Is PGI Global a Scam?

I do reviews of digital products, MLM companies, companies within a trading niche, and so on.

I have received a comment on my other article asking me to do research on a company called PGI Global.

That person wanted to know whether it is legit, or if one should avoid PGI Global.

Well, Is PGI Global a Scam or not?

In the next few minutes, we are about to find out what is this company all about. How do they work, what are the Pros and Cons, and by the end of this article, you will know if this is something for you.

I might mention some alternative ways of making money online so hopefully, you will enjoy this review.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of PGI Global. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.


Name: PGI Global
Website: – Domain Is For SALE
Price to Join
 $100 to $500,000!
Recommended: No!
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PGI Global Review – Quick Summary

PGI Global is a Crypto MLM company, that was registered in 2020. Their potential clients can invest in Bitcoin on the promise of an alleged 200% ROI.

Not only that these promises are ridiculously exaggerated, but also the fact the CEO of this company is a person who was already involved in several Ponzi Schemes.
This alone is a huge red flag and I don’t recommend joining PGI Global.

PGI is just another MLM Ponzi Scheme that eventually will collapse, once the recruitment of new members stops.

As you know, Pyramid schemes are illegal almost in every country, so I strongly recommend, not joining PGI Global.

There are many legal ways how to generate consistent income.

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What is PGI Global?

Is PGI Global a Scam

PGI Global or Praetorian Group International is an MLM company dealing with cryptocurrency. They promise to manage your Bitcoin on a single platform.

Apparently PGI Global is an authorized cryptocurrency trading company.

PGI Global offers also tangible products in a Health and Wellness niche, especially products related to traditional Chinese medicine.

Members can also earn money by recruiting others to join the system.
From my experience, I assume that this will be the main way how members make money.

But let’s dig deeper.

The company’s website was registered only recently (as of this writing), in April 2020.
So this is a new company and their website gets millions of visits.

Is PGI Global a Scam

The traffic comes mostly from the USA, UK, Peru, and Iraq.

Who Runs the PGI Global?

Ramil Ventura Palafox or also known as RV Palafox.

Is PGI Global a Scam

He is the founder and also CEO of PGI Global.

This person was also the president of the infamous AI Trade or also (called AI Trades Global).
AI Trade was an MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme and its website has been down for some time.

The same with their social media accounts (LinkedIn, or Facebook).

Here it is obvious that the previous name of PGI was AItrades Global.

Is PGI Global a Scam

(BTW, there is some rumor outhere that the owners of AI Trades are on the run because they scammed people out of a lot of money. They are probably hiding in Panama).

PGI Global has exactly the same concept as AI Trades used to have. So it is just a rehashed company to lure new people into the scheme.

It is quite common that people behind new MLM cryptocurrency companies have a shady past.
(For example, people behind the Ascira are serial scammers).

Research shows that RV Palafox was also involved in several Crypto Currency-based companies, for example, BitClub Network, USI tech, and Trade Coin Club.

If you are a bit skeptical like me about these companies promising high returns, I am sure your scam radar is already on.

Is PGI Global Pyramid Scheme?

It does not seem like a pyramid scheme at first sight.

Simply because they also sell tangible products like:

  • Crypto ATM Machines
  • blockchain Education
  • Health and Fitness products

But does it mean that this is not a pyramid scheme?

Let’s take a look at the warning signs of a Pyramid scheme, according to the FTC: 
It says:

Is PGI Global a Scam
  • Promoters make extravagant promises about your earning potential.
  • Promoters emphasize recruiting new distributors for your sales network as the real way to make money.
  • Promoters play on your emotions or use high-pressure sales tactics
  • Distributors buy more products than they want to use or can resell, just to stay active in the company”

PGI has added these products only recently; obviously to hide the fact that it is a pyramid scheme.

So even though PGI Global has some products, the main income people earn is from recruiting new people.
And if the main income company gets is coming from new and existing members, then it is an outright pyramid scheme.

Besides, there is absolutely no proof of an external source of income.

By now you understand that there is no point in joining PGI Global.
Nevertheless, just out of curiosity let’s find out a little bit more about this company.

How to Register with PGI Global?

