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Partner with Anthony

Looking for some opportunities to make money online?

Is it affiliate marketing?
Yes, you are right, this is a simple business model.

How about Partner With Anthony?

As the name suggests, you would become a partner with Anthony…
But in fact, you won’t have access to Anthony.
And at the same time, you are taught how to promote the PWA (Partner with Anthony).

If someone buys it, you get a commission.

Simple as that.

Does it sound MLM-ish?
Is it a legit program?

If you never made any money online, and you want to start with the PWA you are welcome to do so.

But are you going to become an independent affiliate marketer, or will you be constrained to sell his program only?

Let’s find out.

Please note I am not a member or an affiliate forPartner With Anthony Program.
This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Is Partner With Anthony Program Legit?

Is Partner with Anthony Legit

This is a legit program, but… I mean there are always some buts, but concerning PWA, there are more than that.

So I am glad you do your own research because being skeptical means that you are responsible and the chances you’ll get scammed are slim.

Basically, Partner with Anthony (PWA) is quite thorough training on Affiliate Marketing. The basic training is quite cheap (less than $10 a month).

Here we go with the But:

This is the kind of program that is cheap to get in, but quite expensive to maintain the membership.
For some people that could even mean misleading (or deceptive), because it is advertised as a $ 7-a-month course, whereas the truth is that it will cost you several hundred.

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

What Is The Partner With Anthony Program?

Is Partner with Anthony Legit

It is presented as affiliate marketing training, that you can leverage and make consistent income online.

It has several modules and for $7 there is quite a lot of information.

You Know What Affiliate Marketing Is, Right?

Just to be sure;

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you sell other’s people products and/or services.

Your task as an affiliate marketer is to connect the audience (potential customers) and the sellers.
When they purchase the product/service via your affiliate link you get a commission.

You attract your audience with your content. Whether it is the audio, written, or audio, format.
The more valuable content you have, the more revenue you generate.

There are obviously some cons, but we won’t go to that this time.

Instead, here are some questions you might ask:

  • How Do I start with Affiliate Marketer as a beginner?
  • Can You Get Rich With Affiliate Marketing?

Do you have more questions about Affiliate Marketing?

Here are 20+ Answered Questions Regarding Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Is Anthony teaching affiliate marketing the right way?

Well, I have some doubts…

1st of all, proper affiliate marketing training to me is a training that teaches how to become an affiliate marketer in any niche.


Because the content you crate is supposed to be based on your personal expertise and experience.

PWA teaches how to be an affiliate marketer for Anthony, only.

Ok not only, but this training is heavily focused on promoting this very program, called PWA.

And what I have found out, every person that purchases the product (apparently for $7 only) becomes a kind of hostage.

I’ll explain in more depth in the price section.

Who Is Anthony?

Is Partner with Anthony Legit

He started with internet marketing back in 2006.

So he has been doing this for more than 15 years, so no doubt that he is successful. He also learned how to properly promote his own product.

Besides that, he also wrote a book.

I don’t want to bother you with details, but since no one is perfect, I must also mention that he doesn’t have that good reputation.

But at the same time, people just talk, so who knows. I don’t know him personally, and it is not fair to judge a person just because of some rumors…

Here is a video, so you can get an idea about what he is like:

It sounds legit, don’t you think?

What I find a bit strange, though is that as a student of his course, you can’t contact him directly.

He has a team that responds to your queries, but I would expect from such a veteran that he might be available, at least from time to time.

Who is the Partner with Anthony Program For?

Is Partner with Anthony Legit

According to Anthony, this is for beginners.

And may I add, that for people that have a budget of at least $100 per month because the tools you are going to need cost quite a lot, compared to the front-end price.

But even if you don’t have the budget and you are willing to spend only $7 per month, I am sure you will learn a lot – if you are a beginner.

In case you have some experience with affiliate marketing, I think you should check more thorough courses.

Generally speaking there is another issue:

And According to Anthony, most people join a program and don’t use it.

I 100% agree here with Anthony.
That’s just the nature of human beings I guess.

And I was there as well.

When I first became interested in internet marketing, I heard about the stories:

  • that guy made $4,000 in a week
  • or even some had $1,000,000 a day (John Reese)

But what I did not realize was the effort and time these people invested into that… It took them several years to get to this point.

My point is that whatever program or course you choose, you have to work hard to start making a full-time income.

How Does Partner With Anthony Program Work?

Is Partner with Anthony Legit

PWA is essential an educational platform where Anthony educates his students.

At the same time, you can earn from other students that join the PWA throughout your link.

Let me explain.

As an aspiring affiliate marketer, you purchase Anthony’s program.
You go through the session, you learn how to promote it…
…in other words, to get more people to buy the PWA, use your link.

When someone clicks on the link and buys it, you get a 50% commission.

