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What Is Instant Email Empire?

Email marketing is a good way to make money. But in order to be successful, you have to have an email list with many subscribers.
Usually, this is a long process to build such a list, it takes weeks sometimes months. Apparently, there are some products that have this offer, saying something like, “Sign up for a free email account and we will take care of you”

I stumbled upon a product named Instant Email Empire which claims that they will set up a free email account for you and you start making money instantly.

Instant Email Empire Quick Overview

Name: Instant Email Empire
Website: www.instantemailempire.biz/main
Price: Advertised Price Free ($40.80 + Upsells)
Owners: Bobby

What is Instant Email Empire?

First of all, it is funny how their sales video starts. I mean you see this nice opt-in page with the logos of TV companies.

What Is Instant Email Empire

Then the sales video starts with a compilation of newscasts claiming how great it is to start working from home and that this is a great way of earning. 
That is actually the truth and recently more and more people getting into the digital marketing business.

But in this case, the owners of the Instant Email Empire just spliced the TV news in order to raise the viewer’s interest to make an impression, that they actually talk about this particular product.

After the compilation, Bobby shows up. He is a spokesman for this product. I kept checking their website but could not find the full name.

Just a quick note; I am not a big fan of high-ticket products as offered by Frank Kern or John Crestani. Although I must admit that you can find some stuff available on YouTube which actually does have value.

Why am I mentioning these guys? They reveal their full name, even though Frank used to be a scammer (a long time ago and he admits it:) )

So, why Bobby does not say his full name? Is it because he is a paid actor?

Also what I found out, this product has been on the market for a while but it had a different name. If you check the Copy My Email System – you find out that it is the same thing.

Instant Email Empire Pros and Cons

  • Money-back guarantee
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • Claiming that it is a free product, in fact, it costs more than $40
  • No real platform where you can learn
  • False scarcity
  • Spokesmen – not a real person behind the product

Who is Instant Email Empire For?

It does not say specifically who can join. But from the general introduction video, it seems that anybody can join this program.

“But you better hurry, since there are only 100 places available”. That is just a fake scarcity. There is no limit on how many people can join an online platform.

There are other red flags as well, so I suggest you not join the platform. If somebody repeatedly says that you can join for free, and then you are asked to pay $40 – that is an instant deal-breaker.

Instant Email Empire Tools & Training

Right of the bat, there is no real platform where you can learn something. After the sales video, you are asked to fill out the form with your name address phone number and you are already a “member” of this platform.

Instant Email Empire

There is some information about how the program works. Briefly, it goes like this:

Bobby (that is the guy who supposedly is the owner or spokesman) says that his company sends many emails to millions of people who asked for “this” information. Apparently, these are not spammy emails.

And under “this” information he basically means everything. From making money online, losing weight, education, investing courses – you name it – he does it.

But he has a problem – he can not reach everyone who is looking for this information. He needs to clone himself. Of course only metaphorically. By clone, he means a partner – You.

He asks you to partner up with him:

  1. He sets you an email account for free
  2. He uploads new email subscribers to your email account
  3. He gives you emails and offers
  4. He splits the money after you make the profit.

“It sounds awesome.”

But that’s it. Unfortunately it only “sounds” awesome since there is not such a system that works that way.

Instant Email Empire Support

Inside the platform, there is a menu where it says Support/FAQ, but it is only Frequently Asked Questions. I can not find any email or link where you can raise your question.

Instant Email Empire

Instant Email Empire Price Structure

Well, first of all, let me show you that the platform is not free. Yes, you might get the email account for free – but come on – where do you pay for setting up an email account?

Instant Email Empire

Right at the bottom, you see that you need to pay $34 in order to get subscribers.

So if you decide to pay the $34, which is something over $40 (including VAT) you are offered an update for little extra costs as per the screenshot below:

Instant Email Empire

What might happen after you subscribe is that you can make some small sales. You might earn some cents or a few bucks, just to get you excited. But that is basically it.

You end up paying more than actually make.
His “system” resembles the Solo Ads.

If you know what solo ads are, you know that even with the huge subscriber list you still may not make a dime.

My Final Opinion of  Instant Email Empire

To be honest, when I started to do the research, I was a bit confused, since I was not sure which product I should be reviewing. Whether Instant Email Empire or Copy My Email System. You know what? It does not really matter, because they both are the same products. Apparently, whoever the owner is, he kept changing the product names.

The reason is pretty obvious I believe. Once more and more people find out that this is pretty much a scammy product they stop signing up for it. So the owner will just change the cover and name and sells the same thing over and over again.

