What is the AZ Code?

Here I am going to review a ClickBank product called The AZ Code.

The name “Az” stands for Amazon Code. Maybe you have seen it already, if not you are probably wondering whether this particular program can help you to earn money.

In the sales video, they make staggering income promises, so we will check the product deeper whether it can be true or they are just BS-ing you.
I mean for sure it is possible to make money as Amazon Affiliate, but in order to become a successful affiliate marketer with amazon is the AZ code good enough?

Name: The Az Code
Website: www.theazcode.com
Price: Advertised Price $37
Owners: Andrew Peterson (Not Confirmed)

A quick AZ Code Update

It is not available on the ClickBank site anymore. 

Nevertheless, I do keep my review on this site, since there might be a similar product to the AZ Code. It will have a most likely different name, but the similar patterns might still be obvious.
The reason why the AZ Code is not available anymore is probably that it stopped generating money for the owner(s).

The AZ Code is now available on a different website, called ClickBetter.

If you are looking for a legit platform that teaches how to make money online I recommend you to visit this post about Wealthy Affiliates.

I have included also some success stories. Many members have been able to generate full-time income just by being a member of the Amazon affiliate program (which is free to join).

What is the AZ Code – Product Overview

Like with most of the ClickBank products, AZ Code starts with a sales video, introducing you to what this product can do for you. It does not say what is inside, or what methods you will be learning.
Nothing of that sort.

The entire sales pitch focuses only on how much you can make, it shows you some testimonials (which are just hired actors) and of course the income claims like more than $1,000 a day.

It wouldn’t be anything wrong with it, but they say that you can make this kind of money within a few days.

The AZ code is supposed to be a bulletproof system showing you how to make money as Amazon Affiliate. If you set this system, within 24 hours you can make thousands of dollars daily in Amazon commissions.

I really doubt this product, already.

The Good & the Bad

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • PDF document with 70 pages
  • n/a
  • Unrealistic Income Claims ($1,000 a day)
  • Upsells, you are not aware of
  • Poor training for $37

Who is it For?

Who would buy such a product? Well anybody who would like to learn how to earn money with Amazon.

But let me tell you, these promises that it is a “done for you” system are a complete lie. There is no way on earth that some “touch-button-system” will generate you more than $1,000 a day within 24 hours. This is completely BS.

According to the sales video, you do not need any previous experience or any special skills. In fact, let me share with you a short part of the sales video. You will also see 2 testimonials, which are fake. – I mean these are hired people most likely from fiverr.com.

I have done a bit of research and found the lady at Fiverr.
At that time when she recorded this shot for AZ Code, she did not look as professional as per recent images on Fiverr.

what is the AZ code

Andrew Peterson (or whoever is behind the AZ Code) wants to show you that this product is successful all over the world, by using these actors with American and/or British English.

Nothing wrong with the acting, but I wanted to show you that these testimonials regarding the AZ code are simply made up.
If you focus on the young lady, you can see that she is reading the text.

The AZ Code Tools & Training

I may disappoint you but there is no software or push-one-button-system you can buy.

You will not find step-by-step video training in the member’s area, either.
All you get is the PDF file with about 70 pages.

the az code

I will mention here the chapters, so you may get the idea of what is inside this $37 PDF File:

As you see from the screenshot above the 1st Chapter is about Idea Strategies, 2nd is about Validating your idea.

  • Chapter 3: Brand Design – here they talk about competition and branding.
  • Chapter 4: Visual Element of Branding – this is about how you want your product to appear and about how to hire a designer.
  • Chapter 5: Package Design – 5th chapter concerns high-quality photos and packaging materials.
  • Chapter 6: Minimum Viable Product – explaining what a viable product is, the opportunity cost of delaying progress, and incremental improvements.
  • Chapter 7: Technical Flow of Amazon Product – what is the UPC Code and how to submit your UPC code to Amazon?
  • Chapter 8: Connecting with Suppliers – which platform to use and which one works for you and the pros and cons of these platforms
  • Chapter 9: Deciding on a Supplier – something about trade assurance, gold supplier ad minimum order quantity, unit price
  • Chapter 10: Terminology of Private Labeling – Sourcing suppliers (MFR, MOQ, QC, PayPal, Western Union, …)
  • Chapter 11: Communicating with Suppliers – this chapter is about cultural differences, time zone differences, negotiation, and language barriers
  • Chapter 12: Tuning your Company for Success – why do some companies thrive while others fail, cultivating good habits and taking manageable steps toward your goal
  • Chapter 13: Determining your MOQ – Risk management, Pros, and Cons of low and high MOQ, calculating what MOQ works for your business
  • Chapter 14: Managing Your First Import – Methods of communication, email. WhatsApp and skype
  • Chapter 15: Sourcing Product Samples – this one is about screening suppliers, comparing samples, negotiations, and moving forwards
  • Chapter 16: Page Ascension Principles – Keyword density, conversion rate, sales volume *
  • Chapter 17: Optimizing Product Categories – Niche categories, seller tags.
  • Chapter 18: Product Descriptions – Choosing Keywords, optimizing keywords, creating a title, reviews, and pricing.
  • Chapter 19: Creating Images for Your Listing – The main image and secondary images.
  • Chapter 20: Launching Your Amazon Product – Amazon snowball launch and discount coupons for launch
  • Chapter 21: Launching Marketing – Pay per-click Ads, Getting reviews, social media
  • Chapter 22: Taking Care of Business – Structuring your business, trademarks, and patents, income tax, becoming an international seller

It is maybe a nice overview, but in my opinion, many of those chapters are subjects for a single book.

* Please note how much they dedicated to the keyword subject. Keyword research is essential and you really want to understand how to choose the proper keywords, especially when want to get free traffic.


Not a real support section, although Andrew in his sales video says, that he will be your personal mentor.

The AZ Code Price Structure

The cost is $37 as claimed on the sales page. Although they do not reveal to you the upsells. I am not sure what you can get if you decide to “upgrade” but from what I have seen in the basic product, I do not hope for any breakthrough. I assume that the costs of the upsells go way over $200.

You can check their affiliate page where they promise to make up to $199 per sale.

the az code

The entire Az code has one purpose only – to generate money for the owner only, and for their partners if they have a chance to sell it.

My Final Opinion of The AZ Code

I am a bit confused about this product.

In the sales video they talk about affiliate marketing, but in the pdf, it is about real products. How to make and pack them, how to connect with suppliers, and so on.

That to me is rather about e-commerce. With that being said I would stay away from this product.
They could make a simple book or tutorial about how to become an amazon affiliate. Maybe explain a bit how does affiliate marketing work and so on.

If you are looking for ways how to make money online, I think you should know about his particular educational platform. Please take your time and read that review.

It is definitely a more interesting product than AZ Code.
There are no upsells, and no hidden fees. In fact, you can get started for free – no credit card is required. This free access you have for the entire week.

The AZ Code at a Glance…

Name: The Az Code
Website: www.theazcode.com
Price: Advertised Price $37
Owners: Andrew Peterson (Not Confirmed)

Overall Rank:

Explode My Payday Scam


Maybe there is some value in that PDF file, but it does not match what they tell you.
And one thing is for sure, no way you can start making more than hundreds of dollars a day within 24 hours.

It will take at least 3 months to see some profit. It all depends on the niche you choose and also how much content you are able to create.

I would love to hear from you, whether you already have some experience with AZ code, or you are just interested in making money as Amazon Associates. Whatever it is, please leave a comment below.

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