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Is Cash Formula a Scam or a Legit Course on ClickBetter?

I do a lot of digital product reviews. Most of them are to be found on the ClickBank site.
I have signed up for many of these products in order to gain as much information as possible.

The thing is that once you give your email to one of the products, there is a pretty good chance that you will be contacted by the owner of a different product, listed on ClickBank as well.

What does it mean?
Is Cash Formula a Scam?

Let me share with you a little side note – as for October 2019

The Cash Formula is no longer listed on ClickBank. It is possible to get this product via a similar site called ClickBetter.

I have found out this fact only recently and I think it is important to be aware of it.
ClickBank refuses to cooperate with a product that has a high return rate or violates rules. I have communicated this issue with ClickBank regarding a different product and Cash Formula belongs to this category as well.

The original review continues below – still referring to ClickBank.

If you don’t want to waste time please check my recommendation – Check out the review about one of the best educational platforms that has been on the market since 2005.

Many of them have in their disclaimer that once you give them an email they have the right to sell it or it can be used by 3rd party as well. I mean to me it is good, so I have a list of products to go through. For a customer who wants to learn something, it can be disturbing.

So let’s take a look at the product called Cash Formula. It has been around since late 2018 and apparently the traffic on www.cashformula.co has been dropping down since March 2019. Is Cash Formula Scam?

We will check the owner, whether there are real testimonials, and also I am interested in price structure.

Name: Cash Formula
Website: www.cashformula.co
Price: Advertised Price $37
Owners: Michael Green

Product Overview

Right off the bat, I must say that the sales video is just hype. Within the first 20 seconds, you are told that this is a “done for you” system, in the next 2 minutes you are told that with this system you can earn $5,000 in 24 hours. (Do mistake it for $5K Formula System)

The sales video is full of fake testimonials, unrealistic claims, and also misleading information about the price.

First of all, it says the owner is Michael Green. They even showed a photo of some guy. I doubt that the person in the picture is the owner of Cash Formula. I just google that image and I found the very same picture on https://www.freepik.com/ and made a screenshot:

cash formula scam

Why would an owner of such a great product hide behind some downloaded photo?  Or is this Michael Green generous enough to post his image on a leading search engine of free vector designs as freepik.com?

I am sure by now even those who were interested in this “great” done for you system raise a brow.

And let me share with you proof that there are paid actors in the Cash Formula testimonial videos. Here are just a few second testimonials. This gentleman says he made $584 in 2 hours using this system.

You can hire this actor on Fiverr. Do you think someone who can make more than $500 in 2 hours, would offer videos for about $14?

cash formula scam

To me personally, these red flags are enough to prevent me from buying this system.

If there is a legit digital product with happy customers, why would anybody need to hire paid actors? That does not make any sense.

The Good & the Bad

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Some training regarding Amazon Affiliate
  • n/a


  • Unrealistic income claims
  • In the sales video statement that it costs you only $39.99, in fact, there are 2 more upsells
  • Fake testimonials, Fake Owner


Who is it For?

The formula Cash System is intended for everybody. At least that is what you hear in the sales video. But I would not say that the entire video is garbage. There is a good thought mentioned which I totally agree with:

“…Because living in debt or paycheck to paycheck isn’t living at all”

I believe that is right and everybody who is not happy with his or her current situation should do something about it. At this particular moment I do not mean, that you should buy this system 🙂  – please do not, even though you can get your money back.

Also here is an honest statement, if you had a chance to spot it, saying that “this could possibly make you a bucket load of cash”

cash formula scam

On the other hand, the sales video has so many claims, that they might seem even humorous.

Here is what has to mention; what supposedly makes this system so perfect.
Apparently, there is Michael’s friend. This guy called Ray has a company that controls millions of web visitors each month, and they have this secret loophole Ray discovered.

There are no losses, only wins. “The amount of money it can make is infinite. It was discovered by a group of Ukrainian coders back in 2010 ” They eventually sold it to Ray’s company.

🙂 I mean WAW

Let’s be realistic. There is not such a system that can generate money with only a few clicks. If you know about it, please let me know in the section below. You can keep it to yourself, though 🙂

Cash Formula Tools & Training

Let’s take a look at how this system looks inside. It is basically about Amazon’s affiliate. You find some documents and tools which you can learn from.

cash formula scam

Inside the platform you have few links, where you can download a theme or plugin; you find also video tutorials there. These videos are quite short (a few minutes long) and it is about how to build a basic website.

If you are interested in how to build your own website you can also check this blog. There is also a video tutorial to it.

Anyways, what else has the Cash Formula platform inside? You can download some eBooks related to Amazon marketing.

The first is less than 100 pages long and it is a general overview of FBA, Affiliate marketing via Amazon, and so on.

cash formula scam

Well, these (or such) books you can check directly at the Amazon page as well for a couple of bucks only. There are many books on Amazon related to affiliate marketing, which costs you literally $1 – $5.


You have access directly to the main menu to support. There is an email you can use in case you have some issues.

cash formula scam

I have not tried that so I am not sure how long does it take for them to give you feedback.

Cash Formula Price Structure

The front-end price is at advertises $37. Despite the sales video where they say, that no other feed is necessary, there are 2 upsells you can buy.

  1. Upsell costs $197. Possible to get with for $97 (with downsell)
  2. Upsell costs $297, but there is not much more I have found out…

cash formula scam


My Final Opinion of Cash Formula

When I first watched the sales video, I was almost certain that this was gonna be a scammy product. Why they have to make the sales pitch so hype? Does it really work and people really do fall for it? Could you please let me know what you think in the comment section below?

It turned out, that there is some material inside the platform. In my opinion, nothing that you couldn’t find out for free – either on YouTube or you can get the books from Amazon, directly.
(This screenshot below contains an affiliate link. That means that the final price for you remains the same, but I may have some credit for it if you decide to make a purchase)cash formula scam

To sum it up, there is no way you can make a $5,000 profit within 24 hours if you just starting out. Even for an experienced affiliate marketer $5,000 a month is great income. But that means approximately 8-14 months of working on the website and most important getting the traffic.

Cash Formula at a Glance…

Name: Cash Formula
Website: www.cashformula.co
Price: Advertised Price $37
Owners: Michael Green

Overall Rank:



Cash Formula System, has its cons and pros. Mostly there are Cons, so I would not spend money on this one. If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, or you want to become an Amazon Affiliate, there is plenty of material out there for free.

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Start out for free – you don’t need a credit card.

If you have any sort of question regarding the Cash Formula system or Affiliate Marketing, let me know.

Cheers 🙂

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