Alternative For You, That Actually Works

If you looking for an alternative to how to make money online, I have a solution for you. I must point out though that the alternative I have on my mind is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.
It is a particular educational platform where you can learn a lot about affiliate marketing and you can apply that stuff while you learn.

There are members who are able to make a profit within 6 months, but usually, it takes a bit longer. But the results people have are usually 4-digit income per month. I have done a review of this system and you can also read success stories at the end of the post.

Also, what is great in my opinion is that you don’t need to use your credit card to test out the system. That is right, you can set up your free account (it is called a starter membership) and check out the system.

Instant Email Empire at a Glance…

Name: Instant Email Empire
Website: www.instantemailempire.biz/main
Price: Advertised Price Free ($40.80 + Upsells)
Owners: “Bobby”


Email marketing is a good way how to generate income.

But I have not mentioned the most important thing, which is – you have to provide value to your readers with every single email you send out. If not, they will simply unsubscribe from your list.

I do not recommend the Instant Email Empire at all.

Do you have any questions regarding Bobby’s product? Or maybe you would like to find out an evergreen way, how to build a sustainable business online.

Let me know in the comments below. Your opinions are highly appreciated.

30 thoughts on “What Is Instant Email Empire?”

  1. I would like to thank u for backing up. What I have been telling people for years. “If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Quick back story; I have just recently lost my job, an just got my final paycheck. I don’t think reality of the fact that I’m still not quite at the retirement age was hoping for something I could do at home. Long story short, I wish people would help each other more instead of stealing from them. Thanks so much. Have a blessed day.

    • You are welcome Lori.
      I am sorry that you have lost your job.
      I do believe you will figure out something. We all have our brain and each of of has a unique experience and nobody can’t take that away from us.

      As I have reviewed many digital products I can tell, that most of them just want to take your money. It is not easy to find a legit educational platform.
      Also the legit platforms or courses online might costs up to $1,000, which is lot of money.
      I personally have been fortunate enough to find a legit course with great community in Nov2017. It was not cheap either, but at least it does have lots of training material.

      Anyways, be strong and wishing you all the best Lori.
      Cheers 🙂

  2. They got my $27 startup fee. They were phishing for a lot of personal stuff. Wonder whether they can do anything with the last four of my social security number? Wasn’t about to tell them the whole number. Thanks for the info, will get out of this as fast as I can, “unsubscribe”, etc.

    • Did you buy the product through ClickBank or ClickBetter? Then you can easily ask for the money back.
      Let me know.

      Regarding the phishing – that is the common behavior of these kinds of products (I mean people behind them)
      Last 4 digits of your SSN should not tell them much. I believe you are safe.
      But be careful in the future, though.

      Hopefully you are already unsubscribed. If you need any kind of help, let me know
      cheers, Mike


  3. Please be warned stay away from this one the new name is “Instant Email Biz” the new twist is they now also pay by the click. the equally scamming outfit is clickaggregators.com They are supposed to pay the “affiliate” which in this case is you or me 20 cents per click unlimited clicks. Their thresh hold for payment is $1000.00 When you reach that amount it is automatically transferred into your pay pal account. They don’t pay I have requested 5 times to there email address provided clickaggregators@gmail.com As of today’s date 8/10/2019 I am out over $1400.00 combination of monthly email access fees to “BOBBY” plus my affiliate commissions

      • I am a supposed affiliate of instant email empire also like a lot of other people that were SCAMED?i got a thing on my so called email system today that stated that i had to pay 30.00 more and they would give me 500 more subscribers to add to my list but when i did they opened my instant email empire again but nope no added subscribers?they also didnt give me the added 5000 more subscribers when i paid them 97.00 either.what i can say is this the following,i paid for everything through clickbetter.com i just now got all my money back that i put out but i will bet that there is a lot of more people that are not so lucky?and also the people that were calling in the so called clicks got there money ripped off I’m sencerly sorry for that sorry to have dragged you into that also.

        • I appreciate Henry your valuable comment.
          Unfortunately there are lot of people with similar experience. I am afraid many of them don’t ask the money back.

          I am happy for you that you were able to get all your money back. No harm done and you have learnt your lesson.
          Hopefully this message will reach more people so they will stay away from Instant Email Empire.

          Thanks again.

  4. Good Morning Mike,

    The title Instant Email Empire might sound grand but after reading your review I fully understand it is nonsense.

    To not put the full name of the owner is a red flag. Anybody who is proud of their product would give their full name. Then they also rename a lousy product and sell it again. One really has to be careful nowadays, too many scammers around.

    Regards, Taetske

    • I agree with you Taetske,

      Fortunately, if someone would accidentally purchase the Instant Email Empire can still claim the money back. I would recommend to do it within 15 days after purchase.

