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Is PaidLeaf a Scam?

Have you been wondering what PaidLeaf is all about?

Then welcome to my review. We will be going through this system to find out whether it is a scam or a legit way how to earn some money on the side.

I have reviewed more than 100 digital products so far and it is shame that about 90% of them are misleading and some of them are just scams.
Let’s find out in which category the PaidLeaf (PL) belongs.

I always look at the website creation date to learn about the age of the product and if possible I check the amount of traffic that the website gets.
That gives me some kind of the first impression of the product.

Let’s start with the PaidLeaf review.

Name: Paid Leaf
Website: www.PaidLeaf.com
Price: Advertised Price 0$ to join
Owners: N/A
Recommended: No!

PaidLeaf is a data harvesting scam. All the claims about how easy it is to earn money with PaidLeaf are B.S. 
They use fake testimonials and fake income proves.

Please stay away from PaidLeaf. You might not lose any money, but you need an email to sign up.
They use the email and most likely sell it to a 3rd party.

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What Is PaidLeaf? – Is PaidLeaf a Scam?

PaidLeaf is a system that promises you to make $500 a day. You just log in, you get your special link which you can share on social media and you get paid for every person that joins this system.

Sounds easy, right?
Well, let me tell you right here that this system does not work like that. We are about to see that there are too many red flags.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Let’s start with the domain age.
At the website whois.com, we can easily check how when the domain (paildleaf.com) was registered.

What Is PaidLeaf

According to the “whois” website we see that the PaidLeaf was created on September 6th, 2019.
As of today (November 28, 2019), PaidLeaf.com has more than 200,000 visits per month, and the traffic since September still grows.

It seems that it gets more and more attraction. One can say the popularity of PL is increasing, but soon we are going to find out that there is no reason to be excited about Paid Leaf.

The thing is that right from the beginning you are being lied to.

After you enter the PL dashboard you have a pop-up window saying that you will be paid $2 for every person that clicks your link and another $10 when they join the PL.
That is a lot of money considering that there are more than 200,000 visitors per month. Let’s say only half of them would share the “Special Link” only once. That is $200,000 paid out every month!

Not mentioning the number of people who would join – that is another $10 per person to be paid out.
And wait, there is more.

Once you join the PL Dashboard you are promised to receive a $25 Sign up Bonus.

I believe you get it by now – The truth is that there is no money to be paid out.
What you see at their homepage is just bogus.

Once you enter the dashboard (which is for free) you see that you already have the $25 credit “available”.
This is precisely the same as the other product I reviewed the other day called Clout Bucks.

Let’s take a look at their About Page.
I don’t know if I have to cry or laugh. It says that “PaidLeaf was founded in 2015 to help regular social media users…”

Didn’t we just find out that this very website was created in September 2019?

What Is PaidLeaf

Also, they claim, they paid more than $44 million to over 300K members.
Considering that they have been around for a couple of months (as for today is the end of November) only,  and their traffic is about 200k per month, they seem to have a great conversion rate.

(I have seen a different review which was done at the beginning of October 2019 and there is the same number: 300K members).

It is just not possible to have 300,000 subscribers in 1st month when the number of visitors is only 200,000 per month!

The Good & the Bad

  • There is nothing I like about the PaidLeaf!

  • Scam – Do NOT sign up (if you are curious and want to join the PL make sure you don’t reveal your email, password, and name; instead create a new email account with a different password just for this purpose)
  • Same scam as Clout Bucks or SwiftBucks
  • Owners – Not Known
  • Fake Testimonials

Who is it For?

There is a straight answer to this question – Nobody!

I mean who wants to join a scam system with fake earning claims?

What blows my mind is the number of visitors this website gets. It is a lot considering that it is just a scam.
According to the website SimilarWeb, the majority of visitors are coming from Brazil – almost 10%.

Then about 10% are from Indonesia, 10% India, 4% Vietnam, and 3.6% from South Africa.

