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Digital Income System Review

I have found a new digital product that promises you to make at least $500 per sale.

When I saw this, I was curious. How do they do that? It must be amazing to earn $500 per sale.
Actually, it seems that the earnings go up to $12,500 per sale.
That looks too good to be true.

I was also searching for other reviews and found out that a good portion of the reviews I found were actually very positive ones. No wonder, they do promote this product.

As a side note, I am not going to promote this product, since I don’t see any training in there – no actual value for an end customer.

Let’s have a look inside.

UPDATE June 2023 – FTC Compensation

This is a good thing that the FTC is taking action against Digital Income System, a deceptive business and investment scheme.

They are now sending a second round of payments to consumers who fell victim to this bogus scheme.

In 2020, the FTC sued Digital Income System for misleading people into buying memberships by promising large earnings of up to $12,500 per sale.

However, most participants ended up making very little or nothing at all. If you were affected by this scheme, you may be eligible for compensation.

Name: Digital Income System
Website: www.digitalincomesystem.com (Domain doesn’t work anymore)
Price: Advertised Price $1,000 – $25,000
Owners: N/A

What is Digital Income System?

Before digging any deeper there are some red flags I would like to point out right away.

First of all, the owner or creator of this program remains unknown. I have checked in the Privacy Policy section and earnings disclaimer, but could not find any information regarding a real person or company behind the Digital Income System (DIS)

Second, I could not find out what is it that they teach.
If there is no training, no system – it might also be just kind of a pyramid scheme. I mean that was my first impression after I saw the sales video.

Just to give you an overview, DIS is a pretty new product. It has been around since March 2019. Actually, the website was done in late 2018, but the traffic to the DIS website started to kick in in March.

Here is the screenshot from Semrush showing the organic traffic to the domain digitalincomesystem com:

digital income system - Traffic

DIS claims that with them, you will discover a great way how to generate an extra income of $500 to $12,500. They say that their system is based on science and technology, so you don’t have to do anything else.

You don’t have to sell anything to anyone. So far it sounds like a lottery ticket.

Here are the exact words from the sales video:

“OUR SYSTEM WORKS. No Calls. No Selling. Just profits. That’s why it works for everyone”

Let me get one thing straight. If somebody claims that you can make a profit without an effort, they simply lie to you. I am sure you are aware of this.

There is no such thing as something for nothing.

The only way their system might work is to sell it to others and make them sell it to other people again. That is MLM, or I dare to say it (in this particular case) a pyramid scheme.

I am surprised that this kind of technique is still out there. Well, call me naive 🙂
Anyways, I will keep an eye on DIS, since I am curious how long this site will be around.

To be fair, there is an effort to be done in order to make a sale. DIS claims that they do all the work for you:

So here is how it should work:

  • When a visitor comes to your site, DIS’s unique and automated presentations will inform and prompt these visitors to connect with a business consultant who will call them to personally explain all the details.
  • They do all the phone calls, answer all the questions, and get them started and every time the prospect says yes, you get the commission from $500 to $12,500 (depending on a level the prospect is willing to start – will be explained in the Price structure)

Digital Income System Pros & Cons

  • Theoretically, an opportunity to earn large commissions
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • Price start from $1,000 all the way to $25,000
  • No Training, no educational material whatsoever
  • Founder or owner not known
  • MLM recruiting system

Who is Digital Income System For?

As I mentioned above, this is “of course” for everybody. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to be ironic, but I have not seen a single shred of evidence that there is some training inside.
They want you to fill up a simple form and wait for the call. I am sure these guys making the calls are great at persuasion.

When I was a student I tried to earn some extra money as a “financial adviser” for an independent financial company. They work in a similar way. You offer a product to the customer, and you get a commission. You get your friends into this company and you get credit from whatever they sell. I hated that job. Making cold calls and talking people into buying stuff I did not believe.

Guys who were already at the upper level in the hierarchy were able to make cold calls and talking with potential customers like it was their second nature.

These people are really good at that.

In the DIS they say that they close the sales for you. You only provide the leads. I can imagine how persuasive they can be.

It is a shame that they don’t have any training that you can go through.

In my opinion, it should be a platform with step-by-step training. You learn how to create a website, how to create content to drive traffic, and eventually how to monetize your website. That is valuable information.

