What is AppCoiner?

I was looking on the ClickBank website to check whether there is a new product in the E-business & E-marketing section. Among the products I have reviewed, I have spotted one particular which caught my attention. It is called AppCoiner and it says: “Get Paid To Test Apps”.

The Appcoiner is also available on Jvzoomarket, which is another website with digital products.
So apparently you can simply test apps and make money out of it.
Is that so?

What is AppCoiner, really?
Can you make money by creating reviews about different Apps?

We will find out. But I can tell you right now, that this product is not entirely what it looks like. If you interested in whether you can make money with Appcoiner, keep reading.

Name: AppCoiner
Website: www.appcoiner.com
Price: Advertised Price $27
Owners: N/A – This is actually a red flag. It should be at least polite to reveal who is behind the program.

Product Overview

AppCoineris a platform where you can earn money by testing and creating reviews about new apps. According to the product sales page, this is to be done in 3 following steps:

  1. Choose an App to test – You go to the AppCoinerapp review database where you choose a specific App that you like and you are going to test it. Apparently, in the database, there are hundreds of apps and they are added daily.
  2. Write a review of the App – Once you are done with the App testing, whether on your tablet or smartphone, you go to log in to the AppCoineraccount and write your honest review.
  3. Get Paid – They say that this program (AppCoiner) monetizes all of your reviews, and it does automatically. You just need to keep on testing more apps and writing reviews. The more reviews you write, the more reviews you should make.
    The payment method is up to you: Check, Payoneer, or direct deposit.

Here is an overview of how much you can make. They embedded in their sales page a calculator where you can check how much you can earn.

You have to put the number of apps you review per day, the average amount earned for each review, and the third figure is the number of days per week you want to be testing.
I made a screenshot of both the lowest and highest potential earnings, so you can get an overview.

What is Appcoiner

The Good & the Bad

  • Price 27$ with downsell $24.30
  • Money-Back Guarantee (as all ClickBank/Jvzoo products)
  • N/A


  • Misleading Product
  • No training on how to get traffic
  • Owner not known


I could not find 100% proof, but I do suspect the testimonials are paid, actors. I have seen this girl also on YouTube talking about different products and also when I go to google search the image, she is to be found at many different sites.

What is Appcoiner

This is my personal opinion, but having reviewed lots of similar ClickBank products, I do know that many of them use for their testimonials paid actors from the website like Upwork or Fiverr. Don’t get me wrong, it is a legit job.
My concern is, why anybody would need a paid actor to make a testimonial.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who uses any kind of apps on a tablet or smartphone can start earning money using AppCoiner. This is at least the idea you are told. No matter where are you from you can get paid to test apps. You don’t need to be a professional writer either.

The requirement is basic English knowledge and a smartphone or tablet (Galaxy, HTC, iPad, iPhone, etc).

Looks pretty easy to be part of it.

In their sales pitch, they continue claiming that there are more than 200 billion apps downloaded a year which generates billions of dollars in revenue. This apparently causes a problem for app developers and users. So they seek out help.
They need people “test pilots”  – real app users like you.

As you know, most people when they consider buying a new app they wanted to make sure what they actually buy so they search for reviews. And here is the part for you.
You will make money testing and reviewing apps.

AppCoiner Tools & Training

There is no real training as far as I am concerned. To be honest I got a little bit confused when I first saw the actual “program”. There is like one web page where you will be adding these reviews. But it is one site, where everyone else adds the reviews as well. Just the username is different.

Every user basically gets a sub-domain of the website www.popularreviewer.com.

Here is how it looks the actual sub-domain for AppCoiner:

What is Appcoiner

So you have this site (sub-domain) where you can add the apps you like.

Here is the catch:
You are not going to be paid for creating the app reviews. In fact, the way how you can make money is basically through affiliate marketing. (Recently I finished a post about affiliate marketing in case you are interested).

That means, that whoever lands on this site of yours might sign up for that Exclusive Free Report you see in the upper right corner. This visitor then will receive an email with another ClickBank product (most likely from E-business and E-marketing section).
If this visitor decides to purchase the other product, you get a commission. That is basically Email Marketing.

Another way you might earn money is when the visitor clicks on the banner which is on this sub-domain of yours.

What is Appcoiner

Again, the visitor would be redirected to another ClickBank or Clickbetter product and when he buys, you get the commission.

The million-dollar question is – how do you get the traffic to your site? 

You probably would have to find it on your own.


They do have a dedicated page for support. Although many of the questions are general. You can also submit a specific ticket. You can actually access the support site as well, without being a member (http://helpdesk.appcoiner.com/support/home)

But I did not contact the support, so I am not sure how fast they get back to you.

One “interesting” thing I have found on this Help-desk page. When you go to question “How will I receive payments from jobs” you are prompted to join a different ClickBank product called paid social media jobs.

What is Appcoiner

To me both products Appcoiner and Paid social media jobs are connected, they may even be created by the same owner.

AppCoiner Price Structure

The price is $27, although when you are about to leave the page you have a pop-up window with code. You can use this code and apply it right before purchasing it. That gives you 10% off, so you can get the product for $24.30

What is Appcoiner

I have not found any further upsells. If anyone of you reading this review has a different experience with the AppCoiner please let me know in the comment section below.

My Final Opinion of AppCoiner

One big red flag I see is the misleading information about how you could make money vs. the actual way of making the money with Appcoiner.

At the beginning, you are told that you will make money by reviewing some apps. But once you inside you find out that you need visitors coming to this “website” and hoping that they purchase a different CB product.

This is very close to the scam, in my opinion.

But I will not qualify it as a scam since you can get your money back.

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  • It is recommended to choose one specific field or niche, something you are passionate about.
  • Create a website and start adding content to it (you can even start with a YouTube)
  • Get traffic to your website – these are your potential customers
  • Monetize your website, by helping your customers and/or recommending products that fit the best

Does it sound like a big project? Well, it may so, but there is one platform where you can learn all that stuff, step-by-step. If you are interested in what is this platform about, just check out my review.
Take your time and let me know what you think about that.

AppCoiner at a Glance…

Name: AppCoiner
Website: www.appcoiner.com
Price: Advertised Price $27
Owners: N/A

Overall Rank:


I do recommend you to save your money. But most importantly, since $27 is not a significant figure, save your time. There is no training material where you can learn something.

To me, AppCoiner belongs to these low-quality products which I do not recommend.
If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I suggest you read my post.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding this product or also I would like to know if you are interested in building an online business.

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2 thoughts on “What is AppCoiner?”

  1. I am glad to see that I’m not the only one that is confused about AppCoiner.    I came across their offer but was really confused.  So, I have been trying to do a little more research.    In theory, the idea of getting paid to test apps makes sense.  Having to pay for a “paying job” does not make sense.    As you mentioned other red flags are present also.   So, I suppose I should stop trying to figure AppCoiner out.  Thank you for taking the time to write the review.   

    • Thank you for your comment. 

      Yes, the AppCoiner promises something at the beginning but the reality is different. 

      Many people would call such a system scam, but I try not to be that strict. At the end, you have the money-back guarantee. 
      For many folks, though, time is precious as well. 

      In that case, I would recommend checking a platform that teaches how to build a business online. Everyone should check that platform to learn what it really takes.

      I have learned a lot about SEO and to be honest, still learning. There are also hundreds of experienced marketers withing that platform ready to help. 


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