AZ Millionaire Method Review

You are probably searching for information regarding the AZ millionaire method.
Have you stumbled upon this program on ClickBank or ClickBetter?

I am just curious since I do a lot of digital product reviews and I would like to know where people mostly find these products.
Let me know in the comment section below.

This post is about AZ Millionaire Method. AZ stands for Amazon.
This AZ method is supposed to teach you how to make money with Amazon. In the sales pitch, it does not say exactly what it is that you are going to learn, but we will be looking inside the member’s area so we will find out anyway.

So let’s go through this AZ Millionaire Method Review (AZ MM).

The reason why I have mentioned both ClickBank and ClickBetter is that AZ MM is available at both websites for a slightly different price. Regardless of the website and the price, you get the same “product”. I use bracket here since soon you are going to find out that it can’t be called the product.

I want to also mention that this is a quite new product.
The website has been registered in the middle of March 2019. Is it the reason that they have to use paid actors for testimonials?
In my opinion, 5 months is long enough to have at least a few happy customers, right?

Well, let’s see.

Name: AZ Millionaire Method
Price: Advertised Price $7 or $9 (+ Upsells)
Owners: Ryan Ford (most likely made up person)

Product Overview

AZ MM is a digital product which supposed to teach you how to sell on Amazon. It is said that with AZ MM you can earn $1 Million a year!

The introduction starts with the testimonials I have already mentioned. The first guy claims that 12 months ago he did not think that it is possible to make a million dollars a year. He says that currently, he has over $1M in his bank account.

AZ Millionaire Method Review

Well, something is not right here. Let me share with you what I mean:

  • First of all, this guy is a paid actor and he can be hired on a website called Fiverr.
  • Second, he talks about that he made that money in the last 12 months. But AZ MM has been around only since 03/2019!

AZ Millionaire Method Review

So it is a mixture of false statements with fake testimonials.

Also, here is a second paid spokesperson hired from Fiverr.

AZ Millionaire Method Review

Any program, educational platform, or software using paid actors is a deal-breaker for me. It just simply means that there is not a single genuine happy customer with the product.
I admit, that not everybody wants to be exposed online, but owners of these products like AZ MM or, Secret Online Goldmine, use the same actors over and over again.

It seems that they do not know how to create a course with value, and on top of it they even screw up the sales video (how come someone says, that he has made X amount of money in last 12 months with this program if it is available for 6 months only).

The Good & the Bad

  • Low Basic Price
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • N/A

  • Fake Testimonials
  • Exaggerated Income Claims
  • Educational Material – One PDF Only!

Who is it For?

If you pay attention you must find out within a few minutes of the sales pitch that it is just too good to be true. It is obvious within 1st minute.
Of course, they want you to make believe that AZ millionaire is a great product for non-experienced people. People with no prior knowledge have a tendency to fall for such a scheme.

Also, it is very tempting to believe these statements since there is a misconception about how to make money online and/or what a passive income is.
Many beginners think that since it is online, there is a shortcut to huge income.

I mean, it is possible to make thousands of dollars per month online, but that requires experience and some time to test things out.
There is no way that beginner can make a thousand dollars per day with AZ Millionaire Method.

AZ Millionaire Method Tools & Training

One would expect something like a platform or video training where you can learn how to create a website or how to generate traffic. There is nothing of the sort.

Once you purchase the platform here is what you get:

AZ Millionaire Method Review

That is right. Just a 13 page long PDF file. That is it.

Most of the ClickBank products do have at least some kind of platform where you can watch tutorials, or at least where you can download several eBooks and you have also link to the support page.

AZ MM is one PDF file.

Let me show you what you will find inside:

  • Introduction to AZ Millionaire Method

In this section you find general info about Amazon and why is Amazon a good company to partner with.

  • Amazon’s Profit Hubs

Here you can read about some of the different revenue models Amazon has developed and how you can leverage them.

  • Making Money with KDP

KDP is a Kindle Direct Publishing. If you want to find out more here is a link (which is also used in the PDF file)

Actually here is a screenshot of the content:

AZ Millionaire Method Review

As you see, it is a general overview and there is simply not enough information to start your own business, let alone the income they mention in the sales pitch.


Having said that above – there is no support. I have found only a link to this email address:

Usually, even low-quality products do have some kind of Facebook group, where a customer can ask questions and get some support. There is no such thing within AZ MM.

The only support I can recommend here is the support in case you want your money back.
Both ClickBank and ClickBetter work fine and within a few days, you get a refund.

AZ Millionaire Method Price Structure

The basic price is low. The cost is $7 if you purchase AZ MM on ClickBank or $9 if you go through ClickBetter.

I am not sure why the price is different, at the end, you get the same thing.AZ Millionaire Method Review

Despite the low basic price, there are at least 2 upsells which I am aware of. And be careful, these are just 1 click upsells. That means that once you provided the credit card detail, it is easy for them to charge you with following additional fees:

  1. Upsell – AZ Millionaire Pro for $197.
  2. Upsell – Secret Gap for $177.

You should be able to get your money back, though.

My Final Opinion of AZ Millionaire Method

The idea of selling on Amazon is great and it really works. Whether you want to become a partner with Amazon as an Affiliate or you are interested in FBA.

But there is no way you can become a successful marketer using AZ Millionaire Method. This product does not provide you with basic information, necessary to build an online business.

Having that said, I can only recommend you to stay away from this particular Method. If there were no money-back guarantee I would call this program scam and report it to FTC.

Also, when you provide them with your email address, they will share it with 3 parties, so most likely you will be getting emails with similar scammy offers.

Is There a Better Alternative?

I know how does it feel when one finally sees a product and his first impression is “that’s it” I found it.

Unfortunately not with AZ millionaire… again.

I used to search for a couple of years until I find a legit system that could provide me with proper training. The training I was looking for.
A step-by-step system showing me from scratch how to set up a website, how to write an article, how to get the traffic and so on and so forth.

And what really got me was the reasonable price. But the thing is, that everyone can get started for free. It may not fit everybody so the owners decided to offer the 7 days trial period to try things out. There is no credit card needed.

A person who decides to check it out can enter his or her email and that’s it. After the week it is suggested to upgrade to the Premium membership to take full advantage of this platform.

In my opinion that is so far the best alternative, I have found – for a great price. The cost is about $350 a year.
But as I said, the first 7 days are totally Free. There is nothing to lose.

AZ Millionaire Method at a Glance…

Name: AZ Millionaire Method
Price: Advertised Price $7 or $9 (+ Upsells)
Owners: Ryan Ford (most likely made up person)

Overall Rank:

Explode My Payday Scam


Can you make money online by spending 10 minutes a day on the internet?

No way. There is no automated system as they (creators of AZ Millionaire Method) want you to believe.

If there was such a method, it would certainly last only a few days, maybe hours before it got shut down.

On the other hand, making money with Amazon is a completely legit way. If you are interested in a real thing I suggest you check a certain educational platform. It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

I mean it is not entirely free, but you can definitely start for free, with no credit card needed.

In case you have more questions let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading

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