Is Rain International a Scam?

If you have come across Rain International, you are probably curious about this MLM company.

You want to find out more, whether it is something that you can make money with, or is this another pyramid scheme?

This article is intended to show you whether there is a chance to start your own business as an independent seller (distributor) for Rain International.

I am glad you do your due diligence. In this review, we are going to reveal all the information about the products, compensation plan, and most importantly whether you can earn some money with Rain International.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Rain International.

This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Rain International Overview

Name: Rain International
Price to Join:
$249 to $1,259

What is the Rain International?

Is Rain International a Scam

The company seems to be the world leader in seed nutrition. This is a very unique product especially when it comes to the market in the health and wellness field.

It is located in Utah like many other MLM companies (f.e. Tranont or 4Life). No wonder, Utah is “the unofficial world capital of multi-level marketing and direct sales companies.” (source: KUTV)

There is lesser government interference, so that is why many network marketing (like MLMs) companies have their headquarters there.

Rain International has been founded in 2011. It has been around for almost a decade. For an MLM company, it is always a good sign.

Most such companies do not survive the 5th year (some of them even less).

There are several reasons. Sometimes they have very expensive products o sell, so they just can’t compete. Others were shut down due to the FTC rule violation.

The founder is Byron Belka and he is also the CEO.
He has more than 10 years of experience in MLM businesses. Before Rain International, he was working for different MLM companies (eXfuze and NuSkin).

Apparently, he tried some seed-based products as well and found out that they have a positive effect on his body. After other people had the same experience, he decided to build his own MLM company.

It is said that each of the Rain International products is created from seeds. The seed is considered a source of health. According to the official page, the products distributed by Rain International, are seed-based supplements that cooperate with your body.

Here is a fancy video explaining why seeds are best for your body.

Basically, seeds have vitamins that strengthen your body and they are a source of nutrition.

I have stumbled upon some scandals as well.
One of them is that a former distributor revealed a lab test of one of the products. The results were that it contains sugar and colored water.

Rain International had also some issues with expired products being sold.

Is Rain International an MLM or Pyramide Scheme?

As we have mentioned above, many MLM companies had to close down their businesses due to activities that are not in compliance with the law. Many of them are just pyramid schemes in disguise.

Here is a short video, which shows the difference between these two models (direct selling vs Pyramid Scheme).

Based on that, we can say that technically Rain International is not a pyramid scheme. I wanted to bring this video up since many people use the term “pyramid scheme” loosely.

And I don’t blame them, but I want to give you accurate information.

Rain International is a legit MLM company, but later we will see that there are some allegations regarding the outdated products being pushed over to Nigeria and being resold there.

Even if it is a legit MLM business, it does not mean that it is easy to make money with it.

The compensation plan is very difficult to comprehend (on purpose) and the company Income Report is not available.

What is the Price to Join?

Please note that in order to join Rain International you must be provided with the upline user ID (your sponsor ID).

There are several packs you can choose from.
Based on the pack you also pay a different price and you have different benefits/products (you can find a list of products in the lower section):

1. Technology Fee – The price to join is $49

This is the cheapest way how to join Rain International as a distributor.
Here is what you get:

  • Referral Site
  • Business Intelligence Software
  • 1 Business Center
  • No CV and /No Product

The CV stands for Commissionable Volume. Each product purchase is assigned a point value. The CV is the basis for calculating commissions.

The Rain International compensation plan plays 50% of all commissionable volume.

2. Basic – The price to join is $143

  • Sets up your online business
  • Referral website
  • Business Intelligence Software
  • 1 Soul
  • 50 QV, 50CV
  • 1 Business center
  • Rain connect App for 6 months
  • 1 tree planted in your name

3. Builders – The price to join is $260

You get everything that the Basic has, I am going to mention just what differs from the above:

  • 1 Core and 1 Bend
  • 150QV, 100CV

The QV stands for Qualifying Volume.
It is a metric or a number. Based on that you can get a better or worse ranking.

