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CB Passive Income 5.0 Review

This time we will be reviewing Patric Chan’s program called CB Passive Income version 5.0.

Just looking at the name of the product one can already assume that CB stands for ClickBank. Passive income is obvious and it is basically something we all want. It is like having a real estate rented out and just collecting money each month.

In the online world, it could mean for example software that generating money for you. There is a bit of misunderstanding in the idea of passive income conception. To put it simply: In order to have passive income, first you need to be very active and work hard and eventually you will be able to get to the point when you make money while sleeping.

CB Passive Income 5.0 is the version or 5th generation of Patric’s program. 5th generation is supposed to be good, I assume.

First, we will check what has changed since earlier versions, and then we will be taking a look at the current version, which should be ready for 2019.

CB Passive Income Extreme is no longer available

You can process to my #1 Recommended platform teaching how to create a blog and how to monetize the free traffic

Name: CP Passive Income 5.0
Website: www.cbpassiveincome.com – CB Passive Income Extreme is no longer available
Price: Advertised Price $47 + Upsell (Optional Upgrade)
Owners: Patric Chan

CB Passive Income 5.0 Review – Product Overview

Well, it is already a good sign that Patric is a real person. And he is active in forums and blogs – in fact here is a post about him commenting on another review.

CB 5.0 should be a turn-key system to make money online. How does it work? We will talk about that in the next paragraph.

Let me start by taking a look at the previous versions.

First CB Passive income first version was launched in the middle of 2013. Patric claims that it helped hundreds of marketers and also newbies to make money online. A year later it was already updated to version 2.0. This version 2014, was developed for the customer to get more leads from promotion and to generate passive income. It does not say what actually had been improved.

What about version 3.0. With version 3.0 comes multiple “secret pages” to promote. That means, that you were able to multiple streams of income.

With version 4.0 the program was optimized for mobile phones. That was a good move since the number of mobile phone users increased dramatically. Also it worth mentioning that with the 4.0 version they (Patric and his team) created Facebook Click-To-Optin Feature. Mobile traffic visitors had been able to subscribe without typing in their email addresses. You are probably familiar with the similar features when you want to sign up and it gives you an option via FaceBook or via Google.

Well at this point Patric says you can buy traffic at a lower cost because mobile traffic is cheap. Isn’t it because of the fact that people usually do not buy through cell phones? Correct me if I am wrong down in the comments section.

And finally, version 5.0 released in 2018.

“The hottest marketing strategy for recent years, including 2018 is Funneling”. So in the newest version, the customer is able to clone Patric’s proven funnel.

cb passive income 5.0

To sum up. CB passive income 5.0 is a business model where you give away valuable internet marketing products and you collect commission out of whatever the customer buys.

If you have not gone through Patric’s sales page I would like to also mention that Patric’s seems to have a good reputation in the internet marketing industry. You can tell right from the testimonials, which in his case are not fake.

What also backs up his reputation is the fact that he is the author of several books. One of his books is called The 72 Amazing Ways To Internet Profits and it is found to be on Amazon.

He is also co-author of the book Clicking Cash with Robert G. Allen. You can check Robert’s book at Amazon as well.

cb passive income 5.0

Well, with such a reputation he should be selling good stuff, right?

The Good & the Bad

  • 60 days of money guarantee back. In some cases, ClickBank refuses to give the money back for the current month. It may start to be valid the following month.
  • You can take some knowledge out of his training
  • An owner is a real person with a real company (This “identification” aspect should not be considered as Pro. It should be absolutely normal but considering other low-quality products it turns out to be a positive feature)
  • Training is not up to date completely
  • The training platform should have both video and text tutorials. Video tutorials are missing.
  • Upsells (I personally don’t like upsells, but many people are OK with them)


Who is it For?

Like many of the ClickBank products, also CB Passive Income 5.0 is intended for newbies but also for intermediate marketers. Well, at least that is claimed in the sales video. Since the program does almost everything for you, and you only need to get the traffic.

Well, “only to get the traffic”?

I would like to remind you, that this is the hardest part. And I mean both, organic (free) and paid traffic. There are many people pouring money into the Ads, and they only get some traffic. And traffic does not necessarily mean monetization.