      Anyways, glad to help.
      Cheers, Mike

  5. I will like to commend you for your time to write this great post about What Is Instant Email Empire. It is an incredibly important article especially for beginners like me. It is easier to fall for scam when you are a novice. And also when you are desperate. I will like to say that, if Bobby,  been the owner of instant email empire does not declare his full Identity,then it will be difficult to convince me that he is real. And this one, the hand writing is boldly written that it’s a scam. The best platform for me is wealthy affiliate, though I just joined about 2 weeks ago but I am learning so many things about making money online. 

    • I used to believe such fluff as well when I started out. Soon you realize that there are just so many similar schemes and it is difficult to find the legit platform. 

      Glad you have found the wealthy affiliate – as it is the best option, for newbies and intermediate marketers as well.

  6. Email marketing is a good way of getting prospective buyers to actually get to buy, because you keep giving them nudges here and there, until they make up their minds. 

    But, Instant Email Empire might not be necessary to create email listings, because one can do it with less cost, 40 dollars is a lot of money. 

    I wouldn’t advice anybody to get involved because, they might just end up scammed. 

    • Absolutely right. 40 dollars is just beginning. Then you would be hit with additional fees, just to spend more money – more income for the unknown owner. 

      Appreciate your comment Peace

  7. Hi there! I just noticed that you published a review about Instant Email Empire and I just had to drop you a message as I have had some experience with “Bobby” as he goes by. 

    I can confirm that this system is a total scam in my opinion. Bobby I’m sure is completely fake! But this guy has created lots of different versions of the same website, all with the aim of scamming people. 

    You are quite right in what you are saying in your review, email marketing is a good thing for most online businesses. But people should never risk spending their money on this in my opinion. I got involved with one of these websites and after doing a bit of research I discovered that nobody makes any money with these systems.

    The website has an area that tells you how much money you have earned. This increases very slowly every day. But when you come to actually getting paid, thats a whole different matter. They simply don’y pay out! 

    My advice to anyone reading this would be to avoid Bobby and his email empire completely.

    Thanks for the review!


    • Thank you Andrew for confirming my opinion. 

      I am sure I will bump into him again, while reviewing another of his “platform”. 

      Appreciate your comment on my review regarding Email Empire.

  8. Hello Mike, this is a good job you have done here. The instant email empire is rather a font for scam program. Sharing profit with the subscribers sounds good but since the system has many issues pointing it in the direction of scam, its only wise to stay away from it.

    Though the review sounds awesome, I have subscribed to many such programs with unprecedented low income or outrightly nothing to show for it. Thanks for your honest review.

  9. Hi there

    This is really educating and informative post. You have really saved so many newbies like me from fallen prey to this Instant Email product. Forming false scarcity and hiring fake spoke person is an act to defraud people. Reading this review shows everything about this product, Instant Email Empire is farce and lies. Thank you for this info.

    • thank you for letting me know that the post has helped you. 

      Should  you have any more questions just let me know


  10. This is just another program that extorts money from people through dubious means. They claim their programs are free but always end up asking for money later on. I guess that word free is what entices people followed by the huge money that can be earned with little to no work. Unfortunately, people fall for these and sadly I also once fell for such a scam.

    • Hi Jay,

      Absolutely – I couldn’t agree more with you.

      I make sure that I mention in all my reviews, that those who “accidentally” bought the product, can claim their money back, so they end up with such experience only.

      I am sorry you have been scammed as well – did you have a chance to get  your money back?

  11. This is  a well detailed information. Oh,  I have heard about this man ‘Bobby ‘ I never knew he is the owner of instant Email Empire. I love the way you carefully outlined the review on the product. Truly,  Email marketing is really gaining ground these days. I had always wanted to engage myself in it but never got the right track.  But with this comprehensive review,  I think instant mail  empire is not worth trying.  Thank you for this informative piece. 

    • Hello – thank you for your comment. 

      That is interesting that you have heard about Bobby already. Is it related to some other product? 

      Email marketing is really worth trying, but I do believe there are better training you can sign up for, without any additional or hidden fees. 

  12. Great post and good info.

    Im happy I came across this review, it puts a log of red flags in my mind, no real people behind it, just a spokesmen, free, but you need to pay. And more stuff. 

    I will leave this aside, because there are many better ways to find a good emailmarketing program. 

    Thanks for sharing this with us, it saves me and probably more people lots of 

    • I appreciate your comment. I believe that more and more people do research before they decide to purchase an online product. 

      Glad to help to help

  13. Another shady product on the internet. I have been looking for something legit to start my online business. But one product after another, turns out to be either scam or low quality. Do need to thank reviewers like you. Otherwise I’ll have to risk my hard earned money to find out.

    Thanks for sharing.


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