4. Pro – The price to join is $540

  • 2 Souls, 2 Core, 2 Bend, 2 Pure
  • 300QV, 225CV
  • 3 Business Center
  • 5% of team commission payout for 90 days. This applies to new partners only (not for upgrades)

5. Elite – The price to join is $1,320

  •  Bend 8 Soul, 4 Core, 2 Soul Red-15, 1 Pure fruit punch, 1 for vanilla
  • 600 QV and 500CV
  • 50PV/CV for 5 months
  • 3 Business Centers
  • 10% team commission payout for 90 days (same as with the Pro)
  • Rain Connect App for 12 months
  • One tree planted in your name

6. Super Elite – price to join is $2,625

  • 14 Soul, 6 Core, 6 Bend,  6 Soul Red-15, 2 Revri kits, 6 Pure flavors 2
  • 1200 QV and 1000 CV
  • 100 PV/CV for 5 months
  • 3 Business Center
  • 10% team commission payout for 180 days (again same conditions as above)
  • Rain Connect App for 12 months
  • One tree planted in your name

Please note that the joining price also differs on your location and VAT.

Products, Rain International Offer

Is Rain International a Scam

I am not a nutritionist nor a physician to assess these products, I just want to bring you a list and short description of products that Rain International has to offer.

Soul Red – 1 Box of Soul 30 costs $88.75

Rain Soul is a health and energy supplement drink. It contains black cumin seeds, raspberry seeds, D-ribose, and chardonnay grape seeds.

It is supposed to neutralize free radicals, support good health builds an energy reservoir, and promotes flexibility.
It is also the flagship product of Rain International.

However, It has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), therefore these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Revri 01 – purifying cleanser costs $40

This product is supposed to clean your skin. It leaves the skin soft and supple.

Revri 02 – Serum costs $70

Revre02 is created to reduce the aging of your skin. It contains seed oils and other tested ingredients that nourish the skin

Revri 03 – Moisturizer $80

This moisture is claimed to be created naturally and long-lasting.
It nourishes and hydrates.

Pure Lemon Lime – 1 bag (30 sticks) $59

Probiotics in a stick containing billions of live cultures. It has a lemon-lime flavor

Pure Fruit Punch – 1 bag (30 sticks) $59

This is a probiotic packed in sticks. Each stick contains billions of live cultures and three seeds of oil.

Form Caramel Chocolate – 1 bag for $47.50

Organic protein that is powerful. It contains nutrition from cold-pressed seeds and fiber. It is all vegan.

Form Vanilla Spice – 1 bag for $47.50

The protein is made of cold-pressed seeds. Good also for vegans.

Bryt – 1 box of Bryt (30 capsules) costs $45

This supplement feeds the mind and helps memory increase creativity.

According to their website, products contain seeds so they are non-GMO. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. The seeds grow on non-GMO farms all over the world and then they are made in Springville Utah.

How Can You Make Money with Rain International?

The first thing that comes to my mind regarding the earning potential is the missing (or not available) income report.

MLM companies that have been around for such a long time should have accessible income reports – just like Tema National, or 4Life.
It is even against a law, not to have this document.

What is the reason for not revealing it? Is there something they don’t want to show us?
Income reports should be issued every single year.

Let me share with you a video where it is explained how the Rain Int. compensation plan works:

(Don’t worry if you don’t get it after the 1st time watching. It is a very complicated plan and it is no coincidence that MLM companies do have such complicated plans.)

The more complicated plans, the more they can hide when recruiting. You can read the complete document as well.
It is a PDF 24 pages long.

The bottom line is that it is extremely difficult to make a decent living as the Rain Intl. distributor.

There are 11 levels within Rain International.
This is a very deep structure. It is very difficult to rank at the top levels. Also, can you imagine how hard must people at the bottom work to feed all the levels above up to the very peak?

