What is 7 Minutes Daily Profits?

I was checking ClickBank the other day and there seems to be a new product – ready for April 2019. I am already suspicious about such products, especially when they are called “profit” and “7 minutes” or 5 minutes… I am curious if this product can help you generate at least partial income, or is it a complete waste of time.

The name of the product reminds me of the Five Minutes Profits Sites – so we will be looking at whether there are similarities, whether the 7 Minutes Daily Profits is a rehashed product or the name is just a coincidence.

So let’s dive into the 7 Minutes Daily Profits review.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for 7 Minutes Daily Profits. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Overview

Name: 7 Minutes daily profits
Website: https://launch.7minsdailyprofits.online/home/
Price: Advertised Price $9
Owners: Vince Howard (former truck driver)

Update October 2019

I have double-checked the availability of 7 Minutes Daily Profits and just found out that this product is Not Available Anymore. 
It has been removed from ClickBank.

What is 7 Minutes Daily Profits

It is not available on ClickBetter either.

The reason is most likely the high refund rate. It could be also guaranteed problems or other issues with the account.

If you wish you can continue to read, but I believe you already have all the information you needed.

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What is 7 Minutes Daily Profits 

Right from the name of the product, one might guess that it is supposed to be some kind of quick money. If somebody offers you fast money, you know also from the offline world, that there is something dodgy. Something is just not right. So let’s take a look at what happens.

Once you land on their site, you can easily get the discount, once you provide them with your email. Basically, they don’t want you to leave their site.

7 minutes daily profits

Now you can get the product for the advertised $9. The sales video starts with what you can get. It is a normal technique to hook you in. Here are a few claims:

  • You can generate $500 a day
  • You only need 7 minutes a day to generate such income
  • You start launching some “profit sites” that generates money on autopilot

Apparently with this software 7 Minutes Daily Profits you can generate hundreds of dollars a day. That is what these guys are saying. I am not sure if they both are actors hired online, but my guess is that they only make these sums up…

Well, I hope she had a good time in the Maldives.
Actually, this lady is an actress and you can hire her on Fiverr.

What is 7 Minutes Daily Profits

And she also played a “role” as a testimonial in a digital product called AZ Millionaire Method.

You are then shown the proof of how to generate money online in less than 7 minutes.  The guy in sales video (I guess he is just a spokesman) warn you that you will not become a millionaire overnight – well, that is good to know. But it shows that they want you to think that it is possible to generate 500 bucks a day with little to no work…

Again you are assured, that it is legit and it has nothing to do with Bitcoin, MLM nor pyramid scheme.

This product is defined as:

“It’s the fastest and easiest way to generate daily profits on the Internet in as little as just 7 minutes a day!” and here are the reasons according Vince:

  • You don’t have to own product, you don’t need to create your own product
  • You don’t need to invest any money in creating a website or design…everything is automatically created for you

and this one is “big”

  • “You don’t even need to know how to use a computer to make this system work”

The last one just blew me away.

Well, let’s check the product.

The Good & The Bad

  • Price affordable
  • Good Quality Sales Video
  • PDF files inside the platform can be useful


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Upsells
  • Fake Scarcity (for example the page will be down by midnight) and Fake Testimonials


Who is it For?

We have been told on the sales video that this product is not for people “who get excited being stuck in the rush hour traffic on their way to work”. I mean who does?

So they have made this software so easy that no technical skills are required, no previous experience with making money online is needed.

To me, it seems that every single person with access to the internet can make $500 a day. Well, that would be just awesome. And believe me, If that would be truth, you would not read this article, since I would be already on my yacht sailing in the Caribbean.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Tools & Training

You should follow 3 steps in order to activate the software. In about 7 minutes your 1st profit sites will be ready. A few hours later you should have already 3 sales done.

Here is the platform. First, you have the welcome video and immediately the invitation to another product.

7 minutes daily profits

As you can see at the left-hand side you have a navigation menu. I will walk you briefly about what is inside.


7 minutes daily profits

In the Premium Traffic sources, you get the following:

  • Introduction to Solo Ads
  • Solo Ads Mastery
  • Intermediate
  • Tracking
  • Sales Funnels
  • Advance (Being A Solo Ad Provider)

Each section has several videos on it. I think there are not that bad for beginners.

Create your site section

here are the steps you are going to go through.

  1. Step – You can choose your template for your webpage (6 templates)
  2. Step – Create a squeeze page
  3. Step – Sign up to Get-response
  4. Step – Get-response Integration

View Your Website

You can check how your site looks like

Add 5x Commission Sites and Profit Booster –  these both are already part of the Upsell offer.

Unlimited ROI Traffic

  • Ad Swaps

In this section, you will see videos about Ad Swaps and Solo Ads. There are actually 6 videos about these two topics

  • Social Media Traffic (several PDF files about traffic)
  • Traffic Hack (again several PDF files regarding Twitter traffic, YouTube traffic or Instagram…)
  • Google Traffic (1 PDF file)

7 Minutes Daily Profits Support

Apparently, there should be a dedicated team of specialists to guide you. They should be available 24/7, 365.  I have not tried to contact the support, so I do not have any knowledge about how that works.

Price Structure

At the beginning, you are told that this software you get for Free. They even highlighted the information on their sales page.

7 minutes daily profits

Vince as the owner of this product wants you to help to make money online. He claims that he already made more money than he could ever dream of.

But because this has to be hosted on a specialized server, and everyone who wants to use this software would have to have his own server. So, therefore, it is required to pay this one-time payment of $9.

So, you don’t have to worry. Only 9 bucks a month:

7 minutes daily profits

No upsells, right?


Once you inside the platform, not only you are suggested to buy other ClickBank products, you are also recommended to buy some extra stuff.

Why they would offer you other ClickBank products? You are guessing right. Vince or whoever the owner gets a commission out of every sale.

Here are the upsells:

  1. $147 – it is called Profit Booster (you can get downsell, then for $97)
  2. $127 – it is called Commission Activator

Here is the proof.

If someone offers this product and he sells it, he gets a commission of up to $230 per sale. That is at least what the JV page says. I have included the link to Wiki about what JV means.

The screenshot from his JV page is here:

7 minutes daily profits

My Final Opinion of  7 Minutes Daily Profits

I would not recommend purchasing this product, even that the price is so affordable. I mean you can buy the product, check it and then claim your money back.
But if you do this several times (meaning if you keep buying products from CB and keep claiming the money back) ClickBank can put you on a blacklist, so you won’t be allowed to purchase other products anymore.

I also don’t like the fake scarcity they use only to hook you in immediately. I think that is not honest, and if they lie to you here, what prevents them to lie to you in other claims?

7 minutes daily profits

By now, we know that there are 2 upsells, and also the fact that inside the platform you have several invitations to join other products. I mean how can you focus on 7 minutes daily profits?

7 Minutes Daily Profits at a Glance…

Name: 7 Minutes Daily Profits
Website: https://launch.7minsdailyprofits.online/home/
Price: Advertised Price $9
Owners: Vince Howard

Overall Rank:


It gives you some knowledge, but I would not waste time on this product. I mean if you are interested in the 7 minutes daily profits, let me know in the comment section.

Also, I am curious about the technique they use – do you think that works? Even if they have some videos and PDF files why they have to spoil the overall verdict with such dishonest claims?  Is it probably due to the fact that many people just fall for such a scheme?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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