CB Money Vine Review

You are probably looking for ways how to make money online and you have come across this product called CB Money Vine.

If you want to know more about this product, this review is for you.
I will be delivering an unbiased opinion about this product.

In the following CB Money Vine Review, we are going to check who is behind the course, what they have to offer, price structure and we take a look in the back office as well.

CB Money vine is a brand new product. I have checked that the website was created at the beginning of September.
Then the product itself has been launched a month later – October 9th, 2019.

Let’s go over the review, step-by-step. 

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for CB Money Vine. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Name: CB Money Vine
Website: www.cbmoneyvine.com
Price: Advertised Price $18.97 + Upsells
Owners: Tom E Mcting and Bryan Winters

Product Overview

What CB MoneyVine offers is a Done-For-You website, already hosted and ready to promote. You will see how the system looks like below in the Tools&Training section.
You as a potential customer enters your affiliate ID into the software and that ID is hard-coded into thousands of products, mostly on ClickBank.

So the idea is very simple.

You know that there is this internet retail site called ClickBank with thousands of products that can be promoted. You can choose as many products as you want and you can promote them one by one on your website (or forums, possibly on social media) as an affiliate marketer.

For each product, you get a unique affiliate link.

Now, this CB MoneyVine (CBMV) software somehow gathers all these products from ClickBank into one place. You as a customer of CB Money Vine have access to this software and you are provided with a unique link that is applicable to all these ClickBank products.

It makes your life as an affiliate marketer much easier, right? Besides, it is said that with this CBMV you don’t have to go out and chase customers.

They come to this website where they choose a specific niche, they pick up a product and they make a purchase. You then earn a commission.

CB Money Vine

Very simple, and also it sounds like an effective system.

Let’s say you are a CBMV customer.
By using free traffic you invite others into the system and you give away the same sort of done-for-you hosted website for free.
They have a free website to use, but in order to keep that site, they have to buy at least one product per month.

This is done through your affiliate link so you get the commission.
You as a CBMV customer get a 50% commission.

According to Tom and Bryan, this system is developed in a way that makes the freebie users keep their website. Apparently, they (those freebie users) also can offer these products to other people as well. So they get a commission too.

This system though still does not show you how to get the traffic, in fact here are my 3 main concerns about the entire system:

  1. How to get those people to your site at the first place?
  2. What makes them stay month after month? (if they don’t get any traffic, they don’t get any commission)
  3. If they finally get to the site and buy something – it can be something small for a few bucks. Then even  a 50% commission is just a peanut (unless they as customers go on with upsells)

And let me share with you that many of these upsells can be pretty annoying. Only recently I have reviewed Fred Lam’s ebook, and it was frustrating to get to the book. I purchased the e-book, but I could not download it – I had to face these new pop-up windows with additional offers…(it is described in the article about Fred’s product)

The Good & the Bad

  • Low Cost
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Good idea to have all products at one place (using one link only)


  • Need Traffic in order to get sales
  • Too many upsell
  • Some aspects of MLM


Who is it For?

This system is pretty easy to adapt so it could be an easy way how to start making money by affiliate marketing. Well, it depends. Because I know a lot of people who are about to start with internet marketing and they are keen to learn new things.

They want to know what SEO is, how does it work, how to create a website, how to get the website to the 1st page of Google, and so on.

With such an “automated” system as CBMV is you might learn nothing.
You may earn some money, but the newbie has no idea how that happened. so in case, this product will not be available anymore, you are back at stage zero.

CB Money Vine Tools & Training

Here is how the system looks like.
You log in and you enter your ClickBank ID.


CB Money Vine

You then can offer this very similar site to the others where they can choose a product they want to buy. These “other” guys get this website for free, but they have to make at least 1 purchase per month.

CB Money Vine

If you scroll down you see the list of Hot products, similar to Amazon you can see the bestsellers offer. At the bottom of your page, you then have ways how to get traffic to your website.

