Is China Cash Clone a Scam?

It seems like you are doing some research on a digital product called China Cash Clone. You want to know whether this is a scam or a legit program.
I am glad that you do your due diligence.

I will tell you right now that China Cash Clone is not a scam, even some might call it that way. It all depends on what you call a scam.
In my opinion, if you have a chance to get a 100% refund, it cannot be called a scam. But I do admit that the quality of this particular product is poor.

So, What is the China cash clone?

I would like to know from you where have you find this product? Let me know in the comment section below.
I have found it on a website called ClickBetter.

This is a retail website, similar to ClickBank.

We will go through this program (China Cash Clone or CCC) looking for red flags (in case there are some), checking the price and also upsells and also we will take a look inside the members’ area.

Name: China Cash Clone
Price: Advertised Price $9 + Upsells
Owners: Daniel Barber (most likely just made up person)

China Cash Clone Review – Update

China Cash Clone is no longer available. It was a Clickbank product that failed to provide significant value to its potential customers. As a result, it has been shut down.

There are numerous online products similar to China Cash Clone that are deceptive and solely aimed at taking your money without offering any value in return.

If you’re interested in learning about the requirements for generating income online, please let me know in the comment section below.

China Cash Clone Overview

The introduction to the product starts with a sales video. They don’t waste time and in the first 10 seconds of the video claim that you can make $5,000 a day!

And in order to make such earnings, you just need to download a “new moneymaking software”.
And to make it realistic, the spokesperson says that it is due to little know glitches on the internet.

Well, I won’t go into the details but this is a complete lie. Software that can generate such income simply does not exist.

Soon enough I find another red flag and that is the testimonial. They use paid actors from Fiverr. They talk about how amazing the CCC is, and how much money they make. Some of these actors are not yet experienced, as you can spot how they read the text.

Let me share with you the screenshot of some of them together with the screenshot taken from the Fiver website (Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Source: Wikipedia).

what is the china cash clone

And here is another person who is a paid actor on Fiverr. This gentleman has been hired also for different products such as Ecom Cash Crusher or Cash Sniper.

what is the china cash clone

If you want to check these actors o Fiver, I can share the link. Just let me know in the comment section below.
It seems like whenever there is a “cash” inside of the product name, this person is in the testimonial video.

But it can be only coincidence.

What I also find particularly interesting is, that there is the same architecture of the members’ area for all of these products (2 I mentioned above together with the CCC). This could be a coincidence as well, but I would bet the $9 that all three programs belong to the same company/owners.

China Cash Code is supposed to teach you how to make money by drop-shipping on Shopify.
Drop-shipping is a method of making money where you sell products online but you don’t own these products.

Once you get the order from a customer, you simply take care of the shipment, but you don’t come to contact with the product.

In other words, you just purchase the product from a third party and have it shipped to the customer.
That way you don’t need any warehouse.

This is a legitimate business and many people/companies make a living like this.

The Good & the Bad

  • Money-Back Guarantee and Low Price
  • Drop-shipping is a legit business and it might give you a direction in your business
  • N/A
  • Low-Quality Training
  • Upsells
  • Fake Testimonials and Unrealistic Income Claims

Who is it For?

You are told that this system has nothing to do with Bitcoin, cryptographers, pyramid schemes, or any other nonsense. And yet making money with this system is so incredibly easy that absolutely anyone can do it. No prior experience or special qualifications is required.

You only need a laptop, an internet connection, and a desire to make a fortune online.

Sounds too good to be true? You are right. The passive online income as they present it can’t be further from the truth. This is also why so many beginners fall for such products.

And creators of such products know about that.
They use words, like automated software, glitch or loophole, some scary marketing, passive income, they tell you the story and wrap it all up in an excellent package and an “easy money-making” program is created.

Money-making for the creators of course.

China Cash Clone Tools & Training

Let’s take a look inside the members’ area.

