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Browse N’ Bank Review

Hello and welcome to the Browse N’ Bank Review.

This product, available on WarriorPlus, was launched in September 2021. According to the sales video, it claims to be the world’s first system that rewards you for simply using the internet.

If you’re intrigued by the possibility of earning money through this, stick around. It’s important to uncover the reality behind it.

Furthermore, I’ll also unveil the genuine factors required to succeed in making money online.

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Let’s get started.

Please note I am not a member or an affiliate of the Browse N’ Bank. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Browse N’ Bank
Website: www.browsenbank.com/big-discount
Price to Join 
$15 + Upsells! 
Recommended: No

Browse N’ Bank Summary

Browse N’ Bank supposedly offers a system that compensates you for using the internet.

If that sounds too good to be true, your skepticism is valid.

There’s no magic “push-button” solution that generates money effortlessly.

Browse N’ Bank has been developed by Branson Tay, a creator known for such questionable products.

I strongly advise steering clear of his products. Additionally, before using your credit card or PayPal, it’s wise to conduct your own research.

I understand you might be feeling frustrated right now. I’ve been in the same position. It took me over a year to discover a legitimate platform that taught me how to consistently earn income online.

Actually, you can explore the platform I found. Just click the link below for more information.

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What Is Browse N’ Bank?

Browse N Bank Review

Browse N’ Bank, a WarriorPlus product, was launched on September 6th, 2021, and is available on the WarriorPlus platform.

It makes an audacious promise of generating over $300 per hour by merely using the internet. The sales page is filled with preposterous claims such as:

  • Guaranteed viral traffic on autopilot
  • A path to multiplying your profit by 100 times
  • Additional income stream
  • Describing the system as your virtual ATM machine
  • Mentioning a dollar loophole

Let me be upfront: this claim is utterly absurd.

I understand that many make-money-online products aim to stand out, but this is blatant clickbait.

And it doesn’t end there;

According to them, you don’t require any experience, nor do you need to understand anything about driving traffic; it’s supposedly a “failproof way of making money.”

How? Just follow these three steps:

  1. Access – Obtain entry to Browse N’ Bank (they even resort to fake scarcity, warning of an impending price increase)
  2. Activate – Switch on the “Paid2Browse Technology Inside Of Browse N’ Bank,” as simple as flicking a light switch
  3. Bank – Earn money while browsing your favorite sites or social media (allegedly through direct deposit or PayPal)

Clearly, this is nonsensical.

As we delve further into the review, we’ll uncover the need to create a landing page of sorts and also acquire traffic.

Now, the question arises: Who is responsible for creating such deceptive products?

Who Is The Founder Of Browse N’ Bank?

The individual behind these products goes by the name of Branson Tay.

The pertinent question emerges: Is Branson Tay a reputable expert or a scammer?

Let’s examine more closely;
Branson hails from Malaysia and has gained a certain level of notoriety for churning out products on a monthly basis.

To date, he has developed a minimum of 9 products since the start of 2021.

Browse n Bank Review

Why does he do it?

He’s a serial product creator, and his motive is singular: to make money.

In the realm of online money-making products, there are numerous offerings that genuinely provide value. The creators of such products don’t need to consistently churn out new ones month after month.

Branson Tay’s “strategy” appears to have a flaw – at least from the customer’s perspective.

From the products, I’ve reviewed, including Type4Cash, PermaLink, and MailerLink, a pattern emerges. They are essentially the same:

  • Overly exaggerated sales pages
  • Unrealistic income assertions
  • Dashboards featuring essentially worthless page builders
  • And most importantly, none of the three mentioned above works anymore.

Does this necessarily label Branson Tay as a scammer?

While I won’t explicitly term him as such, it’s clear that his products fail to live up to the immense hype surrounding them.

Who Is Browse N’ Bank For?

Clearly, by now, you’re well aware that Browse N’ Bank is not a beneficial choice for anyone.

Once again, the sales page’s claim that no prior experience is necessary serves the purpose of attracting as many individuals as possible. However, this assertion is merely a tactic.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous newcomers without experience who might be susceptible to falling for such a misleading scheme.

In the realm of such products, skepticism proves to be a prudent approach. I commend your commitment to conducting research and uncovering the truth.

