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What is Ecom Cash Crusher?

This is going to be a review of a digital product called Ecom Cash Crusher. First of all, let me start with some background about how did I find out about this product.

Well, the best way to create any digital product review is to sign up for one. That way you can test it out firsthand and thus give an objective review.  The funny thing is, that to me it seems like products like these (meaning digital products available on ClickBank) are somehow connected and tight up together.

Here is what I mean.
I have used an email in order to sign up for a different product. 3 days later I got an email from this website saying that I have a notification and I should check out my sales.

Waw perfect.
So I go there – I click on that link and it directs me to a sales video of another product!  I see this happening over and over again. I mean I do not want to complain – to be honest, I am glad. That way I will never run out of new products to do research about 🙂

And this is precisely how I found out about Ecom Cash Crusher. Right at the beginning, I was not expecting much from it, but I decided to give it a try and came up with the following review.

ECC is a digital product that was available on ClickBank.

Ecom Cash Crusher Overview

Name: Ecom Cash Crusher
Website: www.ecomcashcrusher.co
Price: Advertised Price $37 – Price has changed – Now $9 at ClickBetter
Owners: David (most likely just a made-up person)

Ecom Cash Crusher – UPDATE November 2019

As I did a review of products in November 2019, I found out that ECC is not listed on ClickBank anymore.
It is available on ClickBetter, though for a price of $9.

ClickBank does not remove products for no reason! I got in touch with their representatives, who replied that it was due to the high refund rates.
In other words, customers were not happy about the value.

You can continue with this review to find out the red flags. That way, you will learn why this product was removed from ClickBank and use that knowledge while checking similar digital products.

That brings me to one particular educational platform called Wealthy Affiliate, which you can have a look at. It has been around since 2004 and the number of members is more than 300,000.

Their website was created in December 2018. That can be considered a new product.
I often look at how old the product is (just by looking at the date when the website is created). This information combined with the amount of traffic can give you a nice overview of the quality.
If you see that the traffic to the website of certain products got up and a few months later it went down to almost zero and stays at zero, it is probably not a good sign.

It most likely was just hype and it lacked value.

What is Ecom Cash Crusher

Ecom Cash Crusher is a course about how to make money on Shopify.

You are watching the sales video which is again pretty hyped up. First, you see some actors saying how much they earn. Here is the proof that these are just actors who can be hired at the website called Fiverr.

What is Ecom Cash Crasher

And here is the second actor.

What is Ecom Cash Crasher

This gentleman was hired to do the testimonial also for a product called Cash Sniper.

The sales video goes on when David says his emotional story about his past. I mean there is a good point, though. That nobody should ever quit in his/her pursuit of a goal or dream no matter how hard the circumstance.

They are using these marketing tricks to make you think that they can solve your problem and within 20 minutes you can start earning money online. That is BS.
How can you possibly learn something within an hour and use it as an experienced user?

In order to have success with Shopify, you must master some knowledge and you have to deal with many issues.

The course is not that bad, though and you can take something from it.
But I don’t think that any will be able to start generating income having “mastered” this course alone.

Pros and Cons

  • Quite nice videos inside the training platform
  • The idea that might work
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Insufficient education material
  • Upsells
  • Promised quick earning – unrealistic claims

Who is it For?

Since the owners of this product (as well as most of the Clickbank products) intend to generate income in the first place, it is “obviously” meant for everyone. Especially newbies. Because newbies are the most vulnerable target.
Don’t get me wrong – I am sure most people would not fall for such a scheme. But many times these sales videos sounds very convincing and from time to time I feel like starting to believe that stuff 🙂

The thing is that they play with our emotions. We must use also our logic – especially when it comes to our credit cards.

Ecom Cash Crusher Tools & Training

When you get inside the platform you are getting a commission site for free. At least that is what you are promised.

What is Ecom Cash Crusher

You have to pay for the domain name and hosting, though.

Then you will be asked to sign up for other ClickBank products, where I am sure ECC has a commission. These “offer” reminds me of the wise words from the sales video regarding concentration.

On one hand in the sales video, you are prompted to shut down the TV, close the Facebook and focus only on what David has to say.  Well – I agree. One must be concentrated in order to be efficient.

On the other hand, you are suggested to join other programs (with a high commission to be paid to David).