In my opinion, it is necessary to create unbiased reviews like this to educate people not to trust these guys – whoever is behind Paid Leaf.

And also it is important to show people how a legit training course online looks like. Everyone who wants to make money online, either just as an income on the side or a full-time business, must understand that there is no way that a beginner can make $500 the 1st day he starts.

If you are a newbie I suggest you first learn how to create a website. That is a very easy thing to do. With a proper guide/tutorial you can create a real website within few minutes.
It would be nice to have also support 24/7 in case there are some questions. And believe me, there are always questions when it comes to creating something new. But no worries.

You can test out one platform for free.
This is the screenshot of how the platform looks like:

Screenshot from an Educational Online Platform

You have full 7 days to go through the training and set up your new website. You will also learn what it takes to prepare this website for the SEO (so people will find your website, just like you have found this one you just reading 🙂 )

PaidLeaf Tools & Training

Fake promises, fake income; and the dashboard is pretty much the same as Clout. Bucks.

What Is PaidLeaf

Also, the way how you can “make” money is the same -> Just share your link on social media and you get credit.

You have also tasks where you can earn more money.

What Is PaidLeaf

They did their best to make this easy for everyone. They use these baits to get as many members as possible
What is their goal?

This is a data harvesting scam. Meaning you won’t lose money (at least not right away), but they “steal”  your data, starting with email, and eventually they can get,  name, password, and in some cases credit card information (in case someone wants to perform a specific task from the dashboard, he may be required to use the credit card information).

And regarding the payout?
The thing is that no one got paid ever.
I have checked many comments regarding the PL, and people are complaining that they could not cash out. Soon after their account is closed and they can’t log in back.

Concerning the red flags, also here is one thing that does not seem to be right.

Why do they still have this option for Google+?

What Is PaidLeaf

Google+ has been shut down in April 2019. The creators of the PL didn’t know about that?

We know that this entire system is one big scam and there are just too many red flags to go through. In the next paragraph, we are going to have a look at the testimonials, just for a fun 🙂

Fake Testimonials

I have done screenshots of the testimonials on the PL page and underneath them, I put screenshots of actors from a website called Fiverr:

What Is PaidLeaf

At least 2 of them, I have already seen in other products as well (for example Spring Profits and 7-minutes daily profits), doing fake testimonials as well.

BTW, the Spring Profits is not available anymore. This was a ClickBank product and that means that the customer has 30 days money-back guarantee (ClickBank policy). The reason why Spring profits are not available anymore is due to the high refund rates. Customers were simply no to happy with that product.

That being said, whenever you spot these actors, the probability that it is a misleading product is very high.


As we have seen with a similar system called Clout Bucks, also Paid Leaf has a section for support. This time though, it is made as Q&A (unlike the Clout Bucks with a link to unavailable YouTube videos)

I won’t go through all the questions, but one of the questions goes:

How much do I need to cash out?
Answer: “We don’t have a minimum payment amount to cash out. However, you must meet some requirements before cash out for the first time to help prevent fraud”

Interestingly enough I was browsing through the platform and I wanted to find out what happens when I click on the cash-out – so I want my $25 credit, right:

What Is PaidLeaf

So there is a minimum amount to cash out. It is obvious, the creator of the PL did a sloppy job having mismatched information inside the platform.

Right underneath the Help button, there is an option to get support via Skype.
The idea is great – having someone online who can help you.

Just out of a curiosity I did search the image and have a look at how many results there are:

What Is PaidLeaf

It is just hard to comprehend, why they use some stock photos for Olivia.
Or, just another fake, just like with the testimonials, don’t you think?

PaidLeaf Price Structure

There is no fee to join this system as we have already covered it.

The visitor of the PL is promised to get paid once he signs up. That sounds too good to be true.
And it is.

No one gets paid. It is even impossible to keep such a business model where they pay out millions of dollars to their users.
These scammers are not after your money, at least not directly.

