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In recent times, I’ve been approached by numerous individuals touting investment opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency, all promising the tantalizing prospect of making a daily return of 1.5%.

To say I’m skeptical would be an understatement.

One such platform that’s come across my radar is L7Dex, and in the forthcoming review, we’ll delve into the details to determine whether it’s a safe bet for investment or a potential red flag

You can think of this review as a helpful guide that you can use when assessing different platforms that promise to help you make money online.

If you come across a platform or website that you want to learn more about, you have a couple of options:

– You can use the search button on my website to see if I’ve already reviewed it, or
– You can leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to provide feedback within 24 hours.

Please note, that I am not a member or an affiliate of L7Dex.
This review is based on research and online information in the public domain.

Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

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L7Dex Summary

Name: L7Dex
Website: www.l7dex.com
Price to Join: 0$, (to invest a minimum of 100 USDT is required)
Recommended: No

L7Dex presents itself as a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrency trading, but there are concerns about its legitimacy.

The platform offers enticing daily returns and multi-level marketing, but it lacks transparency about its founders and operations.
Community feedback suggests a potential risk of funds not being sustained once recruitment slows down.

Caution and thorough research are advised before considering involvement with L7Dex.

For those with an interest in trading, there’s a legitimate option available. They provide a free trial and, in addition to investment opportunities, offer educational resources.

However, if you’re seeking quick money, I’m afraid I can’t assist you with that.

What is L7Dex?

L7Dex appears to be an online platform for trading digital currencies. It claims to offer increased security and freedom by avoiding central control.

L7Dex HomePage

While they advertise easy cryptocurrency trading and promise to keep you updated on the latest crypto developments, it’s important to approach their claims cautiously.

There is no information available about the platform’s founder or its headquarters, and they suggest making a significant daily return of 1.5%.

Remember, not all that glitters in the crypto world is gold, so always exercise caution and do thorough research.

L7Dex Website Information

When dealing with platforms like L7Dex (or a prime example being Megalith Trade), it’s a prudent practice to assess their website’s organic traffic.

Currently, there is minimal organic traffic to the L7Dex platform.

L7Dex Organic Traffic

While it’s possible that the platform utilizes other channels, the absence of significant organic traffic can serve as an indicator when gauging the platform’s credibility.

L7Dex Website Registration Date

Alongside the registration date, one can gain insights into the age of a platform.

As seen in the example above (Megalith Trade), it’s possible to cross-verify claims made on their website.

While there’s no concrete proof that L7Dex’s claims are inaccurate, it’s a good practice to keep this in mind when assessing similar investment platforms.

Registration Date l7dex.com

In the case of Megalith Trade, the claim was an outright falsehood when compared to the actual data obtained through whois.com.

Who is behind the L7Dex?

When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, it’s only natural to wonder about the people behind the platform you’re considering.
Unfortunately, in the case of L7Dex, transparency appears to be lacking.

There is no available information about the founders or the location of their headquarters. This absence of key details raises valid concerns about the credibility and accountability of the platform.

Interestingly, there are some indications that Chinese investors may be involved with L7Dex. It’s been suggested that they were previously associated with another platform that reportedly generated a staggering $5 billion before being sold in 2017.
While this might pique your interest, it’s essential to approach such claims cautiously.

The concept of needing a substantial user base for their exchange does create an apparent opportunity for potential investors.
However, always remember that a lack of transparency regarding the people behind a platform can be a significant red flag.

Before considering any investment, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence to protect your financial interests and make an informed decision.

How to Join the L7Dex?

Joining L7Dex is a straightforward process. The basic affiliate membership is free, allowing you to access the platform and explore its features.

However, to fully participate in the income opportunity offered by L7Dex, you will need to make a minimum investment of 100 USDT (Tether), which is the platform’s requirement to get started with trading and earning potential.

What Products L7Dex Offers?

L7Dex presents itself as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, emphasizing its benefits compared to regular centralized exchanges.

They claim to offer enhanced security, more control, and greater freedom for crypto trading.

While they mention features like crypto staking and NFTs, it’s crucial to note that L7Dex does not have tangible products or services available for retail. Instead, their affiliates primarily promote L7Dex affiliate memberships, which is the main focus of their marketing efforts.

In conclusion, L7Dex’s offerings primarily revolve around affiliate memberships, and they do not provide retail products or services.

What Is an NFT? (Non-Fungible Token)

NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” are like special digital certificates that live on the computer. What makes them super cool is that they’re one-of-a-kind and can’t be copied. It’s like having a digital stamp that says, “This is the only one in the world!”

