Is NovaTech FX Legit? Can You Double Your Funds?

There are many people that have invested in the company called NovaTech FX (also called “novatechfx”).

After hours of research, I came to the conclusion that even though some people currently are able to withdraw the funds, this entire system resembles a pyramid scheme.

Is NovatTech FX legit?

The thing is that this online trading company is not registered with the SEC. The founders of the Novatech Ltd Partnership went only through the initial company registration.

Also, it is important to mention that the NovaTech founders already were involved in a scammy company.

In this unbiased NovaTech FX review, I am going to offer my opinion about the company. It is based on my previous experience with similar companies, as well as on in-depth research.

Let’s get started!

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of NovaTech fx.
This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

NovaTech FX Review – Quick Summary

According to quick research, one should be able to make a decision if it is safe to invest money with NovaTech or not.

But it is not that simple.
Or at least it seems that there are a lot of ambiguous opinions.

There are people that still make money on a weekly basis and continue to re-invest.
However, there are also many red flags, that in my opinion are serious enough to stay away from this company.

Also, the company was registered in 2019, so still quite new as of publishing this article.
But the founders have been in the business for much longer and were already involved in at least one scam.

Despite that, I have done my best to remain unbiased.

Below you find also a video that shows you the back office of NovaTech.

Bottom line?

There are many Red Flags throughout the entire NovaTech company. To mention a few:

  • There is no proof that actually trading takes place. Therefore it is suspicious that the members are paid with funds coming from new members
  • The company is not registered with SEC

Concerning the Red Flags, below there is a whole section that you can have a look at.

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What Is NovaTech FX?

Is NovaTech FX Legit

NovaTech is a broker company delivering trading software and services (both, crypto and forex), using its own trading platform.

Anyone can join via his/her sponsor.

It has 3 types of plans where you can

  • let NovaTech do the trading for you – PAMM
  • Trade on your own

and the 3rd plan is, that you can become a partner of their affiliate program and recruit your friends and/or family.


Does it mean that NovaTech operates as an MLM?
Yes, it does (also).

But it is optional, so at this point, it really doesn’t look like a Pyramid Scheme.

People using this platform claim that the average ROI is about 3% per week. If re-investing on a regular basis in about 5 months the money doubles.

Now that seems like a very lucrative deal.

Or, too good to be true?

January 2023 Update

Just a small update regarding the announcement NovatTech Admin share with the members on January 24, 2023.

Apparently, there is an “unusually high volumes in cashout requests”. In other words, their members can’t get their money.

Is NovaTech FX Legit

The most probable reason is that they running out of cash and the Ponzi scheme is about to collapse.

So Is NovaTech FX Legit?

No, this company is not legit and if you have a chance get your funds back as quickly as possible.

In case you are really interested in trading, I suggest checking the ForexSignals at the following link below:

Who Owns NovaTech FX?

There are 3 key persons behind the NovatTech FX:

Is NovaTech FX Legit
  • Cynthia Petion CEO
  • Eddy Petion as COO
  • Ricardo Roy as CTO

These data are available on their website as well.

What is not on their website is the history of some of these individuals:

Eddy was involved in another company called AWS Mining, as per the video:
(AWS means Automated Web Services)

Was Cynthia involved with the AWS as well?

You bet:

Is NovaTech FX Legit

She was the vice president of the company.

According to, there is a petition where more than 2,000 people demand an investigation.

Is NovaTech FX Legit

You can read the full article on their website (link above) or here is a screenshot:

Is NovaTech FX Legit

And now these people run a “new” company called NovaTech FX.

Would you trust them?

I don’t know about you, but this information has convinced me to stay away from the company, and these people.
It is quite possible that in a year or two they will form a new – similar scheme.

Where Is Novatech Based?

The company is based in St. Vincent and Granada.

That doesn’t sound very promising when it comes to the company’s trustworthiness.

According to its website, the company has also 2 other addresses:

  • one in Florida
  • and another in Talin – Estonia

Is NovaTech an MLM?

Yes, the company operates as an MLM.

There are several bundles you can join. Although the MLM aspect is not that obvious, there is no doubt that this is an MLM company.

Is NovaTech Registered?

The company is not a registered company. In other words, no NovaTechFX regulations exist.

This means that funds, and people put into the company are not safe and have no guarantees whatsoever.

Sure for time being (June 2022) some folks are happy that they can withdraw the funds.