And if, by any chance, you’ve fallen victim to such a scam – don’t be disheartened. Treat it as a learning opportunity. Valuable knowledge comes with a price, and in this case, you’ve paid for a piece of enlightenment.

So How To Make Money Online? 

There are many ways, but one of the best ways is to create a website or a YouTube channel. 

People who want to educate themselves have an advantage over those people looking for get-rich-quick schemes. 

Imagine you have learned these 3 skills:

  • how to create a website
  • how to drive free traffic
  • how to monetize the traffic

I don’t know how long have you been searching for a legitimate educational platform. I know it took me some quiet time. 

Thanks to the great step-by-step training I was able to learn all those mentioned skills, and beyond. 
Once you learn some basics, you are on your way to having multiple streams of income. 

Let’s go back to the Browse N’ Bank.

How Does Browse N’ Bank Work?

Well, one would guess that you just join the Dashboard, push the button, and that’s it, right? 


Browse n Bank Review

 Inside the Dashboard, there is a menu, where you select some templates, edit them, and create your “webpage”. This is the first proof that this thing is extremely misleading. We were told to browse the internet, Facebook, and watch Youtube and get paid.  But the truth is that we “must” do some work.

Actually, I wouldn’t be complaining if the “whatever it is” inside the dashboard actually works. 

The problem is that the “simple webpage” that is created inside the dashboard is useless. 
No one will ever see them. 

Think about that. 
Let’s say you want to find some product online. 

You enter the keyword and you see the results (whether in Google or Bing/Yahoo). 

All of the websites that you see (on the 1st page or 2nd) have authority. In other words, they have a lot of content and are well-established. 
With that being said, some simple page created within Browse N’ Bank has no authority and no real content. 

On top of it, other people who purchased the Browse N’ Bank will have pretty much the same site, in eyes of Google (or other search engines). 
Therefore, it won’t be visible in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

Social Media

So the only way how to get traffic to your links is through social media. 

But again. 
How many followers do you have? 

If someone has 100,000 followers on Instagram he or she doesn’t need this tool. 

If not, then this is useless anyway, since no one of the 100 or 500 friends/followers will click on the offer and make a purchase. 
The thing is that only a small percentage of followers actually see what you post.

How about the automation thing? 

It is possible to automate the comments and replies on Social media with Browse N’ Bank. 

Well, Social Media does not like any sort of automation tools, regarding comments or replies. 
This means, that if you apply any kind of automation, your account will be banned. 

The bottom line

Everything that is inside the Browse N’ Bank Dashboard can be done, without Browse N’ Bank and for free. 
So spending money and time on Browse N’ Bank makes absolutely no sense. 

Regarding the website;
here are some essential things you need to know in order to have a website:

Browse N’ Bank Reviews

One more thing I would like to share with you. 

You have probably seen other pages, claiming that Browse N’ Bank is a great product and they recommend it. 

Or even “Highly recommended”: 

Browse n Bank Review

And many of these reviews that promote the Browse N’ Bank are very misleading. Actually, they lie in their reviews. 

For example in this review, one reads, that there are no additional costs. 

Browse n Bank Review


Why would anyone promote such a product? 

Let’s check the Price structure.

How Much Does Browse N’ Bank Cost?

The front-end price is $15. 

Browse n Bank Review

 Even though they claim that no additional costs are required, the truth is that a person deciding to purchase this product might end up paying several hundred dollars. 

And there is the Upsell structure with some “premium features”:

Browse N’ Bank Upsells

 If you are not careful and go through the upsells, you can end up paying more than $900. To be precise it is $919 (including the front-end price).

In case you manage to get the “discount” the final price is “only” $492 (pulse the front-end price).  You have probably spotted the note above the upsell structure. 

Any affiliate promoting the Browse N’ Bank gets a 50% commission. 
That is a pretty good deal.  Well, this is not how affiliate marketing should work. 

I have been taught that the first and most important thing is to provide the visitor (of a website) or a viewer (youtube video) with real value. 

Browse N’ Bank Red Flags

Let’s check some browse n bank red flags. 

Beta Testers

We already know that Branson (the creator of Browse N’ Bank) is the creator of other products. 
For example Type4Cash. 

Just let’s compare the beta testers of both products and we are going to find out that both groups made exactly the same amount of money. 