At the left-hand side, you have a menu, and I will give you a short description of what is inside:

What is Ecom Cash Crusher
  1. Goal Settings – That is actually a good point and a very important step outside the online world as well. It is important to set a very specific goal and I actually talk about the goal setting in the link above.  Inside the platform, there is a video dedicated to this 1st step together with a Workbook. Also, you can download the “Niche Selection Sheet”
  2. Foundation Setup – Contains 6 Lessons and it is about the foundation of your internet shop, niche selection, a website to use.
  3. Dropshipping – 2 Lessons (again videos) explains where you will get the products to sell and how you will extra cash from the internet – related to Shopify.
  4. Shopify Setup – Lesson to explain how you are going to set up your Shopify starting Introduction, Settings, Themes, Preferences, and Cart.
  5. Shopify Apps – 3 Lessons about Shopify Applications
  6. Shopify SEO – Here are 2 video lessons on how to get traffic from search engines. How to set title and Meta description.
  7.  Using Facebook – You are shown how to use Facebook for your business. From Intro through Setting Up to 3rd Lesson Graphic. This last video is about Canva – how to create a graphic.

Then the platform contains the other 2 sections, where they show quite a lot of stuff regarding Facebook.

For example the Facebook business manager, Facebook Ad types, kind of targeting, and Facebook Ads.

The last section is about Dynamic Ads, Initial Ad Setup, Feed Setup, and finally how to properly SEO YouTube videos (1 minute long video)


It is not quite clear where to ask for support. There is a direct link to the email though:

I have not tried the support. So I really don’t know how prompt they are.
If you need some support concerning the payment. the best way is to contact the retailer site directly. Whether it is ClickBank, ClickBetter or JVZoo.

Ecom Cash Crusher Price Structure

The advertised price for the course is $37 ($44 Total price in case you are in certain countries where the VAT has to be paid as well).
And there are 2 upsells.

What is Ecom Cash Crusher

As for November 2019, this product is not available on ClickBank anymore.
The only place I was able to find it is a ClickBetter.

Ecom Cash Crusher most likely did not comply with the ClickBank requirement and it was baned.
Products listed on ClickBetter do have lower quality and that is the reason why the price of Ecom Cash Crusher went down.

what is ecom cash crasher

To sum it up:

  1. It was removed from ClickBank – Probably due to the high refund rate
  2. The product moved to ClickBetter – with a lower price but the “quality” remains the same (not a real value to the customer)

They do keep the upsell structure as follows:

1st Upsell is called Premium eCom Package and it costs $197. There is a downsell to that for I believe $97. This is supposed to be “all done for you”.Uus

2nd Upsell is eCom Cash Crusher Targeted Traffic Booster. That is supposed to be focused on how to run ads on Google and Bing. The price is another $196.

Pretty steep it gets I guess. Even with a downsell you still might end up paying $330 for this product.

Do You Want to Learn How to Make Money Online?

Here is my suggestion to you and you can check it out for FREE.
Since you have read the Ecom Cash Crusher review and you gain some knowledge about a low-quality course;
How about taking a look at a legit platform with a plethora of training?

As I said you could have access to this platform for free.
But I want to be fair and I would like to inform you that the platform is not entirely for free. You get access to the training platform for a week. In my opinion that is enough time to test it out.

Then if you like the way the training is structured and you want to take full advantage of the training, the cost is about $1 per day, which is almost the same price as for the full Ecome Cash Crusher package ($330).

Let me know what do you think about this deal. Also if you have some questions, make sure to ask them in the comment section below.

My Final Opinion of Ecom Cash Crusher

Although there is pretty decent training, I still do not think that it will be good enough for a newbie to start generating income.
I mean to start making money with Shopify will take some time and also some trial and error. Well, Ecom Cash Crusher will show you how it works and will give you information on how to set up your site, and how to run Ads. This is valuable information.

I am not sure though, how David’s mum could generate income in just 20 minutes. The total length of the videos inside the platform is way over 20 minutes.

And where is the learning curve? So I guess the sales video is just a “little bit” hyped up.

If you happen to search for a legit course and you truly want to create your own business online, you can go to check my other review about a digital platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Ecom Cash Crusher at a Glance…

Name: Ecom Cash Crusher
Website: www.ecomcashcrusher.co
Price: Advertised Price $37 – Price has changed – Now $9 at ClickBetter
Owners: David (most likely just a made-up person)


I do not like the claims in the sales video. They are made by paid actors. And the stuff they say “I made $800 in 3 hours” … well; does it mean that he bought the product, he went through the training, he started to apply the knowledge, and 3 hours later he made $800?

Seriously I doubt it. Too many red flags.

But I might be biased. Let me know what do you think.
I would like to open a discussion since this product can offer some value, although I think that the earning part will not happen that soon.

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  1. This article gives us suggestions on what is ecom cash crusher.Content here based on facts right. Anyone searching for same topic may find their shelter here. I am sure many people will come to read this in future.Great blog indeed, will visit again future to read more!!

    • Hello Lee,

      The site EcomCashCrusher has been launched in December 2018. So Basically it was new product in the beginning of 2019. As for April 21st 2019 I think it is not outdated but I think for that price $37 you can get better online platforms. (and I do not mention the upsells Ecom Cash Crusher has)

      Anyways, Thank you for your comment. Should you have anymore questions let me know.
      Cheers, Mike


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