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Social Rebel Review

You are doing some research about this new system called Social Rebel, right? 

Is it really possible to make $500 a day with this site? 

How does it really work and what needs to be done to make extra money? 

You have probably seen already some reviews and maybe watched some videos on YouTube where people claim how great this product is.

Well, let’s find out the truth.  
In the following Social Rebel review, you are going to find out that this is not what it looks like and you should really think twice before signing up. 

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Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Social Rebel. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Social Rebel
Price to Join: 
$0 (It is for free, but do not sign up with your email! Read the full review to find out more).
Recommended: No! This system is useless. It is waste of time.
To generate consistent income online, it is necessary to gain some knowledge and then apply it. 

Social Rebel Review

Social Rebel is supposed to be a platform where you can make quick and easy money. 

You are promised to get $50 sign-up bonus. 

After that, you should share this platform with your friends and family members. For every member that joins through your link, you get $20. 
If they only click on your link, you get $2. 

Now, this alone doesn’t make any sense. 
Where is the money coming from?

There are many red flags throughout the entire website including fake founders, fake payment proofs, and so on. 

Stay away from Social Rebel. 
This is a data harvesting scam that collects your personal data. 

In case you want to know how to make consistent income online, check the link below. 
It shows a method that has been proven over and over again. 

A lot of people want to make quick money, but there is no such thing as a system generating money on autopilot.

To makes sustainable income online, requires some knowledge, and skills…but it is actually not that difficult to learn. 

What Is Social Rebel?

Social Rebel Review

 Social Rebel is a platform promising to make extra cash in a very short period of time. Basically, it is advertised as a great method how to earn passive income.

As it is seen from their homepage, they claim you can make $500 today. 

Without going too much into detail, I want to let you know that this is nonsense. 

Let me be clear though.
Generally speaking, it is possible to make $500 per day, but not with this platform called Social Rebel. 

How About SocialRebel.cc?

It was the same thing.

The same lies, the same scam.

They have changed a bit the website, but it is hardly noticeable.

social rebel review

They still claim that it was founded in 2018.
My question is what had these guys been doing for 3 years?

The registration date of SocialRebel.CC, is November 23, 2021.

social rebel review

Do you still find this platform trustworthy? 

To me, this is a major red flag and a single reason to leave the site and never come back.

socialrebel.co or socialrebel.cc

The platform started with extension .co but for some reason, this domain expired so they moved all the information to the domain with extension cc.
But it was still the same, the same false promises, and pretty much the same red flags.

Again they changed it back to the co, and as of this update, the domain socialrebel.com is active.

Just let’s take a look at the traffic that was flowing to these platforms.

This is a screenshot from Ahrefs, where the platform with CO extension was active at the end of 2021 and then again a year later.

Traffic Overview - socialrebel.co - Ahrefs

Between they used the platform with the extension CC:

Traffic Overview - www.socialrebel.cc

Is this a red flag?
Not necessarily, but it is strange.

Let’s find out some facts about this platform. 
First of all, who is behind it? 

Who is the Founder of Social Rebel?

Social Rebel Review

According to their website, there are these 4 people who created this system. The two co-founders are Ralph R. Lawson and Chad Evans.

Well, I couldn’t find any information about these two guys. Short research shows that this is false information.

Fake Photos

First of all these names are made up and the photos are stock photos that are available for everyone. 

Just let’s compare the first person (Ralph. R. Lowson) who is allegedly the co-founder and COO of this platform, and the person in the picture below:

Social Rebel Review

See, that’s a stock photo. 

And all images are just stock photos, that can be purchased from websites like Shutterstock.

In 2022 (with the updated versions of socialrebel.com) they don’t use these images anymore.

Social Media Links

And here is the second thing;
The links (or rather social media buttons) below their names are supposed to go to their personal social media accounts or business accounts. 

But they are not. 
When you click on them, they get you to the specific social media platform, with an attached link to the Social Rebel website. 

And here is another interesting fact: 

Social Rebel Review

According to the “About Us” Section, this company started in January 2018. 

It expanded in 2019, and connected with other firms to “create a multinational team”. 

Here is the truth:
The website was registered only a few months ago (as of this writing). To be specific in the middle of August 2021. 