Digital Income System Tools & Training

As I said I could not find out that is it you can learn.

They want you to believe that all the hard work is being done at the DIS site. You let DIS experts to conduct all of the work on your behalf.
DIS System automatically finds qualified prospects for your online business. They even deliver the checks straight to your address. Here is the funny part – what you have to do:

“All you have to do is answer the door”
– That must be even easier than winning the lottery! (sorry for being sarcastic)

Seriously, here is the DIS formula:

  1. DIS will give their traffic source
  2. You send traffic to DIS
  3. DIS does everything else
  4. You make money and enjoy life
Digital Income System

So how does it work?

At DIS they have a simple 3-step process:

  1. Lead Generation – They seem to have an exclusive source for traffic so you can plugin immediately. You can drive targeted visitors to your digital income website which will be built for you.
  2. Each Sale is tracked – An automated system engages the visitors coming to your site. Each sale will be tracked from the first visit to the sale.
  3. DIS Engages the leads – Experiences sales team from DIS takes over, calling each of your qualified prospects by hand. If the prospect says yes, you get the commission.

I would be curious about the “exclusive source of traffic”. Do they buy traffic for you? Is the traffic relevant? The thing is that you can get thousands of visits a month to your site and still get no sales. There is just no guarantee.

And if you do not know how to find the prospect on your own, or how to find the traffic, you basically driving with your eyes closed.

What is also mind-blowing you are told that you need to spend only 4 minutes a week to make this work.

There is no website for you that you need to build, no webinars, your training, no contacting anyone. DIS business specialists have all covered for you.

So let’s say you will make your first sale.
A few months later this DIS page will be shut down by FTC. And there is a good chance that it will be shut down.
You have invested a couple of thousand into this DIS system, you learn nothing since there is not a single webinar and suddenly you are left alone with no product to sell, with no knowledge with nothing.

Can you start to apply the knowledge that you have gained? Wait a minute – what knowledge?

You have to start all over again and hopefully this time you better realize that in order to sell something, you have to offer something first.

Do you know where you can learn (and immediately apply the knowledge) about digital marketing?

If you really interested and you willing to improve your skills, I suggest you check out the review about Wealthy Affiliate.
That platform is intended for newbies and also for intermediate marketers.
Let me share with you a screenshot of the training platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Level 1

Check out what is the Wealthy Affiliate about.
What I think is great, you have a 7 days Starter membership, in other words, you can start for free. After 7 days, you should be able to decide if you take full advantage of this platform.

The cost is (if paid yearly) $1 a day.

Digital Income System Support

Regarding the support within the DIS system, it seems to me that there is no support needed since there is no training inside. The only support is the alleged salesperson who makes everything for you.

Do you know the story of a kid born to rich parents? Parents had a servant to do everything for that kid. The kid was raised inside of a huge mansion with high walls all around the property. This kid could not go beyond these walls as it was not safe for him.

This kid was not allowed to dress up by himself, could eat by himself or could go anywhere by himself.

One day, the servants let the gate opened by accident. This kid was so curious about the world outside the fence that he walked outside. Immediately he was killed by an automobile passing by. The kid was no taught how to use his eyes and years since everything was done for him.

DIS with its approach to customers acts that way as well.

Digital Income System Price Structure

There are 5 levels available for potential prospectors.

  • Level 1 – called Entrepreneur level. This is the basic level and the price is $1,000 to join. If you recruit someone to join this 1st level, your commission is $500.
  • Level 2 – called Director level. Membership is for 3,000 and when you recruit someone to join Level 2, you get again 50%, which is $1,500
  • Level 3 – Professional – The patter remains the same. Price $5,000, commission $2,500 (if the guy joins Level 3)
  • Level 4 – Ambassador – $Price 12,000, commission $6,000
  • Level 5 – Executive – and finally the last level costs $25,000 and the if you refer someone who joins Level 5, you get a commission of $12,500

One Note.
If you are at Level 1 and theoretically you will get lucky and refer someone who will join Level 3, you still get only $500 because you are at Level 1.

My Final Opinion of Digital Income System

I like to pay for something that has value for me. I like pizza. I like beer. I like nice cars.