CB Money Vine

But the way I see it, you won’t get much traffic using these channels.
I mean, Facebook reach has been continually decreasing and that includes engagement and thus clicks to the website. You have probably noticed that already.

Unless you go with Facebook ads, you will not get any attention to your site. The same is for Instagram and Twitter. You have to have thousands upon thousands of followers in order to leverage them.


They do have a link to the support page.
Or both guys share their Facebook profiles, so you can contact them there as well.

CB Money Vine


CB Money Vine Price Structure

Front end price, something under $20 is really low.

They have a list of upsells, though we are going to check.

CB Money Vine

Here are the upsells and there are 5 of them.

1. Upsell ($47)

CBMV Commission Accelerator – It enables users to multiply their income via “automatic pass up” commissions from their CBMV referrals.

2. Upsell ($97)

CBMV 10K List Mogul – This OTO (one-time offer) enables takers to cash in by capturing leads from their CBMV websites automatically. It also includes a package of DFY follow up emails

3. Upsell ($197)

CBMV 5 Figure Commission Club – Users unlock the ability to add an instant high ticket backend, in the form of webinars paying more than $500. This backend is seen throughout the entire referral base.

4. Upsell ($197)

– CBMV Autopilot Traffic Co-Op – With this upsell users can get traffic “delivered on a silver platter” on autopilot.
Apparently, takers of this offer just buy and buy.

5. Upsell ($397)

– CBMV 6 Figure Empire – This package has 6 additional income streams, delivered in the form of getting access to 6 of their other best-selling systems.

I think the owners have developed a nice sales funnel. From the front-end price of less than $20 all the way up to $397.
The entire package then costs $955!

That is a considerable amount of money for a product where you learn basically nothing.

My Final Opinion of CB Money Vine

It seemed easy.

But the thing is you still need to figure out how to get traffic to your link. I mean traffic is real people who actually buy stuff. You need to somehow get them to “your place” where they make a purchase.

Besides, you still rely on some external system, and that, in the long run, might be dangerous.

I am not a fan of these “automated” systems. They usually don’t work. Just go to the search engine and search for some terms. The websites you find on the 1st page are full of content and they are very informative and helpful.
That is a way how to get to the 1st page of Google and Bing/Yahoo.

If you are interested in how to create a website from scratch and outrank the competition, you may take a look at a different platform.

Regarding the CB Money Vine and traffic;
Yes, you can run ads, but that means additional costs. If you are a newbie I can tell you that running ads is very difficult for the beginner and you can lose a lot of money. Take it from me, I been there.

When you think about the system of how it works. There is one thought that crosses my mind:

You buy the membership -> you give away a website where others have to purchase at least 1 offer per month -> they can also make money using the same system as you use ->  …
… Where does it end?

Is this a multilevel marketing, or a pyramid scheme?

CB Money Vine at a Glance…

Name: CB Money Vine
Website: www.cbmoneyvine.com
Price: Advertised Price $18.97 + Upsells
Owners: Tom E Mcting and Bryan Winters

Overall Rank:


I personally do not recommend this particular product.

Let’s be optimistic and let’s say that we get some traffic on this website (hosted by CBMV).
Would that traffic be relevant? Yes, you can have thousands of visitors a day on your site, but do they want to buy ClickBank products?

Besides, do you know what percentage of that traffic will actually make a purchase? It is said that 5% is already a great conversion rate.

Now, what product will these people buy?
ClickBank products front-end prices are low and unless the potential customers go for upsells, you won’t be earning much.

Realistically, you have spent money on some product that barely gets traffic at the first place and 2 or 3 months later you decide you want to go try a different system on how to make money online.

In my opinion, it is better to take a course on SEO or how to build a website. That knowledge you gain is yours forever. Nobody will take it from you.

So this CB Money Vine looked promising at the beginning but the more we dig deeper, the more we learn that it is just another one of those “Too good to be true”.

Let me know if you have any kind of questions, regarding this product or way how to really make money online.

Thanks for reading

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    • Kevin, thank you for your comment.
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