Social Rebel Review

So they lie about their registration date, founders…

For some reason, they keep changing the extension.
First, it was socialrebel.co then they changed it to socialrebel.cc.
And as of today (January 2023), the socialrebel DOT co works again

But it is still the same thing. 
The original domain .co was shut down (at least didn’t work for some time). There was a good reason for that. 

Who Is Social Rebel For?

By now, I hope you are convinced that Social Rebel is no good for anyone. 

In fact, if you can, share this review on your social media to let people know about this scammy system. 

Let me digress a bit. 
There are actually websites where you don’t need any knowledge or experience and you can make some money. 

These are called survey sites, and some of them are legit. 
For example here is a list of three of them:

  • www.swagbucks.com
  • www.inboxdollars.com or
  • also www.surveyjunkie.com (it is not available in the EU – the site is not accessible).    

The drawback is that the earning potential is very small. 
It is possible to make about $5 to $10 a day by taking surveys, playing games, or clicking on ads. 

The thing is that in order to make a consistent income online it is necessary to offer some value to the market. 
These survey sites are only good for some pocket money. 

Let’s go back to the Social Rebel. I am going to explain how it really works and we wrap this review up in a bit. 

How Does Social Rebel Work?

Based on the website, you might make money by doing simple tasks, like playing online games or visiting reward websites.

Apparently, there are only 3 simple steps and you are on your way to making hundreds of dollars per day. 

  1. Create an account on the Social Rebel website and you get a $50 bonus
  2. After signing up, you get a referral link that you should share with your friends, family, colleagues, and followers…
    When they click on the link, they get $2, and for every sign up they get $20. 
  3. You can instantly withdraw your money using one or more of these payment methods:
    – PayPal,
    – CashApp,
    – Bitcoin, and more.

Well, that is nonsense. 

First of all this system doesn’t have any resources to pay its “members”.
In other words, no one gets paid!

Yes, after signing up, inside the Dashboard you see a little $50 icon right below your name. But that’s just a graphic. 

Inside the dashboard, you have a menu and some instructions on how to start earning. 

Social Rebel Review

That’s all B.S., and you won’t get a dime. 

How Does Social Rebel Really Work?

This entire platform is basically clickbait to get your personal data. 

You are probably saying, it is not a big deal to give them an email address. 

But for many people, it is since they sign up with their best email. 
Then it is sold to 3-party companies. 

These emails are a target for spam, scams, phishing, or other illegal activities. 

And there are dozens of these websites or platforms and they all work the same:

  1. You sign up and start doing the surveys, sharing links, and downloading apps. 
  2. You see that the “earnings” rise up. 
  3. Once you reach a certain amount you are ready to withdraw your money
  4. And this is where the problems start. You will be told that you have used fake clicks, and therefore you won’t get paid. 
    On top of it, your account will be closed. 

You won’t make any money with Social Rebel, you don’t get the promised $500 gift card- these are all just false promises.
So again, please stay away from this platform. 

Social Rebel Red Flags

There are many red flags with this site, but let’s mention a few of them. 

I believe you already have a picture of what is this all about. 
Or do you really think they are going to pay $50 to each person that signs up? 

Even though this website is only a couple of months old, it gets a lot of visitors already. Probably thousands per day. 
If only 100 sign up – they would need to pay $5,000 a day! 

Where does the money come from? 

Well, there is no money, whatsoever. 

1) Age of the System

We have covered this already and we know that the SocialRebel website was registered in August 2021. 

Social Rebel Review

So even if the company was founded in 2018 as per the screenshot above, what had they been doing for more than 3 years? 
These days, it takes a few minutes to set up a website.

2) Fake Testimonials

I have not gone through all the testimonials. But I picked one and found out that the image is taken from Pinterest. 

Social Rebel Review

Or is it possible that the same lady with the Pinterest account actually made money with SocialRebel? 

She claims that she made a channel on youtube and promoted this platform. 

There is only one Youtube channel with the name Lottie Flores: 

Social Rebel Review

This channel has 5 subscribers and it is a Kids Youtube Channel.

Social Rebel Review

  It has nothing to do with Social Rebel.

3) Fake Payment Proofs

I am wondering why the real creators of this platform do such errors. 

Social Rebel Review

We all know that this website was registered in August 2021. 
So how come someone could receive $122.22 on January 22, 2020? 

You get my point, don’t you? 

Obviously, the “payment” screenshot is fake.