Generally, most people within any MLM do not make any money, or make very little (a couple of hundred per year).
Usually, it does not even cover the required fees and/or membership.

From 80% to 99% of people joining the MLM lose money.

There are also some scandals regarding the re-selling of products in Nigeria that were already expired.

What do I like about the Rain International?

  • There is not that much to like about Rain International. The only positive thing I can think of is that it has been around since 2011. That means it is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme (otherwise it would have been closed down already).
    But partnering up with Rain International will not help with your financial situation (it may worsen it)

What I don’t like about Rain International?

  • As we have seen in the compensation plan it is very difficult to make a commission just from selling the products. Therefore the only way how to generate some income is from recruiting. Having said that, Rain Internationally practically borders companies that are classified as pyramid schemes
  • Reputation is damaged by the scandals concerning the real ingredients of their product (sugar and colored water) and pushing the distribution of expired products in Nigeria
  • Products are very expensive
  • Autoships – A person willing to buy 1 product is forced (by the system) for an auto-ship. Meaning that the system automatically sends you a new package each month.
  • Missing Income Disclosure – Every major company (including the MLMs) should have an accessible income disclosure document.
    Rain Intl. has been on the market since 2011, so it is unacceptable that Rain Intl does not have one single income report for the last (or any of the previous) years.

Some Thoughts at the End

I don’t have all the background and laboratory tests regarding the products, so I can’t say much about that.

Maybe just a personal note: When it comes to health, it is important to eat a lot of vegetables, and eat smaller portions 4 or 5 times a day.
Most importantly one should not eat between these meals so the body has time to digest the food.
Another recommendation would be to have at least 2 hours of gap between the last meal and sleep time.

But I can certainly say that if you want to make some money, you don’t want to do it as a Rain International Distributor.

Regardless of the company’s history, this is not a good business model.
The company does not reveal the compensation plan and to me, it is a big red flag.

It seems like they want to hide something.

When we take a look at a different MLM company (for example IM Master Academy), we see that they have published their income report, despite the fact showing that only a few people really make a decent living.

I am not saying that Network marketing does not work.

In general, it works. But none of the MLM I am aware of focuses on proper training and education. It is mostly about recruiting and the products are just secondary because let’s face it;

Recruiting is the only way how one can make money within the MLM.

If you prefer selling the products, good for you.

But again – As for the products, it is very limited in my opinion. You can’t switch to a different product unless you completely change the company.

I have a friend who started his own company as an affiliate. He does not sell any products. He became a partner with Amazon, built up a website, and learned how to drive visitors to the website.

It took him about 6 months to get the 1st sale, but less than a year later he was generating $3,000+ per month (how fast you can make a sale depends also on the niche you choose). This is just one of many examples.

But I digress.

There are also complaints about Rain International, being a pyramid scheme or that the products are not FDA-approved. While I can’t 100% agree with the former (even though Rain International has pyramid scheme signs), the latter is true.

Is Rain International a Scam
Is Rain International a Scam

It also happened that customers received a product that was 5 months after the expiration.
This person got sick, but apparently, nothing serious happened to him.

Other reviews contain neutral comments, some of them claim that it did not have any effect on the body.

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Thank You For Reading,

2 thoughts on “Is Rain International a Scam?”

  1. The sad thing is that less intelligent people who can’t read between the lines will read all this and assume it to be true. I know many people helping so many with rain and many of these patients have cancer. You choose to defamate a company in order to drive traffic to yourself. All rain distributors get weekly financial reports and the products are approved, contain natural berry sugars and there are no expired products in Nigeria as import would be disallowed.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      First of all, I would like to let you know that I specifically said that I can’t assess the products. They might help or they might not – it is up to each person to decide.

      I choose to write about Rain International as a business opportunity, which in my opinion is not the best one.
      There are people who might like working as an Independent Business Owner within the Rain International, and I am sure there are also a lot of them who don’t. I show them an alternative and there is nothing wrong with that.
      Wishin you all the best


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