Is ClickEarners Legit?

In 2020, people realize that they need to find new sources of income.

It is not possible to depend on a company that you have worked for;
And it does not matter whether you have been employed for 10 months or 20 years.

The bottom line is everyone can be laid off and the notion of not being able to provide your family with the basic needs is a nightmare for everyone.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options in the online world and it does not matter if you have no experience in this endeavor.

But where to start?

There are lots of sites that offer jobs, part-time, full-time.

There are also lots of scams and fraud systems that are better to stay away from.

How about ClickEarners?
Can this be a source that will help you to find a proper job?

Is ClickEarners Legit?

Let’s find out more about this site.

First of all, I am glad that you do your homework.
Unfortunately, a lot of people find a system, they sign up for it without too much thinking about that only to find out later on that they have lost a few bucks or several hundred.
This is not your case since you do your due diligence.

Awesome, so let’s jump into the ClickEarners review.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for ClickEarners. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: ClickEarners
Price to Join:
$27 for 12 months or Lifetime Access for $57
Recommended: No! This is just a waste of time!

ClickEarners Summary

ClickEarners is supposed to be a website where you can sign up and become an online assistant, earning about $25 per hour.

In reality, there are some issues within the entire ClickEarners.

First of all, this is a ClickBank product, which means that you have to pay a fee to get in.
Second, the type of jobs listed on the ClickEarners is not high-paid jobs as they promise.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to find an online freelance job.
Save the money, Save your time and join the platform offering jobs online directly and for free.

When it comes to building a business online none of that platform will teach you how to monetize your own website.
If you think in the long term and this is the way how to you want to generate income online click on the link below.

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What is ClickEarners?

ClickEarners is a website that helps people to find online jobs – to be more specific people behind the ClickEarners help you how to become an online assistant.

So people will get paid to do freelance work and different tasks and projects on behalf of other companies.

s ClickEarners Legit?

ClickEarners offers a lot of tasks and projects so people can find what fits them the best.

As you know the biggest advantage of working online is the flexibility, meaning you can work from any place you want (with an internet connection) and anytime you want.

As their advertisement video says “start working and earning online today”.
It is said that the Online assistant could earn $25 to $30 per hour.

Let me tell you right now that the tasks that are available at are not that lucrative.

But is the ClickEarners really something you need in order to find a freelance online job?

Well first of all this is a ClickBank product. That means that in order to sign up for the ClickEarners you have to pay a certain fee.

If you are not familiar with ClickBank is an affiliate network operating between merchants and affiliates (or publishers).

What does it mean?
It means that the main purpose of the ClickEarners founders is to make money from their “clients”. Nothing wrong with that, but we are about to find out that you don’t really need to join the ClickEarners.

Let’s see who is behind this website.

Founder of ClickEarners

When it comes to a system or website that requires some fee, always check who is behind it.

The easiest would to be look into the “About Us”, but unfortunately there is no such a section at the website

Is this already a red flag?
Well, it might be.

Why would anyone who provides a legitimate service want to hide?

The only way one can get in touch with people behind the is via email.

Is ClickEarners Legit?

They do have an autoresponder, so it is a good sign.

But no matter what kind of question you ask them, they reply back to you with another offer where you supposedly can also earn $50.

There is a catch though – you need to sign up for another system where you have to pay an additional $47 (or so).
I am sure the founders of the ClickEarners have affiliated with this another system.

Who is the ClickEarners for?

It is said that it does not matter how old you are, what is your background or experience is, you can join the ClickEarners right away and start earning today.

These claims I find pretty exaggerated and have nothing to do with reality.

Besides, why pay $27 for nothing?

If you want to know how to find online jobs, check this link.

Is ClickEarners Legit?

You will find there a list of platforms that you can join for free.

How to Join?

If you still insist on joining the ClickEarners here are some thoughts for you.
It is pretty easy to join ClickEarners.

Before you sign up though, there is a short query for you where you get to answer a few questions.

Let me share with you these questions:

  • Do you regularly have access to the internet
  • Are you reliable and trustworthy
  • How many hours per week are you available
  • Are you happy to work from home

After that, you will get a message saying that you have been approved.

Then there are these 3 final steps.

Is ClickEarners Legit?

  1. Choose your membership and activate your account
  2. Login to the member’s area
  3. Follow the simple instructions

Right along with this quick instruction, you see another scarcity technique saying that “limited spaces remaining”:

Because you’re based in (your country), we’ve applied a 50% discount to your membership if you proceed now. 
Please choose your membership to activate your account and secure your position

As you the message is based on a location where you live or located at the moment
It should give you the impression that you are really the one that is needed.

Besides, they use the scarcity technique (again).

Also, there is nothing like a 50% discount.

Is ClickEarners Legit?

The price is either $27 per year or $57 for a lifetime membership.
On top of that, there are 2 upsells that you are aware of right away.

(A lot of ClickBank products have hidden costs and upsells after you purchase the product and in many times they are just 1 click upsells).
The good news is, that ClickEarners has 60 days money-back guarantee.

That is ClickBank policy so in case you have accidentally bought the ClickEarners membership, just go to ClickBank support and ask for a refund.

How does it work?

Here is how it really works.

First of all, you are not gonna make decent money doing these jobs that are listed within the ClickEarners.

Is ClickEarners Legit?

To be honest with you, these are truly the lowest-paid jobs online ranging from $.50 to $2 an hour max.

Being a member of the ClickEarners has nothing to do with freelancing and or earning money as an online assistant.

This website just pretends to be a freelancing website.

Where to Go from Here?

If you were thinking that this site was gonna help you with finding a job, you know that you were wrong.
But don’t worry about that. You have learned something new today.

