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Is Tranont a Scam?

Are you looking for opportunities how to make extra cash?
Or are you tired of your job and you decided to become your own boss?

You have my respect, but most importantly I would like to congratulate you on doing your due diligence. You are a responsible person doing the research before taking action.

Have you stumbled upon a company named Tranont and you are wondering whether this is a good opportunity for you, meaning business-wise?

Or you have your doubts about Tranont, and you ask yourself:

Is Tranont a Scam?

We are going to find it out.
After reading this review I am sure you will know the exact answer to your question.

We are going to look at who is behind it, what are the fees to join, what products Tranont offers, and most importantly whether people make money with this system or not.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Tranont. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Name: Tranont
Website: www.tranont.com
Price to Join:
$99 + Price for products
Not as a primary source of income!
What Do I recommend?: There is a better opportunity than MLM. For more information, read this article MLM Vs Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Tranont?

Tranont is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company founded by Lorne Berry in 2014 (according to Better Business Bureau, the Tranont business started and was incorporated in July 2013).

Side Note:
The BBB Website (The Better Business Bureau) is not accessible from the EU (and possibly other countries outside of the USA).

The company is based in Utah (just like 4Life or Melaleuca).

Is Tranont a Scam

According to LinkedIn, Tranont is a company focusing on the needs of average middle-income families to help them achieve sustainable financial wealth.

Unlike many other MLM companies focusing on one segment only, Tranont is in the business of health and wellness products.

This is not usual. I mean, most companies focus rather on one type of product (within a specific category or niche).
Tranont, however, does both. We will get into that deeper in the products section.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Tranont was facing a civil lawsuit. The company was accused of unfair and deceptive practices as well as defamation.

Is Tranont an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

The main difference between MLM and Pyramid Scheme is that legit MLM companies do sell tangible products.

On the other hand, pyramid schemes make their money based on recruiting other people. There is not a product they offer and therefore they have absolutely zero value to the market and “customers”.

People use the term “pyramid scheme” quite often. It is due to their contempt towards the MLM, and I don’t blame them.

Just to clarify these two terms, let’s take a look at the video below, on how to spot a pyramid scheme.

What Is the Price to Join?

I am not a fan of any MLM company, but at least many of them do make it easy for people to join.

Some MLMs do not have an entrance fee so potential customers can try that out and check whether it is something they want to do.

It is not the case with Tranont though.
The entry fee is $99.

Apparently, they want to filter out people who are not serious about “building a business” with Tranont.

Those who want to become an associate with Tranont might generate income in more ways (at least this is what is promised to the prospects).
One can make:

  • Up to 35% commission on personal sales
  • Earn $37,000 in bonuses the first year as a business builder
  • Monthly leadership bonuses up to $50,000
  • Get a $500/month Jeep Bonus
  • Be a top performer and earn exclusive trips
  • Refer partner services for even more income

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a look at what the procedure of becoming an Associate looks like.

1. Step – Choose Package

Once you get in by filling out your name and email address you are asked to pick a package.
As we mentioned earlier, Tranont deals with 2 types of business. Health and Wealth.

Therefore you can either pick up a Health Package, Wealth Package, or both.

Is Tranont a Scam

You can also skip this part and proceed to the next step.

2. Step – Choose Individual Products

Here, the applicant is asked whether he is interested in individual products. The cheapest health product costs $40.
In the health section, you can choose “Defend Individual Bundle Essential for $26.95, or just a “tax bot” for $10.00 (it is a device where you can track your mileage and store receipts – tax-wise).

3. Step – Review Your Order

You can review your order. If you have not selected any of the products, your Subtotal is $99.00.
This is only Tranont’s monthly business tool subscription. The next billing date will be in 30 days.

4. Step – Personal Details

Prospect is asked to reveal personal information about himself/herself. Such as birthdays, Social Security numbers (for a tax report), addresses, and phone.

Here is also an option to create a website.
That would be a sub-domain that goes:

Is Tranont a Scam

Before proceeding further there is also an option to purchase more stuff.