Without a sponsor, you can’t register.

So I went to their Facebook profile and in the comment section you always find someone sharing his link, so it is possible to use that and you automatically have the sponsor assigned:

Is PGI Global a Scam

After you confirm your email, you can get into the PGI Dashboard.

You are also asked to provide them with an updated BTC address.

How Much to Join the PGI Global?

They have different packages you can buy.

It starts at $100 and in order to maintain the membership, there is a fee of $19 per year.

Is PGI Global a Scam

Here are the packages and the price tags: 

  • Silver ranges from $100 to $600
  • Gold ranges from $1000 to $10,000
  • Platinum costs from $20,000 to $100,000
  • Titanium $500,000

The only way how to pay for the membership is in Bitcoin. 

Compensation Plan

A compensation plan shows a variety of ways how a member can earn money. Most MLM companies have complex plans that are not easy to comprehend.

That is a common thing within most of MLM.

PGI Global is not an exception and I am going to cover their compensation plan just briefly.

The reason why it does not make sense to explain every detail is the fact that PGI Global is just another Ponzi scheme that is doomed to collapse.
Sure, people for the time being can make some money, but it is only temporary.

There are basically 3 ways how to make money:

  1. Daily Trading Earnings
  2. Referral commissions
  3. Renewal bonus

Let’s break it down a bit: 

Daily Trading Earnings

Apparently, PGI pays daily earnings of 1.0% to 4% and members can withdraw the earnings once per week.
The minimum to withdraw is $50 and there is also a fee involved 8%.

The maximum withdrawal is 50% of the single largest investment value the investor has made.

Referral commission

Referral commission is divided into 3 separate categories:

  • Direct Referral Bonus – depending on the package you purchase you get a bonus from 6% for Silver Package to 12% for Titanium Package.
  • Binary Bonus – You as a member must have at least 2 direct referrals, 1 on the left side and one on the right side (There is no limit to how deep this structure can go. In other words it will grow until it collapses). 
Is PGI Global a Scam
  • Boost-up Bonus – This is an increase of 2% on the regular’s Direct Referral Bonus. In order to qualify for this bonus there are the following criteria:
    – Your downline (one on the left and one on the right) must purchase a package equal to or higher than your current highest package
    – at the same time this must be accomplished within 30 days of your registration with PGI

Renewal bonus

Every member’s agreements end once the package reaches a 200% trading bonus.
The member has to purchase a new agreement within 30 days in order to stay active.

In the entire compensation plan, there is not a single word about making money from selling the products they have listed on their website.
That means, that the only way how to make money is from recruiting.

We know what that already means, right? 

And there is more:

What Else About PGI Global?

Apparently, they have a number of branches throughout the world, but unfortunately, according to google maps, it does not seem that the addresses are real.

For example, they should have an office in Talin Estonia on “Peterburg Street”.
There is no such street in Talin.

Is PGI Global a Scam

It seems that the company is registered as a Private Limited Company back in 2017. The previous names had Aitrades Global and Sorbase Foundation with a capital of 2,500€.

Is PGI Global a Scam
Is PGI Global a Scam

This is supposed to be the street where a British branch is based. 

This street looks more like a residential area with small shops.

(The Google image is from September 2020).

And here is another red flag;

PGI Global is not registered with any securities authority.
That is another issue that should be considered before joining such a company.

Are you interested in forex trading? 
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What Do I Like About PGI Global?

  • There is nothing I like about PGI

What I Don’t Like about PGI Global?

  • The founder/CEO has a shady past. He was involved in several Ponzi schemes before
  • Unrealistic Income Claims 
  • PGI Global is not registered with any securities authority
  • Fake addresses

Is PGI Global a Scam?

Simply, Yes.

PGI Global is just a new version of a company (Ponzi Scheme) that has already collapsed and does not exist anymore – AI Trades.

The founder of PGI is not a trustworthy individual.
I wouldn’t “invest” a single penny in this “business model”, and I believe that we have covered enough to convince every newbie that this is a big No-No.

It is quite possible that some of the members make money, but it is just for the time being. We know that PGI Global was registered only in 2020, therefore, it still looks like an OK company, without any legal issues.