4) Fake Founders

Apparently, there are these 4 guys who created the Social Rebel

Social Rebel Review

Well, again, here is proof that none of these are real. 
This is another photo taken from Shutterstock. 

Social Rebel Review

Why would anyone want to hide his or her real credentials? 

Because whoever is behind this platform, knows that it won’t last long and this site will be shut down. 
This is just one of many scams that operate the same way. 

The real founders, can move on, create a new website, and scam more people. 

But once you check one or more reviews of these scams, you quickly learn the patterns, that all have in common.
So you will know what to check, and how to check it and you won’t be scammed by these pathetic platforms. 

5) Impossible to Get in Touch (Lack of Support)

When it comes to making money on online platforms, one of the crucial things is that they have support or at least an email address. 

It took me a while until I found an email address on the Social Rebel website. 
In fact, the only place where they reveal the email address is in the Terms and Conditions. 

I wanted to make sure that the email address worked, so I went ahead and dropped them a few words. 
After about a day I got this “feedback”:

Social Rebel Review

Delivery incomplete. 

And finally, after a few days, I get the final “feedback” saying: “Message not delivered”

Social Rebel Review

The email address doesn’t exist. 
So how one can get in touch with these people when he or she needs help? 

Just another proof that they don’t care about their visitors (members) and it is all scams. 

What Is The Social Rebel App?

It is just a cash app that installs Social Rebel software on your mobile phone. But make no mistake, it is just a data harvesting scam as described in this article. 

Here are a few screenshots of comments that people left on producthunt.com:

Social Rebel review

Other Social Rebel Reviews

It is interesting that the Social Rebel has a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot. These are all biased and the majority of them are written by users that left only 1 or 2 reviews.

Socialrebel Reviews - Trustpilot

And it even says at the top of the page:

“We’ve detected a number of fake reviews for this company and we’ve removed them.”

A lot of these reviews are not from real users.

How To Really Make Money Online? 

By now you know that there is no way that you can get paid from Social Rebel. There are many misleading products online that want your data, money, or both. 

It is not easy to find a legitimate platform teaching how to make consistent income, in the long term. 

Let me share with you a video where it is explained how to set up an online business in 4 steps. 

Please realize that it needs some time and effort, but this is an evergreen formula that has been proven over and over again. 

If you join me inside the platform I will guide you through the training and might show you also some tips.

What Do I Like About Social Rebel?

  • Absolutely Nothing 

What I Don’t Like About Social Rebel?

  • It is a data-harvesting scam 
  • Social Rebel does NOT pay 
  • Just one of many scams out there

Is Social Rebel A Scam? 

We have proven that they lie about the history of the company. 
They lie bout the founders and they use fake testimonials. 

Also, the payment proofs only prove that the screenshots are made up. Fake.

Do you still believe that it is possible to make real cash with Social Rebel? 

Of course not (at least I hope so 🙂 )

It is safe to say, that Social Rebel is a scam. 

Even though you won’t lose money (at least not at the beginning of the process), the chances that your email will be sold on a black market are pretty high. 
Then there is a risk that your inbox will be hit with lots of spammy links, and who knows what else. 

Do not sign up for the Social Rebel. 

But if you really want to get inside the dashboard, create some fake email just for this purpose. 
Make sure to use a different password, from what you usually use. 

Hopefully, you find this review valuable.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know in the comment section below. 
I will be more than happy to help you. 

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Hello.
    I had interesting story with social rebel. So i made account from link from my friend obviously on fake email. I start earning “money” by watching videos. Watch on my phone with Android 11. I discover that i can use split screen to avoid dumb watch. Earn first minimum 200USD. Try get payed and get answer that i need 30 pepole involve in this if i want “get money”. So i started ask friends and family. To clear how it works i decide to record screen and share video to my mates. So i recorded actually watching video with show how i use split screen to avoid stupid watching. So i asked second person. And do the same but before send captured video i watched it. I was fuckin shocked!!!! I recorded when guy who i was watching, the actual video, on turning on on split screen saying ” oh we are on wrong window… oh its screen recorder… oh its via bot… oh (says my name) you should quit…”

    So anyone who want to start this i am warning that on this site is hack and magic and they see what u have on your device.

    I dont know but i did not log on this time on my bank account fortunately.