Is Tranont a Scam

You are not even finished with the application form and yet, you can spend literally $500, just to sign up.

But to be fair, the minimum price to become an associate is $99.

Then to maintain access to business tools, Associates (these are at the very bottom of the MLM structure) must either purchase one of Tranont’s health packages or pay $25 a month.

You can then build up your position throughout the ranking system.

The Associate is the basic position and it continues towards the top with Jade, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, and so on, and the Top position is called Blue Diamond.

To have a better understanding, we can take a look at the ranking and the requirements.

Is Tranont a Scam

It is necessary to meet certain requirements to climb up in ranks. For example, an Associate has to find at least 3 active persons who can sell the products. It is explained in the compensation plan which is not easy to understand.

Why do they have to make it so difficult?

It gives them room to manipulate beginners and potential clients.
Just a simple example: these newbies are promised to have big earnings but the fact that they have to actually find 3 active “Personal Sponsored” is explained vaguely (as something very easy to get done).

If someone wants to cancel the membership there is a telephone number (800-973-3715) or email support@tranont.com.

Products, That Tranont Offers

Tranont offers “exclusive health products” which are supposed to improve your health and help you to enjoy a healthier life.

They have 6 products in the Health Department:

  • ICARIA Glow Collagen for $89
  • RESTORE Healing and Recovery for $50
  • VIBE True Energy & Clarity for $45
  • LIFE Enzyme Blend for $45
  • Radiant Cellular Regeneration for $49
  • BALANCE Multi-mineral, Vitamin for $50

It is also possible to purchase these products as a package.

Is Tranont a Scam

One thing that needs to be mentioned, regarding health products is that none of them have been approved by the FDA.

In the Wealth Section (called Wealth CORE ) some services can help with

  • Monitoring credit reports and fixing errors
  • Defend your ID online and keep your devices safe
  • Save tax money by using TaxBot
  • etc.

Tranont has also an e-commerce section where they offer a variety of clothing for women and men.

I just want to mention a hat that I have found.
To me, it is a little bit overpriced.

A hat for $28?

Is Tranont a Scam

You can find a similar hat on Amazon for less than $10.
It won’t have a Tranont logo on it, but do you really want to have an MLM company logo on your hat?
(OK, I admit, at this point, I might be a little bit biased).

How Can You Make Money with Tranont?

Tranont compensation plan is not easy to comprehend.

I will do my best to explain to you the basics so you can have an overview of how actually one can make money with Tranont.

First of all, there are two types of products as we already know by now – the Wealth and Health Core.

In case someone joins the Wealthy OR Health Core, he can have:

  • retail customer commissions
  • residual compensation plan
  • Tranont Life referral commission, if licensed.

If someone joins the (both) Wealthy and Health core startup:

  • all of the above with the addition of builder core bonuses
  • ability to earn an extra $37,000 in the first year

So basically Tranont has 2 compensation plans, but we will check only one type. The 2nd is in principle the same thing.

The 1st segment to get started in the compensation plan is a rank position called Jade (at the screenshot below it is the 2nd from the top). The ideal situation is when you become a Jade in your 1st month. (With a Jade position you can qualify for a Jeep)

Now, check this out and let me know whether it is something you see as easily attainable.

Is Tranont a Scam

To become a Jade, there are the following requirements (as per the screenshot above):

  • 100 Personal Volume (Volume derived from an Associate’s personal orders and volume from personally sponsored customers’ orders)
  • $1,500 of Group Volume (The personal volume of all other associates in the organization)
  • 3 personally sponsored individuals that you brought into Tranont (3 Legs)
  • A maximum of 65% of your Group Volume must come from 1 Leg only (it can’t be 80% from one leg and the rest from the rest of the legs) – see below

Let’s say you are going to recruit 3 first personally sponsored people (PS). These should not be just some randomly selected guys.

You want to make sure that these are good salesmen since these will be sitting on the top of your “multi-million dollar business”.

Is Tranont a Scam

You are collecting points based on a product you sell. Depending on the number of points you have, you get a different commission. The same applies to your downline.