These unique tokens can stand for things you can see on the computer, like digital art or even stuff in the real world, like houses or cool collectibles.
Imagine turning your favorite video game item or artwork into a special digital badge that you can buy, sell, or trade with others online.

People like NFTs because they make trading things online easier and safer. It’s like having a certificate that proves you own something cool, whether it’s a virtual sword in a game or a piece of art.

They can even stand for things like your identity or your rights to something important.

At first, lots of people got really excited about collecting NFTs and thought they were a big deal. But as time went on, some of the excitement wore off.

So, while NFTs are still around, they might not be as trendy as they once were. But who knows what new and exciting things might come next in the world of NFTs!

How to Make Money with L7Dex?

To earn with L7Dex, invest a minimum of 100 USDT.

According to the L7Dex, you’ll receive a daily 1.5% return on your investment. Your earnings are in LUSD and LSD tokens, which you can convert back to USDT within L7Dex.

It’s important to note that the longer you leave your earnings untouched within L7Dex, the lower penalty fees you’ll incur upon withdrawal:

Withdrawal DurationPenalty Fee
Within 10 days30%
Within 30 days25%
Within 90 days20%
Within 180 days15%
Within 360 days10%

L7Dex Affiliate Ranking System

L7Dex has a system of affiliate ranks, which are like different levels or positions within their compensation plan. Each rank comes with certain qualifications that affiliates need to meet to progress to the next level.

Here’s a breakdown of the ranks and their criteria:

RankQualification Criteria
V1Generate and maintain 20,000 LUSD/LSD in monthly returns from your downline, excluding the largest unilevel team leg.
V2Have at least one affiliate in your downline at V1 rank or higher in two separate unilevel team legs.
V3Have one affiliate at V2 rank or higher in two separate unilevel team legs.
V4Have one affiliate at V3 rank or higher in three separate unilevel team legs.
V5Have one affiliate at V4 rank or higher in three separate unilevel team legs.
PartnerHave one affiliate at V5 rank or higher in three separate unilevel team legs.

L7Dex Red Flags

Misleading Description

L7Dex presents itself as a “decentralized perpetual contract trading platform,” but it is alleged to operate as an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme. This suggests deceptive marketing tactics.

Staking Model

L7Dex’s business model involves staking and generating LUSD and LSD tokens, which may raise concerns about the legitimacy of the tokens and the sustainability of returns.

Lack of Transparency

There is a lack of transparency regarding the ownership and operation of L7Dex, with no information provided about the founders or headquarters.

Unsubstantiated Trading Claims

L7Dex claims to be engaged in trading but provides no verifiable evidence to support this assertion. This raises doubts about the source of revenue.

Dependence on New Investments

L7Dex’s sustainability appears to rely heavily on new investments, with returns paid out using funds from new investors rather than from trading profits.

Ponzi Scheme Risk

The business model described resembles a Ponzi scheme, where returns are paid using new investors’ funds, and the collapse of such schemes can result in significant financial losses for participants.

L7Dex Reviews

Currently, there aren’t any reviews on platforms like Trustpilot for L7Dex. This is likely because the platform is still relatively new. People who are part of L7Dex are receiving returns, mainly because new members are joining.

But there’s a concern in the community that if new members stop joining, affiliates might not get their returns, and the system could face problems. This reminds us to be cautious and do thorough research before getting involved with L7Dex or similar platforms.

Assessing the 1.5% Daily ROI Claim – A Side Note

Let’s see what ChatGPT has to say about the 1.5 daily ROI:

1.5% Daily ROI Claim

If it is hard to read for you, here is what it says:

Earning a consistent 1.5% daily ROI, especially in cryptocurrency, is unusual and raised concerns.
High returns often entail high risks, and such claims should be approached cautiously.

Prioritize safety, conduct due diligence and be cautious of promises without clear evidence of legitimacy.


When it comes to navigating the world of online trading, it’s essential to exercise caution and conduct thorough research.
Platforms like L7Dex, with their enticing but unverified claims, can present significant risks to investors.

As an alternative, consider exploring opportunities like Forex Signals, which not only provide valuable education but also operate with transparency, avoiding empty promises.

If you’ve had experiences with similar platforms (like L7Dex) or if you have any questions on this topic, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Your insights and inquiries can contribute to a broader conversation about the intricacies of online investments.

Thanks for reading,

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