The first thing you see is the thank you page and the email in case you need support. You have also a telephone number, but ClickBetter’s telephone number.

what is the china cash clone

On the left-hand side, you see the menu. There are 3 steps.

1 The step is called the VIP members workshop but make no mistake. It is just a link to another ClickBank product called Supper Affiliate System. This is John’s Crestani high ticket program teaching you affiliate marketing. It is actually quite OK, but the price is almost $1,000.

what is the china cash clone

2 StepGet Started: concerns already about the CCC. You have few plugins there which you can download, including that “magic” software, which actually is a WordPress site.

You can also take a look at the demo site, which looks fine too. On this website, you see a bunch of products that are most likely from AliExpress (an online retail service based in China).

This is a screenshot of the website:

What is the China Cash Clone

There are also 5 videos.

  • The first 2 of them will show you how to install the plugins and how to modify your site. I mean nothing that you can’t find on YouTube for free.
  • 3rd video shows you how to install Woo-commerce (it is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress).
  • The 4th video is called Ali-express. And you will learn how to find the best products on this site.
  • Finally, the 5th video is called “manage orders”. This is a kind of administration where you are shown how to fill up the orders.

3 Step – Your VIP Upgraded Products: These are the upsells already, which I will explain in the Price Structure section below.

China Cash Clone Support

There is not really a support page.

Usually, products like this, have at least some Facebook group where the members can interact with each other. It is not the case for China Cash Clone. The only thing you have is the email.

Even, if you click on the “Support” button in the upper right-hand corner inside the members’ area, it directs you to the 404 page.

China Cash Clone Price Structure

This is a pretty cheap product as far as the basic product is concerned. The entry cost is $9 and what you get we just described above.

Nevertheless, there are 2 upsells. These are pretty easily accessed.

  1. Upsell called Cash Clone X. This is supposed to make you an extra $100,000 a week. The cost is $197 and there is a downfall to it which would be $177.
  2. Upsell  – This is another upgrade in income. You promise to increase your profit by more than 7x. The cost is $147.

In my opinion, both will do nothing. It is just a way how the CCC owners make the money.

In the entire product, you are not shown how to drive traffic to your website. How do you suppose to make a sale without visitors?
1) You can have paid traffic, where you need an extra budget and of course the knowledge of how to set up the campaigns.
2) You can learn how to drive free traffic, but you need time and there is also a learning curve. One of the most important things when it comes to free traffic (organic) is proper Keyword Research.

My Final Opinion of China Cash Clone

The amount of products purchased from China to the rest of the world is huge. China grows and many people in China are getting rich every day.
This was correctly said in the sales video.
But the owners of CCC,  want you to believe that somehow there is a kind of software which after installing it, you can get into this game and make a profit out of it, on autopilot.

This is just BS.

The sales video is full of hype and the product does not have much value. Not to mention the upsells where you are promised to increase the income, but it is just a waste of your money.

China Cash Clone at a Glance…

Name: China Cash Clone
Price: Advertised Price $9 + Upsells
Owners: Daniel Barber (most likely just made up person)


I don’t recommend getting this product.
Even if the price is not bad, just $9, you might easily be tricked by the upsells.

The CCC is quite a new product but it has the old same pattern as many older products, which I don’t recommend. Most of them were available on ClickBank.

Hopefully, you had a chance to find this review before you made a purchase. In the worst case, you can still ask for a refund.

I bet there will be many similar products like CCC. When you spot one with a similar pattern stay away from it. I believe you can identify the red flags pretty easily. Don’t waste time with such programs.

If you are interested in how to build a business online, you can have a look at this educational platform.

You won’t get rich overnight and you will have to dedicate a few hours a day to it.
The good news is, that your work can be your hobby (or another way around 🙂 ).

You will learn how to create a website, how to let people know about your website, how to increase the traffic to your site, how to help them, and how to monetize your site without being “salesy”.

If you have any sort of questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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