These guys must collect those points for you to reach a minimum of  1,500 GV (Group Volume).
In the example above, your downline, Scott, Russ, and Lorne collects 1,700 GV.

Also, the requirement is that you have to build at least 3 legs to get from Associate to Jade. All 3 guys must be active – meaning they have to sell products.

For example, if Scott collects 1400 GV Russ 100, and Lorne none, you won’t qualify for the Jade position. You see this is very tricky.

Can you imagine finding 3 guys, all of them active enough to collect at least $1,500 where one can collect a max of 65% because the rest must be collected by the other 2 persons?

Ideally, this should happen within 4 weeks.

Having all conditions fulfilled – the odds are just too low.

Hopefully, it is understandable how the Tranont compensation plan works, but just in case here you can download the Tranont Compensation Plan.

Tranont Pros and Cons

  • I believe a person who has a lot of friends and enjoys this kind of business might earn a full-time income – assuming he or she climbs up the ranks.
  • It is one of the most expensive MLM companies when it comes to the joining fee.
  • Health products they sell are expensive and on top of that, none of them is approved by the FDA (lack of information where the products are made, what ingredients contain, zero information about testing)
  • The compensation plan is just over-complicated.
  • One has to pay for membership and to maintain the membership.

Some Thoughts at the End

I don’t know whether you are a fan of MLM companies or not but here are some general statistics about the earning potential within an MLM:

  • 91% joined to make money
  • Almost 50% lost their money
  • 26% made no money
  • 27% made a profit, although half of them made less than $5,000 a year

That means that most people make no money or not enough to make a living. It actually corresponds (roughly) with the 4Life income report.

So how about the big question; is Tranont a scam?

The answer is, No it is not a scam.

But considering all the fees one must pay, and the way how a downline is created, I must say that Tranont is not far from the pyramid scheme.

The truth is, that the majority of people joining the Tranont are losing the money.

Not every person can sell the required amount of products. This is a real pressure on the beginners who may pick up new stuff a bit slowly.

Or maybe they just need more time to trust the company and the system itself.
I totally agree with these kinds of people.

You can earn by selling the products (which are pretty expensive, comparing similar ones on Amazon) or you can build your downline which, is easier said than done.

This Might Be a Better Alternative

If you were looking for ways how to earn money on the side and you had Tranont on your mind you most likely are not very happy with the way Tranont operates.

I know how frustrating it can be.

In my opinion, there are better ways how to earn money.
Even a full-time income is possible.

For example, I am now a full-time internet marketer, to be more precise I am an affiliate marketer.

Find out more about the differences between MLM and affiliate marketing in this article and you will find out which business model suits you better.

Regarding my beginnings with affiliate marketing, it was not easy either.
I mean, I have tried many free YouTube videos and have checked many products and reviews.

There is too much information out there, but it was difficult to find solid training or an online course that teaches you how to start from scratch.

Fortunately, I have found a system (online training) that teaches affiliate marketing and how to build a sustainable online business.

I have learned how to create a website, and how to drive free traffic (or organic traffic).

The advantage of organic traffic is, that I don’t bother anybody. There are no cold calls, cold emails – nothing like that.
You see, I don’t have to chase friends and other people.

They find me – on my website on Google.

I am very grateful that I found the Wealthy Affiliate.

There are more than 200,000 active members and many of them are very experienced marketers making 5 or 6 figures a month (there are some success stories in the post so based on these examples you see what it takes to make a full income online).

The price for Wealthy Affiliate is very affordable, but what is the best thing that everyone can get started for free?

There is no credit card required. Just enter your email and you have a full week to test the platform out.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the Wealthy Affiliate or the Tranont.
Leave your comment/question in the section below. I will do my best to answer you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading,

About the Author

Mike is an affiliate marketing analyst, content creator, and the founder of SetAffiliateBusiness.com.

Consistently producing in-depth and insightful articles. 📚💻


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15 thoughts on “Is Tranont a Scam?”

  1. I’d like someone who could provide the safety of the liquid collagen “Glow” and it’s pitfalls. I.e.: several people who have used the product. Aggressive behavior, depression, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite.