It appears that they just want your email address. And actually, that is good business. They collect thousands upon thousands of email addresses and then they can sell these lists to a 3rd party.
What can happen, is that someone can offer you an email list for a “reasonable” price. I mean it is a big business to sell and buy an email list.
I used to wonder years ago, how come these people have so many email addresses… Now I know.

Don’t get me wrong – collecting an email address is a normal marketing strategy, but it must be done ethically. If a business or website owner is involved in email marketing, he must maintain a relationship with the audience.
Collecting emails ethically requires time and a lot of effort.

My Final Opinion of PaidLeaf

I believe there is not much to say.

Maybe just:  STAY AWAY FROM PaidLeaf!!!

There is no owner or some person(s) who is behind the PL. The claims about earning are lies, and I have even checked their Facebook page…

To me, it is abandoned real estate.

What Is PaidLeaf

There is not action since August 2019.

I did mention how the legit platform looks like, so if you want you can check my review go ahead.
And you can even test that platform on your own.

PaidLeaf at a Glance…

Name: Paid Leaf
Website: www.PaidLeaf.com
Price: Advertised Price 0$ to join
Owners: N/A

Overall Rank:

Explode My Payday Scam


This is the same kind of product as Clout Bucks. Same fake promises and same BS.

The PaidLeaf is an outright scam.Is PaidLeaf a scam

Maybe the owners of this system are not after your money but they definitely collect emails and eventually sell them to a third party.

Please stay away from this product. Hopefully, you have not signed up for the PaidLeaf.
If you did and you have used your regular email and password, make sure you change your password.

If you have any sort of question regarding this scam let me know.

Also if you would like to find out more about the educational platform I was mentioning at the beginning, leave me a comment and I will be more than happy to answer you back.

Stay away from scams and please consider this link below as an invitation for you to check and see how the real educational platform looks like.

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4 thoughts on “Is PaidLeaf a Scam?”

  1. Hi I have joined that site by using eamil address. Oh. It was my pure mistake. I agree with you. Pl is scam. Most of the fast money making is scam. I have been shocked.

    • Hi Mr. Wixo,

      I am sorry to hear that.
      But I believe no harm was done to your email-box.

      You are absolutely right – Most of the fast money making systems as true scams.

      The thing is that in order to make real money online, one needs to put effort and time into it. Just like a regular business offline.
      (although it is still easier to create a sustainable business online, then offline – Especially these days)

      As I am saying, it is easier to establish a business online than offline, but it is not that easy. Yet many people think that they can earn hundreds of thousands per day, just by downloading some app and let it go on autopilot.
      It just does not happen the way.

      That is why I would like to show people what it really takes. I have reviewed one educational platform, that teaches step-by-step how to create a website, how to get traffic, and how to monetize the traffic.
      Every person reading this can take a look and after that, he or she can decide whether it is the path they want to take.

      And I am being honest;
      It takes 8-14 months of work until a consistent income.
      And I don’t mean work – like something you are forced to do.
      I mean, a content creation – that is something many people do enjoy. Because they feel like they can help others, and these kinds of people can truly be successful online.
      The training I am mentioning shows how they can achieve it from the technical point of view (setting up a website, marketing, some tips and tricks, how to rank well in google and so on).

      Hopefully, more people will now understand that making money online is not an overnight thing.

      Thank you Mr.Wixo for sharing.
      I am sure you have learned a lesson and your contribution will help others as well.

    • Hi James

      Don’t you see that PaidLeaf is a SCAM? You will not make a dime with them – they simply don’t pay.

      Here is how it works:
      You collect the credits -meaning you perform the tasks, you can even refer a new people – and once you want to cash out, they deny your request. They even lock your account.

      If you looking for survey sites that are legit I suggest you check these:

      These are legit sites. But you will make a couple of hundreds per month, at most.

      Wishing you all the best
      Stay Away from scams like paidleaf!


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