CB Passive Income 5.0 Tools & Training

The training he provides seems well organized from first sight. It is also easy to use and easy to understand.

cb passive income 5.0

Right at the beginning, you are advised to read the checklist. These are short PDFs and it has 3 parts:

  1.  How to make money online and about ClickBank
  2.  How to do Internet marketing
  3.  Using CB passive income as the shortcut

So in the 3rd part, you are shown how to set the system up. It consists of 3 following steps:

Step 1: Your unique link pages

Here you find several pages that you are going to promote to get subscribers. For each page, there will be your unique link.

You will get your unique ID as per the instructions in Step 1.

Step 2 Choose your unique link pages

Here you are shown how to promote any of your unique link pages at the same time. There are (at least for the time being) 7 different funnels you can promote.

Here is basically what it says:

“When the website visitors go to any of these Unique Ling Pages and enter their email addresses to subscribe, they will be subscribed to your CB Passive Income account.

After that, they will automatically start receiving promotional emails from the system with your ClickBank affiliate links.

They will always continue to receive emails to purchase various ClickBank products that are related to making money online. If they decide to buy, you’ll make affiliate commissions”

Step 3: Promote your unique link page

In this section, you are shown the section within the platform where you are taught how to drive traffic to your link page.

Apparently, they cover both paid traffic and free traffic.

cb passive income 5.0

Your Unique Link

(this is the 4th Selection in the menu on the left-hand side inside the platform)

cb passive income 5.0

Here you find the list of the offers you want to promote. Underneath each funnel, you have a description and if you decide to promote the funnel you just click at the bottom of the funnel to get the link

There your link is generated with your unique ID.

So if the visitor clicks on your link, he is directed to a squeeze page or opt-in page. He may eventually buy the product, but there is no guarantee. Also please note that if you get 5 people out of 100 who buy the product – Congratulations -> you get a pretty high conversion.

One other note I would like to point out. Within each funnel, you have this message saying that you should go to upgrade – that is basically the one-time upsell for $97.

cb passive income 5.0

Well, to me that would be a deal-breaker, but apparently, many people are OK with that. i

In my opinion, if one has a budget of about $50 a month he can be part of a much better training platform, with an active community, online support, more than 300 video training, and NO UPSELLS whatsoever.

And it is free – in fact, for the first 7 days, one can act inside the platform as a Premium Member for free. After 7 days he has to decide, whether to stay for free with limited options or he wants to go with the premium membership for about $1 a day (if signed yearly). Again No Additional fees.

But I digress.

Back to CB 5.0 Platform.

Traffic promotion training

You are going to need traffic. In the Training feature, they have 2 different traffic sources.

  1. Solo Advertising or Solo Ads – I would not recommend using solo ads since it is basically spamming.
  2. Bing Ads – Not a bad strategy, since the ads within Bing are still cheap.
  3. Free YouTube traffic training  – YouTube is the #2 Search Engine.


You are able to see how many conversions you get from different traffic sources. This particular feature you have for free and is called Google Analytics.

At this point, you can not build your own email list. Which kind of sucks. And that can be crucial.

Patrick knows about that and he offers you to build your own list once you purchase one of the other upsell.  That is already a 2nd Red Flag!

So that is the CB Passive Income 5.0 in a nutshell.

CB Passive Income 5.0 Support

CB passive income is a real brick-and-mortar company. They do have their own team including support staff. Which sounds great.

I have not been in touch with support, but there are different opinions. I believe it also depends on the kind of question you ask.

There are people who get an answer within like 8 hours. On the other hand, there are cases when a person could not get feedback in months. I believe he had issues with generating traffic and raised the question to the support team.
Apparently, he could not get the answer, at all.

CB Passive Income 5.0 Price Structure – How Many Upsells?

As already announced, the advertised price is $47. Which gives us a total of $56,40. You may get a special price for 14 days – to try out the system. The following offer pops up:

cb passive income 5.0

I am not sure if that works all the time – and I was surprised myself as well.

Nevertheless, besides the monthly payment, there are some upsells, or options – probably a fancy name for upsell. Here is the structure:

For the core offer, you can get a discount if you decide to go quarterly. Then it is $97 per 3 months (you save $44).

CB Passive Income 5.0 at a Glance

Name: CP Passive Income 5.0
Website: www.cbpassiveincome.com
Price: Advertised Price $47  + Upsells
Owners: Patric Chan
Overall Rank:


It really looks like a good program, but I believe it does not deliver good value for that price. And I do not even mean the upsell part.

