Commission Hotshot Review

Welcome to my website. 

You are probably doing some research about the product called Commission Hotshot and want to know whether it is a legit opportunity or just another misleading product. 

Is this going to help you to make a consistent income? 

In the following Commission Hotshot review you are about to learn how it works, who is behind, and most importantly how much can you really earn. 

Let’s get into that.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of the Commission Hotshot. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Commission Hotshot
Price to Join
$12.97 + Upsells (a couple of hundreds) 
Recommended: Not really

Commission Hotshot Overview

It is cloud-based training where you can learn how to do Youtube reviews about specifics products and how to send offers to people that actually want to purchase these products. 

There are several misleading claims on their sales page. 
The thing is the entire course doesn’t live up to the promises claimed at their home page. 

Therefore I don’t recommend the Commission Hotshot. 

Here is a much better method on how to actually make money online:
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What is Commission Hotshot?

Commission Hotshot is a digital traffic training where you are supposed to learn how to make a couple of hundreds in less than 20 minutes. 

Commission Hotshot Review

Apparently, you can generate as much high-quality traffic as you want…
…and the best part? It can be set on autopilot with this tool. 

According to the sales page, you can generate $789.90 in 19 minutes. 
Is it even realistic?
I mean it is possible to make that amount of money, but people generating such revenue are well-experienced marketers, and they are in the business for a couple of years (and more). 

With that being said there is no way, that a beginner purchase this product and is going to make a few hundred by the weekend. 
It doesn’t work that way.

Founder of Commission Hotshot

This tool is created by Team Black Belt, namely, Art Flair, Ram Rawat, and Pallab Ghosal. 

Commission Hotshot Review

It is always important to check who the founder is. 
There are many scams, where it is not possible to find who runs the system, or who created the website. 
In case you see a system promising you to make easy money, but you can’t find who is behind the scenes, ran away from it. 

In the case of Commission Hotshot, it seems that these are the real guys behind this tool. 
And research shows that this is not the only product these guys created. 

Who is it for?

It is said that this is a great product for beginners.

Probably yes – don’t get me wrong but the fact is that many people who just started to search for a way how to make money online fall for claims like “make $789 in  one day” 

Or claims like Make money while you sleep and so on. 

It is tempting I understand that and I was there as well. 
I was also thinking about some kind of shortcuts that would allow me to generate consistent income online with little to no effort. 

The more I was looking for these shortcuts, the more I realize it does not work and I became skeptical 
And I was very skeptical about the platform that actually teaches the real stuff. I was so sick and tired of those scams that it took me weeks of research until I finally decided to use my credit card. 

Generally speaking, whenever you see claims about how easy it is to make money, and it requires only a few minutes – stay away from it. 

The truth about making money online is that it takes time and effort.

If someone has a budget, it is possible to speed up the process by buying the traffic.
For that purpose, the Commission Hero is good training, but it requires at least $2,000. 

I still believe that it is better to learn how to get free traffic. 

Back to the Commission Hotshot.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned this is cloud-based training where one can learn how to generate targeted traffic using Youtube reviews.

That means that you should be able to send an offer to a prospect that is interested in such a product. 
How to find him? 

According to the Commission Hotshot, there are 3 steps:

  1. Find the “right offer” that people want to buy
  2. Go through the Commission Hotshot traffic formula
  3. Withdraw your earnings any time you want. 

Waw, that must be super easy right? 

They want you to think that they have developed some kind of software that sends offers only to those people that are interested in them. 
In reality, this is almost impossible. 

Let’s see how the Commission Hotshot works inside. 

Commission Hotshot Review

Inside the dashboard you can watch the introduction video, it lasts less than 2 minutes. 

The entire course consists of 10 Modules:

Module 1

This is a case study where it is explained how to find a product to promote. 
Then you create a video about it and optimize it for Youtube and Google.

He also recommends creating your own blog where you post these videos. It helps with rankings. 

Module 2 

This is an almost 9-minute video explaining how to find the right offer. 

He goes over the Clickbank and shows how to make money with affiliate marketing
Ideally, you should promote the products that are created by these guys, meaning by Art Flair and his team. 
(what a good business model, isn’t it?)

Module 3 

This video is over 13 minutes long and it is called Your Online Hub. 
He explains how to create your website. 

Commission Hotshot Review

We are not even halfway through the basic training and here we go – such a discrepancy already. 

So it is not that the claim about making $789.90 in 19 minutes is misleading, also the claim about “No Website” is misleading as well. 

Maybe you don’t mind such misinformation, but to me, it is a red flag. 
If someone lies once, twice, how do we know he won’t be lying later on? 

Module 4

…is called Free tools, where he for example explains the importance of Youtube Backlinks.

Module 5

This is Your Money Magnet. 

In other words, you can learn here how to create reviews. 

Module 6

Optimization – and here it is explained more about the Youtube SEO, how to get a higher Click-Through Rate, how long the video should take, and other “tricks”. 

Let me elaborate a bit here.
He shows you how to improve the CTR (Click-through rate), which is one of the most important ranking factors.
The way you should do it is by using click-baits.