But that is a sign of any typical pyramid scheme.
It “works” for a couple of years… and after a while, it crashes.

To be precise, there is no proof that this is a Ponzi scheme, but there are strong signs that suggest the statement.

NovaTech Website Information

Is NovaTech FX Legit was registered in June 2019. It is already the 2nd domain they use.

The previous one is redirected to the .com domain.

Maybe nothing suspicious about that change, but it is a bit strange that they changed the domain within such a short period of time.
(It is not common for legitimate businesses).

But according to, the traffic to the website is still impressive.

Is NovaTech FX Legit

No doubt.
The promised ROI people (should) get is tempting.

Side Note Regarding the traffic:
And in my experience the figures (from the screenshot above) are not accurate, there is no doubt that their website gets at least 500,000 visits per month.

Red Flags

There are a few essential things you want to look at when it comes to investing

  • Check the people behind the company (their history)
  • And make sure you are investing in a company that complies with regulatory requirements

Individuals with a shady history

There is no doubt that these people, Cynthia and Eddy were involved in illegal schemes before.

It was called AWS Mining, and there is already a lot of information about the company (for example on Trustpilot).

Is NovaTech FX Legit

Changes the domain from io to com

This might be a minor thing, but why did they have to change the domain name from io. to com, in a short 2 years?

Login Problems

A lot of people complain about log-in problems.
They claim that they couldn’t log in and therefore it was impossible to withdraw the funds.

It is exactly the same issue as with the previous company called AWS.

What is the reason?

Most likely the company keeps the funds.

No Trading

They don’t show any proof that there is trading going on.

That’s why it is certain that there is no such thing and the company (most likely) is a Ponzi scheme.

Not Registered with SEC

Novatech LTD is not registered with the SEC. According to the SEC, “The company has not filed any forms with the SEC apart from initial company registration“.

A NovaTech FX Walk-Through Video – Taken Down

I had a video embedded here from Youtube with people that are involved in NovaTech.

For some reason, the video was taken down.

It is a shame because the viewer could have formed his or her own opinion.
(Still, the guys in that video were involved with NovaTech and they actually did promote the company).

To me, it is strange that the video was taken down. If something works and people do make money, there should be more videos and even some testimonial videos…

How to make Money With NovaTech FX

Well, by investing your hard-earned money into the company.

You can either act as an individual or act on your own.
In that case, you can do so only based on your region.

If you decide to let NovaTech do trading for you, they can place the funds anywhere, where it is convenient.

As per the CTO (Ricardo Roy), they don’t co-mingle funds (they don’t accumulate funds from different investors into one trading account).

So Far So Good…(?)

Those 3 guys (from the video above) claim that they get on average 3.25% return weekly.

Based on their experience they trust NovaTech so they keep adding funds.

They claim (in another video), that they never had issues with the withdrawal (repeating it numerous times, so it got me thinking about whether it is not just a sales pitch).

What I don’t like is that the company deals with cryptocurrency only.

You purchase the membership using cryptocurrency.
You also have to withdraw crypto and exchange it for your local currency using a 3rd party system.

Other Ways To Make Money with NovaTech

There are apparently 9 different ways how to make money with this system, but it is all related to the MLM structure.

For example, every member can create so-called Sub-accounts for family members or others… basically to recruit them.

I think it doesn’t make sense to explain how their compensation plan works since we know what kind of people run NovaTech.

But if you are interested you can check the compensation plan directly on their novatechfx website.

My Opinion

To me, this is no different than Beurax, or any other crypto MLM company.

I have seen many of them and many of them have already collapsed.

It is tempting I understand.
Everyone wants to make quick money.

Why do you think casinos are still out there?

If a person that never knew about the hazard approaches a slot machine saying $20,000 jackpot;

Is NovaTech FX Legit

What goes through this person’s mind?

“Well, it is possible, it could be me”.

With these cryptocurrency-MLM companies, it is even worse.
Because their early members are paid with the funds of an individual that joins the company later… Once there is no one to join, the entire scheme crashes.

Call me conservative, but I just don’t trust companies promising you quick and high returns.
Especially when it is a combination of crypto and MLM structure.

It is not clear where exactly they trade the funds – a lack of transparency.
– too much shady for me.

Legit companies are required to prove that they are trading.
It is not the case with NovaTech FC.

They don’t show live trades because there is no trading happening whatsoever.

