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Passive Income Geek Review

Hi there,
Welcome to the Passive Income Geek Review. 

Most likely you do research about digital products and recently you have stumbled upon the Passive Income Geek. You want to make sure that this is a good product so you won’t waste your money.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are impatient and want to make quick money. But it does not work that way.

What is it that PAssive Income Geek has to offer?
Let’s find out. 

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Passive Income Geek. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Passive Income Geek
Website: www.passiveincomegeek.com
Price to Join:
$299 + $99 a year
Recommended: Yes

Passive Income Geek Overview

Passive Income Geek offers an online course that guides you through the process of creating a website capable of driving organic traffic, and eventually, monetizing that traffic.

The course has been developed by an individual with 13 years of experience in the online realm. They impart the essential knowledge required to establish a website that can attract free, organic traffic.

Divided into 9 comprehensive modules, Passive Income Geek lays out a roadmap to achieve a full-time income from the comfort of your home.

The training caters to beginners, ensuring accessibility, and delivers substantial value.

Having been launched in November 2020, this training program remains relatively new, brimming with current insights.

For those genuinely committed to acquiring the skills to construct a simple website that consistently generates income, I recommend exploring a specific platform of which I’ve been a member since 2017.

I acknowledge that this might appear as a shameless promotion, yet it’s worth noting that you can test this platform for free, entailing no risk on your part.

Below, you’ll find a link to the methodology I personally employ.

Based on my experience, I’m confident that anyone can master these skills and embrace the laptop lifestyle.

What is Passive Income Geek?

Passive Income Geek Review

Passive Income Geek is an online course that teaches how to make money with affiliate marketing and blogging. 
That means that you are going to learn how to create a website that drives free (organic) traffic and eventually how to monetize the traffic, using affiliate marketing and display ads. 

Right off the bat, I can tell that this is a very well-structured training, without any hype or misleading claims. 
He realistically explains that it takes a bit of time until Google finds your website and he uses real examples. 

The entire training is divided into several modules and we will briefly go through them in a bit. 

Let’s briefly check who is behind this course.

Who is the Founder of Passive Income Geek?

As a rule of thumb, always check who runs the system and this is especially important with sites that promise to teach you how to make money online. 

Unfortunately, most of the courses I have reviewed are very misleading and some of them are outright scams, where they don’t reveal the identity of the owner(s). 

But regarding the Passive Income Geek, it is obvious that the creator is Morten Storgaard. 

Passive Income Geek Review

He is from Denmark and started the online business back in 2007. 
By 2010 he became a full-time SEO consultant and today he runs multiple websites. 

Morten created this course where he shares the knowledge that he has learned. 
In his videos, he explains what does it take to drive organic traffic and how long does it take for a new website. 

Morten also runs a Youtube channel with almost 9,000 subscribers (as of this writing) and 115 videos. 
For example, here is one of his videos where he explains how to start a blog, working only 1 hour per day:

Who is Passive Income Geek for?

Anyone willing to teach how to build a website and how to monetize traffic will find value in this training. 

This is one of a few courses that I can recommend, without a doubt and I am glad that there are still some legitimate platforms. 

It is perfect for newbies but also for people who already have their own website but struggle with organic traffic. 

But no matter how good the training is, it is important to realize that this is a long-term game. And it actually applies to any sort of business, whether offline or online. 

The same is with YouTube. 
You must upload at least 30 to 40 videos to see some traction. 
And it doesn’t mean that this channel is already monetized. 

Many YouTubers say they had to upload hundreds of videos until they start making solid money.

So I agree with Morten that it takes time. And everyone involved in the online business will say the same. 

I am sure you have seen many sites, promising you to make hundreds of dollars per day. 
Of course, these are very tempting but it never works that way. 

Once you know how “play the game” (meaning you are patient and willing to work) you will have success.

How does Passive Income Geek work?

As mentioned earlier the course is divided into 9 Modules. 

Passive Income Geek Review

He explains what is inside of each module so one knows what to expect. 

1) Find a Niche how to avoid bad ones

This is one of the most important topics when it comes to affiliate marketing. 

I have “wasted” more than a year searching for a proper niche. 
And make no mistake – you have to be certain o what you are going to write (or create content) about. Even with proper training you still may have some doubts about the correct niche

It happens quite often that one is not certain about the niche, so he or she starts 2 or even more niches at once.
This is never a good idea.
Just Considered the pros and cons of the best 2 (or 3) niches and decide on one only.

2) Topic research – How to Find Keywords

When it comes to organic traffic the importance of choosing the proper keyword is essential. 

The trick is that you want to choose a specific keyword you want to rank for. 

You don’t want that there are too many sites trying to rank for your keyword and at the same time you want to be sure that people really searching for that keyword.

Sounds tricky? 
Well, that’s why it is important to use a keyword research tool. 

(I personally use Jaxxy). 

3) Find a Domain Name for a website 

You are shown how to choose a domain name and how to purchase it and how to register it. 

4) Setting Up Your Website

This module shows step-by-step how to build a WordPress website and connect it with Google Analytics

And let me assure you that these days it is very easy to create a website. 
There is no coding needed or any of that technical stuff. 