This is never a good idea.
Yes, it can improve your Click-Through-Rate for a while, but in the long run, it never works. 

Module 7 & Module 8

Both are regarding the Optimization for traffic. 

Inside of Youtube studio – What to write in the title of the video, Description, and Tags. 

Commission Hotshot Review

Commission Hotshot Review

Here you are also shown how to ask for likes, and comments and how to create backlinks to your video. 

Module 9

This is about additional traffic and more specifically how to increase the views by posting the videos on social media. 

Again, it is a bit misleading here, since if you don’t have thousands of followers, your videos will get barely any attention. 

Module 10

… is about Scaling it up. 

What is the Price?

The front-end price is either $1 or $4.95, depending on if you want to have the Lite Version or Pro Version.

Commission Hotshot Review

Any Upsells? 
You bet.

Actually, there are so many upsells the I have devoted a new section for it: 


Commission Hotshot Review

Upsells or also called the One Time Offers (or OTOs) is in my opinion a bit of a sneaky way how the creator makes the real money. 

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be informed about the whole price structure right upfront.
(I don’t even like it when I go to fast food for a sandwich only… and the cashier tries to sell me french fries, soda, and maybe something else…) 

That’s just probably me. 
Anyways, here is briefly the entire price structure, to know how much one can end up paying for the Commission Hotshot. 

OTO 1 – Case Studies – $27 (downsell to $17)

There are 8 case studies that you can “Copy-Paste” into your accounts. 
Apparently, you are going to see the results “instantly”. 

This is another misleading claim. 

Another thing is, imagine that hundreds of students will use the same studies… 

OTO 2 – Done For You – $37 (downsell to $27)

This is a “done for you” pack that includes the “tested and proven” work. 


  • Evergreen Affiliate Campaigns
  • Automated Campaigns
  • Social Media Promos
  • Email Campaign
  • Engagement Posts
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Stock music
  • Images

Generally speaking, when it comes to so-called “done-for-you” stuff, the questions you should be asking, is it going to work for me? 

I don’t mean to be skeptical, but it is important to think about that.
There is a certain number of Campaigns and Promos and Email Campaigns – that every member is going to use it. You don’t have a chance to modify the campaign,s since it is “done for you”.

It is great to have something that is prepared, but if everyone used the same stuff, what is the purpose? 

It may work for 1 or 2 persons.
The thing is Youtube doesn’t like reused content, meaning it won’t rank well and as a result of that, no sales…

OTO 3 – Reseller Pack $197 (Donwsell to $67)

With this pack, you are allowed to sell the Commission Hotshot and keep the 100% profits for yourself. 

Sounds like a great deal but who is really going to buy this whole package? 
This seems to be just another one of those schemes that are made in order to make money for the creators.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to call it a scam, but it resembles a scammy product. 

OTO 4 – 45 Products $147 (Downsell to $67)

Here you get access to all of Team Black Belt’s products since 2015. 

Waw, what a deal. 
They sell the old stuff. 

OTO 5 – 6 Figure Training $47 (No Downsell)

You get 3 modules here that are supposed to help you to achieve 6 figures this year. 

  • Product Creation Module
  • Google Adwords Module
  • Instagram Traffic Module

Regarding the Google Adword Module – you are going to need an additional budget for the Ads. 
That can be at least $100 per month, to see some results. 

OTO 6 – 3 Traffic Softwares $27 (No Downsell)

The last one contains 3 additional traffic software bots. 

  • Rapid Lead Magnets
  • Keyword Research Ninja
  • Twitter Marketing Bot

Are we to believe that such bots can drive relevant traffic? 
I doubt it. 

So to sum it up. 
If you manage to get all the downsells the minimum price you would pay is $252 + the front-end price. 
(The full price without downsells is $482, + the front-end price. 

Now for the training you get, I believe this is a little bit too expensive. 

What I like about Commission Hotshot

  • Quite a good training on Youtube
  • The Front End Price is OK

What I don’t like Commission Hotshot

  • Misleading about the amount of time one needs to spend in order to earn $789
  • Too many upsells (it makes it quite expensive in the end)
  • A lot of stuff can be found for free

Commission Hotshot Conclusion

The claims on their website are hyped up and they try to convince you that you can make sales while you are asleep.
In order to have a passive income, it is necessary to put the effort into it and time. 

I believe we have covered enough about the Commission Hotshot and it is up to you to decide whether you want to invest the money into this course or not. 

There are other courses that teach the evergreen method about how to drive organic traffic and how to monetize the traffic. 
For example, I have joined one particular platform, where I have learned how to create a website that ranks well on google. 

It also has training on how to create a Youtube video and how to optimize it. 

The best part, everyone can join it for free. The fact is that the first 10 lessons are for free and one needs only his or her email to sign up. 
At the bottom of this article, there is a link with additional information. 

Do you have questions regarding the Commission Hotshot? 
Or any other questions related to internet marketing? 

Please use the comment section below, I will do my best to provide you with feedback within a day.

Thank you for reading

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