SwiftBucks Review

The good news is, you know that you ought to be careful and do a little research before revealing your credit card details.

What to do now?
What are the legit ways how to earn money, without being scammed?

Well, there are three main alternatives:

1) Work as a freelancer

Go to legit freelancing sites (how to find online jobs for freelancers) and find a job that fits you the best. for free.


  • relatively easy to find a job


  • Can’t leverage that – still paid hourly or for a specific project
  • Temporary solution

2) Paid Survey Sites

Check the survey sites and make (almost) instantly a few bucks. – sites like Swagbucks, survey junkie, or inbox dollars.


  • Make a few bucks almost instantly.
  • It does not require a special knowledge


  • Can’t scale it up, in other words, the earning potential is low
  • Available only in some countries

3) Build Your Own Business

Invest in yourself – learn and apply the knowledge. Either create a website and learn how to monetize it or start earning on Youtube.

My suggestion would be affiliate marketing.
You don’t have to buy anything you don’t have to deal with customer service. you basically only create content and make a commission by selling other people/company products.


  • Earning potential is unlimited (people making 10,000 per months) – several sources of income (more affiliate partners, revenue from ads)
  • Work anytime anywhere


  • Learning curve. it may take even 2 years to get to 4 digits per months (with a proper education the average time can be 10 to 14 months)
  • Investment in an online course (about $500 a year)

Read more about How to start an affiliate marketing business.

The other good news about having your own website is that you can work on any niche you want. with that being said, you do what you like so your hobby becomes your work.

Is ClickEarners Legit?

ClickEarners is very misleading and I would use the word “legit” very carefully (or I would not use it at all).
In my opinion, it does not make sense to sign up for their “service”.

You can go directly to any of the platforms, and sign up for the one that you like the most.
Save yourself time and money.

Here is the worst part:
Once you sign up they will start to send you emails that are very misleading.
For example, it might say:

Can you do this task for me if I pay you?

It’ll take approx. 5 minutes of your time and I’ll pay you $50 immediately after.”

There is a link within the email and that supposed to get you to the “Task”
The truth is though, that directs you to another ClickBank product!

A day after you get another email with another fake incentive and this goes on and on.
If this is your case, just hit the button “unsubscribe” and make sure to check the right column.

What I like about ClickEarners

  • You have a chance to stumble upon a survey site that will pay you a few bucks
  • Money-Back Guarantee

What I don’t like ClickEarners

  • ClickEarners uses fake scarcity
  • Does not make sense to sign up for ClickEarners (you can join the freelancing platforms for free as per the link above)
  • No training within the ClickEarners
  • Unknown Founder/creator

Some Thoughts at the End – Conclusion

ClickEarners is not a site that appears to be.

You are promised that you can become an online assistant earning from $20 to $30 per hour. The truth is that the jobs that are listed within the ClickEarners are not highly paid jobs.
One can earn maybe $1 of $2 per hour and that is it.

I believe you will find better jobs if you join platforms like Upwork or Fiverr directly.
Sign up for a few of them, proceed as per instructions and I am sure you will find a good-paying job within a month.

In case you are tired of working for somebody, there is a different platform that can teach you how to create a website and most importantly, how to get free traffic.
Eventually, you learn how to monetize the traffic. Once you master these skills, the sky is the limit and I know people that earn 5 digits per month.

If you want to find out more about this alternative you can check the link at the very bottom of this post.
Sign up for free and I can be your guide through the platform.

In case you have questions about online freelancing jobs, let me know in the comment section below.
I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading

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6 thoughts on “Is ClickEarners Legit?”

  1. Thank you for sharing a lovely, informative article with us. The chief item of this article is about ClickEarners Legit. It is truly amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. I like Work as a freelancer of the points in your article. I also agree with you that it does not make sense to sign up and pay for service that is otherwise available for FREE. 
    I would like to share what you have said about ClickEarners in my social media group so that people can know about this platform and earn money by joining here.

    • Absolutely. 

      I have noticed only recently that these guys keep sending me emails with links to other ClickBank products. 
      They want me to pay for a bunch of other courses that have no value at all. 

      I happened to review these products more than a year ago so I know that they are useless as well. 

      Feel Free to share the article. 
      Thanks for your comment

  2. Hi Mike.  Glad I landed on your blog first as I was actually thinking about joining. My wife is looking for a side gig she can do while watching the kids. It does not seem like such a great offer after all.  I did take a look at the other offer you spoke about and that looks really good. Do you think my wife could do this in her free time?  Thanks in advance.

    • No – ClickEarners is just a waste of time. 

      Sure thing – your wife can check the platforms where she can apply for a freelance job.

      Or if she wants, she can check the educational platform to learn how to create a website and how to monetize it. 
      The 1st 10 lessons for free. 

      Generally speaking, this is exactly a perfect time to start making money online on your own. 
      There is no better investment than in personal development in one’s free time. 

  3. Interesting review on Clickearners. It’s good that you’re warning people about their site before they waste their money. I bet this article is very helpful for anyone looking to join clickearners. The catch for this website seems to be the word could, the site says you ‘could’ earn $25 per hour. This is misleading, because people may think it’s easy to earn that much money, when in reality it’s rare that people earn that much. Good coach noticing that they don’t have an about us button. Hidden costs are also a red flag, because they try to get you to buy even more. I like that you included alternatives to earn money online. 

    • Appreciate your thoughts on ClickEarners. 

      You are right. 
      ClickEarners is just a waste of time. 
      Hopefully, more and more people will realize that they don’t have to pay for such a “service” since it is actually available for free. 

      If you have any more questions let me know


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