5) Writing good content – engaged audience

Content is another important point. 

You want people to read your content. It must be interesting, structured, and long enough so Google recognizes that people spend minutes on your site and not just seconds.

There are some key points you want to apply when it comes to content creation and ranking well on Google.
That is what the next module is about. 

6) SEO – how to rank your website

I am sure you know SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it involves certain tips and techniques you want to use in order to rank well. 

One thing is to come up with content. Often it happens that our page appears somewhere at the 3rd or 4th page of Google.
Almost nobody goes that far, so it is good to know how to improve the search engine ranking

7) Monetization (affiliate offers, add space)

This is probably the most interesting part where you are shown how to monetize the traffic. 

The First would be via affiliate marketing and the other is from displaying ads. 
(That is why you see some ads on this site as well). 

8) Social media 

Morten shows how he uses the social platform, what to avoid, and explains that it is not always necessary to create social profiles. 

It takes time to build followers and it is not always easy. 
Focusing on organic traffic (and maybe on paid traffic) is still the best way how to have results. 

9) Outsourcing work (content creation) how do you find writers

This is the first stage of having a real business online. 
The point is to hire others to create content for you, so you can focus on another aspect of the business. Or you can even start a new site and outsource the work again. 
This can be done over and over again including Youtube) and at this point, the sky is the limit, when it comes to revenue. 

So this is briefly what the Passive Income Geek offers.

The course is a mixture of videos, tools, and texts.  Members have also access to the Passive Income Geek’s community where they share their knowledge and experiences.

After each topic within the module, you will see a green checkmark, so you know you have completed the lesson. 
When you finish the entire module, you are redirected to the homepage where you see your progress and how much of the training remains. 

What is the Price?

Unlike many other courses (high ticket programs, like Commission Hero or Super Affiliate System) the price for Passive Income Geek is reasonable. 

The $299 per year is really not a lot of one for the value you get.
Then the membership costs  $99 per year. 

Passive Income Geek Review

Morten doesn’t offer a free trial (like the platform I personally prefer) but there is a money-back guarantee. 
You can ask for a refund If you are not satisfied within 30 days after the purchase. 

There might be additional costs involved and that include:

  •  Website hosting (depending on the company ti ranges from $30 to $100 a year)
  • Ads ($50 to $300 per month – it depends on your budget)
  • The email autoresponder ($15 to $30 per month)

Is Passive Income Geek Legit?

There are not many platforms (online courses) that focus on SEO and how to create a website that generates consistent income in the long run. 

Although I can recommend the Passive Income Geek, I still prefer a different platform that focuses also on organic traffic. 
Maybe I am already a bit biased since I am a member of this other platform (you can check the review of Wealthy Affiliate here) since 2017. 

I have learned how to make 4 figures (and still feel like a beginner), but I have no doubts that I would learn it withing the Passive Income Geek as well. 

It is not easy to come up with an objective conclusion. 

But the good news is that you can test the Wealthy Affiliate platform for free for an entire week. 
To sign up, you only need your email (no credit card needed). There are the first 10 lessons that you can take and see for yourself whether you like the WA or you prefer the Passive Income Geek. 

I know that price plays a role as well, and WA is a little bit more expensive but being on the market for more than 15 years, I do believe it has more to offer than the PAssive Income Geek. 

But again, I might be biased so you would have to come up with your own opinion. 
As I said,d there is nothing to lose when signing up for WA, you can only learn something new, for free. 

What I like about Passive Income Geek

  • Really Good Training on how to create a website and how to monetize it
  • Reasonable price
  • Good for beginners and people who already started with their website

What I don’t like about Passive Income Geek

  • Still quite new – there are a few issues with the training (but considering that it was launched  only in December 2020, this is not a big issue)

Passive Income Geek – Conclusion

Is this legit training? 
Yes, it is. 

Is this the best training on how to monetize the website? 
It depends and what is best for you, doesn’t have to be the best for me.

Here is what comes to my mind;
It is just like cars. 

I personally prefer BMW, but I also understand that it is not necessarily better than Mercedes or Lexus, or Audi. 

If you are a beginner, I am sure a Honda will just do the job. 

It is my preference and it is now up to you which program you choose. 

You can touch the WA as well – they offer 7 days free trial where the first 10 lessons are for free. 

Then you decide.

Hope you find some value in this review and if you have questions about affiliate marketing or how to build a website let me know in the comment section below. 
I will do my best to provide you with feedback within 24 hours. 

Thank you for reading

2 thoughts on “Passive Income Geek Review”

  1. Good to learn about Passive Income Geek from an unbiased source!
    It truly sounds legit and interesting, but I think I’d prefer to stick to Wealthy Affiliate just as you did.
    Passive Income Geek offers great online business courses like WA, but the latter has been in business for more than 12 years now. While the former just started operation in 2020. So, going
    by the experiences in online marketing, I will continue with Wealthy Affiliate; I’ll check out
    Geek to find out what it has to offer, though. Thanks.


    • Hello and thanks for your comment. 

      I also prefer platforms that are more established, that’s why I stick with the WA as well. 

      But I believe Passive Income Geek is a good alternative and many people will like it. 

      Wishing you all the best 


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