I do have mixed up feelings about this as a whole. On one hand, he has a reputation, but I guess I would expect more from the program. Also what I see as a downfall is some of his training material which seems outdated.

If you have already some experience with internet marketing, or at least you know how to build a website, I am pretty sure you are able to promote the ClickBank products on your own.

But it is just my opinion. I would be interested in what are your thoughts about Patric’s program.

Or if anything did not make sense, please let me know I would be more than happy to answer you as soon as I can.

30 thoughts on “CB Passive Income 5.0 Review”

  1. I been a member of CB Passive Income since 2014 and I use it to this day, because it works. It work for me anyway and as long as someone is willing to put in the effort to generate quality leads to the system, anyone can make profits.

    Keep in mind, this is not only about making money on upsells, any promotion sent by the system, including new launches on CB etc, any leads that do purchase these products, you will get paid. Thats the awesome part. I do appreciate this review, because it posts the pros and cons, non the less, if anyone is wondering. CB Passive Income is NOT a scam. But requires effort if you want to make money. And as we know, people join new shiny objects every 2 weeks, which is why many fail with this affiliate marketing business. Either is free to join or not, it requires commitemnt and people just dont have the time,e because everyone wants fast cash


    • thank you Bruno for your comment.
      I am glad you pointed out that CB Passive Income is not scam.
      I agree with you that making money (not only online) requires effort and time. Also with the shiny objects – I couldn’t agree with you more.
      With the upsells – I think it is my personal issue since I like to see things like they are just from the beginning.
      Definitely if somebody is willing to put effort in the CB Passive Income, I am sure he will succeed.

  2. Thanks for this informative post, to summarize it all the technical stuff for you, and just asks you to drive traffic to the landing page Which in my experience in internet marketing is one of the hardest thing to do, Overall, I would say for a newbie it’s probably not the best place to start. Definitely not a good way to earn passive income.

    • Right, to drive the traffic is the most challenging part. I agree.

      As for newbies I would recommend to check some free YouTube videos, or to sign up for a platform offering free trial. 

  3. Hi Mike

    I was looking at CB Passive Income when I came across your website. I like how you have broken down the program and explained the Pros & Cons. 

    I have looked at this program way back when in version 3 and walked away. But for some reason I keep coming back to it in ClickBank. I almost went for it again in version 5. Thank you for your review.

    I followed one of your alternate links to wealthy Affiliate. Have you done a review on Wealthy Affiliate as It looks like a program with a more sane approach to internet marketing. There you actually build your own presents on the internet with much more flexibility to what you maybe interested in.

    From the link page I saw a lot of information and I am still trying to absorb it all but I think I may go with this option instead of CB Passive Income. Which to me seems more hype  than substance.

    Thank you for this article Mike.


    • Originally I was expecting more from CB Passive Income 5.0. Maybe it will get better with version 6.0

      I will keep an eye on it:)

      As for the WA  I did review on that as well. I also created a longer version where I describe this training platform in detail.
      What is really great about WA, there are no upsells and once you sign up for Premium membership, there are no additional fees. They really deliver the quality.

      Murray thanks for commenting

  4. Hi Mike, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your review on “CB Passive Income 5.0”, And I found it as a great deal after noticing its evolution towards upgraded version. I agree, that your analysis is sufficiently detailed and unbiased. 

    But, I think, the cost is much higher as compared to its services as you’ve listed and also there’s an upsell later. I feel this deal is not for me. I’m grateful to you that you’ve given an alternate option to consider, that’s really awesome.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review, looking forward to more of such reviews.



    • Thanks a lot for comment Akshay.

      Glad to help. I will keep review similar products. I am sure there will be some products offering real value for a reasonable price. 

  5. I really love this. Truth be told, I honestly like the way this CB passive income works . I really like the way the Click Bank training tools are set up . it is really newbie friendly. The unique link via quite easy to use even for the the buyers.. I will really follow your advise to use that Bing Ads after signing up to it

  6. Click bank actually has a good reputation in the internet world of marketing business. I actually trust their programs but I don’t trust every of their products. Reason being that there are people who produce and sell crapy products on clickbank and at last, you end up loosing your money. 

    • ClickBank has a good reputation, but I am afraid that the quality of products being sold there is decreasing – at least in the field of digital products.

      When I want to sort out the e-products by popularity I see that out of TOP10 more than 50% are crappy ones… 

  7. The main offer is very reasonable at $ 47.00 a month,but some of the upsells are expensive like the CB passive income,and others.     