  2. Wow!! This really looks nice, I would give it a try although I have attempted many like this and they where of no good but you may never know something like this could be the source of your next thousand dollars and the fact is that its quite 99 USD..Thanks for sharing this awesome article i hope it help others.

    • Glad you like the review of Tranont. 

      You can give it a try and then get back to me about how you are doing.

      My advice; 
      If you have experience with recruiting, and you handle rejection well, then you might be successful within the Tranont. By still you have to be patient. 

      To become a successful Internet Business Owner within the Tranont MLM, you must be persistent, and thinking in the long run. 

      Wishing you all the best

  3. Mike, while i see that you put some effort into this review, i do have to say that your efforts are not worth a single typed letter , simply for one major fact :
    Even when you state that tranont is not a scam, you still say that it is not a good business, while you pushing your own business in the same review.
    Putting a business down while promoting your own in a socalled review is simply unethical, its a shady practice.
    What if they would review your business and bash it from top to bottom and promote theirs.
    how would you feel? …
    Maybe something to consider…
    To be clear i am not affiliated with Tranont and have absolutely no interest in doing so…i am affiliated with an onlinebusiness, but i will not put it in the form down here, because my comment is a review of your review, i would put myself down on your level…so my comment would be as worth as yours….Nothing!

    • Thanks, Kay for your comment.

      I understand your point of view.

      But imagine a person who wants to find out whether Tranont is a scam or not.
      So she/he lands on my page and learns that it is Tranont is not a good business opportunity since one can lose money.
      Then what?

      I believe she or he wants to find out what are the options. What is possible in the online world, when it comes to generating revenue.

      So, I am offering the alternative – in my opinion, a better one since in fact, it is possible to try for free.
      No one loses a dime – that person can learn a bit about what it really takes to make money online.

      My review simply shows what is possible and I believe that it may help many folks.

      Is this a shady practice?
      I guess it would be if I asked for money. But it is not the case.
      The reader can test out what I recommend and only after that she or he will decide whether to pay for the premium membership or not.

      Tranont people can review the platform I recommend.
      Objectively they will find out that it offers more value than any MLM out there and yet it does not cost that much.

      Regarding the online business you are affiliated with – Feel free to post it here. Don’t worry, you won’t put yourself down on my level.
      You would only show the readers other alternatives.

      People are too busy these days to search for a good product.
      Let’s offer them more alternatives so they know what to choose from.

      Again, I do understand what you mean and in sense, I agree with you.
      But I have learned how to create a post that ranks on the 1st page of google. And everyone can learn how to do that.

      Well, thank you for your comment, if you have any more concerns, let me know.

  4. Hello, thank you very much for this insightful post of yours. I have now gotten a clear understanding of what tranont entails. I first came accros it some weeks ago from a friend but I could not get really clarity from him. Although I still think that the start up prize is high. Thank you very much

    • You are welcome. 
      Glad you find the article helpful.

      Yes, it is expensive, and the worst part is that your sponsor (or upline) wants you to keep buying more stuff. 
      Everyone who joins the Tranont (as well as other MLM) is not an independent business owner. He/she became a customer that is obliged to buy stuff that he/she does not need, every single month. 

      That is why I don’t recommend joining any MLM, and that includes the Tranont. 

      Thanks again for your comment. 

  5. Hello Mike, making money online can really be overwhelming and so many of us are out here looking for more means to get the money and we some times get involve with scam sites. I am really pleased with how tranont isn’t a scam site and I like the truthfulness you gave in this article. I would check out your recommendation because I’m not a fan of MLM

    • That is right, Tranont is not a scam, but not a good business opportunity either. 
      Especially for people without experience in the MLM. 

      Those who make it (meaning who make full-time income) are involved in this kind of business for 5 years or so, and they must enjoy it. 

      Otherwise, people struggle, and therefore I suggest to check a different path, than Tranont.