Not Yet. 
They have also added some products to their “portfolio” to fool potential investors.

But we have checked the company and there are too many red flags.

In case you have questions or concerns, please let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading,

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37 thoughts on “Is PGI Global a Scam?”

      • Hi Mike,
        A friend of mine has lost a lot of money to PGI Global.
        Could you please tell me how can he get that money back, where to complain and what’s the current status of the company ?
        Thank you so much for the informative article. Really appreciate it.

        • Hi Lucky,

          I am sorry, but I am afraid that there is no way how to get the money back.

          All Ponzi schemes work the same way.
          Money is basically stolen. The founders most likely plan to create a “new company”…

          Also, Authorities can’t do much in this case.
          In other words, authorities are much slower than these scammers.

          I am glad you have found the article helpful. It is the best way how to stay away from such scams -> read reviews before investing.

  1. Are there problems attached to gateway systems in Bitcoin as they say. Since February 2021, no one has withdrawn money claiming that the number of people who joined became too many. What could be the cause.
    We need the right view not for Politics to drag people or someone. Your research is right and may help some of us not to risk much Money as we study the system. O know money can also drop from the pocket.
    See like AIM Global, they say it’s a Ponzi scheme but is now more than 18year in existence. They give you health products worth your money and when you need to make additional money, you have to recruit people. I don’t see that as a loss but people do complain that they loose money.
    Why is it that the Government cannot chase them if people are making losses.
    Their Products truly works but making additional money is only hard

    • Thanks a lot for your thoughts.
      Really appreciate it.

      It is true, the Government is very slow and it takes months even years to sue such a company (I mean those outright Ponzi schemes).
      Besides, these scammers move quite fast so by the time the investigation begins, they run away and developing a new scheme.

      Wishing you all the best

  2. Mike,
    Your also the biggest scammer yourself!! After your negative article, your advertising your affiliate marketing business which can be learn all in YouTube or Google search which I’ve done myself! Your eventually going to charge people monthly fees on things you ONLY learn on YouTube or Google search engine! PLEASE MAN! Your only negative but also the biggest scammer of all!!!

  3. Been waiting since March and all I get, STORIES of problems making payments, UK. Don’t know if these storytelling in the UK is similar to other countries!!! Just hope I have not become a prey though

    • well, I am sorry to hear that, Brayan.

      But really appreciate your comment.
      This will certainly help other readers.

      I hope you will be able to get your money back.
      Wishing you all the best

  4. Thank Admin for sharing this sweet information I’m really interested in investing in PGI Global but I’m yet to see a good writeup to convince me to invest though I read some information in this blog and I was a bit convinced. please admin I would love to know is it a good idea to invest now I will really appreciate the feedback

    • I wouldn’t trust that review.
      The owner of that site also recommends the Beurax, and we know by now that it was proved that it is a scam.

      The same goes with PGI Global. -> It is a Ponzi Scheme.

      Hope it helps

  5. It’s a scam. I’ve been waiting since March 15th for a withdrawal and have received nothing. They won’t even respond to my emails. is also involved and won’t answer a simple question about wether he is receiving his withdrawals. Yet he continues to push PGI global on his youtube channel. When I confronted him about the scam he got defensive and told me to stay off his channel. This guy is involved.

    I’ve since learned about a new cryptocurrency that wants to eliminate financial fraud call Kuverit KUV, based out of Ireland. They trade on Probit currently and are legit. I hope they do well.

  6. I notice a lot of people claim PGI is not a scam. Has anyone been able to transfer funds to their BTC wallet in the past 3weeks? I don’t think so. Its been ‘processing’ for weeks and that IS a red flag.

  7. Just because RV was affiliated with a company that crashed, that does not automatically make him dodgy. Gosh, I hope I’m not tarnished negatively if I was part of a company where the CEO, unbeknownst to me turned out to be dodgy and you wouldn’t like it either, Mike.

    Has it not occurred to you that perhaps because of what happened in his previous business that he may want to make a difference and create a company that people can trust? Your speculations are disgusting.