This is the screenshot from Type4Cash

Browse n Bank Review

and this one from Browse N’ Bank sales page:

Browse n Bank Review

Now that is interesting.
Do you believe it is a coincidence? Let me know in the comment section. 

It is obvious that these figures are made up. 

Fake Scarcity

You have probably noticed the timer and the information that the price rises.

Well, that’s just fake scarcity. 
Refresh the page and the time starts all over again. 

Browse n Bank Review

What Do I Like About Browse N’ Bank?

  •  Money-Back Guarantee (but the research shows, that it is not easy to get the money back. The problem is that WarriorPlus is not responsible for the refund, Therefore you have to contact Branson and that is tricky). 

What I Don’t Like About Browse N’ Bank?

  • Hyped-Up Sales Page
  • Unrealistic Earning Claims
  • Just a re-hashed product


To be honest, I thought that such products can’t have success anymore. 

I mean, when I was searching for platforms teaching how to make money online, back in 2015, and 2016 I used to think; this is probably because of this huge boom of the internet… cell phones were available for almost everyone… but soon these scams can’t be around. 

Well, it looks like I have been wrong. 

Here we go again in the 2nd half of 2021, and we still have these B.S. products trying to rip you off. 

Please stay away from the Browse N’ Bank. There is no such a thing as 100% Hands-Free Income
Also, watch out for any new product that Branson Tay release. 

What’s next? 
Are you going to spend time chasing other shiny objects? 

Or do you really want to start earning online? 

Well, I have something that might interest you. 
Check the link at the very bottom and you are going to learn how to start making money online. 

And here is a nice gesture: 
You can test the educational platform I recommend, it is called Wealthy Affiliate and it is free to join. There are 5 lessons that you can go through and check whether it is something you want to do or not. 

And there is really no risk involved since you can join the platform just by using your email.

Do you have questions regarding the Browse N’ Bank? 
Or do you have experience with similar products? 

Let me know in the comment section below. 
You are going to help other readers as well. 

Thank you for reading,

Learn How To Make Money Online

First of all please realize there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme.
Anyone promising you quick money is lying. 

You have to choose a specific business model and put effort into it. 

To save you some time, the simplest business model is Affiliate Marketing.
You don’t have to create any products, you don’t deal with suppliers or customers.

You simply create a website about a specific topic and inform your readers about the product or service.
Your website is like a middleman between potential buyers and vendors.

Yes, it is necessary to learn some skills, but it is not rocket science. 
Check the link below to learn more about a specific platform teaching these skills (and beyond).  

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  1. I have paid my $15 for registration at Browse n Bank.
    Today 11 April 2023

    Where do I get the paid2browse key to get started

    • Hello Frederik,

      I am not sure whether you had a chance to read the full review.
      The so-called “Paid2Browse Technology” inside the Browse N’ Bank platform, is made up. In other words, it doesn’t work as promoted.

      The entire Browse N’ Bank is scammy and no one made money with this platform. The platform is just another digital product that makes money for the founder – in this case Branson Tay.

      I suggest getting to the WarriorPlus support site and asking for a refund.

      Hope that will work out for you. In my experience, it is not easy to get the money back from Warriorplus (they are not responsible for the refund, but there is still a chance).

      Let me know in case of further questions,

    • Hi Abraham,

      Are you sure?
      I mean did you read the review carefully?

      Browse and bank system is a scammy digital product that does not work. Noone who purchased made money from using the browse and bank system.

  2. I am very interested and would like to signed up. I’m worried because am in Papau New Guinea, would I still have access to Browse n Bank? I do not have PayPal but I do have Visa Debit Card.

    Karen Mineba

    • Hello Karen Mineba,

      Are you interested in signing up for Browse N Bank?

      Have you read the review carefully? I am sorry but I don’t recommend this product, simply because of it does NOT work.
      Please save your money and stay away from scammy products like this.

      Spend some more time doing research and you will find ways how to make money online.
      Wishing you all the best.

      In case you have further questions let me know,

    • Hi,
      I am sorry but I don’t really understand what do you mean?
      In the article above it is explained that browse n Bank will not help you to generate income online. It is a scammy product.

      If you have further questions let me know


  3. Thank you for this information.
    I almost fall into this scam. Website.
    Thank God I did joined. Branson Yay always disturb me with this misleading content in my email.


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