Is NovaTech FX Legit? – Conclusion

Right at the time of this review, only recently there is a huge drop in all cryptocurrencies… and maybe it is temporary, but it just proves that one day you can be up, and the other day you can lose all.

This is the reason why I don’t want to be involved in such a system.

On top of it, the MLM aspect of that is a Big No-No for me.

There are safer strategies out there, so do your research.

How About you?

Did you change your opinion about NovaTech FX?
Or maybe you just wanted to double-check what you already suspected.

If you are still convinced that this is a great business opportunity and you are ready to do a minimal investment with them, let me know in the comment section below.

Thank You For Reading,

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53 thoughts on “Is NovaTech FX Legit? Can You Double Your Funds?”

  1. Ricardo is Cynthia’s brother… this is all in the family. As you said, there is no proof that they are actually trading. And their home in Fla has been repossessed. In addition both the primaries have defaulted on credit cards and been found liable in the past six months.
    There is also evidence that since the State of CA filed a Cease and Desist letter against them in November 2022, the balance of at least one of their crypto accounts has dropped from $22 M to just over $2 million which means they are running out of money fast. This is detailed on youtube….search NovaTechto FX scam to watch it yourself.
    I am very glad that I did not buy in to this company when a close friend tried to get me involved last year.

  2. These folks are remarkable and extremely professional! When I reported the scam to them, at that point I didn’t have much to lose because I thought it was a lost cause. They were extremely friendly and helpful. I sent them the information I had. It took some time because I didn’t have all of the information. They were, indeed, able to get access to the scammers account and it was frozen just so he doesn’t get away with it. It’s scary to entrust your money and information to someone on the internet, but I guess I didn’t know better thus I fell for the scam.
    As soon as RSB sort out they added the name -scammer- to their blacklist, just so another person does not fall prey again. It showed that they were really out to protect others from harm’s way and that their blacklist is always up to date so you can always rely on them to give the best investment advice. I know better now and can always go back to RSB for help as well as new and genuine investment to make with good ROI.

  3. everything in life has risk tied to can walk out of your front door on to the road on you way to work and be
    struck down by a passing vehicle and be killed. only those who take risks have an opportunity to progress.
    we all were given the ability to choose a path to succeed or fail..not every venture will be successful, and everyone cannot win..i am cautiously suggesting, that persons should be allowed to do their own research, use their own judgement and cautiously invest for themselves…not everyone is crooked,not every venture is a scam, a baseball player will say to you , not every outing at the plate will bring him a home run although he wishes for that to happen,in the end, you hardly look at the strike outs,what matters is the home runs made in the end. . i believe that novatech will produce many millionaires,invest if your heart tells you to. many who comment are not risk takers..follow your heart, after all if you ask those who are commenting for a dollar to pay your bills, they might ask you to go get a job…ask the average person who is wealthy how it happened. if they are honest, they will say to you the opposite of what an impoverished person will say. if you want to attain wealth, you have to step out of the norm. i say go for it in small amounts until you are confident that you are comfortable that its the correct vehicle to take you where you would like to go with your finances.

  4. Mike, thank you for taking the time to share your research and review on NovaTechFx. I am about to join soon, but also understand I have to be ok with risking all that I fund into it. The credibility of the founders and CTO, missing copyright year on the site (which I am not sure if that matters or not) and St. Vincent location, the ponzi/MLM vibes were concerns of mine too.

    Though I just pulled up the CTO’s LinkedIn below. He is currently also a Principal Escalation Engineer and Manager at , which is a well known cyber security company that my employer (a big claims management company that handles claims for healthcare providers, most major retailers, major league baseball, government, etc.) uses .

    So I will see how this adventure goes, and can update my comment in the future. Wishing all the very best! 🙂

  5. Good day admin, thank you for this. Please I have been trying to log in, but once I click on the site, it will automatically redirect me to another site. Could this be the problem?

  6. I have been with Novatech since July 2022 but prior to joining my business partners hired a private investigator to do a very deep dive into Novatech and the principals and we came away satisfied that this was a legitimate business and the founders were sincere in their efforts and desire to create a platform that any and everyone can benefit from.

    Folks need to understand that there are no perfect companies or people. There is no guarantee in any business of profits or of success but for the last 3 plus years Novatech has been delivering for its associates and members. There is no reason to believe they will not continue to do so. As always, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Our strategy is to take out our seed money in a timely fashion and then continue to build with the profits our account has generated. Everyone must make their own decisions and again there are risks involved, but I think Novatech is a tremendous vehicle for anyone who wants to grow their money.