    A weak point is the lack of video tutorials.      

     The program leaves me with a few doubts,it has  been going for quite a while,which is good,but the training is not of the best quality.

    Patric Chan has a good reputation, and is well known in the industry,and with a testimonial from Bill Bartmann, we can generally, be at peace with what he provides.

    The 60 day money back guarantee is a good feature, but there seems to be a little controversy there.


    • These upsells are deal-breaker – at least to me.
      As you saying it is controversial. I think he still relies on his reputation, but he neglect to deliver the value.

      In my opinion he should invest more into the platform – like current video training, teaching how to build a website, how to get the free traffic and so on. 

  8. Hi Mike,

    Patrick Chan has definitely made a name for himself in the online business. CB Passive Income is a program I have kept an eye on for quite some time. I actually knew about the previous versions and had the mind to purchase them back then but wasn’t due to one situation or the other.Version 5.0 is definitely better with more features and training added to the system. One disadvantage I always considered about this system is about traffic. They taught pretty much in using paid traffic which is an added cost and we are not in control of our email list.

    I will take another serious look into this program.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks a lot for commenting. 

      When someone starts an online business, it is definitely not very convenient to have the additional costs. As you saying – it does not guarantee that the investment will be paid off. 

      I do recommend to get the organic traffic, which is free. 

      One only need to invest time.

  9. This CB Passive Income 5.0 product seems very intriguing to me on one hand and I am always open to learn and explore new avenues when it comes how to work and use the internet in generating a constant flow of income.

    I am a bit familiar with Clickbank in the past but didn’t really have given it a real shot since I also moved on to other affiliate programs.

    However, I appreciate your time you have put in to show off what is CB Passive Income 5.0 all about and, as I said, I am intrigued to give it a shot. The downside of not having training videos at hand is a bit of an issue for me when it comes to learning something new, I just do better in seeing it in front of me.

    However, I know, this isn’t always the case and I am not condemning it right away. I certainly will buy the book “Clicking Cash” because I still need to know more about online marketing. As you have said, the internet, in recent years, has involved quite rapidly and it is important to stay on top.

    Thank you for the review, appreciated.

    For further references and future questions, I have saved your website.

    • Thank you Sylvia for your comment. 

      In my opinion you did good that you have moved to other affiliate program. I am sure there are still good training platforms with updated information and better support.

      It is very important to keep up to date. 

  10. I wouldn’t recommend the passive income 5.0 platform for any one. I tried using the platform but I didn’t learn much. It has been in existence for a  while and most of the lessons are kind of outdated. There are better platforms to learn from. A platform like wealthy affiliates seems great. They have an online community that can assist you whenever you are stuck.

    • Thank you for your valuable comment.

      To me it seems that most of such platforms does not deliver the value. Only few of them are out there with really thorough training. 

      • I am new to how the internet actually works I got a computer of course for years decades about never really understood the internet it seems the person needs to take a class just on how the internet works because Patrick is very knowledgeable and he knows how to bring in the sales the big commissions he’s one of the top 10 big producers when it comes to webinars and stuff like that but with ClickBank I cannot find one single avenue where you can get one-on-one or just even some kind of live person interaction on any level if you have a question using any of their services are software. When I first started checking them out I saw that the builder platform was offered and I thought well you know without something like that how somebody going to you don’t make it because I can see how that was like a life and you know Make it or break it have to have program I never seen any others before that so I went ahead and bought it for $700 for the lifetime membership and I thought if I bought it then of course like anywhere else you buy software you get customer service at least for a. Of time you get live access to someone help you set it up with ClickBank no way he absolutely don’t get any help you have to go to the university what you have to pay additional for and they don’t really want to teach you how to use stuff I don’t believe they want you to succeed not actually. I know this sounds terrible but for six months I’ve been looking into ClickBank and other programs other guru so to speak and it is true that most of these courses or high-end let’s say 1500 $2,000 courses are designed for Mass prophets but you got to know what you’re doing before you even watch that stuff. You’re so much step by step that I myself just don’t quite get that try to take on the builder myself without help would just be a foolish mistake and it’s not that it’s that complex but when you’ve never done something there’s questions that you need to ask that just aren’t covered in training and everything is hype hype hype I can’t stand it you hear the same exact phrase has the same exact slogans over and over last thing you want to do is hear that same crap when you sign in for a teaching I want to sit down and I want to actually learn something I don’t want to be given a half hour for the hype and how somebody made money 10 years ago when the market was brand new and they made you know a quarter of a million dollars a month that doesn’t do me a damn bit of good I don’t care about that I want to know how I can do the same thing now you know so it’s been a real difficult time for me I’ve been interested in this because I can say it’s a turnkey operation but I want to know if someone can tell me some options to check out for other affiliate marketing platforms

        • hello David,

          Thank you for your comment. I agree with you about the ClickBank products.
          I am sorry that you had to spend $700.