So you take care of:

  • traffic

Anthony takes care of the:

  • educational part

This is why it is called Partner with Anthony.

In theory, you are partners but quite honestly, you have no direct reach to Anthony.

In case you have some problems, or issues or you want to solve technical prole, you have to raise the ticket to the support.

This might be OK for some students, but I can imagine that a lot of people would like to get in touch directly with Anthony.

What’s Inside of the PWA?

The entire course consists of 30 sessions.
And you have 30 days to go through the sessions.

You can’t complete it faster since the next session remains locked until the next day.

Let me mention a few words about what’s in these sessions so you have a basic overview of what’s inside;

Session 1

Is Partner with Anthony Legit

The 1st session is an introduction including some of the first steps you need to take.

It contains also a module talking about the reason why people fail.

The training is a combination of videos and written content.

Session 2

In the 2nd session, Anthony focuses on the right mindset.

You find several videos here concerning the proper thinking when it comes to building a business online.

Although some people find these useless, it might help other people to follow through much easier.

As a big drawback, I see, that you can’t go on with session 3 on the same day as you started the 2nd session.

Session 3

In the 3rd session there are 5 modules that cover the following:

  • what is affiliate marketing
  • the profit cycle blueprint
  • getting your basic tools
  • Review your new business model
  • And Mart this session complete

Session 4

Anthony shares here “Justin’s” success story and it contains a video on why money is important.

It continues with an explanation of the “Eco-System” and how to expand yours.

There are 30 sessions in total, and I am not going to bore you with all the details

You may be asking, about the Ecosystem


First of all please note that in many sessions, there are 3rd party tools that are recommended that you use.

For example

  • the email autoresponder (GetResponse has also a free option)
  • Click Funnels (the basic ones cost $80 per month)
  • And there are other paid tools.

These 3rd part tools are promoted by you.
You have your affiliate links inside, so whenever someone purchases the tool like:

  • GetResponse ( the paid version)
  • ClickFunnels

You get a commission.

How Much Does Partner With Anthony Costs?

Is Partner with Anthony Legit

It seems like only $7 per month.

If you wanna go yearly you pay $97.

Is that it?

No – it is not and here is the “funny” part.
(Funny for Anthony)

Besides, there are additional costs for 3rd party-tools like:

  • click funnel,
  • link tracking soft
  • email autoresponder
  • webinar software
  • and more

BTW, do you see the image below?
Russel Brunson is the founder of click funnels. It is one of the tools you are recommended to have.

Is Partner with Anthony Legit

Anthony is in the photo since he is a successful affiliate marketer for Clickfunnel.

Let’s go check the Upsells

  • Traffic Bootcamp
  • PWA Elite Membership – increases your commission

These all add up, and at the end of the day, one needs about $200 per month.

Is This Program Misleading?

To me, it is and I would like to have your opinion as well.

Let’s take a look at it from a different perspective and let’s ask questions:
– what would you think about the following proposal?

I will give you a course that cost $7.

And I promise to get you everything you need.

But once paid for the course, suddenly you find out that you need to have:

  • budget for solo ads
  • pay for the Clickfunnel
  • pay for the autoresponder
  • pay for the ads, to get traffic.

Wouldn’t you feel deceived?

And as a PWA affiliate, would you still recommend it to others?

It is like you go to the dealership and he promises you to get let’s say 3 years old BMW with 15K miles on it. The price is $3,000

Is Partner with Anthony Legit


But once you sign up for the contract (there is hidden text) additional fees emerge:

  • the engine is extra
  • Alloy wheels are extra
  • tires are extra
  • and you have to take care of registration, insurance, and such stuff…

Some of the additional procedures you might see as normal (insurance, registration)…. but others are a bit off, don’t you think?

And that is pretty much the same with the PWA.
(that is at least how I see the PWA price structure)

What I Like about the PWA Program

  • A decent training for $7 on Affiliate Marketing
  • Anthony is quite an experienced marketer
  • You can make some money if you sell the PWA to a lot of people

What I Don’t like about the PWA program

  • Additional costs for 3rd parties tools
  • Additional cost for advertising – that the potential buyer is not aware of
  • Everyone gets the same stuff – less effective

Is Partner With Anthony a Scam? – Conclusion

Wouldn’t you feel like you were scammed?

I know some people would.

Does it mean that Partner with Anthony is a scam?

Actually, I Am very generous, and wouldn’t call it a scam.

For $7 you still get decent training, and you have a money-back guarantee.

But I am sure it is good to see the whole picture because Anthony lures you in, and then he shows you that you need to pay a lot more.

And in that way, you are kind of forced to sell it to others to make your money back on a monthly basis.

So I am convinced there are much better platforms out there, for much less money.

Would spend $200 per month for a course that teaches how to sell the course that you just purchased?
Please let me know in the comment section below.

Thank You For Reading;

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