    • I have been in novatech fx for over a year. They are not securities is why they don’t need to be registered with sec. I’ve made a great investment and have had great returns.. I’ve withdrawn plenty of money, ….. raising a teenager. I’m opening her an account for her 18th birthday next week! Cheers!

  7. I agree with this review. It is practical in all respects. I do have one piece to add that hopefully adds to this reviews and may help anyone else to think carefully first.

    I attended a meeting of Novatechfx on zoom and for me all I heard was sales flag #1… everyone seems so excited and about how safe and guaranteed this is. I for one being a former fx trader know there is nothing safe and guaranteed about traiding. Anyway, the major red flag for me was after I asked this question.. What happens if trades that Novatech does goes against their opened positions…would investors take the hit from the losses, and the response to me was “Novatech doesn’t make losses”…after hearing that, and considering we are talking about training in crypto and forex knowing the volatility that exist and uncertainty, there is no way a company will not make losses at some point. So their response was not practical at all. That for me tells me, they are not legitimately trading. Lastly, within 20mins of the first presentation I attended, I saw pyramid written all over.. so go figure. I actually have a money laying around that I cB afford to lose, but I won’t let someone scheme me out of it.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this. I recently learned about it and here were the red flags for me:
    1. If my investments go in and come out as cryptocurrency, what stops it from being susceptible to the volatility of the crypto market?
    2. If these are crypto investments, how is such a consistent return possible. Went haven’t they been susceptible to the recent crypto crashes? Zero losses ever?! Even the best genius traders take losses. Seems to much like ponzi.
    3. Where is the money being stored? Appears nonregulated and nontransparent.
    4. Founder is a minister and is promoting a get rich quick scheme which the Bible warns against in the book of proverbs.
    5. 150% ROI annually for three years straight is a stretch.
    6. If you’re actually trading how do you have the time to pursue a MLM strategy?

    Of course the user reviews are only positive right now because this is the part of the scheme that everything is working at it should. The tears only come after the crash.

    Anyway thanks again for being bold to speak out. Like you pointed out, the combination of crypto and MLM is like risky to the max. I hope many take heed and invest their money in more sensible avenues. Most won’t listen until it’s too late. Unfortunate but such is human nature.

  9. You, my friend have posted a fraudulent post about Novatech. Did you know crypto is unregulated thus not regulated by the SEC. Novatech is a legally registered Crypto Hedge Fund established by a legal authority with submitted documenation in Florida. Do your research, no company in the U.S. can just claim Hedge Fund status when they are not! If the company was a scam, they would have been closed down! They also submitted paperwork with the U.S. Department of Treasury ( to fully comply with U.S. regulations for transparency as a Crypto ATM owner which is virual in the back office with physical ATM on the ground in Florida. Novatech has no withdrawal or earning caps and they show you the money in the back office. That proves its liquidity. Our trading community has invested over $7.9M, alone. And the company has never missed a payout or withdrawal going on 4 years of operations even during the pandemic or recent market crash. Only 35%-40% of traders even use the referral program, so you are wrong again. Stop comparing this company with scams like IPC, COPTS, Hyperverse, etc. This company is very legit and even pays out check matching, profit sharing quarterly, and cash-back bonuses, to include weekly payouts and more. Stick to your APY payouts and keep giving the banks a pass. Scams don’t payout over $30M+ weekly to its traders. Good luck with WA.

  10. This thing is global. One of the biggest ponzi schemes ever. As long as they have people willing to invest and compounding profits this will keep going forever.

  11. Good analysis. I have some cash in Novatech but that’s because I’m a high-risk kind of guy. I don’t try to recruit people simply because it might be a scheme and all come crashing down. I’d hate to lose friends over it. Anyone who asks me about it I make it very clear that they might and probably will lose the money they invest. As long as you’re good with that, it’s a better bet than a slot machine, IMO. It could be a Ponzi, it could be legit. The numbers they project are accurate to arbitrage trading (which is what they say they are doing), and seem to fluctuate in accordance with the crypto market, which makes sense… but the CEO’s history is super shady. We will see, I’ve been taking about 2/3rds of my profit every week and haven’t had a problem yet. Might as well make some money before they collapse. Ultra-high risk, no doubt. If you want something safer check out YieldNodes.

  12. Hello all,

    I’ve been using NovaTech for more than a year now. So far no complaints. This is very high risk and my thoughts is that NovaTech is temporary.