I don’t like to pay for something that I have no idea what it is. DIS seems to be one of these products that have no value unless you push it to sell to somebody else.

What is the point? I mean, sure you can sell it to someone and tell him to sell it to others. But this is kind of loop with no solid value. This is like selling an empty box asking the customer to re-sell it again so we all make money.

But the end customers? They are being taken advantage of.

And I think, selling “nothing” for more than thousands of dollars is maybe even illegal. Correct me if I am wrong please in the comment section below.
In my opinion, this is not a way how a passive income is created.

In the following video, you can learn how to spot a Pyramid Scheme.

Digital Income System at a Glance…

Name: Digital Income System
Website: www.digitalincomesystem.com
Price: Advertised Price $1,000 – $25,000
Owners: N/A


I do not recommend joining this DIS system at all.

To me, this could be a pyramid scheme, system and I believe it is a matter of time until this DIS will be shut down.

I also forgot to mention that there is no money-back guarantee. If you reviewed some ClickBank products, they have at least the decency to offer you this option, in case you are not satisfied with the product.
That is not the case with DIS.

Please let me know what are your thoughts about DIS, would you “invest” in such a product? And why?

If you would like to find out how to really make money online, the best way, in my opinion, is affiliate marketing.

Cheers, Mike

10 thoughts on “Digital Income System Review”

  1. No effort put into the work plus not real transparent owner? C’mon, you vsn really do better. Those behind this scams need to grow up. Its even funny that they dint really show who they are. Its disheartening honestly. I have read reviews of other platforms like this digital in come system. Its good that you can try to heko us determine this scams. I agree with you that one needs to know what he is paying for. Apparently, paying for this is like throwing money away. Thanks for a good review.

    • I absolutely agree with you.
      They have no product to sell and the entire system is based on recruiting. I believe the FTC would wanna look at this system. 
      It is extremely misleading and people can lose thousands of dollars with this pyramid scheme. 

      Thank you for your comment 

  2. To be honest, while reading through this review, I couldn’t help laughing out a little because it is pointing out te various issues that makes this system a complete joke. This digital income claims are just too bogus and unrealistic and not being believable. Being the fact that it even follows an MLM business model, I just cannot see myself joining this platform. Thanks do much for saving me of breaking bank on this.

    • Absolutely Tracy. 

      One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, right.

      I had to take a break while doing the review… needed a deep breath. It is ridiculous what they dare to ask. I mean $25K is really a lot of money. 

      Digital Income System is a Pyramid Scheme, no doubt about that.
      Thanks a lot Tracy for your comment,


  3. Of all the businesses online, how on earth would I inbest that kinfof huge amount of money into this MLM business. That is simply crazy. Seeing the fact that it has no presentable ways of earning through this, it is totally bad. Only cons are presented and they totally outweighs the only pro. I hate anything that has to do with MLM businesses and the cost is even too much for me in the first place. Thanks

    • I know exactly what you talking about.
      I hate the MLM as well. It goes way back when I was student and I tried this job as a “financial advisor”. Besides the fact that I had to make a cold phone calls, I also was advised to recruit more people.. 
      Ii still get goosebumps thinking about that 😉 

      glad I helped a bit.

  4. Wise words Mike!  You’ve put up a very cohesive and logical case against this blatant scam.  To me, something advertised as that “easy” is indicative of something shady, and it’s such a shame that some people still fall for it.  There will always be stuff like this sprouting here and there, but it’s great that your post can serve as a precaution for lots of people.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. 
      Hopefully reviews like this will reach more people so creators of products like digital Income System will have to back off. 
      But I think that is still naive from me to say, since these kinds of scams have been around since first currency had been created. 

      Anyways, always glad to help.
      cheers, Mike

  5. In my experience if it look too good to be true then it probably is. You’re right, something promising you money for zero, or almost zero, effort, is most likely a scam and is probably not legal either. I’d also never trust a system when you can’t find out who owns it or is running it. Thank you for putting this research out there – I will steer well clear!

    • Digital Income System can be considered as a scammy product. It may not be officially classified as a scam, but it is not far from that. 
      Anyways it is good to stay away from it. 

      I do thank you for your comment. I am glad that there are people who do their due diligence, and don’t have a tendency to fall for such products. 

      Have a good one, Mike 


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