What Is Cash Sniper – Can You Make $3,500 Today?

I have found a new product called Cash Sniper and you found it as well, I guess, right? 🙂

I have done some research about Cash Sniper and found out that this digital product is no more available on ClickBank. It is still available on ClickBetter, though.
I have already seen a product that has been “transferred” this way. And it was not a good product.

Is it a sign? We will find out, soon.

I have checked that Cash Sniper is actually a new one. According to the info regarding the Cash Sniper website, it is available only since February 2019.
So, What is Cash Sniper?

Here is just a short overview – and a first red flag for me is the unknown identity of that person called Ray Pickard.

Name: Cash Sniper
Website: www.cashsniper.co
Price: Advertised Price $9 + Upsells
Owners: Ray Pickard (identity not confirmed)

Product Overview

Once I have landed on their website, I have just spotted 3 Red Flags.  You can take a look at them at my screenshot. The sales video then continues in the same manner. Too hyped up, unrealistic claims repeated over and over again.

what is cash sniper

This product should be teaching you how to make money with Amazon as an affiliate.

  1. The sales video is full of red flags, (Can I use BS? ) and so unrealistic exaggerated claims, that it makes me laugh.
  2. The product itself is just a bunch of eBooks, but we will get into that.

As you can see at this short video (cut from the Cash Sniper sales video) there are paid, actors. I have chosen the last gentleman and found him on Fiverr.

what is cash sniper

Why do they have to use paid actors?
Just remember when you will be checking the next product – pay close attention to how the testimonials look like.

The Good & the Bad

  • Price $9
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • n/a


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Fake Testimonials and Unknown Owner
  • Extremely Poor “Training” Material & Upsells


Who is it For?

I have been reviewing these kinds of products for more than a year. I can tell you that there is no single person who can benefit from Cash Sniper.
Yes, in their sales pitch they show you how everything is easy and how fast you can get rich, but that is all BS.
Do not fall for this … I wanted to say scam, but in my opinion, if you can get your money back, it can’t be called a scam.

I have seen other reviews and they call products like this scam. In fact, it has many signs of scam products.

  • You can make $3,000 a day
  • You don’t need previous experience
  • You only need a few minutes a day to check your account
  • and so on…

Whenever you see these kinds of claims, just stay away from it, and don’t waste your time (and money)

Cash Sniper Tools & Training

Once you get into the membership area you see right away the offer to join the Supper Affiliate System by John Crestani (that is the guy on the picture and he has nothing to do with Cash Sniper).

The same thing with AZ Sniper. I really do think that both products (AZ Sniper and Cash Sniper) are made just to get a commission out of John’s product. The cost of the Super Affiliate System is something under $1,000 and the commission he pays is about 50%.
What is good though, that you get almost $900 credit for ads – for free.

what is cash sniper

So let’s take a look at what is it the Cash Sniper has to offer you. At the left-hand side, you see 5 buttons.

  1. Introduction – that is clear, we already covered that above.
  2. Cash Sniper Main Guide – This a PDF file, (or an e-book, that probably sounds better). It has 24 pages and it is about affiliate marketing. Here is the overview
    • Affiliate Marketing Introduction – Affiliate marketing basics, How to get started with affiliate marketing
    • Choose Your Target Audience – What Product to Sell, Major Affiliate sites you need to know
    • Metrics – How to write a request for offer approval
    • Driving Traffic to your offer – Product reviews
  3. Cash Sniper Secret Method – This is again PDF file with 40 pages and here is the brief overview of what is inside:
    • Setting Up
    • Bundling Email List
    • Squeeze Pages
    • Solo Ads Traffic
    • Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing
    • Social Media for Affiliate Marketing
    • What is EPC (Earnings per Click)
  4. Cash Sniper X – This PDF has 18 pages:
    • Setting Up
    • Niche Choice
    • Making Your Videos
    • Monetization
  5. Cash Sniper Profit Booster – And the last PDF has 11 pages:
    • Setting Up Your Site
    • Product Research
    • Content
    • Making Your Website Grow
    • Expansion

Just taking look at the overview of the last point – Cash Sniper Profit Booster, one may get the impression that there is quite a lot of material. But again, please note that all this stuff is on 11 pages only!

what is cash sniper


I have not found any support whatsoever.

In general, when a product was purchased via ClickBank it was easy to ask for a return. I did it several times and I got my money back within 5 business days.

This Cash Sniper is not available on ClickBank anymore but on ClickBetter. I had some trouble ordering the product. I mean I fill out the payment section but did not receive any product. This was regarding different digital product thought.

At my bank account, I was able to see that the payment took place, but have not got any product. So it might be a bit more difficult to communicate with ClicBetter.
I will keep my eye on it and eventually will update my review.

– And here I go with the update as for November 2019.

The communication with ClickBetter went OK. I mean I was able to get my refund within 3 business days.
Just make sure you have the information available about the purchase (something like a purchase ID and stuff like that).

Cash Sniper Price Structure

You can get the basic course for $9. That is really cheap, but also the quality of the material is worth that price. Bunch of PDF files, just like in case of very similar product AZ Sniper.

what is cash sniper

Then you have the same Upsell structure as in AZ Sniper. So let’s count how much that product might cost eventually.

  1. Basic price $9
  2. First Upsell is called Sniper Secret Method – $197 (there should be a downsell to it $147)
  3. The second Upsell is called Cash Sniper X and the cost is $177

To sum it up, the price can vary from $333 to $383.
And what you gain by these upsells? It is said that you get more traffic, but I am not sure about that. It might be probably paid traffic by Solo Ads, but it is just my opinion. If you know something about Solo Ads, basically you will buy clicks. The source of the traffic is in most cases not relevant to your niche.

So you might get some impressions but very little (is some) sales.

My Final Opinion of Cash Sniper

Recently I have reviewed very similar products. I am pretty sure that the owner is the same. It is either company that released a low-quality product, keeps changing the name and finally they tag a new price on it.
The last version if called Cash Sniper and the price is very tempting 9 Bucks.

But you have seen what you can get, right? If you are serious about making money online, I suggest you check out other platforms. You can access it for free. In fact, take a look at the 1st Level and you get an overview of what you might learn.

As for the Cash Sniper – I don’t recommend it.

I have an Alternative For You

I know how frustrating it may be, searching for products where one wants to learn how to create a website, and how to rank well in google. And what does it actually take to monetize that website?

What one needs to do to start making money online?

  • paying for ads?
  • driving organic traffic?
  • how to write an article?
  • what niche to choose?
  • what if I am stuck?

Well, I personally was able to solve these questions, and finally, I have found a way how to monetize the website.

There is no push button, there is no automated system.
It requires hard work and proper education.

With that, almost anybody has a chance to succeed. In fact, anybody can get started for free.


Cash Sniper at a Glance…

Name: Cash Sniper
Website: www.cashsniper.co
Price: Advertised Price $9 + Upsells
Owners: Ray Pickard (identity not confirmed)

Overall Rank:

Explode My Payday Scam


There are many courses teaching you how to make money with Amazon. Unfortunately, these products have low quality and it just does not worth the $37 as in the case of AZ Sniper.

It is not worth $9, let alone the time. If you are interested in how to make money as an affiliate marketer, check out my guidelines. It is a bit longer post, but if you are serious about building an online business you will find a time 🙂

If you have a specific question, let me know. Or if you do not have the current time to read my guideline, just drop me some message below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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