    You can always sign up using [deleted]
    If you are interested.
    You can also reach out to me if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to share my experience.

    • Thank you for your comment and for trying to recruit others to join NovaTech FX.

      But this is not a section for promotion and therefore your affiliate link was deleted.
      Feel free to comment further (without any link though)

      Have a nice day

  13. I’ve never seen a bad review on Nova from anyone in the platform. Look at the trust pilot reviews for actual reviews from real clients as a start.

    A few hours of research as you’ve said you’ve done isn’t enough for someone to make a serious financial decision about a long term financial investment.

    Just DYOR people, thoroughly look into the company and their leaders for yourself and only take financial advice from people qualified to give it to you.

  14. Thanks for your very comprehensive and even-handed review. Some interesting Comments below too.

    A few more comments: (1) To be fair, I don’t think NovaTech promises or represents a weekly return of between 2 – 4% (or of any percentage at all). In NovaTech’s legal documentation, I believe they mention that as with all investments, there are risks and that returns are NOT guaranteed. (2) I have been told by a NovaTech investor/friend that the weekly return of about 2-3% (which he has been receiving for over 8 months now) is likely based more on the Forex trading than crypto trading and that in any event it is possible for traders to earn returns whether the market goes up or down, which is true. (3) I am still skeptical about NovaTech because if one earns an average of 3% per week that works out to about 156% in one year (more if reinvested) and that seems too good to be true/unsustainable. (4) I just hope my friend is able to withdraw what he invested and then he can play with “house money” all he wants. (5) Early Novatech investors (who make substantial returns on their investments) may want to consider that if NovaTech does in fact turn out to be a Ponzi scheme, then subsequent investors (i.e., victims) who lose their investment may be able to claim against those early investors for compensation — see the example of Bernie Madoff (Google – “The Investors Who Had to pay Back Billions In Ill-Gotten Gains from Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme” – an April 14, 2021 article).

    Anyway I am following NovaTech and hope it works out for all the investors. I hope my skepticism is misplaced.

    • Hi Barry,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Well, to me it seems too good to be true. And I have witnessed (fortunately from distance) many similar companies were shut down or just disappeared. NovatTech just falls into the same category, so I also hope that people are still able to withdraw their funds.

  15. Thanks for the blog!!
    You really need at least $1,500 minimum. Reason being, is there is a $45 minimum to withdraw. I put $200 in, it slowly gained to $45 and I was able to transfer to an exchange. So that part worked. I don’t know about big money, if they would limit you. The whole thing definitely feels shady to me too and I am very skeptical. I was able to remove some funds though, which gave me a little confidence. It is sketchy that the website is sometimes down and other times takes forever to load / never loads. So that has me worried.
    At the end of the day, I was able to withdraw which is good. However, I definitely would not go all in and invest money you can’t lose / don’t need to pull out quickly.

  16. Hello everyone. I am just going to give you my honest experience with Novatech. My friend joined in Oct of 2020. He did lots of in-depth research. I ended up putting in $1,500 in Jan of ‘21. Then I kept putting more in until I had $26,000 invested by the end of August. As of now, Aug ‘22, I have actually withdrawn approx $90,000 back to my Coinbase account. My trading account inside Novatech is just a shade under $300,000. So it has been very successful for me. I honestly do not know if it is a pyramid scheme or not; however, I believe a couple of your research points to be not accurate. I do not believe Ms. Petion was VP of AWS. They were investors/participants in the program, and they lost money like everyone else. This is partly what prompted them to start Novatech, so that they could do it right. If anyone ever asks me, I say never invest more than you can afford to lose. But for me and my friends, it has been life changing.

    • Thank you for saying this, I invested $3800 in July 2021 and have taken $4389 out of my bonus account. I have a trading balance of over $12,000. My husband and children are involved. They all took out their initial investment plus much more. I appreciate what people are saying about Novatech, but it has done me and my family well. I can’t say anything bad about them.

    • Hello Trent.
      When you say coinbased account, does that mean that you have actually withdrawn $90,000 back to your bank account/will the $90,000 in the coinbased account equate to $90,000 US dollars?

  17. Thank you for the time to report this Mike. I’m calling it out as too good to be true now. I was doing my own research and found the same thing and have the very same flags. I like that you give them the benefit of the doubt and point out hard facts such as no proof of trading and guaranteed interest every week.