          I also understand your frustration. I used to look for a decent online training for almost
          2 years.
          May I suggest you to check the platform where I am member as well?
          They offer this 7 free trial period – you just need your email.
          I believe 7 days is enough to evaluate whether the platform is OK or not.

          I will share with you also the payments, so you are aware of them right now:
          After that 7 days free period you can keep your account, but most of the features will be locked. If you decide to go Premium, here is what the costs are:
          1st month is for $19, then the cost is $49 a month.
          If you go yearly then it is $359 per year (that would be about $30 a month).

          There are absolutely no upsells.
          One additional costs is, when you purchase a domain which is about $15 per year.
          Other then that there are no hidden fees.

          I can tell you from my own experience, that the support is great.
          You have a weekly live webinars. Besides that there are 2 training series, Keyword research tool, and of course I can be your guide inside.

          If you are interested, please feel free to check out this platform called Wealthy Affiliate.
          Here is the link to check it out for free. You just need your email

    • 4 men one of the big things is it simply but I’m working on something I want to go to pick up the phone and talk to somebody and get some help when I need to help I don’t want to leave a ticket at someone’s going to respond to you know later on today or tomorrow and that the screws up my momentum I can’t you know concentrate and keep things going in some kind of a flow when I’m working on it I need to get progress and I can’t understand how a place like ClickBank can even get away without providing that customer service is like they don’t have customer service you don’t have tech support the cleaner only an online store but they’re not whenever you have a product of your own that you sell you got to have customer support that’s different than just being somewhere that sell something I mean when I go to BestBuy for example if I buy something and I got a problem I can do got a call Best buy or I call the manufacturer but somebody’s got the support to cover it with ClickBank there isn’t any support. Unless you know something I don’t if you do know how to get that support let me know so I can start using it.

      • Hello David,

        I have seen that you got no response to your comment yet.
        I hear you regarding the support.

        I have an experience with the Platform where I am member of, that the guys from support reacts within few minutes, so you do not loose your momentum.
        Anyways, I know that by the phone is much better, but in many cases you have to wait several minutes until somebody is available.

        Regarding the ClickBank support, I have only contacted them when I wanted my money back, since the product I had purchased was crappy. They responded very fast I got my money back within 5 business days.
        When it comes to a specific product, you are right – most of them do not have the support, yet they don’t have the product to sell.. They just want to “collect” the money.
        Unfortunately that the situation with ClickBank – mostly with E-business section though.

        I don’t know if you had a chance to call this number – it is a ClickBank Support:
        00 1 208-345-4245
        You can even go to the support page:

        anways, hope you are doing better.
        If you have more concerns, or questions, let me know
        cheers, Mike

  11. CB Passive Income is something I have always found difficulty understanding but with this, it was broken down in a simple way i could understand and i think i will take an offer on using the platform just to see how it works and how it can generate income for me. Thanks for breaking down what CB Passive Income means.

    • You are welcome Linus,

      Feel free to use the platform, but make sure you test it within few days so you still have a chance to ask for the refund if the platform does not deliver as you would expect.

  12. Anything that stands the test of time should definitely be up for consideration, but like you, I’m not too hot on anything that contains upsells. I’ve always thought if the product, the original product they promoted was so great why are the upsells necessary? The fact the owner has a solid reputation also makes me feel his product is valuable, but if it can use an update, one would think he would choose to stay up to date rather than sell outdated material with upsells. Like you, I believe there’s upside to this program but there are a lot of downsides, too, which level it out. If I were to recommend it, I would have to purchase the program first and take it for a test run. 

    • You are right Todd. 

      To me it seems like he is taking advantage of his credibility he gained in the past and now just offer product which in fact has below-average quality. 

      Would be interesting to see a study on how many people leave because of these upsells. 


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