    I have been in the company since June 2020 and initially invested 20k and made it back safe and sound in my bank account. Then I invested 50k and made it back. I am now enjoying the profits. And I thank PGI everyday for this amazing opportunity.

    I can tell you are not in PGI as you make some factually incorrect statements, such as “the only way to make money is from recruiting”. We’ll that’s not true. You don’t have to tell a single soul and you’ll still make money in PGI from the trading alone.
    You also say the returns are between 0.5 – 4%. This is not true. Its between 0.5 – 3%.

    I wouldn’t mind so much, but for you to advertise your own business at the end makes you and this article the biggest scam going.

    • Hello there and thank you for your comment.

      My speculation is disgusting in your opinion?
      I try to warn people not to be scammed.

      What makes you think that these people are willing to change? It has worked out for them before, why shouldn’t now?

      Am I being pessimistic?
      I would rather not be but the experience with similar products taught me a lesson.

      I am glad it has worked out for you. But how do you know your profit is not paid solely from the new investors?
      That doesn’t bother you?
      Well, most likely not because you have your returns.

      But once there are no more new investors that whole structure collapses.
      And that is my point.

      You are saying “you’ll still make money in PGI from the trading alone”
      Well again – where does this money coming from?

      Please provide evidence that PGI Global has an external revenue with audited financial reports.

      And regarding the daily returns.
      Well, I am not sure about that but I can fix that number, from 4% to 3%.
      Anyhow daily returns of 3% sound pretty unrealistic when it comes to the legit company.

      And the last point – I am sorry, but do you know what scam means?
      When people eventually lose money.

      The opportunity I show is an educational platform. It can be tested out for free.
      For the entire 7 days, everyone can join and see for himself (or herself) whether this is something he/she wants to do.
      If not – not a big deal.

      This person does not lose a dime and yet might learn something new – again for free.
      So how is that a scam?

      Again I appreciate your comment and wishing you all the best

    • Guess Mike got the last laugh. Just reading about the company’s closure due to scamming people out of their money.

      The only bit of truth out there is the saying – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

      Now do us all a favour and GFY PGI punter 🙂

  8. You talk crap about other company just to ask them to join a company you are affiliated with. Is that even ethical? You are just a scam as your affiliate marketing business that you recommend. To be credible, you should be reviewing something you have no affiliation with…but us not the case. Your face is a hold on the page.

  9. Very tough and strong positioning for your research gathered. Sometimes people may not really believe if they are still enjoying some benefits. But the question is until when?  and have you got your ROI already to be confident with the company? will you not allow lost in the future?

    My relatives in the past year and my daughter just a few weeks ago have been scammed. I just really don’t know the company, they do not really share. Just warns about pyramiding schemes. 

    It takes courage and sincerity to really warn and offer better help option on your side. Affiliate marketing option is more secured, not a quick scheme for money making. It  involves effort but it offers assured income if committedly worked out.

    Stay firm with your mission!

    • I am sorry that your guys have been scammed. It is so easy to fall for it these days. 

      At the same time, I am sure your relatives learned their lesson so they won’t be scammed in the future (at leat not so easily). 

      Well, thanks a lot for your comment
      Wishing you all the best 

  10. Can I just say PGI is not a scam whatsoever the addresses of some of the headquarters such as the UK is still being built as I know that there was a small issues with the hq in UK. I’m speaking from my personal experience I’m 18 and started in April last year since then I’ve made 30,000. USD in total, so when you whoever you are says that there’s nothing to like about PGI, is hysterical, yes it’s your opinion but it’s an ignorant one if you ask me. This business has only been around for a year and it’s going to continue to be around. You and your people are gonna have to try harder to try and slam this business down as the people who have actually used the business know a it’s a good one.

    • Appreciate your comment.
      So you are saying that you actually withdraw the $30,000 (or you have it on your back account).
      Well, congratulations.

      As you are saying PGI will be around – for a while though.
      It may look legit for time being, but it has a lot of signs of being a pyramid scheme.

      I just want people to be aware of facts and think in the long term.

      How about the PGI owners?
      Their shady past does not concern you?

      You are 18 years old, you will be able to recover from a possible crash.
      Wishing you all the best man.



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