    • Hi David,

      You are right, it is too good to be true – that is actually always a red flag throughout all these Ponzi schemes.
      Glad you have done your research.

      Thanks a lot for your comment,
      Wishing you all the best

  18. I have some friends that are trying to get me to invest.The info you provided helped me make a firm no decision.Kinda what I thought it was thing, they almost had me.I’m gonna break it to them gently 🤨 that two of the three are crooked.thank you for your research.,,,,,,Vince

    • Hi Vince,

      I am glad you find the review helpful.

      Hopefully, your friends will be able to get out of their “game” pretty soon… but who knows, right?

      Thanks a lot for your thoughts
      Appreciate it,

  19. I have friends (a couple), who are religious believers in Novatech, and that is of course, because they are caught in the euphoria of seeing a figure on their account screen significantly move up every week. As if that means this figure is their actual money. There doesn’t seem to be any logic going on with them or anyone else who is invested in the company!
    They think, well I withdrew a small amount, and I heard of someone who withdrew their whole amount, that that means its totally legit. They also think (as so many others do), that God led them to this special opportunity because God wants to show them financial favour.
    Ya right; like God is looking for people who want to do ‘get rich quick’ schemes to bless them financially over everyone else!

    They almost had me putting in a huge amount of money, just because, against my own spidy senses, I briefly got caught up in the ‘spell’!
    And yes, like you pointed out, many can get in, and even get rich, before the Ponzy Scheme crashes – either by a lack of new investors, bad news on the company or even by sudden regulation enforcement.

    The two biggest signs of fraud, in my opinion are:

    1) You can’t see their trading (the claim is that they used to show it, but for some stupid reason, that stopped).
    2) The weekly ROI percentage is too consistent! I mean, WHATEVER crypto is doing that week, the return for that week ranges between 2 and 4 percent! How is that possible?!

    Honestly, if anyone could trade that accurately and that consistently, why the heck would they go to all the trouble of setting something this big up to get other peoples money involved?! They would be trillion-airs within 5 years without anyone else’s help.
    Oh, ‘but its because they want to help other people do the same’, YA RIGHT!

    Another thing this couple goes around doing is showing you some sort of on line calculator that shows you what you will be worth in 5 years according to the size of your investment. And if you have ever done the experiment they used to show you in math class (you know, back when there was real math and real scholastics – not liberal indoctrination) where you double your amount every day for a month – starting with a penny; you can see that you would own all the money in the world in a month.
    So, yes, with your initial investment doubling every 5 months; YA, we’ll all be trillionairs in five years! …OK

    And when they show you that, they smile and laugh and say, “Umm, ya, its a no-brainer to invest, right?”
    Seriously, you think THAT reassures me? You showing me an impossibility as reassurance!

    Despite all this, I might put in $5,000. I know, so stupid, maybe even immoral! But I wouldn’t dare involve ANYONE else (you know – to achieve the MLM thing). In fact, I would tell anyone who finds out, exactly what I am writing here.
    But I kind of want to get these two friends off my back, and I figure if I pull out 30%ish every time the balance doubles, I will have my initial amount back in less than a year.
    I guess, I would be one of Novatech’s collateral damage instances – where they loose more than they gain from someone. But they have to have those types as part of the whole bunch of morons, or it would fall apart immediately.

    Wish me luck, lol (cause that’s all I’m working on with this move).

      • After all said and done, I’m investing on Novatechfx. They warn you at first to always invest what you can afford to lose. This is my 6th month, I have no complaints. From all I know the founder not part of AWS, they were investors like me, based on their experience from AWS; Novatechfx was founded. Everything in life is a risk, but the joy of money is the trill you get from it at the moment; if one losses, you feel bad for a moment and life continues. It’s a choice, no risk no gain. Thanks

    • As with drugs, just say no!! What kind of wimp are you?! I says this with love and humour, not a criticism. These MLM types can be very persistent 🙂.

      Seriously, I was briefly caught up in the hype and the temptation, started to look around because the person who’s trying to get me in has been involved in multiple MLMs and 3 of them to my knowledge were not very long lasting. I try to be open minded and have been too much so, to my detriment, so I’m uber-cautious now.

      A friend of mine posted something noteworthy and helpful in relation to controlling and breaking other impulses such as eating, smoking, alcohol, shopping, social media etc. It has helped me and is applicable to this scenario too – take a breath for 5 minutes when you get the impulse. Just enough time to stop and think and really evaluate whether you really want to take that step.


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