should be generating billions, but how long do you think you can start generating 4 digits a month?
My guess is, with proper guidelines, within a year or 16 months.

If this is your mindset, and you are ready to go on this path, then I chttps://setaffiliatebusiness.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/an help you out even if you currently have no experience.

Without further ado, let me show you the Wealthy Affiliate platform where I have learned everything from scratch.

The founders of WA want everyone to have access to their training platform therefore there is a 7 days free starter membership. No credit card is required.

I signed up for a starter membership and within 2 days I liked the training. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Here is an overview of both systems:

Final Verdict

In the training, you should learn how to create a simple business that only takes a few hours to run, and yet you can create thousands in profit.

Well, unfortunately, it does not work that way.
Not for beginners.

The 1K a Day Fast Track is not what I thought it was.
To me, it is just another product teaching you how to promote the 1K-a-Day Fast Track.

Otherwise, it will be very difficult to make money using the “system” described in the 6-week training.

I do not recommend this product.
If you want to watch the webinar, by all means, find yourself 2.5 hours and form your own opinion.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below. I’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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  1. Great tips! While I believe making $1k a day is possible for many people.

    The truth is that it takes hard work, the right hustle, and a mentor.

    This is where I found someone to help me plus I was able to join a mastermind of users for free:

    [Link Deleted]

  2. I have no prior experience I am just looking to earn 40$ per day as per your suggestion what should I do ?

    By Profession I am IT Administrator, I have sound knowledge of Server Administrator and very efficient troubleshooting skill as well I have little wordpress and IOS development knowledge.

    your suggestion is most valuable for me.

    • Hello,

      If you looking for instant earnings, I would suggest you check some freelance websites where you can offer your service.
      I don’t know whether you had a chance to check them.
      Some of them that come to my mind are:

      What I can also suggest for you is to check the platform where I have learned how to use WordPress, how to drive organic traffic and eventually how to monetize the traffic.
      The downside of this platform is that it may take several months until you earn the first buck.
      But to me, it was worth it.
      If you want to find out more, here is a link to the review of this training platform.

      You can test out the platform for free.
      There is a 7 days trial period. And you don’t need a credit card. Just use an email.
      Here is a direct link to that platform – I can guide you through.

      But as I said, it requires time.
      So if you want to earn faster, then the freelancing job might be a better opportunity for you.

      Hope it helps a bit,
      let me know if you need anything else.

  3. Your review is trash,you dont even know what you are talking about,you just trying to sell wealthy affiliate like any other broke wealthy affiliate, affiliate out there,you haven’t even bought the course yourself and you are misleading people with fake reviews on this website to get people to join your website, What a pity

    • Hello and thank you, Berni, for your comment.

      I am not trying to sell a Wealthy Affiliate. I only show other alternatives people can check for free and form their own opinion.
      It is called education.
      What is wrong with that?

      Regarding the 1K a Day Fast Track – This product costs almost $1,000 and it does not bring that value as one would get from the Wealthy Affiliate.
      Having a $1,000 budget, one can easily invest in WA – for almost 3 years!

      I hope you see the picture.

      And let’s compare both of them.
      – 1K a Day Fast Track has been around for a year or so. How many members are behind the scenes?
      The bottom line is that this is just a course – one-time training.

      – Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005. There are about 30 people making sure everything runs smoothly.
      There are more than 2 training platforms, more than 400 video courses, Keyword research tools included, hosting and so on.

      Now it is obvious which platform offers better education.

      If you have any further questions, just let know,
      Wishing you a lot of success

      Stay Healthy
      Cheers, Mike

    • Hello,

      I am sorry but I am not obliged to share my income publicly.

      But I understand your concern;
      You want to see that something works, first -> that something will make you money and then you would believe it.
      Well, 3 years ago I was the same. I did not believe a thing and then I had to change my mind a bit (it took a while though). I took a “risk” and invested in education.
      It was worth it.

      But the thing is, one must be careful where to invest as there are so many misleading products out there, no wonder people are careful and cautious.

      Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a lot of success
      Cheers, Mike

  4. You have not to be very smart to realize this program is a type of ponzi scheme, the company managing the program declarated officially a revenue of 25k $USD during 2019… The man called Merlin is not a multimilloner but a small swindler.


    • Hello Tomi,

      thank you for your comment.
      In my final verdict, I do mention that I don’t recommend 1K a day Fast Track.

      You may be right, it is a kind of Ponzi scheme.
      But, there are other people who don’t see it that way – They may say “oh how could you call it Ponzi scheme, there is a webinar and there is this course, which has sort of value.. and so on“…
      So there are many ways how to look at it.

      That is why I have decided to be as specific as I could be and this is what I have written:

      “…it is just another product teaching you how to promote the 1K a Day Fast Track”

      So I believe we are at the same page, here 🙂

      And Merlin being a swindler – It really seems that way. That is why I have questioned his background, by not being on the ClickBank leaderboard.
      Those Screenshots from Clickbank are most likely fake as well.

      Thanks again for your insight.

  5. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for this review. I’ve been thinking about buying 1K a Day Fast Track but have been having a hard time finding quality reviews. Thankfully yours is pretty detailed!

    I’d like to point out an inaccuracy in your post though. You mentioned that in order to advertise with RevContent, one’s website has to receive 50,000 visitors per month. That actually only applies to *publishers*. What I mean by that is, let’s say a person (or a company) owns a website, which they want to MONETIZE using RevContent widgets (just like Google Adsense). That makes them a “publisher”, and that’s when the 50,000 visitors/month rule applies.

    However, what Merlin teaches is about being a RevContent ADVERTISER (meaning, you develop banner ads, and make them show up on publishers’ websites, in order for you to generate traffic). I don’t believe that the 50,000 visitors/month rule applies to advertisers.

    If you go to RevContent’s website and look at their navigation bar, you’ll clearly see that it has two separate tabs for “Publishers” and “Advertisers”.

    Furthermore, the following article mentions that the rule only applies to publishers and not advertisers:


    Last but not least, you can see on RevContent’s help page, that when you’re signing up to be a publisher, the application form asks for your website’s monthly pageviews count: https://intercom.help/revcontent2/en/articles/3631032-creating-a-revcontent-publisher-account

    Whereas if you become an advertiser (which is what Merlin teaches), the form doesn’t ask about your traffic: https://intercom.help/revcontent2/en/articles/2290745-creating-a-revcontent-advertising-account



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