    Think twice. Good luck

    • Hello,

      Thanks a lot for sharing this.
      It is truly an interesting story.

      Thankfully, you did not lose any money, but if logged to your bank account – well, that might be a different story.

      Thanks a lot for your comment
      Stay away from scams! 🙂


  2. Thanks for this review i signed up for this scam website after getting the required number of referrals they refused to pay saying i have to transfer 25 euros first I’m glad i decided to do a research on the website and i found this thanks Mike I’ll make sure i report them to the FTC I’ve already changed my password

  3. Appreciate the research you did, mate. Saved me a bit of time as I sensed something was off and don’t have the time myself to go scrambling down that rabbit hole. Gonna bookmark this place and check it out when I do have some free time this holiday season. Cheers!

  4. Y’all Are a Bunch Of Haters And Hypocrites, Y’all Sponsoring a Fake Cash Game Without Credibility Or Serious Transparency With The Clients, Y’all Are Thieves Remaining To Play Games With Clients By Taking Advantage Of Them, My Advice To Every Single Person Around The Planet To Not Drifting With Social Rebel Promotion Ads Because They’re Fake Cash Games 🤥

  5. Is there nothing anyone can do to stop this from continuing? What about who is financially gaining from this? Do they have advertisers that worry about backlash? I’m pissed .I jumped thru every hoop and waited for payment.i was that “fool”

    • Hi, I understand how you feel.

      Unfortunately, it is not easy to stop them.
      One thing is that it is possible to report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

      By by the time they start investigating it, the creators of the scam website move on and create a “new” one.

      The best advice is don’t trust anything that looks too good to be true and always do research.

      Thanks a lot for your comment

  6. Helló Judit vagyok Magyarországról. Itt online munka rengeteg van de sok a csalás is van egy amiről nem sokat tudni. Ez a 5 Billion Sales e Ez 400$ ígér évente és minden regisztrált után további 100$ évente. Az indulást állandóan halogatja regisztráció ingyenes. Ha erről tudnál valamit kideríteni megköszönném Üdvözlettel Judit

    • That’s how these scams work.

      Make sure to change your password to the email you have used for signing up.

      You should be fine, then.

      Wishing you all the best and stay away from websites promising quick money.


  7. I’ve understood now because I sent an email to them the same thing of the email is not available. Thanks man
    How do I follow a genuine platform that pays.
    Help me

    • Hi,
      I am glad you have double-checked their email address.
      It is always a good thing to be a little bit suspicious when it comes to websites with such claims.

      As for the genuine platform that pays:
      I have recommended in the other comment, that it is possible to join platforms like:
      or Remotasks (just google Remotasks)

      Out of those 3, Remotasks is the one that pays the most.
      But again, the earning potential is still low. You can make probably $1 to $1.5 per hour for doing different tasks.

      If you want to learn how to create a website that makes money, check the link below:

      But if you just looking for some pocket money, Remotasks is a good platform that is legitimate.

      Hope that helps

  8. Thanks for your review, my brother was happy thinking he is making money i decide to do some research and I saw ur write up..
    So Mike which platform do you know that work perfectly and they keep to their promise (payout)

    • Hello Aaron and thank you for your comment.

      I hope your brother is out of the Social Rebel and now he is going to be careful.

      As for the platforms that are legit, there are 2 different paths you can take

      1) Survey Sites or GPT sites (Get-Paid-To).
      Pros – You can start earning right away, but the earning potential is very low.
      Probably $5 per day.

      You can try

      Also, I like Squadhelp.
      You can read more about Squadhelp, here:
      where I share also some tips and tricks.

      2) Create your own website and learn how to get traffic to the website and eventually how to monetize the traffic.
      This process takes longer, but it is a great way how to have a passive income in the long term.
      You can find out more at this link below:

      Or you can sign up right now here.

      Hope that helps
      If you need more information, let me know


  9. Thank you for this honest review. I saw their ad on Facebook & started researching to see if they are legit & found your review. I have since reported them to the Federal Trade Commission & to Facebook as a scam site. Thanks again for saving me the time & hassle!

    • Not sure whether you have gone through the surveys or not…
      Hopefully not.

      At least, what you can do is to change the password to your email that is used for signing up.

      And as for the future, keep in mind that if something seems to be too good to be true, then it most likely is.

      If you have further questions, let me know


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