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RecordCast Review

Hello and welcome to my website.

Are you looking for a tool that helps you create high-quality screen recordings?
Would you like to edit them as well?

Well, here is something that you might be interested in.

RecordCast is an online program to record your computer screen and webcam without the need to install programs.

Quick Overview

Name: RecordCast
Website: https://www.RecordCast.com/
Price to Join: $0
Recommended: Yes
If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool to create video tutorials, product demos, online courses, flipped class materials, or record some live games, RecordCast is highly recommended.

What is RecordCast?


RecordCast is an online program to record your PC screen and webcam without the need to download and install any programs.
And it is totally free with no ads and watermarks.

You can make HD recordings, both from the webcam and the screen (or both at the same time). In addition, it offers the option to edit and download it on your computer or directly share it online.

Founder of RecordCast

David Lin, the founder of RecordCast, wishes everyone could create their video works in a breeze.

He thinks not every person should be a strong video supervisor or a video architect to make a pleasant video. This is why he develops RecordCast.

RecordCast fulfills the expanding request individuals have for quality video creation that allows everybody to make shocking work easily.

Who is RecordCast for?

In this network age, screen recorders are broadly utilized in many fields, such as school, business, organization, entertainment, etc.

Also if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and want to create your own videos, this tool is perfect.

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Back to RecordCast;
Here let me show you some of the tools:

1. Flipped classroom

This tool is valuable for students who do not go to school for learning because of ill leave or anything. Teachers always utilize this tool to create some online courses for them to study at home so that those students who just don’t come to school can play them later.

2. Create tools or service video tutorials

It is always the chance that your customers need something to educate. This product will be exceptionally helpful. By utilizing the product, you can show your clients the particular strides with a video instructional process, recording exceptionally minuscule subtleties bit by bit.

3. Product demos

Sometimes, you are in a case where you need to give various introductions and item demos now and then. You can give an appealing show and the best product demo using this tool. This would make it simpler for you to disclose the highlight point to your customers.

4. Game recording

Are you a live game streamer on YouTube or Twitch? Then the tool is very practical for you to record your live game whenever you want. Tell your fans how cool are your game skills with a recorded video.

5. Polish recordings

In spite of the fact that RecordCast is a free screen recorder, it has a video manager too. Utilizing the highlights of the inbuilt video editor, you can add various sorts of music, and elements and make your video more alluring.

How does Recordcast work?

The application is quite intuitive and easy to use. You just have to enter its homepage and follow the instructions that it indicates.

1. Choose the mode of what you want to record:

  • Screen and Webcam: It gives you the option to record the screen at the same time while doing the explanations on the webcam.
  • Screen Only: It only records the activity of the screen. You can even select the option of everything, only a tab or a section of it.
  • Webcam Only: It is ideal for conferences or exhibitions.

2. Configure the options for adding audio


It offers four ways to add your audio to the recording: microphone and system audio separately or simultaneously, or disable all the audio. They get to the next step.

3. Choose what you want to record

Want to record only one tab of the Chrome browser?

Yes, it’s available in RecordCast.
If you prefer to record a chosen program window on your computer, that would also be fine. If neither of them is your desired idea, then just choose to record the entire computer screen to capture every detail that happens on your computer.

Now you can start recording.

4.  Download and edit


Once you’re done, hit the stop button. Remember that you have 30 minutes to record in the screen recorder. But you can merge several video clips for a longer one with the RecordCast video editor.

The application offers you the possibility of improving the quality of the videos with the editor available on the same page. You can include text plates, explanations, signs, or colored backgrounds.

This option is available even after the video has been downloaded. You get it at the top of the page next to the Start recording button.

After you are satisfied with every detail of your final video, download it to your computer for free up to 1080p. The video project can also be stored under your RecordCast account in case you want to make changes to it in the future.

What is the Price?

As I talked about above, RecordCast is completely free.

There is no extra cost to use any of its features or export the videos.
What important is that there are no ads on their website or when using the tool for screen recording and video editing.

There are watermarks on the final output videos.

What do I like about RecordCast?

As you have seen so far, the advantages offered by this application are enormous, and we are going to summarize them below:

  • It does not insert watermarks in the final video.
  • To use it does not require registration.
  • Everything works online. You don’t worry about the need to download the software on your computer or additional extensions.
  • I don’t need to go to any other where to polish my recorded videos since RecordCast offers a flexible built-in video editor.

What I don’t like RecordCast?

  • It only allows recordings of a maximum of 30 minutes.
    However, you’re able to solve that problem by using its video editor to combine several videos into a new one. In this way, you can get a video for up to 1 hour. However, 30 minutes is quite enough for my daily use.

Some thoughts at the end

Here, we love to tell you the new technologies available and the tool in today’s post so that you can make your screen recording a super easy experience. If you want to know a little more about RecordCast, check its website.

Hope you find the review helpful and if you have questions please let m know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading

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