      Thank you for your comment

  6. You literally just made a whole post slamming a company, so you can advertise people to join YOUR company? Your page had a pop up add of your own face saying “join me” ROFL. Seriously tho, your info on Tranont is very very off. VERY off. I’ve made SO much money in Tranont, had a free Jeep for 2 years now and I did it in 6 days. I am about to bump up to $5k a month.

    Pyramid scheme: a business plan made illegal in the 80’s where people paid money and got nothing in return.

    Network marketing: A business that works by referral, so PEOPLE get the payouts instead of one CEO at the top of a corporate ladder (or shall we call it a pyramid?).

    The key for network marketing is being intelligent to spot the right one and not waste your time.
    1) Products: what people need, not want.
    2) Products: unique in a way nobody else has it.
    3) TIMING. Getting your butt in early! Not jumping in the boat after it already sailed. You want to ride the wave out financially.
    4) Company is privately owned, and debt free.
    5) Have fun or you’re doing it wrong.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post.

      But I think “slamming” is a little bit too strong.
      I only share my opinion about Tranont (and MLMs generally). For most people, this business model simply doesn’t work and I only explain why.
      And as a result of that, I offer an alternative. An alternative that anyone can try for free and see whether that one will work out.

      Regarding the pop up – I kindly ask a question.
      I understand that you can see it that way.
      It is matter of perception.

      Honestly, I am happy for you that you made so much money with Tranont.
      You sure know what you do and appreciate you have outlined the keys to network marketing.

  7. You are just trying to make yourself a name by downgrading a company in order to better advertise yours. You don’t even know how things work, just giving people false information with clearly a bias point of view. You’re not even explaining the compensation plan properly lol. I am driving a jeep with Tranont and I came to the USA only a couple of years ago and hardly know anyone. All Supplements (nomatter wich company) aren’t FDA approved because they don’t have to be. The products are more expensive because compared to the shitty products that you find in pyramid schemes, these ones actually work and help change lives!
    Before you start criticizing, please learn all your facts. Thank You!

    • Thank you for your comment.
      I am glad that Tranont has worked out for you.

      You came to the USA and you were determined to succeed. You had a vision and you went for it. Awesome.
      But there are people who are not that driven as you were. They don’t have that spark and I don’t think these people would succeed within Tranont or any other MLM.

      I don’t mean to underestimate the potential within any person. But the fact is that most of us are somehow OK where we are.
      And I think even the income disclosure proves that the majority of people don’t succeed within the MLM (probably because of our complacency).

      Are they gonna succeed in Affiliate Marketing as my personal recommendation (and opinion).
      I honestly don’t know.
      But I feel it would be fair to show them an alternative. They have nothing to lose – they take the training for 7 days for free and then they can decide whether that path is for them or not.
      In the online world, the majority of digital courses and platforms are either too expensive or they are misleading/scammy.

      And I have spent more than 2 years until I found a training that teaches what works. Now is that bias? Maybe – but I honestly have not found a more thorough educational platform than the one I recommend.

      Again, I am happy that you are successful and wishing you even more success
      Cheers, Mike

  8. Recently I wanted to know more about MLM companies and stumbled upon Tranont too.
    I did not have much expectataion from the MLMs – but this review have convinced me that it is not
    wrothy joining the Tranont and with that being said there is no MLM I want to join.

    The recruting stuff is pretty annoying and if this is the only way how to make some bucks, then I rather stay
    with my current job.

    You have some kind of alternative mentioned in your article – I am gonna check it out later and will get back to you

    • Yes, you are absolutely right.
      The MLMs are not worth it, especially in the current situation.
      People tend to go online and even some MLMs also steer that direction, it is not easy to sell their products online either.

      All distributors are provided with pretty much the same website, and it is almost impossible to get to the top position in google with these sites. And the internet marketing course within any MLM (including Tranont) is only basic stuff if there is any course at all.

      That is why I mention the alternative that teaches exactly how to create your website in a way that will rank well (1st page of Google, Bing/Yahoo). There is no magic, no secret code – it just requires an effort and needs a bit of time.
      But if it is done properly, people make 4 digits within 12 to 16 months.

      Go ahead, check the platform – you can test it for free.
      IF you have any more questions let me know


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